Ref; “Vilification of Sri Lanka by world Tamil forum using false Propaganda”
Posted on March 11th, 2014

Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha USA

There are a few issues that the Tamil Diaspora are facing that will hinder their efforts of using their host nations to condemn Sri Lanka on selective human rights issues with the ultimate goal of creating Eelam using diplomacy. With each attempt of a human rights resolution the Tamil Diaspora have failed in reaching any objective. The past two attempts only cemented relationships between Sri Lanka and China and isolated India in the region.

Another issue facing the Tamil Diaspora is that they are no longer in Sri Lanka. The million odd Sri Lankan Tamils that left Sri Lanka are now residents of many first world nations. I doubt even if Eelam is created they would leave their new found homes to a new nation and a dubious future. Yet another issue is that the next generation of Sri Lankan Tamils born in those Western nations will by nature have less interest in the politics of Sri Lanka and will be more immersed in the adopted culture for the simple reason to assimilate and all the positive effects of it.

Sri Lanka herself is yet another issue. The dynamics of a resurgent Sri Lanka are changing rapidly. Be it the fast development of her industry, the rapid development of relations with other nations including that of China to a changing domestic world where the concept of Eelam is now kept alive by a select few while most Sri Lankan Tamils see this issue as history. Again the need to engage in a changing society compels the Sri Lankan Tamils to assimilate and work together with the rest of the Sri Lankan community, as they have always done, to live in peace and prosperity without having to also live under the constant bombardment for the push for Eelam during the 28 year war.

Another issue is the UN itself and the UNHRC. The term limit for Navi Pillai will end in 2016 and a new leader will guide the UNHRC. To date the Tamil Diaspora has had the luck to have a member of their community lead the UNHRC who in turn has gone out of her way and out of the limitations of her job to single out Sri Lanka for human rights violations while the world is replete with much worse acts of human rights. Navi Pillai did not even hesitate when the Crimea was taken over by the Russians and even ponder if any human rights were being violated in the Ukraine. She has blinded herself to Myanmar, Egypt, Syria, and most importantly the human rights violations of the Indian peace keeping force. Once she is gone Colombo will still remain and will have the opportunity to demand from the new leader to investigate the role India played in violating human rights on Sri Lankan soil, especially that of the IPKF.

The term limit issue also applies to the Obama government which will end in 2016. According to polls the American electorate are determined to have a more conservative government. Even though Mrs. Hillary Clinton has a  good chance of winning through the vote based on her gender, there is a strong possibility her health may impede her from running. If so Washington D.C. maybe led by a conservative President and an overwhelmingly conservative Congress and Senate. If this happens both domestic and foreign policies will take a drastic change.

The Tamil Diaspora are also counting on the Indian elections. Those up coming elections have played a crucial role in the decision of New Delhi when the DMK party put full pressure on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Congress party that if India did not vote against Sri Lanka the Congress party will lose the support of the DMK and the AIDMK. To date it has worked. But if the Bharata Janata party wins there is a strong possibility the Indian Diaspora will lose the Indian card. This would also be the time when Sri Lanka can demand an explanation from India for hosting TESO (Tamil Eelam Supporters Organization) and TELO (Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization) which are supporters of a terrorist organization recognized by the UN.

Finally the present generation of the Tamil Diaspora will have to take into account that with each failed attempt to selectively attack Sri Lanka on charges that have yet to be proved has only resulted in a deepening relationship with China. As for Russia which is currently at logger heads with the US and NATO, Sri Lanka has the golden opportunity to negate both the UK  and the US by negotiating with Putin for a military base in Sri Lanka in exchange for a membership in the CSTO. President Vladimir Putin is leading his nation into an expansionist policy. Outside of taking over the Crimea peninsula, President Putin wants to construct eight military bases across the world with three of them in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua and two in the nation of Seychelles and Singapore who have not turned down Russia in the manner that the Maldive nation turned down the US based on the excuse that it would violate the security issues of Sri Lanka and India. Again on term limits the lease on the US Diego Garcia military base will run out in 2016 when it will revert back to Mauritius who does not want a US presence.

Taken in whole time is not on the side of those in the Tamil Diaspora who still are hell bent on forming Eelam. The world is changing and they are not changing with it.

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