Why Rauf didn’t give any reports during Prabhakaran’s time?
Posted on March 13th, 2014


Now Rauf’s document submitted to UN is used by LTTE diaspora to take it up with UNHCR to say that the Singhalese are beating Muslims & Tamils. A copy of the report is given to Gajan Ponnambalam and he has taken this report to Qatar, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia and he is convincing the respective governments to vote against Sri Lanka based on the Hakeem’s falls report.

Friends, Hakeem has done this filthy job in many previous occasions for Halal package. He himself is like a third grade prostitute. Will sleep with whom ever pays him. His Halal package is consisting of Halal money, Halal women & Halal Scotch whisky. In 2000, newly mandated president CBK planed a massive attack on LTTE. Then LTTE attacked the Katunayake Airport & by which time LTTE has lost 12,000 carders. They badly needed a ceasefire to replenish carders & to gain political recognition. Hakeem received a Halal bribe- wine, women & money from LTTE and crossed over to UNP and Government was defeated in 2001 General election.

Thereafter, in April 2002 Hakeem signed an agreement with Prabahkaran who killed thousands of Muslims & chased away thousands of Muslims from North. This treacherous act was electorally defeated in 2004. Hakeem aligned himself with Ranil Wickramasinghe to defeat MR in 2005 & the formula remained same…. Halal style wine, women & Money to address the ” Muslim concerns” as per the Sharia law. When the eastern province liberation began in 2005, Hakeem openly blamed the Sri Lanka forces for the Muthoor Muslim massacre, which was actually done by LTTE.

In 2006 Hakeem introduced a new culture to Halal. “Halal MURDER”!  

Kumari Cooray was first made pregnant by Hakeem and later killed.  May have been a mercy killing…., for it to be Halal….  & he became the Minister of Justice and he destroyed the Kumari Cooray Murrder case file in the AG’s department.

After sensing the total victory of Sri Lanka armed forces, when almost all Muslim areas were liberated by the armed forces sacrificing 6000 lives of Singhala armed men & women, the Champion of Muslim rights, Rauf Hakeem crossed over to the opposition to defeat the government and salvage the ailing LTTE in 2007. Before the crossover, Hakeem met LTTE & it’s Norwegian counterparts in India, Spain & Singapore. Another Halal package per Sharia law…., & abide by Sharia law, he only accepted Halal Prostitutes, Halal Wine & Halal Bribe. But this time patriotic forces defeated Hakeem, Prabhakaran & Evil axis.

Then he again tried on behalf of LTTE & Prabhakaran & miserably failed in eastern province in 2007.

When Prabahkaran was comprehensively defeated, Hakeem joined with LTTE remains in Tamilnadu, he was again given a Halal feast & tried to defeat Mahinda Rajapaksa in 2010, presidential elections. Then he approached President Mahinda and said that he can convince the western powers and facilitate to LTTE diaspora & Tamilnadu. The Government swallowed his bait. Hakeem waited till his time came hit the Government at its helm. Hakeem is very much a part of conspiracy against Sri Lanka to unsettle the Government and President Rajapaksa with the LTTE diaspora & Tamilnadu. There by destabilize the country.

The Million Dollar question is why this Government is still not taking action to sack him from the Government and arrest him on charges of  murder of Kumari Cooray.

 Please read (copy attached) the report submitted by the Traitor Hakeem.      

Link to Hakeem’s Report  


5 Responses to “Why Rauf didn’t give any reports during Prabhakaran’s time?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Good MR and the team CAN’T read English! Otherwise they would understand how DAMNING this report is for SL and GOSL.

    Hack-him is still the JUSTICE MINISTER!! When the JUSTICE MINISTER says this to UNHRC it has CLOUT. Bloody traitor.

    What a foolish govt. we have. It shoots itself in the backside.

    SLMC Jihadists have copied the RELIGIONOFPEACE format in their table.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    BANNING cattle slaughter in 7 districts over foot and mouth disease (REAL OR NOT) is a good punishment. But not enough.

    Still NO ban in Colombo and Ampara.

    BAN cattle slaughter throughout the country saying infected by foot and mouth disease. Or allow selling infected meat to greedy meat lovers.

    Charge a 1000% import tax on imported beef.

    So you wanted halal and beef! Now you have them BOTH.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    At least now bring the ANTI CONVERSION ACT and BAN ALL new construction of temples, kovils, churches and mosques.

    So there is no need for people to take matters into their hands.

  4. Nanda Says:

    Banning this, that, is useless when “Hack-him is still the JUSTICE MINISTER!! When the JUSTICE MINISTER says this to UNHRC it has CLOUT. Bloody traitor”.
    Sack and hack him. Maha Ranee is also a traitor if not.

  5. cw Says:

    What an A-hole our Justice Minister is.

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