In response to “UN/ICC RACIAL DISCRIMINATION: Targets only non-western non-white nations”
Posted on March 14th, 2014

Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha USA

“…. The populations of the countries that have ratified the Rome Statute ((Andorra, Antigua, Dominica, Barbuda, Nauru, Liechtenstein, San Marino) is hardly 347,000 while the populations of countries that have not ratified the Statute runs into billions – China 1.25b, India 1b, Indonesia 230m, Russia, 150m, USA, 312m, Japan 125m.”-

When the western world discovered the new world in the 15th century it opened up a vast continent to Europe. As the decades and centuries went by the indigenous populations were easily wiped out. In the case of the Aztec civilization and the Inca civilization of central and south America the Bible was used as an “amour and sword” to morally justify their extermination. The Conquistadors greed for gold was sanctified by the Papacy to do acts of genocide.

In the north American continent the story was by and large the same. Greed again was justified by selected passages of the Bible. The checkered history of the relationship with the various Native American tribes and those of the Europeans is a mixture of amicable co existence juxtaposed with an overall sense of animosity. In the final days of the age of the Native American people both parties signed treaties and broke them. Both ended up fighting each other on various issues but power always wins and the European militaries now created in the new land called America easily defeated the native tribes and nations for a plethora of issues ranging from land grab to the extension of the railway to government writ. Now what remains of the Native Americans are “reservations” or human “sanctuaries” created to house them. The rest of this vast land be it the US, Mexico or Canada became the sole property of the European people and they defined the history of the land henceforth.

With the discovery and conquest of the new world the mindset of Europe changed dramatically. Not since the age of Rome has Europe seen such an expanse of power. It gave the European people the sense that they as Christians are superior to those they have encountered in the new world in every manner. The purpose for Columbus’s voyage was to find a sea route to India thereby bypassing the land route which took traders through the Muslim nations who would levy taxes at each post costing the European trader heavily to bring luxury goods from India and China to Europe. Instead Columbus discovered the new world and changed not only history but Europeans as well. Spain was well rewarded from the spoils from the new world. Ships laden with gold confiscated from the Aztec  civilization more than compensated Queen Isabella’s sacrifice of her personal jewelry to fund Christopher Columbus’s enterprise.

Centuries earlier the Muslims had made their way into Spain and Portugal. What was initially an exchange of culture, the Sciences and trade from India and China to Europe slowly evolved into a military expansion by the Muslims into France. In the Charles Martel “the hammer” defeated and drew away the Muslim in the battle of Tours. Centuries later the Muslims regained ground and again they were finally driven away by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella in the “Granada war” finally cleansing Europe of Islam and leaving it a Judeo Christian Continent (till the 20th century when Nazi Germany cleansed Europe of the Jews leaving Europe a “Christian” only continent for a few decades)

One must also encapsulate the Crusades which took place in three waves against the Muslims who had control of the ancient Roman province of Judea and home of the Jews. It was also the birthplace and life of Jesus Christ. The Crusaders failed in their objective to rest these lands from the Muslims but it instilled the militant sense in Europe which was just emerging from the dark ages that at that time non Christians or heretics must be purged out of Europe and out of the lands of Christ. As mentioned to a great degree the Europeans were successful on their own lands.

By the 16th century Spain was wealthy enough to launch expansionist forces to Asia and Africa. This was the age of African slavery. Keeping in mind that African slavery was already a centuries old practice by Arabs for the Middle East the European entry only cemented the concept that people that are not European and not Christian are by nature inferior. A slave was considered property, no better than a piece of furniture and was treated as such. This was also the age of the Inquisition as the Papacy was coming under the pressure of the reformist or Protestant movement started by Martin Luther in Germany and by King Henry the VIII of England who questioned the authority of the Papacy.

When Catholic Spain and Portugal sent their fleets to Asia and Africa they took with them the firebrand Inquisition with them. The intolerance of the Inquisition (a group of institutions within the judicial system of the Roman Catholic Church whose aim was to combat heresy) wrought havoc upon the Indian subcontinent. The region of Goa in India which the Portuguese occupied was stripped of any “pagan” structures and in its place churches were constructed. Those who resisted faced the Inquisition. In Sri Lanka every effort was done to “stamp out” Buddhism, even to the degree of trying to destroy Sri Lanka’s most venerable holy relic, the tooth of the Buddha cloistered in the Dalada Maligawa. Across other parts of India the Spanish and Portuguese continued where the Muslim vandals left off.

The story of Australia alone deserves an entire article, but in the context of this comment I summarize it in that Great Britain used this Continent nation as a penal colony to send her criminals. The fate of the Aborigines who belonged to an entirely different race called the “Australoids” now faced extermination. An entire race has now been reduced so drastically that their existence into the next century is in question as they are still marginalized by the present Australian European culture.

Eventually some of the European nations who had access to the ocean created vast Colonial Empires. Either by happenstance or by will the nations were subjugated in one form or the other. In this context one must understand what effects the exercise of such power must have done to shape the mind frame of the Europeans who now can claim dominion over more than a quarter of the world. Just the British Empire by itself claimed a quarter of the world and that did not include the holdings of France and Holland.

This power over other lands gave the European nations unlimited use of it. From Egypt tens of thousands of mummies from the 3 thousand year old ancient Egypt were used as kindle wood to fire up boilers in trains. It was found that mummies burned better than coal. They were even powdered down and used as medicine. The riches of Egypt, Iraq where the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and Sumeria  to India where her economy before the European conquest was 25% of the world economy were ravaged. Today European to American museums boast of the spoils arbitrarily taken from these lands.

Many point to the “contributions” the British Empire created in these conquered lands but they were not done as acts of Christian generosity but as acts of mercantile greed. The great Indian railways, to the education systems established by the British was to expedite the mercantile purpose later on to be written by British historians as acts of Christian compassion. In world war 2 and as alluded above Nazi Germany’s genocidal act against the Jews did away with that faith in Europe once and for all.

When the war was over and the British empire was almost beggared by it then only did the socialist Atley government who came after Churchill decide to give India her independence….with the condition of leaving that nation divided along religious lines. This was the ultimate act of the “divide and conquer” principle of the British Empire for the Indian Muslims fought along with their Hindu brothers and sisters under Mahatma Gandhi against the British and India was a nation defined by her diversity where any issue could have been used to either unite her or divide her. The British chose to divide her before leaving. This legacy left the India and Pakistan in a state of constant rivalry that eventually had consequences upon all the nations of the sub continent.

After the war the European and American powers consolidated what remained of their power. Russia took over Eastern Europe creating the Soviet Empire. Europe and the US created the UN (After the league of Nations failed resulting in the 2nd world war) and from the UN built various organizations that dictated world policies on nations who have just emerged from the Colonial yoke. Most African nations were still under some Colonial power till the early 1960’s. By then the cold war was in full force against the Western Europe/America and the Soviet Union. NATO was born in 1949 and became a counter power to the UN. In the Security Council only China is the only non Western power.

Now in the 21st century what took place in the 16th century carries on to this very day. a group of Western nations dictate the policies to the rest of the world. In the 1990s China formed the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Russia created the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organization) South East Asia formed the “South East Asian Treaty Organization”. Africa created the “African Union” among a slew of other regional organizations with some degree of success from realizing their own regional power. But to date the UN still holds sway over most of the world. Finally in the 21st century due to many factors including bad decisions made by Western governments the power is now shifting from the West to the Asia Pacific region to the level that the Asia Pacific region of nations are growing in power both in commerce and politics to stand up to the West and the Western mindset.

The power shift to the Asia Pacific region has spawned movements in the West that will further diminish their power. The US which was once the greatest power is now saddled with a debt of 17 Trillion and a total debt of 63 Trillion (Google US national debt clock real time). The Obama policies to change the US into a European model of a socialist state has taken root. The US no longer can boast of a thriving manufacturing sector, Industrial sector or even a service sector as they all have been “exported” mainly to the Asia Pacific region. Obama’s “amnesty” program will give citizenship to 30 million illegal immigrants (the government claims 11 million) who lack the basic skills of any vocation, English, and will simply add to the welfare system. Right now 10 million Americans aged in their 20’s cannot find a job and are in one way or the other on the welfare system. Close to a 100 million Americans are now dependent on Government subsidies.  President Obama has now decided to cut the might US military to pre world war 2 levels or that of Portugal during the 1940’s. That also means closing down bases across the world to bringing back US troops stationed in South Korea, Japan, to Germany.

In addition the lease on Diego Garcia, the largest US base, will run out by 2016 and revert back to Mauritius who does not want the presence of the US. The US took another blow when the Maldive nation turned down the US  to build a base in that nation. Culturally the US is in one of her lowest levels. Gratuitous sex and violence is a regular theme in Hollywood. Marijuana has been made legal in many US states thereby ending the “war on drugs”. Homosexual marriages are now legal in most states and the military just celebrated “Gay pride” with US soldiers dressed as drag queens, and we the American citizen is expected to believe this new military can take on Russia. A new “game” has erupted called “knock out punch” where black hooligans simply “soccer punch” (full clenched fist punch on a victim’s face”) where the victim is left bloodied and the victims are never black. Black Racism is allowed to go unchecked as it is politically incorrect to call it as such. Reverend Wright to Reverend Farrakhan’s fiery racial comments are openly embraced by the left wing media. There is much more which I will address in a separate article.

In Europe the experiment in “multiculturalism’ is a complete failure. Just in France roving gangs of Muslim youth routinely set fire to cars during the night. In London radical Muslims loudly proclaim that Europe will become a Muslim continent. What Charles Martel and King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella did so many centuries ago is now reversed. With the collapse of the European Colonial Empires, those they colonized have now migrated to the European continent bringing with them the very cultures and religions that were considered “pagan’ and “barbaric” during the Colonial age. European people have been assassinated, churches taken over, the European culture is now on the defensive. To only add fuel to the fire the European experiment in a Socialist style economy where the citizen is taken care of by the government from “cradle to grave” or “womb to the tomb” has miserably failed.  Now many European nations will go bankrupt. That is an inevitable situation. Greece is a prime example. Together of the failure of non Europeans inability to assimilate into the European culture thereby ending “multiculturalism” and the collapse of so many European economies within the European Union has led to a back lash of a rising nationalist movement. I would interject this observation of European culture. It is a culture defined by long periods of high civilization juxtaposed with short period of savage brutality (French Revolution, War of the roses, First and second world wars) and now Europe is heading into that period of a high level of intolerance, cultural decay, and economic crisis.

It is because of these myriad reasons the shift of power to the Asia Pacific region will finally turn the tables on the Western powers where the non western nations will be in a position to lead the world and by that dictate the terms.

Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha

3 Responses to “In response to “UN/ICC RACIAL DISCRIMINATION: Targets only non-western non-white nations””

  1. Nanda Says:

    “The story of Australia alone deserves an entire article, but in the context of this comment I summarize it in that Great Britain used this Continent nation as a penal colony to send her criminals. The fate of the Aborigines who belonged to an entirely different race called the “Australoids” now faced extermination. An entire race has now been reduced so drastically that their existence into the next century is in question as they are still marginalized by the present Australian European culture.”

    They are no “ONE RACE”. There were various aboriginal races. Quoting from Wiki,

    “The Aboriginal Tasmanians (Tasmanian: Parlevar or Palawa) were the indigenous people of the Australian state of Tasmania, located south of the mainland. Before British colonisation in 1803, there were an estimated 3,000–15,000 Parlevar.[1][2] A number of historians point to introduced disease as the major cause of the destruction of the full-blooded Aboriginal population.[3]:pp 84-85[4]:p 388[5]:pp 66-67[6]:pp 372-376 Geoffrey Blainey wrote that by 1830 in Tasmania: “Disease had killed most of them but warfare and private violence had also been devastating.”[7] Other historians regard the Black War as one of the earliest recorded modern genocides.[8] Benjamin Madley wrote: “Despite over 170 years of debate over who or what was responsible for this near-extinction, no consensus exists on its origins, process, or whether or not it was genocide” however, using the “UN definition, sufficient evidence exists to designate the Tasmanian catastrophe genocide.”[1]

    By 1833, George Augustus Robinson, sponsored by Lieutenant Governor George Arthur, had persuaded the approximately 200 surviving Aboriginal Tasmanians to surrender themselves with assurances that they would be protected, provided for and eventually have their lands returned to them. These ‘assurances’ were in fact lies – promises made to the survivors that played on their desperate hopes for reunification with lost family and community members. The assurances were given by Robinson solely to remove the Aboriginal people from mainland Van Diemen’s Land.[9] The survivors were moved to Wybalenna Aboriginal Establishment on Flinders Island, where diseases continued to reduce their numbers even further. In 1847, the last 47 living inhabitants of Wybalenna were transferred to Oyster Cove, south of Hobart. Two individuals, Trugernanner (1812–1876) and Fanny Cochrane Smith (1834–1905), are separately considered to have been the last people solely of Tasmanian descent.[10][11]

    All of the Indigenous Tasmanian languages have been lost. Currently, there are some efforts to reconstruct a language from the available wordlists. Today, some thousands of people living in Tasmania and elsewhere can trace part of their ancestry to the Parlevar, since a number of Parlevar women were abducted, most commonly by the sealers living on smaller islands in Bass Strait; some women were traded or bartered for; and a number voluntarily associated themselves with European sealers and settlers and bore children. Those members of the modern-day descendant community who trace their ancestry to Aboriginal Tasmanians have mostly European ancestry, and did not keep the traditional Parlevar culture.

    Other Aboriginal groups within Tasmania use the language words from the area where they are living and/or have lived for many generations uninterrupted. Many aspects of the Aboriginal Tasmanian culture are continually practised in various parts of the state and the islands of the Bass Strait”

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    “A 23-year-old youth died following a clash involving old boys at the big match between St. Patrick’s College, Jaffna and the Jaffna College in Vaddukoddai today, police said.”

    More the merrier!

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Nanda: Please Google “Caucasoid, Mongoloid, Negroid, Australoid races wikipedia. The “Australoid” race is as varied as the other races. What you stated also holds true of the “Caucasoid’ race since that ranges from Europe to India. The “Mongoloid” race includes peoples from China to the Polynesian islands and the “Negroid” race includes the 7 foot tall Watusi people to the pigmy people of Africa. These four classifications encapsulate the variety you mention.

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