Ranil’s call for the ‘topple’ of government
Posted on March 17th, 2014

S. Akurugoda

 As per a news item appeared in the Daily Mirror dated 14th march 2014, UNP National Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe vowed to topple this government in the same way he toppled the government of former President Chandrika Kumaratunga. He has told  a rally at Avissawela that the UNP would form the next government in 2015.

 As we remember, Ranil toppled the government in 2002 following the same way he learnt from his father Esmond Wickramasinghe, perhaps the only way the UNP leader is aware of,  who toppled the SLFP coalition government of Mrs Bandaranayke in 1964.   Esmond Wickramasinghe, who owned the Lake House Group those days was said to have promised a better life, by various means,  to those politicians who were unhappy with the government due to personal reasons to  crossover to the opposition. There is no much deference between the political fate of those parliamentarians led by  the Minister  and the deputy leader of SLFP, C.P. de Silva and Minister Manhanama Samaraweera (father of Mangala Smaraweera) , who voted against the government in 1964 and those who moved to the opposition from the government rank in 2002.  Most of them either have been rejected by the people with time or have come back to the SLFP led governments  later on.   

 This is not the first time that the opposition leader has had vowed to topple the government. The word ‘topple’ is repeated almost monthly  like a ‘mantra’ by Ranil and other handful of disgruntled  politicians, probably due to prolonged frustration, while providing moral support to those so-called ‘super powers’ and their local agents who disturbed by the fall of the armed separatists.  They  are making every possible effort to replace the current government with a puppet choice of their own to drag the entire nation back to chaos. 

 Ranil had beaten all the records soon after he became PM in 2002. He blindly signed a so-called ‘Peace Package’ with Prabhakaran. He should be held responsible for the demarcation of LTTE controlled areas, supplying high-tech communication equipment to LTTE, providing foreign training to the so-called LTTE policemen in Northern Ireland and provision of many other war capabilities during his short-term of office. He should be answerable to the loss of lives of members of the government intelligence units, army informants and the lives of all those who engaged in the ‘Deep Penetration Unit’.

 By being the favourable of agent of so-called international vested interest, Norwegians,  he is still doing a great service to the anti-Sinhala and anti-Buddhist elements, both in and  outside the country. 

 We all know very well , if the parliament is dissolved, Ranil has to face another election and considering the past records, the probability that UNP will win under his leadership is nil. It would be interesting to imagine for a moment what would happen, if  the government is ‘toppled’ by buying MPs in a similar fashion to what Esmaond Wickramsinghe manipulated in 1964 and repeated by Ranil in 2002.

 Even if UNP under Ranil wins in a parliamentary election in 2015, which is very unlikely, unless the President is removed before that, the maximum life of a government of Ranil would be one year similar to his previous record under the President Chandrika. Further , there will be conflicts of interest worse than those existed between Chandrika and Ranil.

 A UNP government under Ranil will bound its head to West led by UK and USA and agree to all demands of the TNA and will stop the security operations similar to what  he did under the notorious CFA. The local and international Peace-mafia groups will use him to maximum capacity to achieve their end leaving little or no room to escape but to give-in to TNA’s every demand, one by one, quite lavishly, until separatist achieve their  goal without firing a single bullet.

 Since it wouldn’t be an easy task to reverse back what the security forces have gain by defeating the separatists after three decades of war, even with the fullest backing of the so-called ‘super powers’ all Ranil could do is  to intensify his usual cry for foreign intervention and the country will be in chaos. Any foreign intervention under such situation could leads to disastrous consequences.

 Unless the Ranil and his henchmen  will realise that anti-Sinhala anti-Buddhist stance of the current UNP and their short-sighted opposition to the country’s needs to ensure its  sovereignty and independence as a major factor  contributed to the stunning defeats of the party under the current leadership, they will have to be in the opposition until they decides themselves when to go or chased out by the people.

14 Responses to “Ranil’s call for the ‘topple’ of government”

  1. Lorenzo Says:


    Run-nil is a jester!

  2. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Ranil’s ego seems to override the reality that the only reason he is being tolerated as a politician is because the President is a tolerant and compassionate CEO.Ranil is either a jester, a dreamer or someone who is apathetically egoistic as he kbows the rift within the UNP and what little chance he has of survival as its leader in the long run.But it’s a matter of indulgence in his own fantasies as there seem nothing beyond this to suggest there is a surge of national support for him yet he is reluctant to face reality and continues his merry way!!

  3. Nanda Says:

    Ruinill is only a laughing stock but behind him are a bunch of greedy vultures waiting to cash in.

  4. Siri Says:

    The President is very fond of Ranil. As long as this Court Jester is around as the leader of the opposition and blocking other young and capable UNPers from coming up to lead the opposition, the President need not fear of being defeated. As long as this Joker is around the President can go on for as long as he wishes with no opposition. He is good for the country.

  5. Sri Rohana Says:

    Ranil is day dreaming! After provincial council election U.N.Pers will topple him from leadership.
    Every vote for Fonseka’s party is a challenge to U.N.P as well as Ranil. This month is crucial to him. Poor Ranil even C.I.A or RAW cannot to save him.

  6. douglas Says:

    This person Ranil never learns. His vision is either blocked with ego or working on an assignment entrusted to him by some powerful person or organization.

    Ranil, if he wanted to promote himself, there were many examples that would have helped him from the Cricket Game of Sri Lanka. One such example is the way the two GENTLEMEN of the Sri Lanka Cricket Team viz. Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardena gave up the CAPTAINCY and playing under their JUNIORS as Captains. Just see the results we have got from them and above all what an amazing EXAMPLE they have set for generations to come.

    Ranil: The above is a HOME GROWN EXAMPLE. You don’t have to get instructions from outside.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    douglas is right.

    Ranil sounds very old fashioned ! The days of ‘toppling’ govts are over. Every attempt at ‘topple’ can be seen through now. Now it is time to co-operate at leadership level to get the best in every way for the entire country.

    Ranil should request a National Government where the best leaders rise to the top to serve the entire Nation, and not indulge in wasteful narrow partisan politics. The we will not waste time and energy in silly competing at political and economic levels and aim for peace and prosperity for all at every level of society.

    The time has come to truly lead the People, and not play ‘pandu’ with them in a secretive way.

  8. Charles Says:

    If Ranil had a more matured political outlook he should have worked with the President offering him constructive criticism as the leader of the opposition. He would have then received the respect of the people, and become the alternative to the President in a future election. His talking of toppling the government every now and then has become a bit of a joke. His speeches are so dry and ineffective.l

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    “LTTE” should be revived and set upon so called Tamil Pee-illey’s darlings in SL (TNA, TULF, etc.).

    The UNHRC was informed by Sri Lanka that investigations revealed an ongoing attempt to regroup LTTE cadres under K.P. Selvanayagam aka Gobi following his return to Sri Lanka.

    “K.P. Selvanayagarn a.k.a. Gobi who had been overseas and returned to Sri Lanka was actively involved in reviving the ME in association with certain LTTE operatives including those resident in Switzerland. Investigations revealed that there is an attempt to regroup LTTE cadres and recruit unemployed local youth with the intention of using them for acts of terrorism and SO such person had already been mobilized in the North, East and in Colombo”, a statement which was released as a right of reply to the UNHRC with concerns to the arrest and detention of Ms. Balendran Jeyakumari, and the detention of Ruki Fernando and Fr. Praveen.”

    – adaderana.lk

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    Sumathipala, MP from the govt. has got his DRUG BUDDY Magazine Anuradha released from police custody!!

  11. Nanda Says:

    If not for the brave soldiers and Gota, MR could have been a RuinNil too!

    MR is one of the original betrayers who went to UN to complain. Now he is getting his own medicine.

  12. Nanda Says:

    The leading Buddhist monk of the Bodu Bala Sena Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thero said the President might be lunatic to appoint the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) leader Rauf Hakeem as the Minister of Justice.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    My prediction is after MR all other Rajapakshas will be Run-nils.

    They will NEVER be able to win an election. They have dug their own grave.


    I fear SLMC Mujahidin terrorists might kill Ven Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thero. He has to be given protection.

    A massive campaign should be launched to get Sinhalese shop only in Sinhala shops. This is what Tamils and Muslims do.

  14. NAK Says:

    If he vowed,that means he’s got the money,the regime change US$5 Bn that is. Be prepared for some fire works and some acrobatics, which Hakeem is already tightening his amuregimedey!

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