India Voting Against Sri Lanka Paves Way for a Comprehensive Defence-FTA Partnership with China in April
Posted on March 24th, 2014

Dilrook Kannangara

India has been the bane of Sri Lanka since historical times. In addition to raising, arming, training, financing and protecting Tamil terrorist groups, India invaded Sri Lanka in 1987 and forced the 13A to the Constitution which has caused its share of miseries. Further, India voted against Sri Lanka twice at the UNHRC despite preferential trade and defence ties.

India will likely vote against Sri Lanka this year too. It is time Sri Lanka turned to dependable alliances as almost all UNHRC members have. It is time to recognize that the Non Aligned Movement is long dead and NAM members, including its legendary leader Yugoslavia (or what is left of it), have joined alliances with superpowers. Flogging the NAM dead horse achieves nothing.

There are beneficial factors and essential reasons for joining China in a comprehensive economic and defence pact.

Benefits of Joining China in Economic-Defence Alliance

Historically China-Sri Lanka economic and defence partnerships always benefitted Sri Lanka whereas economic and defence pacts with India were always to Lanka’s detriment. All Indian pacts involved Sri Lanka disregarding its national interests but Sri Lanka interests came first in pacts with China. Rubber-Rice Pact with China (1952) and a multitude of economic agreements with China during the Premadasa administration benefited Sri Lanka immensely. Current Chinese funded projects are also extremely beneficial to Lanka.

China is the largest trading partner of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, ASEAN countries, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh in Asia (among others) and many other nations elsewhere including the US and the EU. Unfortunately USA and India are Sri Lanka’s largest trading partners! Depending on countries with animosity against Sri Lanka poses a grave threat to the economy.

The Danger of Not Joining China in an Economic-Defence Alliance

The end of an international investigation with UNHRC input is certainly the Hague through the UN Security Council. Only Russia and China have the necessary veto power and senses to protect Sri Lanka. However, as seen in Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Burma and Syria, Russia and China don’t protect other nations for no reason. There should be sufficient benefits for China or Russia for them to defend Sri Lanka. It is up to Sri Lankan leaders to create that necessity.

The Fallacy about US-EU-Indian Sanctions

Only Sri Lanka in the region has USA and India as its largest trading partners. It is foolhardy for them to impose trade sanctions on Sri Lanka. Given that exports to USA yield a very marginal economic benefit for the nation as all factors except labour are imported, US or EU trade restrictions have a marginal impact on the economy as a whole. While the large garment industry suffers heavily, the savings on imports and freeing up of capital for other investments benefit the nation. It will only be a structural adjustment on the economy with short term pain followed by long term gains. India will never impose sanctions on Sri Lanka as it would ruin billions of dollars worth Indian investments. Sanctions requiring import restrictions will have a disproportionately graver impact on the minorities.

If India votes against Sri Lanka again, it is sufficient motivation to team up with China. No matter at what level one thinks and what level of analyses done on the matter, everything points towards an intertwined future with China. How long can India take Sri Lanka for granted? 

17 Responses to “India Voting Against Sri Lanka Paves Way for a Comprehensive Defence-FTA Partnership with China in April”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    NO. The SILK ROAD agreement must be signed BEFORE March 28. Otherwise GOSL will evade it again. Already delayed for 6 years.

    Endia WILL vote against SL. No buts and ifs.

  2. Nanda Says:

    No. This bugger will never betray Endia. He is worse than Tamils. Even Tamils fought against Endia and killed the boss. This bugger is a BHAYA GULLA. His weapon (human shield) is ELECTIONS , ELECTIONS , ELECTIONS wasting public money.

  3. Sooriarachi Says:

    The main reason why this resolution would get support from UNHRC members scared of the USA, is if India supports it for political reasons, rather than humanitarian reasons, even though India’s role in creating and training terrorists in a neighbouring nation, itself is a war crime.
    I too believe, China would be a better bet, when it comes to protection of Sri Lanka’ sovereignty.

  4. mario_perera Says:

    The chief argument the GOSL delegates and representatives used in this run up to the vote, is that the White Bullies backed Resolution will positively harm the ongoing reconciliation process in Sri Lanka.

    The white bulls and the Indian holy cow have thrown this into the dustbin of the UNHRC and will go ahead with their nefarious intention.

    Now after issuing such a grave warning to the White Bulls and the Brown Holy Cow it would be a disgrace for the GOSL to COW-down.

    Once the Resolution goes through the GOSL is duty bound by the Nation to show that its prognostication was absolutely right. This means the GOSL MUST set in motion and achieve everything that the treacherous TNA claimed before the Bulls and the Cow as already taking place.

    To give credence to its warning the GOSL MUST now go about with all that the TNA delegates to the UNHRC decried and imploement to the fullest: the Sinhalization of the North, the dissemination of Buddhist temples and statues, the reinforcement of the military presence, the reclamation of Land for Government projects and any other that is deemed necessary to give credence to its warning.

    This is the only way to show the Bulls and the Cow that the GOSL knows and means what it is talking about. The GOSL cannot reverse pedal any more. IF they do so the Resolution the non-Tamil majority of the nation will move against the GOSL which will be devastating and of such proportions, putting to shame the sterile Resolution of the Bulls and the Cow.

    Mario Perera

  5. cw Says:

    Very simple solution. SL must have a FM with a back bone and professional diplomats who can speak proper English & not cohorts of the Gov’t of SL. Please note I am not a footlocker of MR or a biased critic.

  6. douglas Says:

    As per the news reaching Sri Lanka, India has succeeded in getting the period of investigation to confine to the period from February 21, 2002 to May 19, 2009. Yesterday, (24th March 2014) the SLBC News (Sinhala) at 6.00 a.m. said that MR addressing an election meeting at Maligawatta (Colombo10) said ” We are not frightened of any investigation, because we have not done anything wrong; but such investigation must cover the full period commencing from the LTTE atrocities. So he is ready for the investigation.

    But the question is: Is he going to agree to an investigation which does not include the period commencing from the LTTE atrocities? In my opinion he SHOULD NOT.

    Since this circus started in UNHRC by its Commissioner Ms. Nvi Pillai, I have been expressing the opinion that the Government of Sri Lanka must NOT and NEVER agree to any investigation, but if at all it MUST cover the period from the very beginning, i.e. killing of the Mayor of Jaffna, Mr. Duraiappah. I, in fact proposed that Sri Lanka must WITHDRAW from this UN Organization in protest if that proposal was not agreed upon. At least this time, Sri Lanka should have proposed that (period to be covered) through an amendment that could have been initiated by Russia or China. We did not do that either.

    Now see what has happened. All countries that kept the FIRE burning in Sri Lanka have very cunningly and conveniently slipped through without taking the responsibility for starting that fire and fueling it. India has got out of its culpability in accommodating , training and funding the LTTE outfit. Only Sri Lanka took the responsibility of highlighting and crying over the killing of Rajeev Gandhi’s killing. For what and why if India is not doing it. All Western countries including Canada have got out of the accusation of accommodating the LTTE Diaspora and funding the movement. This also has excluded the UNP Government starting with JRJ to Ranil of the responsibility of letting off the hook the LTTE with the assistance it received from Norway and being subjected to arm twisting tactics of India. In that context even this Government has not learned its lesson.

    There is saying among our village people like this: “Giya Nuwana Athun Lawavath Apahu Addavanna Behe” (You cannot bring back the lost wisdom even with the deployment of elephants).

    So what is the use of MR lashing out at an election meeting at Maligawatta, that also to the audience of Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka. What is he trying to do? He will not be able to carry on in this style for long. His own clan will tighten the noose along with the international community.

  7. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    India just voted with the UNHRC for a comprehensive investigation into alleged Human Rights Violation BUT made sure it only covers the period from 2002 to 2009. She refused to sign any such investigation if it included the entire war as demanded by Colombo. That would put India in a bad light since it would also cover the period when the Indian Peace keeping Force (IPKF) was in Sri Lanka in the 1980s and the massive human rights violations they committed.

    It would also include India’s role in the war. India is playing dirty politics. She has been involved in this gutter level politics ever since India engaged the Tamil Tigers to take on Colombo. Without India’s help the war against Tamil Terrorism would have ended in the 1980′s and not in 2009. India is still determined to use whatever is in her disposal to create Eelam.

    That is why I strongly suggest that either Sri Lanka negotiate with China to join the SCO and in return allow China to create a military base in Sri Lanka. Offer the same to Russia. The very military presence of these two Security Council members in Sri Lanka would cut the Indian strangle hold, including that of the US and the UNHRC.

    Sri Lanka should take the offensive against India and support the freedom fighters of Kashmir, the Khalistan movement, the Maoists to India’s north eastern states. Not for spite but because Sri Lanka’s Buddhist values are superior to those of Hindu India and her entrenched caste system. These movements have a moral right to break from India.

    Recently a friend of mine who is a Doctor and an active participant in helping the desperately poor of South India including orphans who were victims of maltreatment where he had worked tirelessly to help them get an education wrote to me in response to a letter. I will cut and paste part of that letter. The story is real, then names have been changed. But multiply this situation a hundred million times and Sri Lanka has the obligation that those ethnic groups seeking independence from India should receive support:

    “Presently, to site one example very close to home, Shiva (name has been changed), my partner, and I are trying to
    finish work on a house there for his aging mother. The neighbors continue to cut the water lines because no water that has touched a Dalit home should flow to their own holy residence. Only the Muslims, not even the Christians, came to their defense against arson, threats of rape and even murder. I am inclined to think that the best thing to do with India is to get the hell out if you can.”

    “Get the hell out if you can”. That is what the Kashmiri, the rich state of the Punjab, the Northeastern States are clamoring. Why should the taxes taken from their states go to support such a savage and brutal system such as the Caste system?

  8. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    A second part of that letter from an American Doctor to me:


    Well said. Yes. The majority of the disabled children whom I have been blessed to know
    come from just such circumstances as you describe. Many born with physical differences
    made worse by parents who thought their kids might make more lucrative beggars if having
    but one leg they removed the second and a hand or two just for good measure. Yes. I do
    know the injustices about which you speak.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dilrook says : “Unfortunately USA and India are Sri Lanka’s largest trading partners! Depending on countries with animosity against Sri Lanka poses a grave threat to the economy”.

    Let us not forget that America, India & Sri Lanka were ALL colonies of Britain. All three countries still have strong ties to Britain.

    Basically, it is the British systems (political & economic – democracies with socialism/capitalism mix in place in different ratios) that are in place in all three countries. Do all three countries, consciously or unconsciously, still behave as though they are still colonized ?

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    I call upon the Government of Sri Lanka to WITHDRAW Sri Lanka from membership in the United Nations immediately.

    The United Nations as currently constituted has become a the TOOL of a few NeoColonialist Powers to perpetuate their Global Hegemony and Undermine, Destabilize and Dismember smaller developing countries throughout the world.

    The United Nations DOES NOT SERVE the best Interests of sovereign Sri Lanka.

    Let Sri Lanka WITHDRAW from the UN NOW, and work with other nations, under the leadership of China and Russia to CREATE a New Global Organization .. the UNION OF NATIONS … FREE OF SUCH ABUSES.

  11. douglas Says:

    As I pointed out from news, the period stipulated for the investigation has been now stated, in the third draft to “be the period covered in the terms of reference given to the LLRC” i.e. 2002 to 2009.

    So who gave this “Fodder” (as pointed out by another journalist) to the US. and all other culprits? No one else other than our own Government. It would be interesting to see what MR is going to tell the people of Sri Lanka. Already the people who are aware of it is calling this as: “ILLANG PARIPPU KEWA”. Our own LLRC was a hastily constituted body, again to keep the so called “International Community” happy. As usual MR will definitely “hood wink” the people by his daily “preachings” aired over SLBC (Sinhala Service) immediately after the news; and it is called “Sathye Handa”(Voice of Truth).

    Ananda: I suggested Sri Lanka to stage a “walk out” at the UNHRC sessions as a mark of protest and finally withdraw from the membership. Perhaps, you and some others (Legal Experts) would be able throw light on that proposition.

  12. jay-ran Says:

    Exactly DILROOK,

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    Ananda and others,

    Lets NOT take such DRASTIC action. Russia and China are still in the UN and will NOT leave it.

    We should NOT.

    Even if we leave UNHRC can still create trouble for us.

    UNHRC is TOOTHLESS. We can weather this storm. Let the dirt pass. No real impact on ground.

    DESTROY the Tamil Elam dream with MORE VIGOR afterwards.

  14. Ananda-USA Says:


    My apologies … you had ALREADY SAID in your article what I said below elsewhere. I absolutely agree!

    Furthermore, I call upon the Government of Sri Lanka to enter into a Bilateral Defence & Military Manufacturing Treaty with the Peoples Republic Of China, and to provide a Naval and Military Base in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka to the Peoples Republic of China to ensure the Defense of Sri Lanka against all AGGRESSOR Nations in the future.

    IT IS TIME to give TEETH to our DEFENSE against the NeoColonial Powers and their Lackeys.”

  15. Ananda-USA Says:

    Sri Lanka Europe Friendship Association to Pillay, UN Office Director General

    Lankans losing confidence in UN as neutral body

    Representatives of the Sri Lanka Europe Friendship Association in Geneva say that action by certain lobby groups within the Human Rights Council to pass another resolution calling for an independent international investigation against Sri Lanka will further reduce the confidence most Sri Lankans have on the UN system as a neutral body within the international system.

    “At a time when the process of reconciliation is making steady progress, we do not wish to see the peace in Sri Lanka disturbed due to any reason. Some lobby groups are trying within the Human Rights Council to pass another resolution that will include a commitment to an independent international investigation in Sri Lanka in the form of a Commission of Inquiry,” the Association states in a letter addressed to Office of the United Nations, Geneva, Acting Director General Micheal Moller and UN Commissioner for Human Rights Navanethem Pillay.

    “ These types of actions will not help to put the country on the path to justice and reconciliation but become detrimental to fostering good will and spirit of cooperation within the UN system. We believe that these actions will further reduce the confidence most Sri Lankans have on the UN system as a neutral body within the international system,” the Association said in the letter.

    The letter adds that Sri Lanka has consistently interacted with the United Nations system and the wider international community in a spirit of goodwill and cooperation.

    “We expect reciprocity in the cooperation between the UN system and Sri Lanka in order to fulfill its international obligations and commitments to bring about sustainable peace and reconciliation to all Sri Lankans. We reiterate that Sri Lanka should be given adequate time and understanding to resolve her problems by herself without undue interference from countries that are influenced by the Tamil Diaspora”.

    The letter signed by Erric K.Makaewitage and Nihal Liyanage also states: “While commending the important measures that you have taken in recent years to elevate human rights concerns within the UN system, and encouraging the participation of the civil society in its activities, we urge you to consider the above concerns and emphasise that any efforts by the UN to promote human rights in its member countries should not essentially undermine the domestic efforts of reconciliation.

    As you are well aware, Sri Lanka is a member of the United Nations for the past six decades and it has proudly demonstrated its unstinted belief in the cherished principles of the UN. Hence, we expect fair treatment from all the UN bodies as well as its Chief Executive Officers such as you on issues pertaining to its member states like Sri Lanka.

    We the peace-loving Sri Lankan expatriates in large numbers demonstrating our commitment to ‘peaceful co-existence without undue influence or interference from external forces’ which is a cross section of thousands of such expatriate living in different parts of the world wish to bring to your notice the following: most brutal and ruthless terrorism that plagued Sri Lanka for 30 years has been totally defeated; for the last two years there were no disastrous suicide bombings; people of all ethnicities can move freely and peacefully in any part of the country; economy is growing at seven percent contributed by significant regional growth rates of 23.6 percent from Northern Province and 26.6 percent from the Eastern Province.

    Tourism alone is growing at 25 percent and tourists are free to enjoy our rich cultural heritage and our beautiful beaches without any fear. People enjoy their democratic rights to elect their representatives in free and fair elections. The elections which successfully conducted last year in the North itself is a testimony to the return of political freedom to the region after decades. Since the defeat of terrorism in May 2009, a lasting peace is the only hope for the future of Sri Lanka and its people.

    While being aware of the fact that post-conflict processes do take time, what matters the most is going on the right direction and keeping our eye on the ultimate goal of reconciliation although it is a lengthy process. The Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission, an internal mechanism has been established to investigate into allegations of violations of international law.

    The government is in the process of implementing the recommendations of this Commission which will enable the country to move forward, addressing accountability issues and concerns on human rights. It is evident that there has been significant progress in the reconciliation process over the past 19 months since the National Plan of Action came into force.”

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    I STRONGLY DISAGREE with any suggestion of LEAVING the UN.

    SL should NOT isolate itself. Out of 205 countries 195 are UN members. IF SL isolates itself the biggest winners will be TAMILS (biggest enemies of SL).

    We should see the FOREST not just the TREES.


  17. Lorenzo Says:

    The TAMIL racist woman has gone crazy over Israel too. She DOESN’T see Palestinian terrorists – Hamas, Jihad, Al Aqsa, Hezballah, etc. Only sees JEWISH people as criminals for settling down in their OWN country!!

    “The building of Israeli settlements and attacks by settlers on Palestinians are a major source of much abuse of rights in the occupied territories, the United Nations’ top human rights official said on Monday.

    Human Rights High Commissioner Navi Pillay also expressed concern at a recent surge in violence in and around the Gaza Strip by both local groups and Israeli forces.

    “Israeli settlement-related activities and settler violence are at the core of many of the violations of human rights in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem,” she told the U.N.’s 47-nation Human Rights Council in Geneva.

    The settlements not only had a significant impact on the right to Palestinian self-determination, but activities around them “also violate the entire spectrum of Palestinians’ social, cultural, civil and political rights,” she said.

    “Despite repeated calls for Israel to cease settlement activity, ongoing settlement construction and acts of settler violence continue with devastating consequences for Palestinian civilians,” said Pillay, a former judge of the International Criminal Court who has visited Israel and the territories.

    Most countries deem Israel’s settlements in the West Bank illegal and an obstacle to peacemaking. Palestinians decry them as a barrier to achieving a viable state, while Israel considers some of its settlements as a security buffer.

    Settlers view the West Bank as a biblical birthright.

    Israel withdrew its troops and settlers from Gaza in 2005, and Hamas – an Islamist group which rejects Israel’s existence – seized control of the territory two years later, fueling tension which often leads to cross-border violence.

    Pillay said an Israeli blockade of Gaza must be lifted, “with due regard to Israeli security concerns.” Egypt also blockades Gaza from its side of the border.

    Referring to the West Bank administered by the Palestinian Authority, she said U.N. monitors there had documented “a dramatic increase in fatalities and injuries in incidents of use of force by Israeli security forces” in 2013.

    There was an urgent need to ensure accountability for such incidents through independent investigations into allegations of unlawful killings or torture and ill-treatment and to prosecute those responsible, Pillay said.

    Israel’s foreign ministry has been on strike since Sunday. Other officials had no immediate response to Pillay’s remarks.”

    – reuters

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