US sponsored Resolution against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC
Posted on March 30th, 2014

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canad

28 March 2014

Hon. John Baird, MP, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Deepak Obhrai, MP, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs
Lynne Yelich, MP, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs
Hon. Jason Kenney, MP, former Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and Multiculture

Dear John, Deepak, Lynne & Jason:

Re: US sponsored Resolution againt Sri Lanka at the UNHRC

So with the US sponsored UNHCR vote against Sri Lanka, 23 countries in favour, 12 against and 12 abstentions, Canada’s intentions to have it go through with more countries voting for it, pooouf! It went up in smoke. There seem to be saner people in other countries, who are not vindictive and not depended on separatist Tamil-refugee votes and who really believe in human rights, not like those in the West, and that includes Canada.

If Canada had believed in human rights in Sri Lanka, Canada would have acknowledged the classic text book example of the Sri Lankan Government and her armed forces giving back the most treasured human right of any civilized country, the right-to-life, to its 21 million peoples which had been hijacked for 27 bloody years by the Tamil Tigers.   We haven’t as yet acknowledged this fundamental and honourable human rights act. And why not Canada?  Are we to believe that Canada couldn’t care two front teeth of a dead beaver about Sri Lanka’s peoples and their human rights?

If Canada understands and believes in human rights, then Canada would have acknowledged the classic text book example performed by the Sri Lankan government of liberating 295,873 Tamils on 19 May 2009, from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers who used them as a human shield for 30 months. My Canadian government up to now has not acknowledged this amazing humanitarian act of human rights by the Sri Lankan government.   And why not Canada?

This whole theatrical episode in Geneva reminded me of two nursery rhymes which I could adapt to these sordid and immoral affairs.  Like –

John, Deepak and Jason/ the three blind mice/ the three blind mice/see how they run/see how they run/they all ran after Pillai’s Sri Lanka’s strife/ who cut off their tails with that carving Tamil knife/ Mahinda R did you ever see such a thing in your life/ like these three Canadian blind  foolish mice.”

This UNHRC vote against Sri Lanka also reminds me of another Nursery rhyme.   Here it goes-

“Ring-a-Ring-O roses/a pocket full of posies/China’s a-tishoo! Russia’s a-tishoo! Cuba’s a-tishoo! and Pakistan’s a-tishoo!/ and we all in the West falls down.”

I suppose you wanting the Tamil votes in the Greater Toronto Area blinded you all from the ground reality and got embarrassed one more time trying to crucify Sri Lanka onto the wall.

*Canada: Didn’t you all know that the UNHRC High Commissioner Navi Pillai is a Tamil from South Africa, and that this issue is all about the Tamil Tigers, members of her clan,  being eliminated militarily and that she doesn’t seem to like it;

*Canada: Didn’t you know that, that High Commissioner Navi Pillai’s report was not balanced and some of the elements including the recommendation to establish an international inquiry mechanism exceeded her mandate granted by the Human Rights Council Resolution 22/1 to the High Commissioner.  And according to this deliberate, vindictive oversight that she should be removed forthwith as the UNHRC High Commissioner;

*Canada: that the international community which includes Canada, should act as a facilitator for peace and stability and be part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Unfortunately, the fact is that Canada has aided and abetted this Tamil Eelam war for donkey’s years and has been part of Sri Lanka’s problem.  All for the want of the Tamil votes at the federal elections.  Shame!

*Canada: I believe it is time that we as Canadians, who are always preaching to the outer world that “We are Holier than Thou” should help the people in Sri Lanka which includes the Tamils in the North to heal their wounds and not penalize them for defeating the Tamil Tigers, the most ruthless terrorists in the world that the Tamil Tiger rump in Canada still supports, and you parliamentarians are supporting their sentiment just to collect their votes;

*Canada: that Navi Pillai’s report does not acknowledge many achievements of Sri Lanka’s national reconciliation process.  That Resolution 22/1 was to request the Government of Sri Lanka to implement the recommendations of the LLRC, but Navi Pillai’s report goes beyond this mandate by making reference to and recommendations on extraneous issues.  Then what do you expect.  She is a Tamil.

*Canada: didn’t you gather that yesterday’s vote on the US sponsored resolution reflects that more countries are against the US at the UNHRC.  By that account, I believe Canada should back off trying to bully Sri Lanka and beat her up with hockey sticks and laying wreaths for the minorities who died in the war, at places like Elephant Pass which Canada says was a neutral site where three battles were fought and thousands of the majority Sinhalese were killed by the minority Tamil Tigers; by boycotting a Commonwealth Heads Summit that happened in Colombo, et cetera.  It is time you tell your Tamil community voters, “We have done enough for your people, and we are having eggs thrown at our faces and they have begun to stick.   We have done enough for you all by briefing you every time to we do something for you all in Sri Lanka and not brief the Sinhalese as we have relegated them as a community of lepers, nor consulting them as we have done with you all on this  Eelam file.”

*Canada: I hope you are aware that the Government of Sri Lanka has consistently and with good reason rejected previous resolutions on Sri Lanka proposed by the US, which have emanated from a politicized process and mandate, and without the consent of the country concerned and has done it again with the last resolution;

*Canada: I hope you will not be part of the arrogant, pompous bully Yankee ‘regime change’tactics who have a habit to invade countries on a lie for a regime change as they did in Iraq killing 1.2 million Iraqis, in case that is their intention to show Russia and China the two Asian Giants who voted against the US Resolution that they are indeed the self appointed Human Rights Police of the World. Just be careful of the company you hang around with. Beware that they will eventually come to bite you where it hurts you most.

*Canada: That time has finally arrived John, and Deepak, and Lynne and Jason for you all to change your gears.  Back off from Sri Lanka’s internal affairs and take your monkey off her back.  Consult the Sinhalese-Canadians as they too have a story to tell you on this issue.  Then you can be a fair judge and jury, and may be, pick some Sinhalese-Canadian votes along the way, and perhaps mine too.  I, who had been a Conservative from Preston Manning days, gave up on you lot over your policy on Sri Lanka , as you were a bunch absolute Humbugs in my eyes.

And by the way John, and Deepak and Lynne and Jason, if there is going to be a timeline to investigate  accountability  in alleged human rights violations and war crimes in Sri Lanka, as  the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas says in Under Milk Wood, “To begin at the beginning…”   Let us start on the day that the riots took place on 25 July 1983 in Colombo, when your Conservative Prime Minister Brian Mulroney opened the flood gates to take the waves of Tamil refugees who thumbed their noses at their Mother India when they passed by on their way in search of greener pastures in Canada.  It is obvious that the Indian shores were too sun-parched, brown and unfertile where green dollar bills wouldn’t grow.

Lets, haul  and kraal in all the culprits from all the foreign countries who aided and abetted the Tamil Tigers to form a conventional army with a sea wing as well as an Air Tigers air wing with five Czech ZLIN 143s  planes for night bombing, 2 Helicopters and 2 unmanned aerial vehicles, to fight and kill  innocent unarmed Sinhalese and Muslim civilians for the want of their mono-ethnic, separatist, racist Tamil state, Eelam.

Lets haul in the Indian politicians who facilitated the Tamil Tigers to be given training in military camps in Tamil Nadu and at the foothills of the Himalayas.  Let’s haul in the Indian military soldiers of the IPKF forces  and seek accountability for raping  an estimated 4000 Tamil women between 1987 and 1990   All these incidents are recorded.

It is a fact that one-third of the Tamil Tiger’s War budget was funded from Canada.   It has been established that the Tamil Diaspora collected funds to the tune of two million dollars each month for 13 years for the Tamil Tigers doing all sorts of shenanigans including extortion monies from their own people to kill the Sinhalese and Muslims which the Sri Lankan armed forces had to guard and defend.   While doing their duty as guardians of the island nation when unfortunately there have been some Tamil deaths, which may  be explained as the Americans would do, as collateral damage .

Lets haul in the Canadian politicians who aided and abetted in the collection of funds to the amount of 2 million dollars a month for 13 years, and the likes of Liberal Cabinet ministers Paul Martin, Maria Minna and some Liberal back benchers who patronized a  $60-a-plate fund raising dinner organized by FACT on 6 May 2000, for the Tamil Tigers to continue with the war which violated human rights.   Lets kraal the  Liberal Solicitor Generals Lawrence MacAulay and Wayne Ester and  the Minister of Public Safety  Anne McLellan who refused to ban the Tamil Tigers as a terrorists organization while 32 other nations did,  thus giving them the license to buy war killing weapons with Canadian funds provided by the NGOs and Tamil Organizations who were proxies of the Tamil Tigers.   Canada banned the WTM and not the rest.

Let’s haul in the Tamil Roman Catholic priests in Canada who wore white collars starched to heaven who aided and abetted the Tamil Tiger war where the alleged human rights violations had occurred. I debated with one of these God-men on TV one morning on the Norman Perry Show and exposed him as a proxy Tamil Tiger and a Roman Catholic fraudulent priest.

Let’s haul in the salmon-eating Viking- Norwegians like Eric Solheim and Jon Westborg who supported the Tamil Tigers with love-ins they had with Prabakaran, Tamil Chelvam, Pottu Amman, Karuna, Nadesan and Balasingham, all leading Tamil Tiger terrorists and to show cause of accountability for helping to kill my people.

It was Solheim who told President Mahinda Rajapaksa to his face that Prabhakaran was a brilliant military strategist and that his armed forces were no match for the Tamil Tigers, and that President Rajapaksa’s army would face the same fate as the Germans in Stalingrad during World War II.  

Guess what? The final act of this brilliant military strategist  on 19 May 2009, was falling to a whistling bullet on the shores of  the Nandikadhal lagoon in the east coast of Sri Lanka, and dying as a coward not wanting to bite on a cyanide capsule as he expected his Tamil Tiger cadres to do when cornered by the Sri Lankan soldiers.   So much of the brilliant ‘Made in India’  Tamil Tiger military strategist.

These are the Norwegian  salmon eating Vikings who smuggled six-tons of high-tech communications electrical equipment to the Tamil Tigers in 2002, including V-Sat equipment used in satellite communications, to help to  kill the majority Sinhalese community which the Sri Lankan Government forces had every right to  defend their lives and Sri Lanka’s sovereign territory.

So what’s all this nonsense that we saw with the American Resolution at the UNHRC damning  the Sri Lankan Government and wanting to send  international inquisitors into that island nation to investigate whatever, breaching international laws threatening the sovereign independence of a member state.    John, Deepak, Lynne and Jason, that is a load of bull, isn’t it?  When there is no urgent situation in Sri Lanka which warrants the interests that were expressed at the UNHRC.

So it has been told very clearly by the Sri Lankan Government that it will not dance  the EU-Polka to the tune of the West, nor are they prepared to dance the Tamil tom-tom jig to satisfy Harper’s Canadian Government and the Tamil Diaspora.   And that is the bottom line.   So what’s next John, and Deepak, and Lynne and Jason?

Well, I am waiting eagerly for the day that we Canadians acknowledge the acts of  the classic text book examples of restoring human rights of the right-to-life of 22 million Sri Lankan peoples and the liberation of the 295,873 Tamils from the clutches of the Tamil Tiger terrorists by the Sri Lankan Government soldiers, it is then that I will believe that the Canada’s Harper Government truly understands what Human Rights is all about.   Failing, I will throw my hands up in frustration and disgust and shout, “What a bunch of Dodos who want to be world leaders on Human Rights.  They are certainly not doing it right!”


Asoka Weerasinghe

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  1. Sarath W Says:

    Well said Asoka. But no use talking to these crooked politicians. They got the tigers by their tails and can not let go. This is what happens when one gets the dirty money from criminals or depend on their votes.

    The sad thing is the Brits brought the Tamils to Sri Lanka to do their dirty work because the Sinhalese refused to do them. Now the Tamils have the political and financial power to get the Brits to do their dirty work.

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