Hypocrisy on human rights is astounding
Posted on April 13th, 2014

George Rupesinghe Sydney, Australia

Where is the sound and the fury from the vocal human rights campaigners to the travesty of justice in Egypt where 529 people have been sentenced to death after a two-day trial and without any opportunity to defend themselves? And where Australian journalist Peter Greste is being put through a farcical trial?

If such a thing occurred in Sri Lanka, the US, Britain and Canada would be making big noises about the “deteriorating human rights situation” there. Organisations like Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International would be campaigning to humiliate and censure the Sri Lanka Government and calling on the West to impose sanctions and the like. But no! Not a whimper from anyone.
Not a whimper from the US, the biggest perpetrator of human misery in the world, whose ambassador in Colombo had the effrontery to express US concern when two people, described as human rights activists, were arrested last month in connection with the shooting of a police officer by a terrorist operative.
Not a whimper from British Prime Minister David Cameron or his Canadian counterpart, Stephen Harper, who are hostages to their Tamil constituencies that wield great electoral power and still continue to raise massive funds in their countries to wage a propaganda war to foment unrest and destablise Sri Lanka and destroy the palpable peace prevailing there after 30 years of conflict.
Not a whimper from UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay, whose thick blinkers, supplied by the LTTE rump, make her focus on human rights abuses only in Sri Lanka.
Human rights is the modern sword to censure countries that do not toe the West’s line in their quest to achieve their geopolitical objectives. The hypocrisy of their position is astounding.


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  1. Lorenzo Says:


    But we should learn the lesson.

    Those 529 are from MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD.

    Muslims don’t have human rights in western standards. SL should USE Tamil and Muslim groups to attack each other.

    ALL banned TERRORIST groups in the world are either TAMIL or MUSLIM!!

  2. Sooriarachi Says:

    I agree totally with the views expressed by the author of this article.
    However, the curse today is, it is not morals or justice but money is the driving force in many nations, especially in capitalist countries and also money is the essential ingredient for the survival of those mushrooming NGOs dependent heavily on donations, in a world finding honest employment is becoming less and less popular. It is no secret that US policies are influenced and controlled by big donors to the political parties as well as individuals legislators.
    Today whilst Sri Lanka takes huge loans to develop the nation (whilst of course many corrupt politicians pocket some of this money), the LTTE separatists operating from overseas focussed only on the easy task of destabilising Sri Lanka, are supposed to be in control of billions of dollars of ill-gotten terrorist funds, available for influencing the corrupt or weak politicians, journalists, NGOs, UN agencies etc (whilst of course the leaders pocketing some of these funds) based mainly in Canada, UK, EU, USA and UN.
    As was clearly mentioned in another article, it is not Sri Lanka that is a country of concern, but it is the British, US and Canadian regimes that are major concerns for the well being of powerless independent nations like Sri Lanka.

  3. Christie Says:

    You are barking at the wrong trees. Indians, Indian colonial parasites and
    India is behind the actions of the West. Indians contribute millions to AI and HRW.

  4. Christie Says:

    Read what Mori has said in Chennai.

  5. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Egypt against the Coptic Christians, Syria where the Assad government has already killed more rebels than the sum total of the Sri Lankan war against Tamil terrorism, and the crisis is getting worse since the US closed her Embassy and consulates, Myanmar is becoming an explosive crisis against the Bangladeshi Muslims who have lived there for decades.

    All of the above were ongoing human rights violations since the war in Sri Lanka ended in 2009, but the UNHRC has deemed Sri Lanka the utmost issue of the day to date. The double standards of the UNHRC is reason enough not to even comply with them. They are crooked con artists who use their limited power to select nations at will. To be even a member of this charade of an organization is demeaning to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka would have a better reputation if she joined the Mafia.

  6. jayasiri Says:

    Quite true from all our respondents. So why are we NOT protesting or demand action from our Govt?. We have written & complained BUT yet none of these have had any impact on the ruling elite in Sri Lanka.

    THEY need to attack any wrong doings from USA, UK, EU & INDIA immediately without any hesitation. We are all concerned abut UK & Canada – the most UNFAIR countries of the world, demanding action from a small country like Sri Lanka,when they themselves are the wronmg doers.

    SHOULDN’T we Sri Lankans, in Lanka & expat community demand action against the so called CIVILIZED society who are so corrupt, even the SAINTS of all churces will VOMIT at their hypocracy. WE MUST insist on our leaders to RESPOND very strongly when countries accuse Sri Lanka of HUMAN RIGHTS…….J

  7. Marco Says:

    SRI LANKA: The abuse of Presidential Pardon is an abdication of the state responsibility to control crime

    The Panadura High Court judge, Kusala Sarojani Weerawardana, found ten Presidential Security Division (PSD) officers who were accused of assaulting two famous songsters Rookantha Gunathilike and Chanta Chandraleka Perera to be guilty of the charges and sentenced them to four and a half years of rigorous imprisonment. The PSD officers entered the living premises of the two famous singers, shaved their heads and assaulted them in the year 2000. The PSD officers did this due to the two singers participating publically at an opposition UNP political rally. The attack on the two singers was political revenge for them participating in the opposition rally. At the time of the attack Chandrika Bandaranaike was the executive president. The Presidential Security Division became notorious during this time as they were used for political attacks on opponents of the government.

    On April 11, 2014, the ten former PSD officers were released from prison as they were granted Presidential Pardons. On an earlier occasion, Mary Juliet Monica Fernando, the wife of the Minister of Parliamentary and Christian Affairs, Melroy Fernando, who was charged and found guilty of murder, was also released on a presidential pardon in 2008.

    The pardon by the head of the state is done for specified reasons in any country. Such pardon is not meant to forgive persons who have committed serious crimes and certainly not for the purpose of favouring political allies. However, there is no surprise that this kind of thing happens in Sri Lanka as the president does not consider himself bound by any conventions or ethical and moral considerations in the use of his extraordinary powers. Above all, it is no longer considered essential to weigh the impact of such pardons on the processes of crime control. It can be said that crime control is not considered a primary state obligation in Sri Lanka.

    A huge list of cases of uninvestigated crimes glaringly speaks of the loss of commitment on the part of the government to stand firmly on the issue of crime control. From around the country there are large numbers of complaints that rise routinely, expressing serious frustration about the failure of the state to deal with crime.

    What is disturbing is the message imparted by such negligence which is that the issue of crime control is no longer a priority of the Sri Lankan state. There can be no worse contribution to creating public insecurity than such an impression of the blatant absence of concern for crime control.

    Some may argue that this is a matter of no surprise as those who are most closely connected to the government are the criminal elements in society. The government relies on the friendship and the contributions of drug dealers and others involved in illegal businesses. In almost all areas of the country many of the close allies of the government are also those who have criminal allegations against them. This has gone to the extent of the failure to prosecute serious crimes against foreigners that government politicians are alleged to be involved in so as not to disturb such criminal links.

    Among the objectives that any government finds most difficult to achieve is the problem of crime control. Any reading into political science of modern times will demonstrate how in the creation of a modern state one of the primary factors that influence things has been the need for state intervention for crime control. In fact, the origin of the social contract theories is usually traced to the need felt by people to protect themselves by agreeing to give enormous power to the state for doing so. The vast development of criminal investigation mechanisms globally and the associated development of the court systems have revolved around the achievement of the primary objective of crime control. It has been a primary realisation that if a state fails to control crime it will itself become a victim of criminal forces.

    One of the results of the introduction of the executive presidential system in Sri Lanka was the granting of the exercise of power without any responsibility and accountability. The president’s capacity to stand about the law and all accountability processes has come to a point when the state can abdicate its primary responsibility of protecting people from crime. The Sri Lankan government is preoccupied with only one objective and that is the protection of itself. For this purpose the governments ally themselves with anyone including the criminal elements.

    For this very reason the state is unable to take firm action against those who abuse state power such as these officers who abused the power of the Presidential Security Division. Even when the court finds such officers guilty the president grants them pardon. Thus, the impunity is guaranteed even against court orders. What this means to the ordinary citizen is that he or she will have to live in a bewildered state having no one to protect them from criminals?

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    You have copy pasted an article from PRO LTTE PRO UNP BASIL FERNANDO here.

    He has forgotten how JR, Premathasa, CBK pardoned BIGGER criminals!!!

    e.g. Batalanda MASS murderer

    Rookantha Gunathilike and Chanta Chandraleka Perera PARDONED their attackers first and called on the president to pardon them!!!

    Selective memory syndrome has affected LTTE LOSERS.

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