Another Perspective On Canada’s Suspension Of Voluntary Funds To The Commonwealth Secretariat Chaired By Sri Lanka!
Posted on April 15th, 2014

Sunny Sunil’s Column Of Critical Analysis Of Matters Involving Sri Lanka.

April 16th. 2014
Ir seems compellingly obvious that the present Canadian Administration of PM. Stephen Harper has made a Faux Pas by suspending Canada’s voluntary contribution towards the Commonwealth Secretariat chaired by Sri Lanka  through circumventing the responsibility of allocations to the Commonwealth Secretariat  where Sri Lanka will be denied through the suppression of abt. $ Cdn 9 million where the reasons given for this are linked to the accusation against Sri Lanka’s violation of human rights during the Tamil Tiger insurrection sans tangible evidence towards the claim albeit instigated at times quite melodramatically by Sri Lanka’s adversaries including the Tamil Tiger supportive Global Tamil Diaspora.
In an analytical sense when Sri Lanka’s Foreign Ministry accuses Canada of ” using its voluntary funds to the Commonwealth Secretariat as a political tool based on the dictates of electoral compulsions, thereby holding the membership of the wider Commonwealth to ransom, through competing claims for power,” there appears to be more than a ring of truth to it while also being indicative of a need to continue Canada’s never ending pursuit of Sri Lanka based upon hearsay, cooked up evidence and, falsified depositions that are spewed all over the globe  in a splash that defies comprehension on the instigation of Sri Lanka’s enemies whose chief promoters quite visibly are  the disillussioned group known as the Global Tamil Diaspora. They are categorically a group of frustrated and disillussioned Tamils scarttered around the globe who were unable to overwhelm Sri Lanka throug their support of terrorism but appear to have hoodwinked nations such as Canada amongst others into believing their version of what really transpired in Sri lanka during the insurrection, at times wrongfully defined as a war. 
It seems apathetic on the part of Canada that without a smidgen of real evidence which would hold up in an Internatioal Court of Law , to persist in the persecution of Sri Lanka which sadly also seems to be contradicting her policy of non alignment, impartiality and self righteous proclamations that at times ring hollow and perhaps putting Canadian credibility towards the entire scenario at risk.
This especially when there is much evidence to the contrary where Sri Lanka campaigned militarily to overwhelm a three decades long internal armed insurrection by the Tamil Tigers and supportive Tamils which is now history and perhaps even academic.
It was  affirmative action on the part of the Government of Sri Lanka to preserve Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity in the face of a terrorist uprising initiated mainly by the Tamil diaspora also suspected of instigating Canada to the extent of sanctions such as those outlined here, where no human rights violations on the part of the GOSL and the armed forces ever took place towards the definition of the accusations and there is much credible and tangible evidence to prove that this was indeed something perpetrated on all of Sri Lanka by the Tamil Tigers !  It also needs to be maintained that the Armed Forces were indeed responsible for liberating innocent civilians from the clutches of the terrorists where a multitude of those freed and willing to testify towards the accuracy of this exists in Sri Lanka today with much gratitude towards the Govenmental actions which truly restored their freedoms and values.  

 When Canada yesterday decided to suspend its voluntary contribution to the Commonwealth Secretariat and re-allocate the funds for the next two years in protest over Sri Lanka’s alleged human rights issue the rationalities involved immediatelty turn to irresponsibilty on the part of Canada.

 When the External Affairs Ministry of Sri Lanka says  that, quoting “the relentless action pursued by Canada on Sri Lanka, will only seek to undermine the delicate reconciliation process, as the bona fides of the basis of that Governments trajectory is questionable and not in tandem with the interests of the people of Sri Lanka.

It is the Government of Sri Lanka which is best placed to continue the evolution of a home grown solution for its people in accordance with a realistic time frame,” as widely publicised in the local media and hopefully has attracted global attention!!


The media report ( courtesy of Colombo Gazette) has also highlighted the following External Affairs Ministry statement which bears testimony to a degree of duplicity and a double standard by Canada which needs to be widely publicised that ” the action taken by Canada is at variance with the underlying spirit of the Commonwealth as a voluntary Organization of sovereign nations, with diversity being its hallmark.

The announcement by Canada is not a surprise as when the Canadian Prime Minister announced his non attendance of the 2013 CHOGM in Colombo, he also alluded to the issue of cutting back his Government’s contributions to the Commonwealth.

Further, during conversation with a Canadian Government representative in Sri Lanka over a year ago it was mentioned that Canada was considering the rationalization of their contributions to international organizations including the Commonwealth.

When Sri Lanka was to assume Chairmanship of the Commonwealth, the Canadian Government sought to make their reservations in this regard as the reason for the cut.

Concern has been expressed amongst the wider Commonwealth that the countries which provide the majority of the finances seek to unduly influence the working of the Organization. This action by Canada stands in evidence of such machinations,” the External Affairs Ministry The spokesperson said that Sri Lanka upholds Commonwealth values and has never sought their change and Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird’s comment in justifying Canada’s action is a castigation of the organization as a whole, and Sri Lanka believes that the wider Commonwealth stands in solidarity against such manipulations” end of quote by the External Affairs Ministry and its spokesperson the Hon. Minister Mr.G.L Peiris.

 In conclusion, what seems most astounding about Canada’s stance is that despite the realities involving Sri Lanka’s struggle against armed insurrection where a greater part of the world acollades the precedent setting overwhelming of terrorism which has today taken on a global perspective and Sri Lanka completely rid of the scourge despite attempts to revive it, Canada instead of acollading and recognizing the good that has been done towards ridding the world of terrorism continues to hound and persecute Sri Lanka almost as if this is in pursuit of an agenda far removed from Human Rights Accusations to which only Canada could provide appropriate answers.

5 Responses to “Another Perspective On Canada’s Suspension Of Voluntary Funds To The Commonwealth Secretariat Chaired By Sri Lanka!”

  1. Nanda Says:

    Canada’s Voluntary Funds peanuts , only $ 10 million !

    Sri Lanka completed the raising of entire $1.5 bln bond budgeted for 2014.
    Can Sri Lanka pay this from our pocket to ridicule these monkeys ?

  2. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    Someone of vision recently wrote “Probably how Canada succeeds in maintaing an economic surplus in a world laced in recession.Nothing to feel proud about if it is at the expense of poor nations and with a myopic view about inaccessible internal matters of these nations being held to ransome through bifurcated and obnoxious foreign policy which is astoundingly high handed albeit apathetic!” how true.This wonderfully goody two shoes Canada of today with her ever smiling leader also has a recent track record of political mismanagement relative to financial scams, favouritism in granting huge contracts, misappropriation of government funds and brazen retaliation by the perpetrators when confronted starting from city hall level, through to provincial and federal govt. The late Hon. Pierre Elliot Trudeau must surely turn in his grave as Canada was a noble and admirable Nation with respect to all of these together with the highest integrity as a rock solid nation during his tenure.What a terrible shame!!!!

  3. Marco Says:

    Sunil M
    “ever smiling leader also has a recent track record of political mismanagement relative to financial scams, favouritism in granting huge contracts, misappropriation of government funds and brazen retaliation by the perpetrators when confronted starting from city hall level, through to provincial and federal govt.”

    How wonderfully true when one looks closer to home

    It has been a common trait as a defense, especially from the diasporas and diashoras to point to misdemeanors of the accusers as spun out by the spin docs.
    Who are you trying to kid? Do they listen or take note? Way too late, the horse has bolted

  4. Sunil Mahattaya Says:

    My My! youve picked a real analogy~ Cleverr!
    Rememberibg the Joke about Sir John K observing SWRDB jogging at the Independence Square track where he suggested to the latter that he was too slow and should bring along a horse to speed him up. The next day SWRDB was seen jogging alongside MS Themis when Sir John watching from the Independence Sq. lookout yelled “Yako Mama kiwwe Ashwayek geneng kiyala Buruwek nevey!” as he had picked one of the prime buruwas who had contributed to much mismanagement and was the ridicule of the nation at the time!

  5. jayasiri Says:

    As some countries in the Commonwealth, (VERY FEW of the total),Canada has been a leader in justifying LTTE & their sisiter organizations to operate without any restrictions in Canadian soil.

    As I mentioned few months ago, former foreign Minister of Britain blindly supported LTTE & Tamils hoping to win his seat at the election. EVEN with LTTE support he lost his seat as well as the election. It is good advice for leaders of Conservative party in Canada to note, ELECTIONS are not won by ONLY strengths of an IMMIGRANT POPULATION.

    There are many Canadians who feel threatened by a GOVT: giving undue attention & favours to an immigrant group, solely for winning their votes. What about peace loving Sri Lankan Canadians who are opposed to LTTE & terror organizations?. We feel outnumbered in the MORACE of Tamil Nationalism. Lets have impartial policies to ALL immigrant groups……………J

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