Appreciate And Applaud The President Who Transformed A Terrorist Beseiged Nation Rather Than Bark Accusations From A Foreign Domain!
Posted on April 25th, 2014

LankaWeb Weekly Editorial,

April 26th.2014

There are certain ungrateful Sri Lankan types domiciled in Foreign places perhaps egged on by all the wrong sources for all the wrong reasons who continue to bark at the President of Sri Lanka  saying “Give Us Back Our Country!”

This is a response to such types! and a posting that appeared recently in the local media.

These type seem blinkered to a point where they cannot discern the reality of what Sri Lanka is today, transformed from a virtual hell which was created by the Tamil Tiger terrorists  where the country was liberated from their mendacities by this same President beong barked at and transformed into what many observers envision as a Miracle of Asia.

The reference thus to a situation where” human beings refuse to be malignant, cunning, ulterior, reprehensible, sinister, vicious and felonious has indeed dawned to a greater part in Sri lanka today where the accomplishment of great things together is aready enfolding or in the process of being so.

Yes there are also the opposite of benevolent individuals  deemable to a greater part as malevolent within the framework of those who govern Sri Lanka where mercifully they are in a minority and not beyond the perception of the President who is indeed a demigod in the eyes of a vast multitude of Sri Lankans to whom the country has indeed been given back rather than being stripped from them and who show some gratitude for this whose voicings and body language point contrariliy to those who oppose the Administration like this ‘Orator’.

It is quite correct to observe that we Sri Lankans with the wonderful leadership and direction of the President “fought for years to find those assumptions on the ground. We articulated ideology to adopt and change the attitudes that we have been living with for years. The concepts are the result of the origins of imagination and experience.  That is how the normative and universal struggle began. We won the battle completely ”

However there is an  evil that remains as residue  albeit unlikely  to shatter our dreams which stems fron those who attempted to overrun the Nation through their own axis of evil and failed mainly through the insight and resilience of the President and his Armed Forces.

Therefore it seems more than fair to say that in contradiction to the litanies of those who oppose  the Government that the origins of the State, and the system of good governance were given great  hope to breathe, for those who fought for the hard won freedom and eliminated the evil forces that could have destroyed the Nation of Sri Lanka.

These realities are being made manifest even as this is being composed and needs no rocket science to decipher or assimilate into factuality! unless of course there are those who are disillussioned that their own agendas failed where Sri Lanka could not be shackled by Tamil Tiger terrorism.

While it seems profoundly poetic linked to much representing the salient truth to emphasize that” We ran out through the blood bath to achieve the norms of humanity. Everybody needs respects and dignity, all need freedom. Freedom to work, walk, and talk. All folks were born in a same manner though the external conditions can be difference. They all had mothers, with or without a legal father. We were all born under the same sky. We all started our life with a cry when we came out of the womb.” all very apparent and acknowledgeable but they do not however grant Carte Blanche for some within the periphery of Sri Lanka or outside it as the case appears here, to assume an inane right to post messages of treason or sacrilege against a Nation and her leadership in this manner and attempt to justify their wrongs through limpid rhetoric that resonates in a manner akin to an empty vessel or a clarion that peals in anger that the long arm of Law and the Justice System sometimes intervenes to maintain law and order and the sanity needed in a Nation that was once nearly destroyed through a concerted attempt to divide it! A law which today deals implicitly with all types of wrongdoers.

Indeed  the land we belong to is ours. We do have desires to have equal access to public resources which are privileges we have had for generations.  There is no question that the State cannot fulfill the overall needs of all her citizens but not overnight ! It is being done veritably and gradually if one cares to observe with perception  and not through impaired vision as the machinations of progress and development have surely engulfed Sri Lanka today against unsurmountable odds and transporting Sri Lanka towards posterity as well as prosperity!

Perhaps the anticipated oil deposits in territorial waters could enhance this claim.

Yes!! a single man perhaps deemable as a sub-human degenerate almost  caused the deterioration of all norms of the State in collaboration with its enemies and very nearly robbed it of the very freedom refered to in this composition?

Funnily enough there are strains here of the echoes of the voicings of a certain misguided Army Commander who fell from grace by virtue of his inability to wrest power for himself which was ursurped not only by the will of the people but also the constraints of the Legal Justice System who very recently has re-commenced his utterances (needing cautioning) which once landed him in Prison where quoting the following ”

Who is going to strengthen this very idea of freedom for mankind? Who is going to find the real robber of the land? Who is going to punish that robber in a genuine criminal justice procedure? Which judge has the spine to take out the real ogre? Is there no shame in accepting orders that you know better than anyone else, are the devastative orders you have been asked to implement? How many times have you been ordered to put innocents behind bars while the actual perpetrators are robbing citizens of the little humanity they have left? Is this justice? Is this the idea of state? How many of you have courage to stand up against your nihilistic decisions you made and correct them, at least from now onwards? ” seems a very bold one.

Very definitely as the litany continues. it  once again seems like an echo from the past of worthless disposition beyond their objectives of discrediting a proud and noble leader while also accusing him of manslaughter ( if the entire epistle was read  carefully ) who is far from being nihilistic, unjust, a robber and an ogre as accused where statements of this nature against a pragmatice and much respected leader could have far reaching consequences of censure and more for the ‘orator’ and those who promote such proclamations as those who deliberately attempt to discredit the Sri Lanka Administration and leader as the inspirations for such appear to stem from the idealogies of the enemies of the Nation and depicts him in very poor light as a Sri Lankan with cowardly traits.

Perhaps it may be a matter for consideration to appreciate and applaud the President who transformed a terrorist beseiged Nation into a very liveable and tranquil place today rather than bark accusations from A Foreign Domain towards his own detriment!


17 Responses to “Appreciate And Applaud The President Who Transformed A Terrorist Beseiged Nation Rather Than Bark Accusations From A Foreign Domain!”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    ALL SL lovers HIGHLY appreciate the president getting rid of LTTE and bringing peace to SL in ONE piece.

    He did it in his FIRST TERM (2005 to 2010). He was handsomely REWARDED for it with MASSIVE election wins in 2010 including a 2/3 majority NO ONE ever got in PR system.

    Now is a NEW TERM and people have NEW demands from their president who has been given 2/3 power by the people.

    He must deliver.

    e.g. SL won the world cup in 1996. We all appreciate it. BUT that doesn’t mean we don’t want another WC win! We want plenty more wins.

    e.g. I had a heavy late lunch now. But I will be hungry again by late night. I want to eat AGAIN then.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Sri Lankans in Sri Lanka and abroad admire President Rajapakse, his brother Minister of Defense Gotabaya Rajapakse for jointly ending the terror and carnage brought upon Sri Lanka by the Tamil Tigers, those who sympathized with them and those who funded them. That war ended in a decisive victory for the integrity of Sri Lanka.

    Now a new war has been launched and the “battle ground” has no borders. Those who sympathized with the Tamil Tigers and those who funded and trained them have started a campaign of deceit and propaganda using the host governments as weapons to attack Sri Lanka with human rights abuses. What their motive for doing so is nebulous but it hints of the desire to use the UNHRC or any international body to wrest Eelam using other methods.

    This new challenge comes from all parts of the world including Sri Lanka’s neighbor India. Like Israel where the Palestinians have launched a campaign of demonizing that nation with the hope of destroying it in one way or another the Tamil diaspora are following a similar path. They have strong allies such as the US and the UK but they are not fool proof as Colombo has the full support of the Security Council members of Russia and China. During the war against Tamil Terrorism India, China, Pakistan to the Tamil Diaspora were integral to the strength of both the LTTE and Colombo.

    In that sense the game players have not changed only the way the game is played has changed. I sincerely hope that this time both the powers in Colombo and those held by the Buddhist Sanga will continue to defend the nation as long as the threat from the Tamil Diaspora and their allies New Delhi, Chennai, London, to Washington D.C. continue.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Thank you, LankaWeb Editor!

    INDEED “There are certain ungrateful Sri Lankan types domiciled in Foreign places perhaps egged on by all the wrong sources for all the wrong reasons who continue to bark at the President of Sri Lanka saying “Give Us Back Our Country!”

    I too had noted these “Sri Lankan types”, who are STILL continuing to attack the President in the same vein, when I recently commented in support of Charles Perera’s article on President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Executive Presidency” as follows:

    Bravo, Charles …. You have spoken for me on this ISSUE, as well!

    All of those who now criticize President Mahinda Rajapakse were either dedicated “peaceniks” cowardly advocating the disintegration of Sri Lanka even as our people were being blown to bits, or were outright enemies of our Motherland cheering for the enemy to complete that task.

    They now frequent Patriotic Websites, such as LankaWeb, posing as “Super Patriots” who advocate EXTREME solutions, and criticize President Mahinda Rajapaksa in foul language for the “FAILURE” to execute their unworkable, ultimately destructive, “SOLUTIONS”. Their PURPOSE is to undermine not only the President and PIT the Patriotic people of Sri Lanka against each other, but also to drive the Patriotic Websites into DISREPUTE.

    Let us recognize these snakes in the grass for who they really are: Eelamist enemies, or Political opponents, of the President FRUSTRATED by their INABILITY to oust this immensely popular, patritic, war-winning, sensible and dharmishta President who restored our Motherland to peace and tranquility, so our long-suffering families can live and prosper in peace in Sri Lanka progressing at a furious pace to becoming Resplendent again.

    We have met and fought this enemy on many battlefields before. The deep camouflage of these omnipresent chameleons, lovingly crafted over long periods and hidden deep within apparently different “blogging personalities”, simultaneously commenting and vociferously debating one another as if they are different people, DOES NOT FOOL US … we KNOW who they really are!

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Corralling the NGO/INGO broncos …. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!

    It is about time … I have been calling for this for YEARS!

    Sri Lankan government to amend laws related to funding of NGOs

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Apr 25, Colombo: The government of Sri Lanka plans to amend laws related to providing funds to Non Government Organizations (NGOs) in the country.

    The laws will be amended in a manner that would provide the government with a legal mandate to closely scrutinize funding received by NGOs.

    Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has made these comments at a meeting with media heads yesterday at Temple Trees, local media reported.

    The President has made this comment in response to a statement by an editor of a newspaper that there was no transparency when it comes to funds received or spent by NGOs in the country.

    The President had responded saying that it was difficult for the government to trace the origins of funds received by NGOs under the existing laws. External Affairs Minister Prof. G.L. Peiris has added at the meeting that under the laws that existed before 1977, NGOs should reveal their funding sources and how those funds were spent, but it is not so under the current laws.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    INVESTIGATE, ARREST, PROSECUTE, CONVICT and SEVERELY PUNISH the TRAITORS of the Tiger Nominated Agents of the TNA for EVERY CRIME during the last 30 years, NOW!

    Confiscate their PROPERTY and REVOKE the CIVIL RIGHTS!

    Make it IMPOSSIBLE for them to live in Sri Lanka violating the Laws of the Land!

    Take a lesson from how that Champion of Democracy, the USA, prosecutes ALL TRAITORS conspiring with foreign enemies.

    Coalition partner criticizes Sri Lankan government for not acting against the Tamil party

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Apr 25, Colombo: A coalition partner of the Sri Lankan government , the National Freedom Front (NFF) has faulted the government for not taking any action against the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) for attempting to divide the country.

    NFF Spokesperson Mohamad Muzammil said the TNA was trying to get Tamil youths to tie cyanide capsules around their necks again. He accused the Tamil party of trying to instil racial hatred among the Tamil youths in the North.

    In a media statement the party spokesperson explained that while the TNA has accused the government of falsely propagating a notion of the resurgence of the LTTE to fortify its military presence in the North after eliminating the LLTE in 2009, the TNA has not given up on its attempt to divide the country.

    As a result of TNA’s divisive actions, the terrorist organization is attempting to come back, Muzammil charged.

    According to Muzammil, the government has failed to take action against the activities of the TNA that are most often in violation of the Constitution.

    He urged the government to take action according to the Constitution against the Tamil party without delay and warned that if not, inevitably the country will be a battle field again.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Remember Man-Moron Singh?

    In what has come as a huge embarrassment to the Congress, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s brother Daljeet Singh Kohli on Friday joined the BJP at the presence of Narendra Modi at an election rally in Amritsar.

    – indiatimes

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    A report regarding the actions of ruling party MPs on the Strategic Development Projects Acts will be compiled and submitted to President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Chief Government Whip of Parliament Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said today.

    MPs of the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU), a constituent party of the UPFA government, had voted against the 3 orders tabled under the Strategic Development Projects Acts on Thursday and Friday while certain government MPs were absent during the vote.

    Members of Parliament (MPs) belonging to Minister Wimal Weerawansa’s National Freedom Front (NFF) and Minister Rauf Hakeem of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) were notably absent during the vote on the 3 gazettes, which provide recognition and tax concession to 3 mixed development projects.

    Minister Gunawardena stated that even though all Parliamentarians representing the ruling party had met and discussed on passing the Act before it was presented to Parliament, some of them had acted against it.


    So govt. MPs who DID NOT vote for the controversial bill (not necessarily bad) will be hunted down?

    MPs have the right to OPPOSE ALL forms of CASINOS.

    Not good. A MP has the right to vote anyway he wishes.

  8. Nanda Says:

    .. hunted down, whilst Hakeem, who wrote to foreign entities to support US at UNHRC still occupies Ministry of Law.

  9. douglas Says:

    Lorenzo: You said: “All SL lovers HIGHLY appreciate getting rid of LTTE and bringing peace to SL in ONE piece”

    ABSOLUTELY correct and no one denies it; NOT even the Tamils in Northern and Eastern Provinces. See below how even a Commander of the then Armed Forces who was contributing to that GREAT EVENT was rewarded by the Tamils in those affected areas at the Presidential election in 2011.

    Jaffna – Northern – Rajapaksa = 44,154 (24.75%) Fonseka = 113,877 (63.84%0
    Vanni – Northern – Rajapaksa = 28,740 (27.31%) Fonseka = 70,367 (66.86%)
    Batticaloa – Eastern – Rajapaksa = 55,663 (26.27%) Fonseka= 146,057 (68.93%)
    Digamadulla – Eastern – Rajapaksa = 146,912 (47.92%) Fonseka = 153,105 (49.94%)
    Trincomalee – Eastern – Rajapaksa = 69,752 (43.04%) Fonseka = 87,661 (54.09%).

    As we see today, the environment has been changed more largely due to the lapses of the BIG WIGS of the Government and that is what we are concerned and worried about. It is not going to be and cannot be, any more of personal considerations and “person veneration” but more of considering the plight of the country and the nation. In that respect, if we see any DANGER is impending due to very many lapses and wrong policies followed by the authorities, we have every right and duty to point it out in the larger interest than the protection of individuals. That is how, in my opinion, criticism has to be viewed.

    It is left to the Political Leadership to be MAGNANIMOUS and correct the course to save the country and the nation.

  10. jayasiri Says:

    Thank you Editor of lankaweb & all who responded positively. IT IS TRUE that we rarely appreaciate the PEACE & Tranquility we enjoy today is ALL beacuse of His Excellency President & his brother Gota Rajapaksha. WE MUST NEVER forget that our RANAVRU soldiers who sacrificed IMMENSELY, some with their lves & other who were mailmed , dislocated, some with mental illnesses.

    As I said many times, USA & enen some her supporting countries in EUROPE continue to BLESS & THANK their soldiers who took part in their wars, some times ILLEGAL wars, to support their country & President. WE DO LACK that type of Patriotism in Sri Lanka. WE MUST always remmember under arduous conditions OUR BRAVE SOLDIERS faught to win the PEACE WE ENJOY TODAY.

    Now we must ALSO look after the NEEDY, POOR who suffer due to HIGH COST of living & many other problems they have to undergo SOMETIMES NOT THE FAULT of theirs. We must always think of our poor & disadvataged as OUR COUNTRY gradually lead in the ECONOMIC FRONT. It is not our own assessment even think tanks in USA & EUROPE continue PREDICT that Sri Lanka will lead in future in many fronts.

    AS much we thank our President and some of his loyal supporters THERE ARE STILL who DISH out sentiments when they LEAVE OUR COUNTRY to foregn pastures. It is nOW we must look after the the vulnerable of our society. I was in Sri Lanka for ONE month & surprised to see THE NEGATIVE side of Sri Lanka STARTING WITH TAMILS mostly coming from HILL COUNTRY & Bandarawela areas DENOUNCING OUR achievments.

    These are ome of the problems MANY DO NOT see & sometimes PRETEND not to see. As much we appreciate our President We must also DIRECT HIM in right path so that LTTE & THEIR SYMPATZERS do not take advantage of the peaceful nature Sri Lanka enjoys now…………Thank you all……….J

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    “See below how even a Commander of the then Armed Forces who was contributing to that GREAT EVENT was rewarded by the Tamils in those affected areas at the Presidential election in 2011.”

    Wrong! TNA was backing Gonseka for a SEPERATE STATE he promised them. He also blamed GOTA for killing LTTE leaders and threatened to kill MR if he won. That is why they voted for him! HATRED FOR MR!

    Amparei and Trinco districts have a NON TAMIL MAJORITY. So they are more sensible.

    The 25% SANE voters in 3 TAMIL MAJORITY DISTRCISTS were ALWAYS there. They are made up of Muslims and Sinhalese in Vanni and Batticaloa and EPDP and TMVP families in Vanni, Batticaloa and Jaffna. Since then this 25% in the north has FALLEN if you look at the 2013 NPC election.

    But I agree this can be used as PROPAGANDA (half truths) against Tamils who are DAMN MODAYA voters. They ALWAYS make the wrong choice at elections.

    The election was in 2010 not 2011.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    Sampanthan is a Bloody TRAITOR … lying through his teeth …. trying to ABSOLVE HIMSELF of responsibility for COLLUSION in the attempt to REVIVE the LTTE insurgency.

    Ordinary Tamils may oppose return to violence, but the TNA under his Leadership, aiding and abetting Eelamist rebellion, DOES NOT.


    Sampanthan breaks silence over deaths of rebel suspects and says – Tamils oppose return to violence

    April 27, 2014

    Breaking TNA’s silence over deaths of three LTTE suspects in Nedunkarni, TNA Leader R. Sampanthan said Saturday (April 26) that the Tamil population in the country was opposed to returning to violence.

    In an interview with ‘The Nation’, MP Sampanthan stated that he was unaware as to whether the LTTE was in fact regrouping in Sri Lanka, but added that the Government should take action if there was anything illegal happening.
    This is the first time the Tamil National Alliance made its position clear about alleged resurgence of the LTTE in the North and illegal activities of some ex-LTTE members.

    “There were reports of a clash. Whether in fact a clash occurred, I do not know. There is a view amongst the Tamil people in particular and also shared by others, that the government is overreacting to the resolution in Geneva. That the government is trying to intimidate the Tamil civilian population, who could provide vital evidence in regard to the matters contained in the resolution, into silence, and that some of these events have been orchestrated with that purpose,” Sampanthan said.

    He added that he was generally of the view that the Tamil population was opposed to any form of violence.
    When asked about arrests of LTTE suspects in the North, Sampanthan said he was not aware of any arrests and he was not aware of any incidents.

    “What I’m saying is that there is a view that these incidents could have been orchestrated because the Government is overreacting to the resolution passed in Geneva. I’m not a witness to any of those things. And as far as I’m concerned, The Tamil civilian population doesn’t want to return to any violence,” Sampanthan said.

  13. Ananda-USA Says:

    Interpol issues Red Notice on LTTE operative in Norway

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Apr 26, Colombo: INTERPOL has issued a Red Notice for the arrest of Perinpanayagam Sivaparan, alias Nediyavan, who is believed to be the leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) organization in Norway.

    He was listed in the Interpol Red Notice as Siwaparan, Perinbanayagam, 37 years old, and wanted by the judicial authorities of Sri Lanka for prosecution / to serve a sentence.

    Police media spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana has confirmed to media that a Red Notice has been issued for the arrest of Nediyavan. The arrest warrant has been entered into the Interpol database and appears on the Interpol web site.

    Sri Lanka police earlier this month obtained Interpol Red Notices on 40 suspected LTTE operatives active in foreign countries.

    Two of the Red Notices were for Nediyavan who is believed to be in Oslo and Vinayagam, who is living in France.

    Investigations have revealed that the three LTTE operatives, who were recently killed in a clash with the army in the North, were functioning under the instructions of Nediyavan and Vinayagam who were preparing the ground for another armed struggle.

    The government on April 01 banned the LTTE and 15 other Tamil diaspora groups and some 430 individuals alleged of having terror links and involved in reviving the terrorist movement in the country.

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    “What I’m saying is that there is a view that these incidents could have been orchestrated because the Government is overreacting to the resolution passed in Geneva. I’m not a witness to any of those things. And as far as I’m concerned, The Tamil civilian population doesn’t want to return to any violence,” Sampanthan said”


    Anyway the right thing for the govt. to do is REVIVE the LTTE and get the LTTE to wipe out all Tamil federalists.

    IF Tamil civilian population doesn’t want to return to any violence, then they should denounce FCKING FEDERALISM which is making another comeback.

    UNITARY OR WAR. Choose wisely.

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    Ananda and others,

    Here is a controvercial idea.

    The reason behind RENEWED WEST’S and Endian support to Tamil Elam may be because of the MASSIVE oil and gas potential of Jaffna and north western coast that can be extracted by FRACKING.

    The entire Jaffna peninsular is on a massive LIMESTONE layer. IDEAL condiions for TIGHT GAS and SHALE GAS!!

    And potentially oil too.

    IF these can be extracted by FRACKING it will worth BILLIONS if not trillions.

    There are plenty of studies into this layer. I hope the govt. will experiment with exploration.

  16. Ananda-USA Says:


    Bit too long a stretch going from only the presence of limestone to oil and gas deposits!

    Much more than the cap rock represented by limestone layers is needed for the formation of oil reservoirs. The cap rock represents only the trapping mechanism for oil produced in underlying sedimentary rocks, over a well-timed maturation period, that migrates to its point of entrapment and accumulation in porous rock … not limestone … unless the limestore if heavily fractured naturally as in the Asmari oil reservoirs of Iran.

    Otherwise, we should expect oil and gas in the White Cliffs of Dover and start drilling there immediately! Ha! Ha!

  17. Marco Says:

    The millionaire businessman who is alleged to have driven the luxury car which collided with a three wheeler near the Elvitigala Flats in Narahenpita yesterday, was arrested and released on police bail, police said.

    The Shelby G T 500 car had collided with the three wheeler seriously injuring the driver of the three wheeler.

    Moments after the accident took place STF personnel had arrived at the scene, and within an hour the super luxury vehicle involved in the accident had been removed from the scene.

    Police media spokesman Ajith Rohana said a case would be filed against the suspect for riding a vehicle without a number plate and failing to avoid an accident from taking place. He said the suspect would be produced in the Maligakanda Magistrate Courts on May 22

    The millionaire businessman is the owner of the vehicle. Who was driving the vehicle causing the accident?
    The very same vehicle without the number plates was often seen late at nights near Cinnamon Lakeside and at the Colombo Hilton.- I have witnessed it
    It’s rather daft to drive such a vehicle without number plates- it only attracts attention.
    At least our STF personal have demonstrated QRA

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