Protect Sinhala Buddhism from the educated–III
Posted on May 8th, 2014

By Nalin de Silva Courtesy Island

Varigapurnikava has not been published in its entirety or what is remaining of it, but only some extracts of it by Ven. Manewe Vimalarathana Thero. Also when I mentioned that Varigapurnikava believed in Abhidhamma what was intended to say was that Varigapurnikava believes that Abhidhamma was taught by Budunvahanse, as there are some schools of thought such as Sauthranthikas that do not believe in Abhidhamma as one of the pitakas (baskets). What is interesting is that according to Varigapurnikava Abhidhamma had been first (and probably last time as well, if considered as a Pitaka) taught to Arhant Rathnavali Therin in Sri Lanka. I do not want to go into details regarding Arhant Rathnavali Therin but according to Varigapurnikava she had been the mother of Mahapali apparently identified as Kuveni by the Mahavamsa, and Ruvanveliseya had been named after her. Interested readers may refer to the two books published by Ven. Vimalarathana Thero based on Varigapurnikava. However, Varigapurnikava does not mention how much of the Abhidhamma Pitaka as known at present was taught to Arhant Rathnavali Therin, but it could be another Sutta by Budunvahanse, later developed into a Pitaka on its own right by some Bhikkus, who were probably students of Arhant Sariyuth Thero. It should be mentioned that some Suttas contain briefly what is included in the Abhidhamma Pitaka and this whole narrative on Abhidhamma needs a careful study.


In any event what is clear is that as far as Buddha Sasana is concerned there are at least two narratives one given by Mahavamsa and the other as stated in Varigapurnikava. As mentioned in the last installment, Varigapurnikava gives the Hela Buddhism and Mahavamsa depicts the Sinhala Buddhism with Sinhala Buddhism taking the upper hand after King Mahasen. It is interesting to note that after Mahasen, Abhayagiriya or Jethavanaya had not enjoyed much Royal patronage.

When Physics is not objective, one cannot expect History to be objective, and what is clear is that Mahavamsa records the history of the winners. It appears that Hela Buddhism had been non violent, and though some Yakshas (Yagu Kauranas according to Varigapurnikava) did not become Buddhists, there was no hostility by them against Bududahama unlike in Bharat. It is also clear that in a hostile surrounding a strictly non violent culture cannot survive, and Ashokan Buddhism could not afford to be hundred percent non violent. Whether we like or not almost all cultures that have survived have been militant at least to some extent, though they may have preached loving thy neighbour in their texts and sermons. If one thinks that the English culture at present, forget its past since Hastings days of 1066 or round about, is non militant then one is in a deep slumber.

The English culture has trapped us with the help of not only weapons but also knowledge. The professional jealousies that make the western medical practitioners taking up “arms” against nurses being given a training in midwifery, the allied health service students in the universities getting a four year training, the Sinhala “praramparika” physicians being supplied with facilities to cure the kidney patients, are only a few examples in compartmentalizing knowledge and some people being issued with ‘certificates” to engage in certain work. I wonder had the “sisters” continued to work as nurses and had they wanted training in midwifery, whether the western “doctors” would have objected to it. This is finally a question of power where what has to be decided is who carries out the work as dictated by the western powers. This is not confined to western medicine but western engineering, teaching including university teaching etc., are also poisoned with compartmentalization of knowledge. The so-called professionals and not the politicians are powerful in many areas and very often the ministers become helpless though the public knows only to blame the politicians.

The educated Sinhala Buddhists who are products of western education are conditioned to think that Sinhala Buddhists are non militant pious people who should be confined to live according to the teachings of Budunvahanse. The Bhikkus according to these educated Buddhists should follow the “Vinaya Pitaka” strictly and should not engage in politics. Some so-called scholars would teach Bududahama to the Sinhala Buddhists and tell them that “war” is not for the Buddhists whether Sinhala or otherwise. In effect, the westerners and their henchmen and henchwomen want the Sinhala Buddhists to be non militant.

As non militant cultures cannot survive when almost all other cultures are militant in one way or the other what these Samaritans who preach Sinhala Buddhists is the extinction of Sinhala Buddhism. The Sinhala Buddhism was militant in the past and it could be that their first victory was over the Hela Buddhism around the fifth sixth centuries. It appears that Hela Buddhism was not as militant as Sinhala Buddhism, and probably it was the cause of its downfall. In any event when different sects of Hinayana had been wiped out from the surface of the earth, the survival of Sinhala Buddhism in Sri Lanka for so long could also be due to its militant nature introduced by the Sinhala Buddhists of yesteryears.

If not for that militancy Sinhala Buddhism would have been wiped out, too, especially in the face of conquerors from Chola and Kalinga. It cannot be said that the Bhikkus of Sinhala Buddhism were the most pious people who lived on this earth, and the educated who want to confine the Bhikkus to pansukula, pirith and dana want to see the downfall of Sinhala Buddhism on the instructions they have got from the English very often indirectly. Though I do not agree with Dhammvada and Kshanavada as they stem from Athmavada, it has to be stated that the other reason for survival of Sinhala Buddhism was the introduction of these two vadas or pravadas or theories as the educated even in the third fourth fifth centuries would have wanted some kind of Athmavada to project their images. However, Dhammavada and Kshanavada could not stand up to the criticism by Ven. Nagarjunapada and in Andra Pradesh the other forte of Theravada Buddhism in the fourth fifth centuries, and it was gradually driven out.

In Sri Lanka Sinhala Buddhism (Theravada Buddhism) survived due to militancy of Mahavira Bhikkus, who eradicated any challenges from Hela Buddhism or any other sect by translating the texts to Pali and destroying the Hela Atuvas and other books on Hela Bududahama, confining Bedudahama to Sinhala Bududahama. I am not particularly bothered by this incident as if this step was not taken no form of Bududahama or Buddhist culture would have survived in Sri Lanka. In Andra Pradesh and other areas in ancient Bharat no form of Buddhism including Mahayana versions could survive especially after the challenge of Sankaracharya in the sixth century. Sankaracharya was able to turn Ven. Nagarjunapada upside down by turning Sunyathava to a Nirgun Brahman through his Advaitha Vedantha. If the Mahvihara Bhikkus had not taken the militant step of having a totalitarian attitude towards Bududahama, and if the texts were not translated to Pali, various interpretations could have been given to them as anybody who could understand Sinhala would have tried to give his two cents (or kahavanu) worth opinion, and Sri Lanka could have ended up as a Hindu country under the influence of Sankaracharya.

(To be continued)

12 Responses to “Protect Sinhala Buddhism from the educated–III”

  1. Nanda Says:

    “The educated Sinhala Buddhists who are products of western education are conditioned to think that Sinhala Buddhists are non militant pious people who should be confined to live according to the teachings of Budunvahanse. The Bhikkus according to these educated Buddhists should follow the “Vinaya Pitaka” strictly and should not engage in politics. Some so-called scholars would teach Bududahama to the Sinhala Buddhists and tell them that “war” is not for the Buddhists whether Sinhala or otherwise. In effect, the westerners and their henchmen and henchwomen want the Sinhala Buddhists to be non militant.”

    very true, but it is unnecessary to use the term “militant”. The correct way I suggest is,
    “the westerners and their henchmen and henchwomen want the Sinhala Buddhists to be Buddhas ,Arahants and Atta Purisa Puggalas”.

    How many people know that an army soldier who lost a leg in the war can become enlightened while educated FOOLS doing meditation for decades still cannot get a grip ?
    Why is Angulimala , a real militant feared even by the army could become an Arahant very quickly.

    Misunderstanding of Kamma, rebirth is very common. But the educated FOOLS and the ENEMY want all Buddhist should do is aim for enlightenment in every second of their life.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    It will be totally foolish for Sinhalese to get wiped out like NALANDA, PAKISTAN, COLOMBO CITY and even BURMA AND THAILAND (unfortunately these are the LARGEST Buddhist countries AND prostitution dens) by NOT standing up to VIOLENCE with violence AND economic sense.

    So there are 3 traps.

    1. The Nalanda, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Malaysis, Maldives, Colombo City trap. (GENOCIDE – the FOOL TRAP)
    2. The Thailand, Burma, Cambodia trap (the PROSTITUTION TRAP)
    3. EXPORTING Buddhist housemaids to Muslim countries (the MAID TRAP)

    ALL 3 TRAPS must be avoided. Not just one.

    So far SL Buddhists did very well though they earned GENOCIDE, WAR CRIMES honorary titles from Tamils, westerners, etc.

    SL Buddhists did something RIGHT than NALANDA, PAKISTAN, etc. Buddhists. That should be continued to be done. LONG LIVE the SL version of Buddhism!

    “If not for that militancy Sinhala Buddhism would have been wiped out, too, especially in the face of conquerors from Chola and Kalinga.”


  3. Nanda Says:

    Regardless of Buddhism, Sinhalese should survive using any means.
    Buddhism should not be used to divide Sinhalese.
    There is no need to bring up Buddhism as a “weakness” of Sinhalese. That is ANOTHER TRAP.

  4. Lorenzo Says:



    Buddhism came to SL in 300 BC. Sinhalese were in SL even in 3000 BC. Sinhalese survived for 2,700 years without Buddhism.

    IF Sinhalese go extinct it is NOT the fault of Buddhism. It is the fault of FOOLISHNESS.

    But Buddhism has HELPED Sinhalese, Tamils, etc. live in a more CIVILIZED way than kings go killing deer, stories of bestiality and incest (lion story), worshiping demons, snakes, etc., jailing pricesses in Rapunzel like towers, uncles killing nephews to become king, etc. (Aba).

  5. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Biggest threat to Sinhalese and the Buddhists in Sri Lanka is mossie breeding.
    If these xxxx multiply at this rate there won’t be any Sinhalese, any Buddhists, any Catholics,
    any Hindus, any Tamils etc. etc. Do you find Buddhists in Iran, Afganisthan, etc. etc?
    We still talk about conversion. Real threat is the relentless breeding.
    Mossies know Sri Lanka is doomed. Sinhalese are divided (mainly thanks to UnPatriotic Party -UNP-).
    Then you have traitor tamils who cannot stop lying.
    Their ancient mythical kings, mythical kingdoms in Sri Lanka of which nobody has ever seen
    any ancient buildings. Let alone buildings, an ancient brick.
    Probably they were shanty kings. So mossies are the happier lot.
    Leadership is bending over backward to please the mossies for their vote. So mossies keep breeding, meanwhile
    Sinhalese bicker over trivial matters. Lorenzo is the only one here understands the real threat is the relentless breeding.
    No mossie child has ever been a Buddhist/Catholic or Hindu. So the numbers go up or down? Who can tell the right answer
    to this here apart from Lorenzo?

  6. Nanda Says:

    Biggest threat is OUR BUGGERS who collect money from mossies due to their excessive grred , whihc breed more greedy buggers in addition to mossies.

  7. jayasiri Says:

    Very interesting. BUT as a former Nalandian I am appalled by our politicians NEVER taking appropriate action to CORRECT the wrong, and make things RIGHT for Sinhalese BUDDHISTS.

    In any situation TAMILS & MUSLIMS will always play a DEVASTATING ROLE in the future of Sri Lankan Budhhists. Our Buddhasasana MINISTRY is just for the name sake, fails badly when it comes to taking any action.
    It aways the problem of WHAT WILL HAPPEN if WE DO THIS, will the Catholics get angry, ro will Arab & Mid East countries will CRITICIZE Sri Lanka or will the USA & UK highlight their PET PROJECT the never ending HUMN RIGHTS.

    We cannot allow these ISSUES by OTHER RELIGIONS & THEIR LEADERS to HOLD back Sri Lanka maintaing NOT ONLY the existing Sinhale Buddhist population BUT also PREACH & CONVERT OTHERS who are MISGUIDED by other influences fro m WESTERN CULTURE.

    THEN & then ONLY Sri Lanka will have a PEACEFUL country for all relgios groups & ethinicities……………..J

  8. Nanda Says:

    “PEACEFUL country for all religious groups & ethnicities’……………..” possible only under strict policing by the Gov.
    Look no further than Singapore. MUST keep ethnic and religious balance.
    With greedy buggers stealing money from the country, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    In ALUTHGAMA a Muslim shop owner has sexually abused a Sinhala boy.

    People attacked the shop which is a sexual abuse den.

    Some ARABIC ILLEGALS living in SL give this a twist. They try to say this was a BUDDHIST attack on Muslims. What nonsense. These dirty people should be either behind bars or BACK in Saudi.

  10. Amarasiri Says:

    RE: Protect Sinhala Buddhism from the educated–III

    There is no Buddhism in Lanka. Only Mahanama Buddhism.

    Therefore, no need to Protect Mahanam Buddhism.

    The Educated are trying to protect Buddhism, NOT Mahama Buddhism or Sinhala “Buddhist” racism,

    Read the Tipitaka.

  11. sena Says:

    If you consider participation in social work. donations and volunteering index, buddhist sinhala and maha sanga can be placed at very low level. While other clergy is very active in social work, most of the buddhist monk intent is to amass as much wealth in pansala while pandering to the powerful most of whom are unethical. Maha sanga can play a very active role in promoting health and welfare among the people , especially women and children whose decline in physical stature is very apparent in you look at pictures over several decades. Sinhala buddhist (including priests) is a very hierarchical society where people at the top are very dismissive of the down trodden. Contrary to what the writer says this attitude is the main reason that professionals are fighting to put down other professions even going to the extent of down grading university degrees. Such pruning of professions does not exists in the West where when it come to medical profession all health related professions are given due consideration and respect. Opportunities exist to advance the carrier as any one wishes. The doctors are much more considerate and go out of their way to explain to patients of their condition and options.
    History says one of the main reason for disappearance of Buddhism in India is the disconnect between the priests and people welfare, the same can be seen in SL today (to the most part). As the article says to survive and proper a society needs good defense which include health, nutrition. In the current world, establishing a good technology capabilities is the main requirement for achieving this. Despite more than eighty years of higher education (and specially even after SWRD gave opportunities to sinhala buddhist for higher education) such capabilities have not been established and we have to look to foreigners for even simple solutions

  12. Senevirath Says:

    READ THE BOOK——“”vimutthi magga hevath apagatha nowana maga””((((SARASAVI BOOK SHOP))))

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