Export Orientated Manufacturing Industry In Sri Lanka
Posted on May 14th, 2014

Chula Rajapakse MNZM Lower Hutt.NZ 

Dear Editor,
The demise of manufacturing opportunities elsewhere, like the imminent loss of car manufacturing industry in Australia, opens opportunities to new players
With a harbor barely a mile off the busiest see rout in the world, bridging europe, africa, asia & far east, international air access to the largest planes flying, workforce with 95% literacy & computer literacy approaching 70% , all year round summer weather, what better export orientated industrial manufacturer’s dream than SL & Hambantota.
The first key to success in this regard is ” marketing”,  the second  key to success in this regard is ” marketing” & the third key to success in this regard is marketing, these opportunities to would be manufacturers.
Marketing  is how, Las Vegas stuck away in the middle of the nevada dessert & Dysney world stuck away in the marshes of orlando florida over a few decades became the world’s most visited places, from places  where no body ever went to.
The first key to failure of such a venture is internal destructive disunity, the second key to  failure of such a venture is internal destructive disunity, the third key  failure of such a venture is internal destructive disunity .
I pray and hope that SL will be fortunate enough to have a lot of the former and not the latter.
Chula Rajapakse MNZM
Lower Hutt.

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  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    I agree. Marketing, marketing marketing. Sri Lanka ranks at the bottom on exposure regarding the international media on so many fronts.
    Year round sun, plenty of water, many climates should make Sri Lanka a center of the horticulture industry.
    -Cheap and skilled labor should allow Sri Lanka a center to manufacture Japanese to Korean cars and other machines.
    -Coming out of a 30 year war Sri Lanka should develop her own arms manufacturing sector and export them. Arms exports is one of the most lucrative industries of the world and would give Sri Lanka the technology and independence from other nations on this security issue.
    -Being a land of gems Sri Lankan private investment should invest in foreign gem mines of gems not found in Sri Lanka such as Diamonds to Emeralds.
    -India is one of the major centers of processing diamonds (cutting and polishing them) for the world. Sri Lanka has a large pool of traditional gem cutters and should take a share of the world diamond processing segment.

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