Frosty-Sri Lanka
Posted on May 16th, 2014

Asoka Weerasinghe  Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

15 May 2014

The Editor, EMBASSY                                                                                                                                                                            Ottawa.

Dear Editor:

In your essay, “Taking the temperature of Canada’s diplomatic relations”, on “Frosty – Sri Lanka”, you mentioned that Foreign Affairs spokesperson Jean-Bruno Villeneuve had said in an e-mail statement Sri Lanka’s government had called on Canada last week to respect the listing, the Colombo Gazette reported on Thursday. And that Canada refused to recognize Sri Lanka’s labeling of two Canadian Tamil organizations as terrorist groups last month because it is “concerned about the motives” of the Sri Lankan Government assembling the list.

Permit me to respond to Canada’s simplistic observation and concern about Sri Lanka’s motives. Canada’s refusal has most definitely provided the green light for Tamil Tiger rump organizations to start the second innings of Canada’s game of Russian roulette with innocent Sri Lankan lives.

In the first innings of Canada’s Russian roulette with innocent Sri Lankan lives, Canada aided and abetted the killings of innocent Sinhalese and Muslims in the Tamil Tiger separatist war by letting the Canadian-Tamils collect two million dollars each month for 13 years, and stuff it in the Tamil Tiger War chest to purchase sophisticated killer weapons to snuff out these innocent, unarmed civilians.

There was nothing nebulous or cunning about the motives of the Sri Lankan government for assembling the list that Canada seems to be concerned about.

Here’s why Jean-Bruno Villeneuve, and follow my trail of reasoning.   It would have been stupid of the Sri Lankan government to ignore the United States recent report which made clear that the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) are still active and obtains funds through some Tamil Diaspora organizations. The US also said that the LTTE uses its international contacts and the large Tamil Diaspora in North America and Canada is part of North America, to procure weapons, communications, funding and other needed supplies.

Sri Lanka has no intention to fight another 30 year debilitating separatist war with the Tamil Tigers, nor would she want to see 100,000 innocent Sri Lankans killed, nor does she want to see over 5,700 Tamil kids being kidnapped to be trained as front line fighters and brain washed to be suicide killers, and nor does she want to see 388 suicide bombings again where over half of the suicide bombers were young Tamil women, and nor does Sri Lanka want to see the most treasured human right, the right-to-life of her 22 million peoples hijacked by the Tamil Tigers for another 30 years.   And that is why Jean-Bruno Villeneuve. There was nothing sinister about Sri Lanka’s motives.

The Indian Express reported on May 13, 2014, that the ban on 16 Tamil Diaspora organizations and 425 individuals deemed to be pro-Tamil Tiger, which was imposed by the Sri Lankan government in March, has begun to split these organizations and scare away individuals from them. I wonder why, Jean-Bruno Villeneau?

The first batch of three Tamil Tiger operatives, Gopi, Thevian and Appan, who wanted to lead the regrouping in order to bring back the struggle for their independent mono-ethnic racist Tamil state, Eelam, were shot dead in the early hours of April 11, by the Army in the Wedivettakalu forest in the Vavuniya District.

While concluding my response to Foreign Affairs spokesperson Jean-Bruno Villeneuve, I can only cry for help: “Dear God, it is time that you help Canada’s Conservatives to discard their blinkers, to see things right about Sri Lanka, before Canadians get harmed with acts of terrorism by their darlings the Tamil Tigers, for the shear reason that the Tamil Tigers turned against India who trained them to be terrorists in their military camps, and then assassinated their former Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi, and fought the Indian Peace Keeping Forces in the north and east of Sri Lanka, and sent back to India 1,200 Indian soldiers in body bags. It is hard to trust the Tamil Tigers nor their rump in Canada”

Asoka Weerasinghe

2 Responses to “Frosty-Sri Lanka”

  1. Vijendra Says:

    Its sad to see that, just like the LTTE, its hard to trust the Conservatives any more as they seem to have become buddy-buddies with the LTTE terrorists. Honest Tamils are sick and tired of the terrorist supporting and demanding Srilankan Tamil diaspora, most of whom have hoodwinked the Canadian system to land in Canada as refugees. They are a menace to the good name of Tamils as they are involved in all sorts of illegal rackets. More and more are realizing this and are moving away from their dictates and demands. There is little doubt that the conservatives will go down at the next elections if they do not realize this quick enough and stop sponsoring them.

  2. jayasiri Says:

    Many journalists from Globe & Mail, & National Post have commented on Conservatives & their DARLINGS in Tamil Diaspora / LTTE in disguise stalwarts, who still plan to stage another war.

    INDIA has already BANNED LTTE for another 5 years. If their AUNTY India behaves like that, LTTE & their symathizers are ONLY CANADA & UK. As I mentioned HOW former Foreign secretary of UK promised everything under the sun to Tamils BUT poor guy lost his seat anyway.

    Same thing might happen to Consrvatives in Canada, if they continue to EXPECT VOTES from Tamils in Canada by supporting their IDEOLOGIES & keep MUM about ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES conducted & proven by courts. EVERY TIME we hear abot some ILLEGAL activity it is ALWAYS TAMILS or MUSLIMS are involved. BUT the authorities HIDE the names of these pesrons because no sooner they give the names out, OTHER SRILANNKANS in Canada will identify them as MINORORITIES from Sri Lanka.

    BUT how long Canada & UK do this. Beacuse USA is NOT push over like Canada or UK EVEN if some Tamils have contributed to DEMOCRATIC Preseidential hopefuls in the recent elections. USA is NOT very FORGIVING beacuse of the 9/11 disaster & Republican Senators has already supported Sri Lanka by MEINTIONG THAT methods adopted by GOSL is worthy of recognition THAN imporsing a solution from OUTSIDE……Lets hope USA at least will do its utmost to keep these ILLEGALS & their activities in CHECK……….J

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