Scientific energy saving cooking demonstration at Sirasa TV in Sri Lanka
Posted on May 19th, 2014

Dr Hector Perera   London

The general public should know whether my SCIENTIFIC ENERGY SAVING COOKING can apply to some other kinds of food. I showed only energy saving cooking of rice and chicken only to SIRASA TV just a day before Vesak in 2014 on a live programme. I have to understand that some people cook far too many kinds of food on daily basis other than chicken curry and rice. One of the reasons, why I chose to cook chicken is because it gives out more curry smell while cooking. I demonstrated how to avoid any smell depositing while cooking. The smell in the air cannot be stopped but my method avoids any deposition of smell on the person who cooks then saved about 60% energy. The programme was live broadcasted.

Mainly three types of cooking

I can very broadly divide the kinds of food into water based food or water added in cooking foods such as rice, milk rice, boiling on chick peas, green grams, sweet potatoes, manioc, then curries such as lentils in coconut milk, potato curry, fish curry, chicken curry, dry fish curry and sprats curry.

Then there are dishes that no water is added but added oil for example potato in oil or ala teldala, beans and mekeral in oil, dry fish in oil, “Karawela theldala” then sprats in oil.

Then mallum such as mukunuwenna cooked without water. Also frying sprat, sardines and fresh or dry prawns. Also frying sausages and bacon. How about frying dry chillies that normally gives cough and causes sneezing followed by drooling of tears. In a way it releases stress and clears any blocks in the sinus system. Is that one of the reasons why some Sri Lankan ladies look very beautiful, why no stress.

For the first time after many years I cooked jack fruit or KOS since I came this time to Sri Lanka. I must say my energy saving cooking method worked.

The reason I categorized these things as above because the people must be wondering does this scientific energy saving cooking apply in cooking those kinds of food as well. My work has been done or experimented on all the above kinds of food and I can safely say the method applies. I have cooked all the above list of food at home and it works. I wanted to save energy then stop any smell depositing on the person who cooks those kinds of food. Please remember those chemicals in spices are very temperature sensitive so one cannot stop the spread of smell while cooking but I can make sure they do not deposit on the person who cooks them. How do I know because, I have cooked them without getting any food smell depositing me.

How I discovered

You all must be wondering how I discovered my SCIENTIFIC ENERGY SAVING COOKING. How Robert Bruce did discovered the technique to fight and win the war? He observed how a spider webbed the net in the cave he was hiding.  Similarly I attempted several times on experimenting how to cook different foods, sometimes it worked sometimes not. Then I kept on modifying the technique including the time factor involved in cooking.

 The method was really discovered long time ago when I came first time to London. Unlike in Sri Lanka, I had to sleep study then cook my food in a single room. My dad was a doctor and where ever he went, he gets hospital bungalows with plenty of rooms, servants to do everything. My mum was a headmistress and she also got government residences. I never had any problem about rooms or space to live. Then my mum got a large coconut land and a seven bed roomed house but when I came to London for further studies, I had just a single room to live. Sure I could have a larger house but how would I afford to pay the rent or buy one? Honestly in London or in the surrounding, only the Millioners could afford a kind of house and land what my mum had in Gampaha.

When I cooked chicken, lamb and lentil curry plus rice in the single room, I couldn’t bear the smell deposited on everything in the room. My clothes smelled of food smell, I was really embarrassed to wear them to the University with curry smelling clothes. That is the time I discovered this technique of cooking to avoid any food smell depositing on me and on my clothes.

Practice makes it perfect

I kept on practising my cooking on different kinds of food and tried to apply this technique. I must say, I really experimented and sometimes I had to repeat on different conditions to achieve what I really wanted. Once in London, I fried some fresh prawns then I went upstairs to pick up my jacket to go out. I couldn’t wear it at all; it smelled due to frying prawns. The same applied in frying sprats and fresh sardines. Then I changed my method of frying so that no smell deposited on me or on my clothes.

In London some people fry sausages and bacon on daily basis for the breakfast or even for the supper. I found out when they fry them, the cooker surface gets covered with splashing oil then oil droplets of the kitchen floor as well. The sides of the cooker and the kitchen cupboards are covered with oil. One must be wondering how it happened. I must say that is all due to Chemistry and Physics. I can ask some viewers to check the cooker for the cleanliness of the cooker. I am certain, every single person would say their cooker is dirty due to oil on the surface then the walls near the cooker and the kitchen cupboards are sticky. Not only that the extractor fan surface can stick and cockroaches because it’s so sticky.

Let me mention again, this SCIENTIFIC ENERGY SAVING COOKING can be applied in cooking day to day food as I mentioned above. Just imagine whole Sri Lankans eat rice and curries and if they can follow my method of cooking, they can save 60% or more energy. This is very important to any country because energy is money, you don’t get it for nothing, so why waste energy? Any comments are welcomed


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