Posted on May 25th, 2014

by Kalyan S. Kalyanaraman

Date: 19/02/2014

An appraisal of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India coming from a Sri Lankan is truly amazing . Such insight we will never see or hear from Indian media and its talking heads. Not only that Senaka Weeraratna, the author of the article below went through whole article praising and correctly enunciating the future of India with Modi at the helm, without once mentioning 2002 riots, a rare thing that will not make the plethora of self styled progressives,human right activists, leftists,Maoists , Islamists, SoniaG chamchas and even detractors with in BJP itself any happier.

Nevertheless all the things the Sri Lankan mentioned is also what we look for in any leader which so far India was denied. Yes Modi will follow the line of Subhash Bose and his nationalism rather than pseudo secularism. And precisely that is what patriotic people of India expect as well.
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Subject: [haindavakeralam] India under Narendra Modi and Sri Lanka as harbinger of Indian Ocean Community
India under Narendra Modi and Sri Lanka as harbinger of Indian Ocean Community

India under Narendra Modi: Is Sri Lanka ready for its revolutionary transformation?

by Senaka Weeraratna on 01 Feb 2014

The Indian general election scheduled for May 2014 would, if the forecasts are proved to be correct, result in a sea change in India’s relationship with the rest of the world as well as a revolutionary transformation of her economy, industry and education if the changes introduced in Gujarat by Chief Minister Narendra Modi are an indication. It will also dramatically affect the ongoing ‘blow hot blow cold’ relationship that India currently pursues with Sri Lanka.

India under Narendra Modi as Prime Minister will claim its rightful place in Asia as one of its true leaders, politically, economically and even militarily, and in order to demonstrate these credentials India can be expected to abandon gleefully its current policy of servility and unconditional subservience to the West. It will do so in the full knowledge that continuing subservience to its former colonial masters and their allies i.e. the new sponsors of colonialism, will severely undercut any Indian claim to lead the once colonized but now liberated nations of Asia.

India will discard its junior partner status in any relationship with USA and retaliate in a more effectual manner if the American gaffe we saw in the recent past involving Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade were to be repeated.

India will reclaim its ancient spiritual and cultural heritage and take pride in its civilisational achievements in a way that will put to shame the negative attitudes being adopted currently by the Indian establishment, including its mass media and burgeoning film industry, lacking vision, sense of country’s purpose and more importantly, pride in its own history and heroes.

The upsurge of the view that India has nothing much to offer other that material goods and services and entertainment in this modern age has diminished India’s moral standing in a world long used, particularly in the pre-colonial past, to be the beneficiary of Indian philosophical thought, wisdom and outspokenness that had no equal.

India will mend any strains it has in its relationship with China and will not allow interfering outsiders, particularly from the West, to identify India’s friends and potential enemies and teach India how to conduct itself vis- -vis imagined foes. India will take comfort from an historical fact that India and China despite being neighbours on the Asian continent had never gone to war with each other for over 5000 years except on one dismal occasion in contemporary history (1962) when it clashed over a border issue that has its roots in British colonial mischief.

India will set its own foreign policy agenda and goals from a central government perspective, rather than from a regional government perspective, which today has unfortunately contributed to India’s almost total isolation from its immediate neighbours in South Asia. This anticipated posture will contribute immensely to improvement of India’s ties with Sri Lanka. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, the popular freedom fighter and nationalist leader that India never had as its Prime Minister, will come alive in the form of Narendra Modi and will revolutionise India’s national and international image.

India will no longer be the country that the West, particularly USA, would take for granted with contempt for both its leaders and people, but a new India conscious of its place in the world and obligations to both humanity and all other living beings. India’s Constitutional provision that “it shall be the duty of every citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wild life and tohave compassion for living creatures” (Article 51 A (g)) will gain a new lease of life. This is the vision that India’s great son, Gautam Buddha, had for Bharat and its greatest Chakravarti Emperor Asoka faithfully strove to establish in the form of a compassionate society.

India’s moral voice can be expected to be heard again in the far flung corners of the world in a manner that the Buddha, Mahavira, Asoka, Nagarjuna, Swami Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, and Mahatma Gandhi and the like resounded to the serene joy and delight of humankind. Idealism will return to India and in turn help to re-charge the batteries of a largely spiritually weakened Asia, now increasingly despoiled by unbridled crass materialism.

We must gratefully acknowledge that it was India more than any other country that originally provided the value system for the moral and ethical foundations of Asia, through the spread of the influence of Buddhism and Hinduism. Are we in Sri Lanka ready to meet the challenge of foreseeable radical changes in our closest neighbour, India?

The author is a Sri Lankan lawyer

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amazed astonished to read a so beautiful blog by a srinkan lawyer who knows everything about india as if shri lanka is a part of india.

Hats off to the writer.

dabangg hindu

Brilliant note, Senaka Weeraratna
Our civilizational ties are to intense and far-reaching, that a renewed Bharat-Srilanka maitri should result in the constitution of an Indian Ocean Community — Hindumahasagar parivaar — to revolutionise the development opportunites in a United Indian Ocean States. Start with a Colombo-New Delhi Boat Mail. Built Trans Asian Highway and Railway.

Venerate the Buddha in Sanchi University set up with such joy and hope.

All the best. With the anugraham of tathaagata, everything is possible.

Dharma-Dhamma are inviolate, eternal.

S. Kalyanaraman



  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Ultimately Modi will take the side of Modi (FAT Jaya).

    Just look at his mentality towards SL. A “SMALL” country, “PROVOKING” Endia, FULL devolution to Tamils, protect TN fishermen from “SL NAVY”, “protect the rights of Tamils worldwide”.

    What rubbish is this? Made by Modi and BJP president. FAR WORSE threats than what FAT Jaya ever made!!

    “The Press Trust of India quoted Modi as saying at an election rally in Chennai that a strong and determined government was the needed as small countries like Sri Lanka were provoking India and have to be met head on and dealt with strongly in order to protect the rights of Tamils worldwide. Modi’s party, the BJP, say they will push for full devolution of powers in Sri Lanka and a political solution to the Tamil issue.

    BJP president Rajnath Singh accused the Congress-led UPA government of failing to help the cause of Sri Lankan Tamils, and said there had been no progress in the devolution of powers as per the 13th Amendment. “The UPA lacked the diplomatic skills to handle such sensitive issues,” he said, before promising that the BJP would set this right if they came to power.

    Meanwhile, at a separate rally last week, Modi said that he would do everything for the welfare of Tamil Nadu fishermen and will protect them from attacks by the Sri Lankan navy. He said that Indian fishermen were being “harassed” by Sri Lanka, and that the current Indian government had been too weak to take action.”

    – PTI

    THIS is Modi and BJP. OWN words and OWN threats made JUST 1 month ago. Facts are facts.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Since Jawaharlal Nehru the Nehru/Gandhi dynasty has not only dominated Indian politics but has been one of the longest reining family in the world. Later to called the Gandhi dynasty (not related to Mohandas Gandhi) that family also had a heavy impact on the subcontinent. From Jawaharlal Nehru to Indira Gandhi the Congress party gained so much power that it threatened the very foundations of India’s Democracy.

    Kashmiri Hindus Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru emerged as India’s first Prime Minister, from the yoke of British Colonial Empire. Fearing repeating the same mistakes of that Empire he went about creating a behemoth of an indigenous Industrial and manufacturing sector to insulate India from outside exploitation that she experienced under the British Raj. The only drawback was that these behemoths that produced everything for the populations also did not face any competition. Acting like monopolies their products were shabby and not worthy of export, but it did create a universal education system and extended the world’s oldest family planning system. Nehru however failed on certain key issue. This policy kept India from emerging as an economic power till the 1990’s. That was his first mistake.

    Before independence the British had already raised the specter of a separate homeland for the Muslims. Till then both Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs worked in tandem in the non violent movement for home rule led by the ‘Mahatma’ Gandhi .The singular failure of Nehru as a rising leader was his inability to stand up to this British conspiracy. Considering the Sepoy army created by the British was predominantly Hindu and Sikh any rising leader would know he had the military power to squash such a foolish division of India upon her birth. India was the only major nation to emerge in the 20th century losing massive amount of land (about the size of Alaska) than gaining any. That was Nehru’s second mistake.

    when Maoist China invaded Tibet India had about the same level of military strength as China and a greater reputation across the world as the world’s largest Democracy. Even though the Dalai Lama asked for Indian military assistance Nehru did not offer it. The price of the annexation of Tibet would haunt India’s geopolitics to this day. Because of that annexation China now shares a border with India and is laying claim on Indian territory. If Tibet was independent and under the protection of New Delhi she would not only be a strong ally of India, a great resource of natural resources, but Tibet would have protected the mouths of many of India’s rivers which now face Chinese development to construct dams. The main river of contention being the Brahmaputra river that is vital to India’s Eastern region and even more vital to Bangladesh. That was Nehru’s third mistake.

    When his daughter Indira married a man with the last name of Gandhi she came to be known as Indira Gandhi. Under her governance the rise of power of her position showed no limits. In 1972 her government facilitated the vivisection of Pakistan and created Bangladesh. In 1974 India entered the nuclear club when India detonated her first nuclear device. This set the stage for an unprecedented arms race between India and Pakistan. Karachi then the capital of Pakistan vowed “Even if it took them to eat grass they will get the nuclear technology India now possessed (which the Soviet Union provided to India). Maoist China obliged and Pakistan soon emerged as the second nuclearized nation in the sub continent. Like today’s Crimea, Sikkim voted to secede to India and became an Indian state under Indira Gandhi’s governance.When Brindanwale and his followers mounted a stiff terrorist movement for the independence of the Punjab Indira Gandhi eventually squashed it under “Operation Blues star”. the Human rights violation commited during that operation have never been addressed by the UNHRC no matter how much the Sikh diaspora has campaigned for it. By now Indira Gandhi was considered one of the most powerful woman in the world. During her governance she also enacted the “emergency acts” which gave her office unlimited power. Using this power she imprisoned her political opponents, forced sterilizations on lower casts and ruled India with an iron fist.

    Due to these excesses she lost the election but then she gained it the next time. By now her two sons Sanjay and Rajiv were young men. Under the charismatic leadership of Sanjay Gandhi the national youth movement took flight. then under mysterious circumstances Sanjay Gandhi was killed in a plane crash. By now his brother Rajiv Gandhi trained and worked as an air line pilot and married an Italian woman named Edvige Antonia Albina Màino, later to be known as Sonia Gandhi. The relationship between Sonia and her powerful mother in law Indira was fractious to the point at one time Sonia was physically tossed out of the house.

    Indira Gandhi was also instrumental in training and helping the Tamil Tigers to develop into a lethal fighting force in Sri Lanka. Her supposed intention was to create a homeland for the Sri Lankan Tamils and which eventually New Delhi through Chennai would have control. With that control India would then be have an unfettered claim to the Indian ocean. But due to the military excesses of Operation Blue star she was assassinated by her own Sikh body guards.

    This paved the way for a reluctant Rajiv Gandhi to assume the “thrown” and by that Sonia Gandhi’s rise to power was assured. When the Tamil Tigers fostered by his mother turned on him and by that killing Rajiv Gandhi it left Sonia Gandhi the sole heir to lead the Congress party.

    Sonia Gandhi’s Achilles heel was her Italian background. To the average Indian she was a foreigner no different in nature and race than the former British overlords. Her Italian heritage was often spoken by her opponents. Because of this foreign element and the experience India had under the British Raj even her children Rahul and Pryanka are seen as having a connection to Italy with one foot in each nation. It was but one of the many reasons the ultra nationalist pro Hindu party the Bharata Janata Party and Narendra Modi won over the Congress bringing to a certain end to the Nehru/Gandhi rule.

  3. Nanda Says:

    “India’s moral voice can be expected to be heard again in the far flung corners of the world in a manner that the Buddha, Mahavira, Asoka, Nagarjuna, Swami Ramakrishna, Swami Vivekananda, and Mahatma Gandhi and the like resounded to the serene joy and delight of humankind. Idealism will return to India and in turn help to re-charge the batteries of a largely spiritually weakened Asia, now increasingly despoiled by unbridled crass materialism.”

    A distance dream at the moment. Even according to the Buddha, we cannot expect the world to remain same as 2000 years ago. Buddhism WILL diminish with time as FOOLS will take over the world. We have to be realistic. Keep the nuclear arson and follow Buddha, Mahavira, Asoka, Nagarjuna ? I don’t want to include Ghandhi who ruined India by asking people to shit on streets, a Buddha will never use such stupid methods.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:


    Narendra Modi and other BJP leaders may have said those things against Sri Lanka in the heat of the Lok Sabha election campaign to attract Tamil Nadu votes.

    What they do AFTER the election, and AFTER the people of Tamil Nadu have largely REJECTED the BJP and voted for the opposing AIADMK led by Jayalolitha, will have no relationship to what he said BEFORE to gain votes and support, ESPECIALLY now that he has won an overwhelming mandate from the people of India without assistance from Tamil Nadu.

    The former UPA Govt led by the Congress Party never had an overwhelming majority since Rajiv Gandhi’s first term as Premier, and ALWAYS compromised India’s National Interest on the Sri Lankan Tamils issue by acting against Sri Lanka to curry favor with the Racist demagogues of Tamil Nadu in their quest to incorporate a part of Sri Lanka into a Greater Tamil Nadu.

    The BJP under Narendra Modi’s leadership, given its overwhelming majority in the Lok Sabha, may not continue those past policies of the Indian Govt, and there are solid reasons and indications that he may not do so …. in India’s National Interest.

    Sri Lanka has to HOPE for the BEST and reach out to Narendra Modi as President Mahinda Rajapaksa is now doing.

    But, as I have ALWAYS MAINTAINED, Sri Lanka has to PREPARE for the WORST even if Modi adopts a positive attitude towards Sri Lanka during his tenure, because there is NO GUARANTEE that future Indian Govts will not reverse course. Tamil Nadu has always been, and will always be, a higher priority for India than Sri Lanka.

    Therefore, Sri Lanka should take every possible action to PREVENT India from acquiring a DOMINANT POSITION in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs by reducing India’s involvement in Sri Lanka’s ECONOMY, POLITICS, LABOR FORCE, RECONSTRUCTION, and NATIONAL SECURITY, and REPEALING the 13th Amendment at the earliest possible opportunity.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    Well said, Senaka! I am with you in heart, mind and spirit!

    Optimism and praise may build bridges when pessimism and insults will inevitably founder.

    Let Sri Lanka seize the INITIATIVE to build those bridges, HOPING for the BEST while PREPARING for the WORST!

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    “Therefore, Sri Lanka should take every possible action to PREVENT India from acquiring a DOMINANT POSITION in Sri Lanka’s internal affairs by reducing India’s involvement in Sri Lanka’s ECONOMY, POLITICS, LABOR FORCE, RECONSTRUCTION, and NATIONAL SECURITY, and REPEALING the 13th Amendment at the earliest possible opportunity.”


  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Does Vaiko’s detention augur a tough line from the Modi Govt towards those who disrupt public order? I hope so!

    Also, Vaiko should be EXTRADITED to Sri Lanka on terrorism charges, and violation of Sri Lankan immigration regulations. He should be PROSECUTED, CONVICTED and IMPRISONED for LIFE. There is PLENTY OF VIDEO EVIDENCE of his training LTTE cardre and visiting with Prabhakaran in the Vanni forests.

    BTW, The Demagogue Vaiko’s MDMK is an ally of the NDA front led by the BJP. The MDMK only won Vaiko’s own seat in the Lok Sabha elections!! LoL!

    Vaiko Detained for Protesting against Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Visit
    May 26, 2014

    New Delhi: MDMK chief Vaiko was today detained along with 100 of his party cadres for defying prohibitory orders after he led a demonstration in Delhi against the visit of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa for Narendra Modi’s swearing-in ceremony.

    A section of protestors also set the Sri Lankan national flag on fire, besides burning the portraits of Mr Rajapaksa on Parliament Street in Delhi.

    Addressing his supporters, Vaiko, whose MDMK is part of the National Democratic Alliance or NDA, said the presence of Mr Rajapaksa would “pollute the sanctity” of Mr Modi’s swearing-in ceremony.

    He also alleged that the Lankan President had committed genocide against the Tamils in the island nation.

    “We have lost our brothers and sisters. They (Sri Lankan Tamils) have been brutally murdered. What for he (Rajapaksa) should be brought in?,” Vaiko said.

    He also appealed to the NDA urging them to not follow the path of the United Progressive Alliance or UPA Government on the Sri Lankan issue.

    “I hope Narendra Modiji and his Government will understand the pain in our minds and the crime committed by the Sri Lankan Government with the help of the UPA Government,” he said.

    However, Vaiko clarified that he was not against the NDA Government and greeted Mr Modi, who is set to swear in as the Prime Minister today.

    “We have not come here to oppose the swearing-in ceremony….. We extend our congratulations to Modiji to take this country to great heights,” he said.

    Vaiko, along with his supporters, was later taken into custody for defying prohibitory orders.

    The MDMK chief had earlier written a letter to Mr Modi expressing his sadness over the invitation being extended to Mr Rajapaksa for the event.

    Recalling that no Sri Lankan Head of State was invited when AB Vajpayee was sworn in as the Prime Minister, Vaiko had pointed out that even Manmohan Singh had not invited the Sri Lankan President for his swearing-in ceremony.

    “They did not dare to invite Mahinda Rajapaksa to the swearing-in ceremony in 2004 and 2009,” he said.

    The Sri Lankan President arrived this morning for the ceremony.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Congress govt. ALSO imprisoned psycho Vaiko REGULARLY over protests against SL.

  9. Nanda Says:

    “Congress govt. ALSO imprisoned psycho Vaiko REGULARLY over protests against SL.”
    Yes. Modi should prosecute this bugger.
    Why is Seman silent ?

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