Sampanthan asks for meeting with Jayalialitha to discuss Tamil issue in Sri Lanka
Posted on May 30th, 2014

By Asada M Erpini

The local media reports on 29 and 30 March mention the R. Sampanthan, the leader of the Tamil National Alliance, asking for a meeting with the Chief Minister (CM) of Tamil Nadu (TN) to “discuss the Tamil issue in Sri Lanka”. The headline of one of the stories includes, “to resolve the national issue”.

As far as most Sri Lankans are concerned, the “Tamil issue” or the “national issue” that the TNA leader and his ilk keep on harping about has never been clearly enunciated by any of them. If one were to compare the average Tamil in Sri Lanka with his blood brother living in Tamil Nadu, the former enjoys a far better standard of living and is the recipient of free healthcare and education at government expense: the highest proportion of students who qualified for entry into university was from the Northern Province, and somewhat enviably, the Tamils have two universities in the Northern and the Eastern Provinces  financed by the Sri Lanka government that, for all practical purposes, provide opportunities for higher education only to Tamils.

Many would even venture to say that the “Tamil issue” is nothing other than the intransigence of the TNA and its supporters perpetually undermining whatever moves that the government of Sri Lanka wished to implement for achieving reconciliation: the TNA persistently refusing to take part in the All Party Conference, the TNA leader and the other TNA parliamentarians running to their “amma” in Tamil Nadu at the drop of a hat to ask her to help solve Sri Lanka’s problems, and, more recently, the Chief Minister of the TNA-dominated Northern Provincial Council (NPC) declining the invitation extended to him by His Excellency the President of Sri Lanka to be a member of the delegation at Mr. Narenda Modi’s swearing in ceremony on 26 May, on the grounds that accompanying the President would suggest that there was harmony between the NPC and the government, are cases in point.

The TNA leader is waxing eloquent on the “astounding achievement” of the CM. None of the Sri Lankans would grudge the TNA leader’s worshipping of the TN heroine. He may prostrate at her feet, bedeck her with jasmine garlands or lay heaps of flowers at her photograph in veneration.  But when he continues with moves based on the conviction that it is the business of CM of Tamil Nadu to intervene (or more correctly, interfere) in solving the problems of the nationals of another country, such actions are going far beyond the sensible limit. If the TN lady is really concerned about the ‘suffering’ Tamils living in Sri Lanka, the TNA could plead with her to get the whole lot back to where they came from – legally, illegally or as indentured labour brought in by the colonials. The peace-loving Tamils and members of the other ethnic groups will then be able to live harmoniously in the island nation.

A speck of sanity that appears to have found its way into the TNA leader’s statement is, “The Tamil people of Sri Lanka do not desire a recurrence of violence”. The TNA leader needs to be reminded that leaving aside the Tamils, none of the peace-loving Sri Lankans among the Sinhala, Moor, Malay and other ethnic groups wishes the horrendous bloodletting unleashed by the Liberation tigers of Tamil Eelaam (LTTE) to return to the country: every, woman and child gave a sigh of relief on 18th May 2009 when the death of Pirabaharan was announced, and Sri Lanka has been a peaceful country ever since.

If the TNA leader genuinely feels that the Tamils do not wish the violence to recur, he probably can do his two cents’ worth by helping to stop of various LTTE operatives resurfacing to resurrect the LTTE. There are many reports of individuals who had been caught by the Sri Lanka police or by the Police in Malaysia whose motives were not clearly directed towards maintenance of peace in Sri Lanka.

Furthermore, the average Sri Lankan is tired of the never-ending preaching by every Tom, Dick and Harry to Sri Lankan authorities on the need for reconciliation with the Tamils. Rather unfortunately, though, everything has to be done by the Sri Lankan authorities, while the TNA and its supporters continue to misinterpret the intentions and actions initiated by the authorities without shouldering their share of responsibilities.

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  1. jayasiri Says:

    TNA has long passed its USEFULNESS. NPC is functioning & why do we need TNA at all. Giving Tamils whatever they ask for has been the PRE-OCCUPATION of all Sri Lankan govts. be it SLFP, UNP or any combination of other parties.

    WE SHOULD NOT create a SPECIAL CLASS OF PEOPLE called Tamils. Tamils have already given too much. With mere 4% of the population NOW, it is time to CLAWBACK what is already given. IT is time Tamils move into North & East and leave Colombo & soouthern cities FREE of their cancer.

    THEN & THEN only Sri Lanka will progress & develop faster than any other Asian country. There are laws in books to arrest some TNA MPs who have gine against the Lankan Constitution. Now as part of reconcilation those MPs should be punished so that THEY WILL NEVR work against Sri Lanka & its constitution. Our brothers & sisters MUST make sure Southern cities must be rid of this ENCROACHMENT by Tamil population largely & by some Muslims as well……..ONE COUNTRY , UNDER ONE LEADER, strong & free……..GOD BLESS Mother Lanka…………..J

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    TNA cannot be stopped by a vote, ban or other CONVENTIONAL means.

    How was TULF stopped? “LTTE” action. That is the ONLY way.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    A good bill and a bad bill.

    Few observations.

    1. Justice minister is a Muslim. So the ministry’s consultant, secretary, etc. etc. are ALSO MUSLIMS!!

    2. Victim protection bill was a DEMAND by Pee-Illey’s UNHRC. SL losers have agreed. Now ALL LTTE terrorists will again do anti-SL things and hide behind VICTIM protection!

    3. Hopefully Sinhalas and Muslims will get their land back in Jaffna.

    But something tells me ONLY Muslims will get their land back!!


    “May 30, Colombo: The Justice Ministry of Sri Lanka plans to present two new bills to parliament shortly after receiving Cabinet approval.

    The bills are the Witness and Victim Protection Bill and the Prescription (Special Provisions) Bill. The Witness and Victim Protection Bill has reportedly been approved by the Cabinet of Ministers.

    Cabinet in 2012 has approved the proposed Prescription (Special Provisions) Act that would allow persons displaced during the Sri Lanka’s war to reclaim their property.

    The Justice Minister’s Legal Consultant M.H.M. Salmaan has told the media that the Prescription (Special Provisions) Bill would help clear land in the North and East that that have been abandoned for 20 to 30 years during the period of the war until 2009.

    Under the current law, the Prescription Ordinance, only a person holding continuous “adverse possession” of real property for ten years without challenge is entitled to ownership of that property and due to displacement most people in the conflict-affected areas lost their rights to the land during the war.

    The bill and when it becomes legislation will give back the lands and properties to those to whom it originally belonged to, overcoming the technicality which disallowed them the right to their property.”

    – colombopage

  4. Ananda-USA Says:


    I could not agree more with your statement “WE SHOULD NOT create a SPECIAL CLASS OF PEOPLE called Tamils. Tamils have already given too much.”

    This should be the CRUX of GOSL’s stand against Devolution of POWER to ANY MINORITY. Power is ALREADY devolved to the sovereign people of Sri Lanka through the equal rights they now enjoy as Sri Lankan citizens without regard to their Race, Creed, Caste, Class, Language, Sex or Wealth, and the right to elect their Representatives to the National Parliament.

    In a democracy no additional special rights can be, or should be, accorded to any community, for that would discriminate against the inalienable right of EACH and EVERY citizen of Sri Lanka to enjoy the resources and benefits of an undivided nation in EQUAL MEASURE.

    However, I could not disagree more with your next statement ” IT is time Tamils move into North & East and leave Colombo & southern cities FREE of their cancer.”

    Let us not lump ALL Tamils together as Eelamists, Separatists and Traitors, and deny them the EQUAL RIGHT that they are entitled to as Sri Lankan citizens, including their right to peaceably live anywhere they wish in Sri Lanka as LAW-ABIDING citizens.

    That applies to people of ALL COMMUNITIES of Sri Lanka, be they Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Christians or Muslims.

    In fact, it is on that very basis of EQUAL CITIZENSHIP that we as Sri Lankan patriots can OPPOSE and FIGHT AGAINST THE EXCLUSIVE DEVOLUTION OF POWER TO SEPARATE COMMUNITIES in different regions of Sri Lanka, for such a communal fdevolution of power DISCRIMINATES against ALL CITIZENS and disinherits them of EQUAL ACCESS to the benefits and resources of Sri Lanka as a whole, and is FUNDAMENTALLY UNDEMOCRATIC.

    I have said it before, and I will repeat it here: We as patriots should not arbitrarily LUMP PEOPLE into communal categories and DENY THEM their inalienable EQUAL RIGHTS as citizens of Sri Lanka. If we wish to criticize UNPATRIOTIC elements … as I often do … we should identify them by name specifically and narrowly (eg. “Eelamists” instead of “Tamils”) so as to not demonize innocent people who are not responsible for the actions of others within their communities. Better still, identify the LEADERS, or the separatist sub-group, or the political party, but not by the broad community.

    However, if any individual or group violates the Laws of the Land, then they should be identified specifically and narrowly, and dealt with SEVERELY under the Law.

    Demanding rights unavailable to ALL citizens of Sri Lanka, including agitating for separate state exclusively for themselves, and conniving with Foreign Powers to gain such benefits and or political goal also violates Sri Lanka’s sedition Laws and should be SEVERELY PUNISHED.

    It is in that context, that I regularly call for punishment of the TNA and its leaders for their TREASON against Sri Lanka during the last 35 years.

  5. Nanda Says:

    Another VERy GOOD NEWS.

    “United National Party National Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has called for the scrapping of the Second Republican Constitution of 1977 along with the amendments that were made and for its replacement by a brand new document. ”

    This is the first time after his birth I agree with this bugger.

    YES. It should be changed. When that happens 13A also goes with it. This is the best way to GOING BEYOND 13A !
    Just go beyond it, no more PALAATH SABHA, No ore Mervyns, No more Dumindas, No more Bijjeswarans , No more Eelaam Councils

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    I disagree completely with the reasons given by the un-named “government official” on why India’s new Premier Narendra Modi would not align himself with the AIADMK, the TNA or Tamil Diaspora groups.

    According to that official, the alliance in the past and the present between the TNA and the LTTE, would prevent Modi from such alliance because the LTTE was and is a terrorist group.Nothing could be further from the truth, because an alliance between the NDA and the AIADMK and Eelamists everywhere would be determined solely by the benefit of such an alliance to the NDA and to India’s National Interests, not by any ETHICAL considerations and the best interest of Sri Lanka alone. You would think that India which created the LTTE, trained the LTTE, supported and funded the LTTE, and inserted LTTE to inflict terrorism on Srii Lanka would have some inkling that they are are terrorist group!

    Instead, I present the following as the more likely reasons which may prevent the NDA from allying itself with the AIADMK and the Eelamists:

    1. The trustworthiness of the AIADMK as an ally is suspect. The AIADMK not only OPPOSED the NDA in the recent 2014 Lok Sabha elections, but it also continues to be a political party opposed to the BJP that jealously guards its political power base within Tamil Nadu. Furthermore, it had undermined and brought down the previous BJP-led government of India in 1999. The AIADMK is highly likely to repeat that performance, abandon the NDA, and join the Congress Party-led UPA in the next elections if the pot is sweetened sufficiently for its Chief Minister Jayalolita, who harbours Prime Ministerial ambitions, to jump ship again.

    2. Modi is an Indian Nationalist intensely concerned about India’s national security. As such, the knowledge that any AIADMK-inspired action taken against Sri Lanka would alienate Sri Lanka from India and drive Sri Lanka more quickly into a deeper alliance with China, would be an important factor that would prevent an alliance with the AIADMK. It is abundantly clear to Modi that the AIADMK would bring pressure to bear from within the NDA alliance if it is brought into the governing coalition.

    Narendra Modi wants to focus on India’s internal economic development to honor his election pledges. At least in the next 5 years, he does not want to have ongoing disputes with neighboring nations that would divert him away from that goal. The friendly overtures that President Mahinda Rajapaksa has already made to Narendra Modi leaves him in no doubt of Sri Lanka’s friendship, PROVIDED that friendship is not spurned by any adverse action India takes against Sri Lanka as in the days of the previous UPA government of India.

    3. If the AIADMK is brought into the governing coalition, it would demand a handful of Cabinet positions displeasing the BJP’s current allies who would be denied those positions, in an already LEAN Modi Cabinet. The AIADMK would continually blackmail and interfere with the NDA’s conduct of its foreign policy. Mercifully, the landslide victory of the NDA releases it from any compelling need to have such a troublesome ally in its fold.

    4. Finally, North Indians, including Narendra Modi, are well aware of the historical resentment of South Indians to what the Dravidian South perceives as domination by the Aryan people of North India, and no Dravidian community is more vocal about this than the Tamils. This is a huge divide that splits the Aryan and Dravidian peoples of India. It led to the formation of the secessionist Tamil National Army during Jawarharlal Nehru’s reign that he contained only by enacting and enforcing an anti-Sedition Law. Tamil Nadu is also the only state in the Indian Federation that changed its name from Mysore to Tamil Nadu, and which to this day refuses to accept and use Hindi, the national language of India, as a state language.

    Therefore, the potential for secession of Tamil Nadu is a CONSTANT THREAT to the integrity of India. It is this rising threat to India that ultimately led Rajiv Gandhi to oppose, contain, and disarm the LTTE in Sri Lanka, any not any consideration for Sri Lanka’s benefit. As an Indian Patriot, more than he is a Hindu zealot, Narendra Modi cannot ignore that any support given to the AIADMK and other Tamil Nationalists to further their goal of a Greater Tamil Nadu at the expense of Sri Lanka, would only serve to destabilize and disintegrate India itself.

    Narendra Modi is by now well aware that Tamil Nationalists led by the LTTE have increased their power and influence greatly in Tamil Nadu since the LTTE was defeated in Sri Lanka in 2009 and lost their freedom to organize and act in Sri Lanka. They have been among the principal supporters of Jayalolita and the AIADMK who enabled a landslide victory for her in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. By keeping the NDA outside the governing NDA coalition, Narendra Modi preserves his freedom to act strongly against threats created by Tamil Nationalists to the integrity of India. It is only a matter of time when that threat will become a major issue in Tamil Nadu.

    Narendra Modi should also be aware now that Jayalolita is among the leading Tamil Politicians, who have been recruited by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to serve as US proxies within India. He should be concerned about what quid-pro-quos have been agreed to among the parties privy to those discussions that were held completely independent of the Government of India in Delhi!

    These, then, ARE the chief factors that MAY PREVENT an alliance between the NDA and AIADMK in the near future.

    Govt. confident Modi will not be influenced by TNA-Diaspora grouping

    by Shamindra Ferdinando
    May 31, 2014

    The new Indian government wouldn’t be deceived by a fresh joint anti-Sri Lanka campaign launched by the five-party Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and the UK-based Global Tamil Front (GTF) meant to undermine bilateral relations between the two countries, a senior government official said yesterday.

    The TNA, which included some former terrorist groups formed by the then Congress Party in the 80s was making a desperate bid to influence the newly elected Bharatiya Janatha Party (BJP)-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) through the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) now in control in Tamil Nadu, the official said.

    Recalling the circumstances under which the GTF came into being after the conclusion of the war in May 2009, he alleged that the grouping too, was promoting separatist sentiments. The GTF was among 16 other organizations, including the LTTE proscribed by Sri Lanka recently amidst alleged attempts to revive the militarily defeated group.

    The official alleged that the TNA, GTF and the AIADMK were seeking the new government’s support for the US-led efforts to haul Sri Lanka up before an international war crimes tribunal. Their effort should be examined in the wake of the ousted Congress party refusing to throw its weight behind US resolution to initiate an external investigation into accountability issues in Sri Lanka, he said.

    Responding to a query by The Sunday Island, another official pointed out that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Jeyaram Jayalalithaa’s AIADMK could return to the NDA. A section of the Indian media had already speculated about the possibility of the AIADMK having a dialogue with the NDA pave the way for its return. The AIADMK quit the NDA way back in 1999 leading to fresh parliamentary elections.

    CM Jayalalithaa is scheduled to meet Premier Modi on Tuesday (June 3) in New Delhi, though she boycotted the latter’s swearing in ceremony last Monday over President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s participation.

    Political sources said both the TNA and the GTF would prefer a fresh alliance between the NDA and the AIADMK in accordance with their overall plan to undermine Sri Lanka. TNA leader R. Sampanthan last week wrote to CM Jayalalithaa seeking her intervention to ensure what he called an honorable peace based on justice and equality was brought about in Sri Lanka.

    Trincomalee District MP Sampanthan sought an urgent meeting with Jayalalithaa. Sources said that it wasn’t clear whether the TNA could secure an appointment with Jayalalithaa before her scheduled meeting with Premier Modi.

    Sources said that AIADMK ended-up as the third largest party in the new parliament by securing 37/39 in Tamil Nadu. The Congress won 44 seats in 543 member parliament, while the BJP obtained a staggering 282 seats. The BJP’s partners secured 52 seats, including two in Tamil Nadu.

    Sources said that a new alliance between the NDA and the AIADMK would ensure all 39 Tamil Nadu representatives throwing their weight behind the NDA. They speculated about the possibility of such an alliance causing irrevocable damage to Indo-Lanka relations.

    Asked whether Sri Lanka was concerned about post-India election developments, an External Affairs Ministry official said that whatever the public pronouncements attributed to various politicians and officials, India as well as Western powers were well aware of the TNA’s involvement with the LTTE. The much publicized declaration that the TNA recognized the LTTE as the sole representative of Tamil speaking people exposed the TNA-LTTE partnership, he said.

    Subsequently, the EU accused the TNA of being the beneficiary of LTTE violence directed at political rivals at the December 2001 parliamentary election, he said, adding the TNA could never absolve itself of stopping Tamil speaking people from exercising their franchise at the November 2005 presidential election.

    The TNA made the announcement in Kilinochchi on November 10, 2005 on behalf of the LTTE, the official said. India was aware of the TNA’s role in LTTE project and how it had prolonged the misery of the people of the Vanni during Eelam War IV, therefore the government remained confident New Delhi couldn’t be deceived, he said.

  7. cassandra Says:

    As Nanda so rightly says, if we scrap the 1977 Constitution, as Ranil Wickremesinghe has suggested, 13A goes out with it. What a clever strategy that MR can employ, if he is astute (and patriotic enough) to be rid of this terrible albatross that is 13A! And then we can put in place a Constitution that is more appropriate to the needs of the country.
    Ranil has wittingly or unwittingly suggested a clever way out. I hope he is able to muster enough support to get it accepted.

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    Nanda, cassandra,

    Do you believe anything Ranil says, or do you know what his true motivations are?

    He has just returned after an EXTENDED PLOTTING SESSION with his masters in the USA, where he was no doubt coached in some new devilry in his role as a US proxy.

    Ranil’s TRUE objectives may be:

    1. to ELIMINATE the Executive Presidency, so he can sideline MR and climb into saddle himself,

    2. to impose a TERM LIMIT on the Executive Presidency if it cannot be eliminated altogether to oust MR from that position,

    3. to MODIFY the CONSTITUTION to change the system of governance from a UNITARY to a UNITED country to pave the way for Eelam, or

    4. to impose a fully FEDERAL SYSTEM of government so that the Tamil Separatists can have their Eelam without reference to the 13A imposed by India, but in effect enabling the 13A in an even stronger form.

    I don’t trust any prescriptions that Ranil Wickremasinghe advances; they are absolutely CERTAIN to be POISON PILLS of some kind designed to weaken and divide the Motherland for the benefit of its many internal and external ENEMIES.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Of course RUN-NIL cannot be trusted with ANYTHING.

    But this CON-STITUTION is also not trustworthy. It MUST be replaced. Not by a UNITED constitution but by another UNITARY constitution.

    This is the time to change the constitution. Elections are due next year. So the govt. CANNOT POSSIBLY offend Sinhalese by changing the UNITARY nature. That ensures Sinhalese get a constitution they want. Otherwise MR goes home!

    But the real problem is MR does NOT have the 2/3 for a GOOD constitution. His 2/3 includes Thonda, Hack-him, etc. who will NEVER support a good constitution. RUN-NIL will not support a GOOD constitution either. The ONLY way to have a GOOD constitution is for the MILITARY to take over the country temporarily, BUST the current constitution and hand the country back to civilian rule for a FRESH start.

    That is NOT happening so NO new GOOD constitution.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    We CERTAINLY HOPE that the GOSL will CATEGORICALLY REJECT India’s interference in Sri Lanka’s Governance.

    India assuming that it has ANY RIGHT to do so, after it had Initiated, Funded, Supported and Orchestrated Tamil Terrorism in Sri Lanka, is the absolute LIMIT of HYPOCRISY!

    India should PERMANENTLY BUTT OUT of Sri Lanka’s internal matters, lest Sri Lanka begin to RETURN the FAVOR, to STIR THE POT of India’s own divisive internal politics!

    India Can’t Dictate on Power Devolution: SL Ruling Party
    May 31, 2014

    COLOMBO- In a riposte to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demand that Sri Lanka should fully implement the devolution package contained in the 13 constitutional amendment and even go beyond it, Lanka’s ruling party said that India has no right to dictate to the island nation what kind of devolution system it must have.

    “Neither India nor any other country has the right to tell Sri Lanka what kind of devolution system it must have. It is for Parliament of Sri Lanka to decide and the appropriate forum to debate the issue is the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC),” said Nimal Sripala de Silva, senior leader of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and cabinet minister, addressing the media on Thursday.

    De Silva went on to say that just as Lanka does not advice India on what powers it should devolve to its states, India should not advice Lanka what powers it should give its provinces.

    The Minister questioned the legitimacy of the 13 Amendment saying that it was “imposed” by India (in 1987 as part of the India-Sri Lanka Accord). The SLFP, then in opposition, had agitated against the Accord in July 1987.

    Lankan political watchers are waiting to see what steps Indian Prime Minister Modi will take to push for the full implementation of the 13th Amendment. The majority Sinhalese community fears that Modi will be tough given his promise to to give India a strong government which its neighbours will have to respect. Anxiety about an intrusive Indian role is stoked by the efforts recently taken by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to secure the support of Prime Minister Modi and Chief Minister Jayalalithaa.

    TNA leader R Sampanthan wrote to Modi and Jayalalithaa seeking to discuss the Lankan Tamil question.

  11. Marco Says:

    The rhetoric is all the same from all Sri Lankan politicians. RW has not stated anything different from MR.

    If one refers back to the Mahinda Chintana of 2005 and 2010 where he specifically pledged to the electorate that a new Constitution will be presented to the People at a Referendum including the abolishment of the Presidential system.

    What we have seen is not a new Constitution but a consolidation of wide ranging powers to the Executive without checks and balances (18th Amendment-) and more importantly not submitted to the electorate at a Referendum.

    I would however commend Mahinda Rajapakse in stating in his penultimate paragraph in his Chintaya a truer “vision” (sic)-

    It reads–
    “At all Elections, politicians place promises similar to fairy tales to the people”

  12. Lorenzo Says:


    He said this to the SL PUBLIC!

    And he is NOT the foreign minister.

    This is how MR works. He AGREES to everything Endia says. But for the LOCAL GALLERY he says the opposite.

  13. Nanda Says:


    MR promised to scrap executive presidency.
    MR promised 13 Plus.
    MR appointed STUPID LLRC
    MR created Eelaam Council, the first council of the ruthless terrorist group.

    MR not much different to RuinNil lately. Only smart action lately was banning of LTTE ambassadors to the world.

    Whether Ruinnil says or not , as Cassandra said getting rid of this terrible albatross SHALL BE DONE ASAP.
    That does not mean they are listening to Ruinnil.
    Our constitution is absolute rubbish now. Make a new one to suit us. Limit the cabinet to a minimum say 20 – that does not mean we follow Modi. Bring laws to severely punish Jarava Eaters. Don’t give sermons to public. Work. Be a man, My Raja.

  14. Lorenzo Says:

    SL navy arrests 33 Tamil Madu fishermen and their 7 boats. Well done!

    First TEST of RESET relations between Endia and SL.

    This is a fantastic STRATERGIC move.

    1. FAT Lolita is meeting Modi soon. She will make many DEMANDS. But Modi cannot fulfil ALL. He will have to DECLINE some and only the PRIORITY ones will be give.

    SL Tamil issue will be one demand after TNA RACISTS wrote to her begging.

    But now there is a BIGGER issue – TN fishermen! That will DOMINATE the meeting. SL Tamil issue will get a back stage.

    SL can NEGOTIATE for TN fishermen to FREELY fish in northern SL waters in return for NO meddling in SL matters. Only losers will be fishermen in the north (ALL of them Tamils) and fish eaters in the north (ALL of them Tamils). SL loses NOTHING!

    Use the enemy across the strait to BUST the enemy on this side of the strait.

    2. TESTING WATERS. Lets see if Modi meant what he said before the election on TN fishermen. Knowing Modi’s boundaries EARLY is good to know the man. SL has nothing to lose.

    3. By arresting TN fishermen, SL pits SL Tamils against TN Tamils. This way FAT Lolita will be TORN between her voters and TNA losers. Her choice is obvious!!

    4. All this RESET of relations by Modi becomes BS.

    5. Also good MOD website carries news about HORRIBLE ENDIAN crimes against women happened AFTER Modi won. True patriots KNOW what Endia is.

  15. Nanda Says:

    “SL can NEGOTIATE for TN fishermen to FREELY fish in northern SL waters in return for NO meddling in SL matters. Only losers will be fishermen in the north (ALL of them Tamils) and fish eaters in the north (ALL of them Tamils). SL loses NOTHING!”

    – Exactly. Give Modi all Tami humans and Tamil Fish and take the Tamil rights.

  16. cassandra Says:

    Sampanthan’s wish to meet the TN Chief Minister serves to confirm what we have always known, some of these fellows from the North have very little allegiance to Sri Lanka and will not hesitate to turn to Tamil Nadu to advance their cause, and all this despite the fact that for years, the Jaffna Tamils have looked down upon the Indian Tamils in the island. But the silly man should also realise that he is not going to get anything for nothing. High on Jayalalitha’s list will be access for the TN fishermen to cross into SL waters and denude the fish stocks that rightly belong to SL, and at whose expense? At the expense of the poor fishermen from Sampanthan’s own province. Shows how much he cares for them.

  17. Lorenzo Says:

    Sampanthan KNOWS the impact of TN fisherman poaching northern fish stock.

    AND he actually cares because for the northerners FISH means ALOT. MAIN source of protein, billions of rupees in economy, MAIN food other than rice in Jaffna, believed to enhance brain power!!, etc., etc.

    But IF he can get the NORTH and EAST merged he can get northern Tamils to fish in EAST and DEPRIVE Sinhala and Muslim fishermen. This is why he does NOT CARE about TN fishermen AS LONG AS he can get the NORTH and EAST MERGED with FAT Lolita’s help.

    This is why GOSL should NEGOTIATE for TN fishermen to FREELY fish in northern SL waters in return for NO ENDIAN meddling in SL matters.

    NO merging north and east and NO sharing power with TNA.

    Then TNA voters in the north will suffer VERY BADLY.

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