Rape & Murder Frenzy in India
Posted on June 1st, 2014

Prof. Hudson McLean

Father of one of Indian girls gang-raped and hanged from a tree was ignored and ridiculed by police when he reported her missing because of his caste
Ref: Mail-on-Line DailyMail UK, – http://preview.tinyurl.com/ooe9zm3
A note to new Prime Minister of India Rt. Hon. Narendra Modi, “MUST clean-up his homeland as a Priority Number One before start to straighten-up the world.” When women are being raped & murdered, with the Police turning a blind eye, such SAVAGERY MUST STOP!
Furthermore Rt. Hon. Nareendra Modi still has the blood of the massacred Muslims in his hands.
The world is watching you Prime Minister Modi!
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4 Responses to “Rape & Murder Frenzy in India”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    At last some FACTS on Modi.

    Thank you Prof.

    Endia will always be Endia.

    Despite RESET of relations between Endia and SL, TN fishermen contniue to fish in SL waters and as usual Endia demanding 13 amendment and 13 plus!!


  2. Nanda Says:

    I believe Modi is determined to stop Rape and Murder. It is connected to corruption too. But whether he will be successful or not we have wait and see.
    I believe a good leader can change Endia to India. But , a good leader cannot gain power in Tamil Nadu, it will always be Tamil Nadu.

  3. cassandra Says:

    So Modi should. But it is a task that he alone cannot accomplish; it will require a 360 degree cultural attitude turn before the situation improves. The caste and class prejudices are so entrenched in Indian society and sanctioned by common consent that these things will continue to happen. But the Indians are not only making the headlines for sexual assaults in the home country. Indian taxi drivers in Australia, especially in Perth, have been been regularly making the newspaper headlines for alleged sexual assaults of women passengers. Let’s face it, for all its proud boast of an ancient civilisation and a glorious cultural heritage, when it comes to day to day civilised conduct, the Indians don’t come out looking too good.

  4. Vis8 Says:

    India showing its true colors…..

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