Modi Euphoria in Sri Lanka
Posted on June 3rd, 2014

By Charles.S.Perera

When N Modi was elected the new Prime Minsiter of India, there was a pandemonium amoung the writers in e-mail forums and Sri Lanka media.  It was as if it was the appearance in India of a  man  equal to that of King Asoka.

No doubt it was the end of Nehru era.  But not an occasion for euphoria.   Little by little we come to realise that though  things are not the same,  the actors in India who manipulated the Sonia-Manmohan Singh Indian Central government to make  Sri Lanka which eliminated  a most ruthless and a well financed, well equipped terrorism a simple violator of human rights a war criminal, are back at work.

While Narendra Modi became the acclaimed Prime Minister of India, Jayalalitha became the acclaimed Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. Jayalalitha has begun her hate campaign against Sri Lanka and to what extent she will be able to influence Narendra Modi to be at her beck and call for fear of a break away of TamilNadu from greater India is yet to be seen.

However, Narendra Modi’s first contact with the President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakse had been to ask him to give the Tamil people of Sri Lanka their aspirations for a life of equality, justice, peace and dignity in a united Sri Lanka. This, immediate reaction of Prime Minister Modi on meeting the President of Sri Lanka was the indication of the falsity of the Modi euphoria.

It should have put into the block heads of Sri Lankans in no uncertain terms that  though India has changed its political leadership the bureaucratic state behind the state functions unabated and that Narendra Modi has already been put in the designated path of administration  making him demand the President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakse  for an early and full implementation of the 13th Amendment  and plus.

Narendra Modi has already been put into an administrative “box” as far as Sri Lanka is concerned and his thinking  would be limited to what his administration may “feed” him.

Gujarat from where Nrendra Modi comes  has strong connection with Buddhism, and numerous ruins of ancient monasteries and caves with signs of their occupation by  Buddhist monks are evidence of the presence of Buddhisms.  That alone does not make Narendra Modi a Buddhist and willing to uphold Buddhism against his Hindu belief.  That would therefore not be a reason for him to have greater sympathy towards the cause of  Buddhist Sri Lanka.

Narendra Modi is more acceptable a leader as far as Sri Lanka’s cultural background  is concerned, as Gandhis’ were highly westernised and merely paid lip service to Buddhism.  Late Jawaharlal Nehru was described as a Hindu agnostic and about religion he had said,

“The spectacle of what is called religion, or at any rate organised religion, in India and elsewhere, has filled me with horror and I have frequently condemned it and wished to make a clean sweep of it. Almost always it seemed to stand for blind belief and reaction, dogma and bigotry, superstition, exploitation and the preservation of vested interests.Nehru considered that his afterlife was not in some mystical heaven or reincarnation but in the practical achievements of a life lived fully with and for his fellow human beings: “…Nor am I greatly interested in life after death. I find the problems of this life sufficiently absorbing to fill my mind,” he wrote.

Hence Modi is a more acceptable Indian to Buddhists.  He started the day he was to take his oath as the Prime Minister of India not with a Hindu Pooja but  by a visit to Raj Ghat the mausoleum of late Gandhiji.  He paid respect to a picture of Gandhi in his office.  Therefore politically Sri Lanka cannot expect special treatment because of Modi’s state connection with the ancient ruins of Buddhist presence.

It is therefore important  for Sri Lanka to take actions independently as a Sovereign State  whether such action is acceptable or not to India.  Politically India my not change its present relations with Sri Lanka which it had with India under Manmohan Singh  regime.

It is already late for Sri Lanka to await evolution of  attitudinal changes amoung the Indian politicians. Sri Lanka should have removed the 13 Amendment which serves no purpose along with the departure of the Indian Peace Keeping Forces.  Five years after the elimination of terrorism Sri Lanka is still burdened with the obnoxious 13 Amendment. Some one in the governing System in Sri Lanka should think of changing the present Provincial Council system, by substituting it with a  more people friendly system beginning the political power development from village level- the ancient Gamsabha System.

Dayan Jayatillekes, Vasudeva Nanayakkaras, Dew Gunasekara and the rest have nothing to propose hanging onto  the tail of end of the 13 Amendment written and presented by Indian bureaucrats and imposed on us by the Indian Government of late Rajiv Gandhi.  It is a shame for the Sri Lanka politicians and intellectuals, who seem to have gone  bankrupt of progressive political ideas to be adopted for the post terrorist-evolution of Sri Lanka.

All the difficulties with regard to reconciliation of communities come from this absurd Amendment 13 to the Constitution of Sri Lanka.  Sri Lanka is not short of  Sinhala pandits who want to do away with the executive Presidency but none to propose a system without the 13 Amendment.  Ranil Wickramasinghe who has just returned after learning how to dump governments from MIT is only attacking the Rajapakse family Regime without proposing an alternative to it.  Ranil Wickramasinghe is a specialist in appointing Committees, and now proposing  writing new constitutions.

The former Commander of the Armed Forces Sarath Fonseka went to America, and came back a rabid politician without even learning to speak the respectable language of a politician calling his adversaries  by anima names. Ranil Wickramasinghe after his  month’s training in MIT  seems to have learnt that  personal attacks  of the Rajapakse Regime,  which he now compares to  a loose tooth about to fall, could bring about the expected fall of the Regime. He insists that his supporters should concentrate only on toppling the Rajapakse Regime.

That means neither the leader Ranil Wickrmasinghe nor its Party has put forward a practical means for a regime change.  Modi euphoria has not come to UNP as they depend more on the West for a regime change in Sri Lanka rather than  through a possible Indian intervention.

Ranil Wickramasinghe and UNP were more close to Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh  whose  connection with America, UNP expected more appropriate to destabilise the Rajapakse regime.  Hence election of Modi whose relations with America cannot still be evaluated, was no reason for euphoria in the UNP camp.

50 Responses to “Modi Euphoria in Sri Lanka”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    UriNePee will jump for anything out of desperation.

    “It should have put into the block heads of Sri Lankans in no uncertain terms that though India has changed its political leadership the bureaucratic state behind the state functions unabated and that Narendra Modi has already been put in the designated path of administration making him demand the President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakse for an early and full implementation of the 13th Amendment and plus.”

    Endia will be Endia, Nehru, Inthira, ManMoron or Modi. Endian national interests don’t change.

  2. Nanda Says:

    “He paid respect to a picture of Gandhi in his office. Therefore politically Sri Lanka cannot expect special treatment because of Modi’s state connection with the ancient ruins of Buddhist presence.”

    Doesn’t make any sense. Just because he paid respect to Gandhi why Sri Lanka cannot expect special treatment ?

    Gandhi was not against Sri Lanka and Indira Gandhi has nothing to do with Mahathma Gandhi.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    As if demonizing and destroying Sri Lanka is a panacea to all of Tamil Nadu’s SELF-INFLICTED problems, Jayalolita now demands that :

    1. Sri Lanka be accused of a genocide, even if Tamil Nadi incited and fostered Tamil Terrorism in Sri Lanka to create a Greater Tamil Nadu, and their proxy the LTTE murdered 150,000 Sri Lankans in that quest, and hid behind their own people held hostage in a human shield with the full support and encouragement of Tamil Nadu leaders,

    2. Sri Lanka be accused of harrassing Tamil Nadu fishermen, even if they are fishing illegally in Sri Lanka waters, destroying the livelihood of Sri Lankan fishermen with their bottom fishing trawling methods,

    3. Sri Lanka be forced into giving up Katchatheevu Island as an inalienable part of Tamil Nadu which is essential to their Fishermen, ignoring the historical claim of Sri Lanka to the Island which was accepted by India and ceded to Sri Lanka in an international agreement entered into by the two countries!

    ALL of these Tamil Nadu Politicians

    … Karunanidhi who penned poems in praising the late unlamented SunGod of the LTTE and prepared grandiose maps of Greater Tamil Nadu incorporting large parts of Sri Lanka,

    …. Jayalolita who hid in fear from LTTE assassins and now poses as the Pattini Amma of the Sri Lanka Tamil Eelamists,

    …. Vaiko who aided and abetted Prabhakaran training LTTE cadre in the Vanni, illegally entering Sri Lanka,

    …..Ramadoss who unsuccessfully agitated for a separate state for his Vanniyar clan, and having failed in that venture, now wants to be accepted as a Tamil and yearns to usurp Jayalolita’s crown as the saviour of Sri Lankan Tamils,

    …. Tirumavalavan who fasted unto death to stop the Vanni offensive by the Sri Lanka armed forces, but to our eternal regret, failed to achieve even that modest goal of entering the Tamil Valhalla,

    find Sri Lanka to be a convenient scapegoat for all of their misfortunes, whenever they need to bamboozle the citizens of Tamil Nadu and gain their electoral votes.

    Modi should BEWARE of this vicious crew of caste-bound opportunistic racists trying to feather their own nexsts at his expense presenting their new credentials as “Hindu Nationalists”.

    Ask them where they were HIDING when the BJP was asking for their support in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections!

    This Thief Minister gone haywire, was only yesterday hiding from LTTE assassins, and pleading for protection from her erstwhile opponent Karunanidhi, who happily ignored it … hoping for the worst.

    Now that the vicious and uncontrollable LTTE is gone thanks to the Sri Lankan Armed forces, Jayalolita has bravely emerged from hiding, seized the LTTE’s banner has become the champion and saviour of the Sri Lankan Tamils … to successfully garner a landslide victory in the Lok Sabha elections.

    Modi should carefully observe these antics of this Machiavellian creature, in a terrible hurry to confound and destroy his reign as the Premier, and supplant him at the first possible opportunity … by means fair and foul!

    Jayalalithaa asks Indian PM to sponsor a UN resolution against Sri Lanka on genocide

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    June 03, New Delhi: The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi and demanded that India should sponsor a United Nations resolution against Sri Lanka condemning the alleged genocide of Tamil people in the island.

    During the meeting that lasted for 50 minutes, the Chief Minister presented a Memorandum to the Prime Minister containing the issues relating to, among other things, Sri Lankan Tamils and restoration of the traditional fishing rights of Tamil Nadu fishermen.

    “I request that India should sponsor a resolution in the United Nations condemning the genocide in Sri Lanka and to hold to account all those responsible for the genocide and thereby render justice to Tamils in Sri Lanka,” the Chief Minister has said in the memorandum.

    Drawing attention to the Katchatheevu islet, which India ceded to Sri Lanka under an agreement in 1974, the Chief Minister demanded that India retrieve the islet back to restore the traditional fishing rights of the Tamil Nadu fishermen.

    The Prime Minister has assured the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister of early action on the issues raised in the Memorandum, the Chief Minister’s office said in a release.

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Quid Pro Quo: India of all nations supported the war in Sri lanka for close to 30 years. India’s intelligence service got her orders from New Delhi to engage Colombo in proxy war using the Tamil Tigers. After the war ended India then used the UN to attack Sri Lanka on human rights issues while avoiding those she has committed during that war, not to mention the human rights abuses her military has also committed in various parts of India.

    By those actions India is responsible in displaying millions of people from Bangladesh to Sri Lanka. If New Delhi wants Sri Lanka to implement an article she forged during the war and failed in its mission to end the war then at the very least India can accept 3 million Tamils from Sri Lanka. India already has 80 million Tamils so that should not be a great difference. Then Colombo can access what levels of the land and police acts are feasible in devolving for all her provinces and once the northern and Eastern provinces have been made predominantly Sinhalese Buddhist.

    On a side note the BJP is demanding from Kashmir that article 370 be amended so that kashmir loses some of her semi autonomy while at the same time demanding from Colombo the implementation of article 13 which would do the opposite.

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    Yes Indeed, HANG this Monumental CRIME on the neck of the TNA as a Genocide!

    Ex-Policemen to Missing Persons Commission: Revisit massacre of 600 policemen
    June 4, 2014

    The Retired Senior Police Officers’ Association members have urged the Presidential Commission to Investigate into Complaints Regarding Missing Persons to pursue the matter regarding the murder of 600 policemen in June 1990.

    The Association led by its President C.R. Abeygunawardena held a meeting with Commission Chairman Retired Justice Maxwell Paranagama at the Commission office on Monday during which a memorandum was submitted by the representatives urging the Commission to pursue the matter regarding the murder of 600 Policemen in the Eastern Province in June 1990.

    The Association representatives requested the Commission Chairman to ascertain from the Police Department whether the 600 Policemen who were killed by the LTTE in Ampara have been duly honoured by posthumous promotions, payments of salaries until the age of retirement, payment of widows and orphans pensions to the kith and kin and any other compensation to the dependents of the slain officers, a media release issued by the Commission stated.

    Association members also urged the Commission Chairman to ascertain from the IGP the results of the investigation referred to in the file containing reports by the CID as per Inquiry No C403/92/CM & PA/IG/75/92 of March 5, 1992. Justice Paranagama assured Senior Police Officers’ Association representatives that the Commission will take up the matter with the Police Department and provide answers to the questions raised by the Association members.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Another Pearl in China’s String of Pearls along the Maritime Silk Route? Will it give Modi a CHOLIC FIT?

    Bangladesh to seek Chinese help to build deep sea port
    June 4, 2014

    The proposed port on Sonadia Island off Bangladesh’s southeast coast would cost billions of dollars.

    DHAKA (AFP) – Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is likely to seek Chinese funding to build a deep sea port in the Bay of Bengal when she visits Beijing later this week, officials said Wednesday.

    The proposed port on Sonadia Island off Bangladesh s southeast coast would cost billions of dollars, but Bangladeshi newspapers have reported that Hasina hopes Beijing will pay part of the bill if a Chinese firm wins the contract.

    The country s foreign ministry said the port would feature in the bilateral discussions when Hasina travels to China on Friday on a six-day visit.

    “During the tour the two nations may discuss Chinese assistance for the Sonadia Deep Sea Port,” Foreign Minister Mahmood Ali told journalists on Wednesday at a briefing two days ahead of Hasina s departure for Beijing.

    Another senior official in the prime minister s office confirmed that the port project was expected to feature in discussions although he wouldn t say whether any kind of deal would be signed.

    The country s largest circulation Bengali daily, Prothom Alo, has reported that state-owned China Harbour is in line to build the port.

    It said an announcement to this effect would be made after the meeting between Hasina and her Chinese counterpart Li Keqiang on June 9.

    A framework agreement, proposed by China, to construct the port could be signed during the tour, it said.

    Hasina was keen to award the project to Chinese firms in 2009-14 when she led a coalition government, but held back for fear of upsetting India, a major ally of her government.

    If a Chinese company were to be awarded the contract, Sonadia would become the fourth port to be constructed by a Chinese firm in the Bay of Bengal, deepening Beijing s footprint on one of the important sea routes of the world.

    Chinese companies have previously built ports in Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Myanmar.

    Bangladeshi experts said the country badly needs a deep sea port after years of double-digit expansion of its foreign trade. Dhaka s economy has grown six percent a year for more than a decade.

    Dhaka s annual trade through its two sea ports currently stands at around $60 billion.

    The trip to Beijing will be Hasina s second major overseas trip since she retained power in a January general election which was marred by widespread fraud and an opposition boycott. Last month she visited Japan.

  7. douglas Says:

    Dear Charles: Reading through your article, I am pleased to note your opinion re. 13th Amendment that was “imposed” on us by the Indians. There is no doubt that this “draconian” Amendment to our Constitution should have been the first priority of this Government to be done away with. In fact, an undertaking to do away with it should have been the first paragraph of the “Mahinda Chinthanaya”. I do not think there is a single person who doesn’t know the implications of its implementations excepting the “Separatists” like the TNA.

    In the above context, my question to you is: Why, knowing its history and the consequences that would bring upon the whole country, our present President gave an “undertaking” to the Indians that he would implement not only the 13th “but even more” (the PLUS”)? Mind you, this is well recorded and it was said at meetings with very high level persons in India. It is now boomeranging on us. Can we blame Modi or anyone in India?

    How do you explain and defend this “BOORISHNESS” on the part of our President?

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Even Russia is DESERTING Endia!!

    Russia ended its arms sales embargo to Pakistan by agreeing to sell Mi-35 helicopter gunships.


    But Pakistan needs MISSILES and JETS more than anything else to CONTAIN ENDIA.

    Endia is ESCALATING violence with China by SETTLING Endians along the China border.

    Looks like Endia is begging for another MAJOR pounding by China. The SOONER China puts Modi in his place the better.

  9. Charles Says:

    Douglas, Did the President Mahinda Rajapakse really say that ? I personally do not believe that he would have made such a statement. It may have been what a media person in the Indian delegation led by Sushima Swaraj who on hearing the discussion of the grant of the 13A or even plus, had taken it out of context to report that the President promised to implement 13A and plus. In fact the President denied that he made such a statement. These media statements often taken out of context published as a fact once published become a serious problem. The white flag story is also what a press reporter is said have heard….!

    Though Sushma Swaraj had made such a statement at the question and answer session of a press conference , in her written stament she does not say that.

    It was reported as follows: “Before taking questions Ms. Swaraj read out a three-page statement. It said it is the delegation’s “sincere hope” that the government of Sri Lanka would reach a “genuine political reconciliation” based on ‘meaningful devolution of powers.’ She added, “We have been assured in the past that this will be done within the framework of the ‘Thirteenth Amendment – Plus’ ”

    Earlier it had been reported that the President Rajapakse had made the same statement, of giving the 13A and plus to the Indian External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna, but the President denied he made such a statement:
    “Mr. Krishna had told a news conference in Colombo on January 17 after a breakfast meeting with the President that Mr. Rajapaksa had assured him he would implement the “13th Amendment plus,” meaning further concessions.

    However, during a meeting with national newspaper editors on January 30, President Rajapaksa disputed the claim and declared “no assurance” was given. He said he had only “discussed the 13th Amendment plus.”

    Indians know how to put political leaders in a pickle..!

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    This is nothing against you personally.

    I dispute your claims on 5 grounds.

    1. MR has a habit of saying one thing to the SL GALLERY and doing or saying another to the international community.

    e.g. MR vowed to the LOCALS that the military in the north is not going anywhere. But later he told an INTERNATIONAL news media that military has been REDUCED to 13,000 in the north. Everyone knows this is true if they go there or talk to someone from there.

    e.g. MR vowed not to bow down to UNHRC pressure. But he did MOST things UNHRC demanded – NPC election, Pee-illey’s visit, witness protection bill, LLRC, etc.

    e.g. MR vowed to take back Trinco oil tanks but nothing happened.

    e.g. MR and team says to the INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY north economic growth is 27% whereas in the south it is 6%. Why not say it to the people in the south and see what happens?

    2. IF MR didn’t give an assurance to Endians on 13 +, how come all the Endian leaders (CONGRESS AND BJP) say he did it?

    NOT BOTH of the leaders can be wrong on the same thing.

    3. MR has become an Endian stooge. Look at the number of Endians in SL, Endian companies in SL and Endian influence in SL AFTER 2005. Endians are STEALING our jobs, companies, business, fish, soverignty and MR calls them HIS relatives. Can he say NO to Endia?

    4. MR has delayed and delayed the SILK ROAD project due to pressure from Endia. IF done SL will be rich but MR is too scared. So it is no surprise MR did obey Endia on other matters too.

    5. Arresting Endian fishermen has become a JOKE. Where is the law? So the law under MR bends for Endians. Then it is believable that 13 bent into 13+ to please Endians.

    e.g. Before MR, BR promised Endia to fully implement 13 amendment in 2008.

    MR can’t fool both SLs and Endians at the same time. We want 13 amendment SCRAPPED as MR promised in 1988.

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck.

    We don’t have a patriotic opposition to keep MR under check.

    That is why MR could GET AWAY with NPC election, 13 amendment, 13 + promises, demilitarization, Endianization, etc.

  12. douglas Says:

    Charles: Thank you. No doubt the “Media” in day to day reporting affecting political situations do look for creating “sensational” atmosphere that would sometimes even distort the truth. Yet, when important persons meet over issues that affect countries internal and external affairs, it is the responsibility of the host and guest delegations to agree and establish a “protocol” to issue a joint statement on the discussions. We have overlooked this aspect to a very large extent resulting in utter confusion on contentious issues.

    However, it was also reported after Modi’s meeting with our President that India reiterated the need to fully implement the 13th Amendment. So up to now it is not challenged excepting that our Minister of Foreign Affairs at a meeting with “Indian Officials” had said that “Police Powers” will not be given at any stage. This is what I heard over the SLBC main news cast at 6.00 a.m. on 5th. What does this indicate? Are we conceding the rest? This is the problem the Government is creating and it is a huge problem to us ordinary citizens too. WHOM TO BELIEVE?

    Anyway, whether it is 13 or 13 PLUS, this very “CONTENTIOUS” issue must be addressed once and for all. It is time for the Government to make it very clear where it stands on this issue.

    On another point you have raised, viz Ranil & Co. Don’t worry. Even the “People and the Institutions” who taught him how to “topple” a Government would have now realized that entire exercise was a colossal waste of time and money. Who knows; they too would have wanted to see for themselves who this person is.

  13. Nanda Says:

    I admired, read in full, your articles since late 1990s. You always presented innocent truth.
    Now you have changed a lot.
    You try to be diplomatic and follow what the government say.

    It is surprising for you to ask that question ” Did the President Mahinda Rajapakse really say that ? I personally do not believe that he would have made such a statement.”.

    YES HE DID. Not once buy twice trusting my memory. Once before 2009 and once after.

    But we need not worry about that. He is not a dictator. He alone CANNOT do that. He is not an intelligent man. During war, at one occasion he got really scared of his and his brothers lives. After that he gave freedom to Gota to do what he wanted. He himself ruined the whole thing after allowing a “Maharajanani” SUPID song. Fonseka then completely spoiled the whole victory.

  14. Nanda Says:

    MR should hang his Sarong and retire.

  15. Lorenzo Says:


    The “Maharajanani” song was NOT sponsored by MR. It was an INNOCENT artistic creation by a singer. In fact, MR tried to BAN it.

    The Tamil version is also available.

    I AGREE with the SUBSTANCE of the song. I don’t HATE the person MR. I HATE what he does and doesn’t do.

    Yes. Because MR cannot deliver SL from this Endian-TN-TNA curse he should RESPECTFULLY retire.

    There is a MAJOR DISAGREEMENT between GR and MR+BR+NR. GR HATES this wasteful junk. Although blood is thicker than water POWER is even thicker!! I hope GR will win this battle.

  16. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    ANANDA: Excellent comment but I must point out language. When it comes to the katchacheevu island language is extremely essential. Words can lead to blatant misunderstanding. India never “CEDED” that island to Sri Lanka. To cede anything means India owned that island.

    Both nations disputed the ownership of Katchacheevu. India simply RELINQUISHED HER CLAIM on that island as per the Indian courts. SHE DID NOT CEDE THAT ISLAND TO SRI LANKA. That is important for the Tamil thugs keep drum beating that Katchacheevu was CEDED to Sri Lanka and by that really belonged to Tamil Nadu. It never was part of Tamil Nadu nor Sri Lanka. Again India only RELINQUISHED HER CLAIM on that island and Sri Lanka officially made it part of Sri Lanka in 1976.

    India can no more lay claim to that island than give independence back to Sikkim.

  17. Marco Says:

    Douglas, Charles- May i say both of you are referring to most recent set of statements following the meeting between Modi & MR.

    Think we need to refer back to joint statements and pledges made in 2009.

    On 26th of May 2009 a joint statement made by President Rajapakse & Banki Moon on the full implementation of the 13th Amendment. This was after the President made a statement in Parliament on 19th May 2009 to proceed with the 13th Amendment.
    Prior to the UN meeting the same year he further clarified and pledged the 13th plus plus with the Indians.

    As i have repeated this many times, during the last stages of the war and the “humanitarian operation” in Apr/May 2009 India, US & the UN were monitoring via satellite and were concerned of civilian casualties and were threatening to “interfere”. Frantic calls and deals were done to finish the job without the interference of India, US & the UN in return for the full implementation of the 13th Amendment.
    This was a pledged made to the International Community (who do’t forget) and not one to the local populace who easily forgets.
    Knowing this pledge, MR took advantage of certain provisions in the 13th to strengthen his local/provincial voter base via the Provincial Councils. He further strengthened his power base via the 18th &19A amendment to counter the 13th.
    He enjoys a 2/3rd majority to pass any bill/amendment or repeal any amendment that he so wishes. We ought to be asking why does he not repeal an amendment that is so unpopular to Sri Lankans which will show him in good stead to Lankans whilst passing a draconian 18th Amendment.
    I have yet to hear from President Rajapakse that he will not implement the 13th or repeal the same. Naturally he gets the fall guys like GLP, etc to do the dirty work.

    Going back to the recent statements, the Sunday Times reported what i believed to be an accurate account.
    13th Amendment is here to stay (or else -drastic repercussions of War Crimes Inquiry at The Hague)
    There is of course another possibility of a New Constitution with appropriate checks and balances which will get rid of the 13th once and for all.

  18. Ananda-USA Says:


    Your point is very well taken; “ceding” is the wrong word.

    Yes, India gave up all her claims to the Katchatheevu Island, and acknowledged that it belonged to Sri Lanka, in that agreement.

  19. Ananda-USA Says:

    RELIGIOUS CLEANSING by LTTE revealed: Ancient Buddhist Temple in Kilinochchi was destroyed!

    Archaeologists find Buddhist ruins in Sri Lanka’s former battlefield in North

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    June 05, Kilinochchi: Sri Lanka Army troops conducting routine operations have come across a site with scattered ruins of a Buddhist temple in the former LTTE stronghold of Kilinochchi, the Army said Wednesday.

    At the request of Commander of Security Forces Headquarters in Kilinochchi, Major General Sudantha Ranasinghe, a team of archaeologists has arrived at the site and begun extensive investigations.

    According to the Army, the archaeologists have unearthed several Buddhist artefacts belong to the historic Polonnaruwa era including slates, ancient bricks and Sri Pada symbols in excavations carried out in Kilinochchi, Sivanagar and Uriththirapuram.

    They have succeeded in finding ruins, identical to a Pagoda of 60 ft in diameter and about 12 ft in height, stacks of ancient layers of bricks, slates with Sri Pada symbol, stone posts with prints of Sri Pada in the middle, etc, all the hallmarks that confirm the existence of a Buddhist temple in the Polonnaruwa period.

    The archaeologists have declared the site a sacred site, pending further excavations, extensive research and comprehensive evaluation, alerting the security forces as well as government authorities of the new discovery.

    According to the information Army obtained from the residents, a small Pulleyar Kovil had occupied the site from the 1940s and been replaced by the Shivam Kovil which was built in 1980s and is still standing.

    A Kurukkal (chief priest) in 1965 while clearing the jungles around a Kovil had found a Pagoda, some Buddha statues, stone carvings as well as a Bo tree in the premise but the LTTE who controlled the area for nearly 30 years have allegedly destroyed the Buddhist artifacts.

    It has been found that a 4 to 6 foot tall Samadhi Buddha statue and a statue of a lion plus a moonstone had existed at the site. The terrorists had however felled the Bo tree and replaced it with a Palmyrah tree later on before the place was called ‘Nagalingam’.

    Major General Sudantha Ranasinghe, Commander, SFHQ-KLN, Colonel N.P Akuranthilake, 662 Brigade Commander and several senior officers visited the location soon after its discovery by troops serving there.

  20. Ananda-USA Says:


    Sri Lanka is a democracy in which the will of the majority MUST triumph.

    The majority of the People of Sri Lanka, with the security and lives of themselves and their descendents at stake, are demanding that the 13th Amendment be REPEALED.

    Whatever President Mahinda Rajapaksa may or may not have said in the heat of battle, or its immediate aftermath, as the ELECTED head of the People of Sri Lanka, he MUST BOW DOWN and CARRY OUT the wishes of the majority of the people of Sri Lanka. He is NEITHER A DICTATOR NOR A HEREDITARY KING, but an ELECTED Servant of the People.

    If it is difficult for the President to CONTRADICT any statements he has made previously on the issue, or agreements that were forced upon Sri Lanka under DURESS by other countries, let him duck the responsibility to act directly, and pass the decision to the People of Sri Lanka through a REFERUNDUM. That will absolve him of ALL RESPONSIBILITY.

    The INCONTROVERTIBLE FACT is, no country can hand over the Governance of a Province to the defeated separatists who fought a murderous war over 30 years, and are still VOWING, and PLOTTING, to resurrect it in collusion with Foreign Enemies.

    It is not the survival of the political leaders that is at stake here, but the survival of the undivided Nation that is the REFUGE of ALL of its citizens.

  21. Ananda-USA Says:

    Jayalaitha’s call for the creation of an Eelam, and a UN charge of Genocide against Sri Lanka, should serve to CRYSTALLIZE the need to IMMEDIATELY REPEAL the 13th Amendment in the minds of Sri Lanka’s Leaders.

    Sri Lanka to make formal objections to Jayalalithaa’s genocide accusations

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    June 05, Colombo: Strongly objecting to the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, J. Jayalalithaa’s allegation of ‘genocide’ of Tamil people to describe the end of terrorism in the country, Sri Lanka today said a formal objection will be made to the Indian government over her remark.

    Addressing a media briefing today at the Government Information Department, the Minister of Media and Information and Cabinet Spokesman Keheliya Rambukwella said it is “very wrong” to use words like ‘genocide’ to describe what happened in Sri Lanka.

    “She has used the word genocide. This is very wrong. We believe that it is creating a wrong image of us in the democratic world,” the Minister said.

    The Chief Minister during her meeting with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday in New Delhi submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister asking the Indian government to bring a resolution against Sri Lanka in the UN condemning the alleged genocide.

    “I request that India should sponsor a resolution in the United Nations condemning the genocide in Sri Lanka and to hold to account all those responsible for the genocide and thereby render justice to Tamils in Sri Lanka,” the Chief Minister said in the memorandum.

    “It is very much in keeping with the character of this politician to make wild allegations against Sri Lanka,” Rambukwella told reporters.

    The Minister said Sri Lanka is happy that Jayalalithaa does not have the same influence on New Delhi as she had on the previous central Indian government.

    “We are happy that there is a very stable government in India. A stable government in Delhi is good for Sri Lanka,” he said.

    “Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is capable of maintaining a government by themselves,” he said.

    Rambukwella expressed hope that Prime Minister Modi will “stand on the right side that is Sri Lanka’s.”

    Speaking of a political solution to the Tamil issue, the Minister said certain powers vested to the provincial councils through the 13th Amendment to the Constitution should be reconsidered before being implemented.

    Rambukwella while noting that the 13th Amendment can be implemented immediately, said problems arise when the government implements all the sections of the Amendment.

    “The current government has accepted that handing over police powers proves to be an issue of national security. We are looking into the possibility of whether we can hand over at least some police powers,” the Minister said pointing out that the Constitution is not something that is permanent and can be subjected to change many times.

    The Sri Lankan government yesterday reiterated its stance that police powers will not be given to the provincial councils.

    External Affairs Minister Professor G.L. Peiris speaking in parliament yesterday said Sri Lanka “made it crystal clear (to India) that devolution of police power is not acceptable.”

    During the meeting between the Sri Lankan President and Indian PM on 27 May, the Indian leader stressed on the early and full implementation of the 13th Amendment and going beyond to expedite the process of national reconciliation.

  22. Ananda-USA Says:


    Your categorization of Charles’s statements by saying “You try to be diplomatic and follow what the government say” is PATENTLY UNFAIR, as if criticizing the GOSL at every turn like some others is what he should be doing.

    Charles has always said what is in the best interest of Sri Lanka.

    He knows very well, like I do, that it is ONLY this war-winning patriotic government, that protects Sri Lanka and its People from its many enemies worldwide.

    Like me, he will not play into the hands of those enemies by undermining and dismantling Sri Lanka’s defences as its many overt and covert enemies would dearly love us to do.

    Charles tempers his comments with the hard earned knowledge and wisdom he has acquired over the years, and does not blindly lash out with outrageous charges against honorable and decent people who are attempting to do the best they can for our country.

    We who are not constrained by direct responsibility for the lives of Sri Lanka’s citizens can make various recommendations both wise and unwise, but those elected leaders having that responsibility must be more circumspect and act wisely with full knowledge of the facts, fully aware of and prepared for, the possible consequences of their actions.

  23. Lorenzo Says:

    Darusman is tipped to become next UNHRC boss.

    With anti-SL selfish politicians SL will be in DEEPER trouble.

  24. Nanda Says:

    “We who are not constrained by direct responsibility for the lives of Sri Lanka’s citizens can make various recommendations both wise and unwise, but those elected leaders having that responsibility must be more circumspect and act wisely with full knowledge of the facts, fully aware of and prepared for, the possible consequences of their actions. ”

    Ananda, this again is a “hollow” , diplomatic statement. We know this, we are not 17 year olds.
    If so, why are you demanding repeal of 13A daily basis, wasting time ? MR is fully aware of and prepared for, the possible consequences of repealing 13A and therefore your demand is waste if time.

    Your statement “The majority of the People of Sri Lanka, with the security and lives of themselves and their descendents at stake, are demanding that the 13th Amendment be REPEALED.” is also not right. How do you know ? Did you conduct a poll from your chair in USA ? “majority ” of people do not make such demands. They don’t even know what is “13A”. majority demand,
    1. Cheap food and clothing
    2. Law and order
    3. Better transport – no point building highways is busses are run by blood suckers ( have you taken public transport in Colombo lately ?)
    4. Stop corruption
    5. Stop political interference in day to day life of people.

    Not a single normal person I met in my 1 month stay in Sri lanka demamded repeal of 13A. But we demand this because this is the root cause of main problems. Only well informed people like you , Charles, Lorenzo, Aloy, Sirih etc know this and we are a very very minor percentage and most are not even living in Sri Lanka.

    We write all these because of “desire”. We WANT our country be prosperous for our people – not for our own benefit. It is not a “selfish” desire. We don’t personally hate anyone. We are in a completely different domain, we can see global happenings and discuss argue about, which normal majority of people in Sri lanka have no time to do. They struggle daily to go from A to B. To buy food. To send children to school. To report to police when their things are stolen.

  25. Lorenzo Says:


    6. GET OUT OF SL and go to USA, etc. like MOST of us here. Or send their kids to USA, etc.

    Some villagers don’t know USA or think it is a horrible place. But even their kids know it is a place where you have PLENTY of FOOD, nice clothes, many people have cars, ipods, etc. We can FOOL ourselves like politicians do but people know best.

    We argue over MR verses RW. That is just a choice of TOILET BUCKET for MOST SLs. Either way they are DOOMED but without choice they can’t poop.

    Just talk to SLs in the street and you will hear it LOUD AND CLEAR with spice.

    As long as this SYSTEM continues the ONLY way a SL person can be happy is by getting out of SL and lets NOT be hypocrites here. This is EAXCTLY what we did. We don’t want our kids to live in SL either.

    Unless this rotten system is changed there is NO HOPE for SL. It will be a Tamil Nadu, Pakistan, etc. peoples’ heaven.

    The other two major Buddhist countries are under military rule now for good reasons. SL should follow TEMPORARILY. The MILITARY should take over, SCRAP this damn junk CON-stitution and hand back power to PEOPLE. Otherwise there is NO HOPE in hell for the SL MAJORITY.

    MR will NEVER EVER SCRAP 13 amendment. The day he does that I will cut off one finger in half and STOP commenting for good.

  26. Ananda-USA Says:


    You said “The day he does that I will cut off one finger in half and STOP commenting for good.”

    How can we VERIFY and ENSURE that the cutting off one finger in half, is actually DONE, if and when that day arrives? LoL!

    This is like the hired wailing women at funerals in Sri Lanka who scream for a “manne” to be brought to cut off their heads!

  27. Ananda-USA Says:


    I am indeed demanding that the 13th Amendment be REPEALED on a daily basis, and will continue to do so until it is in fact REPEALED … because it is the right thing to do to protect the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka.

    Likewise, I demanded a Military Solution to the problem of Tamil Terrorism in Sri Lanka for nearly 30 long years, and was pilloried for being a war monger by assorted peaceniks, and friend and foe, who wailed about deaths but had no solution except abject capitulation … until a patriotic government arose from the ashes committed to realizing it.

    Who knows whether my writings and meetings with Sri Lankan leaders had an iota of impact on that becoming a reality. At least they would have known that they are not alone!

    Now, at least, there are many who want the 13th Amendment REPEALED, but there were very few others who were prepared to advocate a Military Solution to completely destroy Tamil terrorism then.

    So indeed, I will continue to call for REPEALING the 13th Amendment on a daily basis if need be … and who knows it may be REPEALED … well within my lifetime …. well before another 30 years passes by.

  28. Nanda Says:

    You are an engineer. A practical man. We all know Lorenzo WILL NOT CUT his finger into 1/2.
    Similarly, being individuals with some wisdom, WE KNOW MR WILL NEVER SCRAP 13A. IT IS VERY CLEAR.

    Lorenzo could have said, “Sun will rise from the west if MR repeals 13A” which is equal to “The day he does that I will cut off one finger in half “.
    Can you tell me honestly, do you have a 0.0001% hope than MR will scrap 13A ?

  29. Lorenzo Says:


    I’m SO SURE it will not happen.

    If in the RARE case it happens I will email you a GENUINE foto of before and after.

    I don’t mind cutting one finger in half if that damned 13 amendment goes by an act of MR!!

    I genuinely don’t mind in that event.

  30. Nanda Says:

    I know you will not sacrifice your finger on a BET, even though you may for the country. Don’t risk your integrity.

  31. Ananda-USA Says:


    Honestly, I have a hope much greater than your 0.0001% by a factor of 20,000 or so, that MR will scrap 13A when the time is ripe.

    He will do it when he realizes that the majority of citizens of Sri Lanka are clearly in favor of it, that he risks losing power if he does not respond to that outcry, that there is no easy way out to secure the safety of Sri Lanka by sitting on the fence and empowering IMPLACABLE ENEMIES of Sri Lanka, and that all his preparations to FACE THE CONSEQUENCES are all in place.

    If you are sufficiently perspicacious, you will see that he is HEROICALLY STRUGGLING, economically, diplomatically, politically and militarily, to position the country to face that eventuality without losing what the Nation has gained so far in the last 5 years.

  32. Ananda-USA Says:


    According to the way you expressed it, MR’s action on 13A CONTROLS the Direction of Rising of the Sun.

    Wow … what a man! Way to go, Mr. President!

    But, I humbly ask, what if “MR repeals 13A” and the “Sun rises in the East” can we still have that 1/2 finger of Lorenzo’s cut off with a “manne”?

  33. Ananda-USA Says:


    Nah! Photoshopped GENUINE photos have lost their cachet’ after the LTTE’s shenanigans with war-crimes photos. we are now understandably wary of such “proof”.

    If you don’t mind, I will come personally to wherever you are, at my own expense, to supervise the surgery.

  34. Nanda Says:

    OK. Shall we ask him to cut-off something else ?

  35. Nanda Says:

    “He will do it when he realizes that the majority of citizens of Sri Lanka are clearly in favor of it, that he risks losing power if he does not respond to that outcry”

    – Are you dreaming ? As I said before “majority” or even 99 % of Lanka citizens DON’T CARE about a 13A, 90% don’t even know. That probability is even less than 0.0001%
    SO, your satatement is similar to Lorenzo’s cutting off of —–. not going to happen.

  36. douglas Says:

    Marco: Thank you. I took the liberty of reminding the most recent, official and unofficial steps that are being taken behind the scenes by the Governing Authorities as regards this 13 and PLUS. Definitely, I have not forgotten the past – the “HYPOCRITICAL” approach taken by MR immediately after winning the war. You have correctly described that as the strengthening the “Voter Base” by rushing to hold the Provincial Elections and that also accommodating his “Political Goons and Thugs” to ascend to “POWER” in Local Government Institutions”. I have time and again criticized this move and saw it as a very “crafty” move by MR. As things are unfolding today in the Provincial Council set up, I am sure MR too is having an unending headache . He reaps what he has sown.

    Also I remember what GLP said at a meeting with Ban Ki Moon while on that “Secret Mission” he undertook immediately after the Dharusman Report.

    What do you expect from a Leader who rushes to do things according to his own “Ego Based” policies and purely look at ways and means of strengthening his own power and that of his kith and kin and goons? At the moment the people are just fed with a “sugar coated bitter pill” and time will come when the real taste of it felt. By that time, of course the patient will be terminally ill or dead.

    My friend Charles knows it but for some reasons he opts to ignore it. That is very unfortunate.

  37. Nanda Says:

    Charles seems to be a pretender. Why can’t he accept this ?
    MR promised 13 PLUS before anyone else.

  38. Nanda Says:

    This bugger is talking Bana. He is probably relaying what MR told him. What kind of backboneless fools running Sri lanka ?

    The government is prepared to negotiate on devolution of certain powers as long as they do not affect national security and are necessary for the administration and management purposes of Provincial Councils, Mass Media and Information Minister Keheliya Rambukwella said. Responding to a question by a journalist at the Cabinet press briefing at the ministry auditorium yesterday, the minister said the government as a policy does not agree to devolve police powers, as it is detrimental to the national security. However, he said the government is ready to negotiate and revisit on certain areas of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution. Minister Rambukwella said the time has come to take a definite decision on the 13th Amendment as the Provincial Councils of the country are fully functioning as at present after the war ended. “As we all know, the 13th Amendment was brought to the Constitution in a hurried manner without a proper discussion as a solution to the terrorist problem that prevailed in the North and East. The Governor’s signature is required to implement it. The need of it did not strongly arise until 2009. However, today Sri Lanka is a free country and there is possibility to implement the 13th Amendment in the entire country. Therefore, time is ripe to revisit the content of 13th Amendment to remove its inappropriate clauses and implement what is suitable to the country based on public opinion,” he said. The minister said the Constitution must reflect the real needs and interests of the people. Minister Rambukwella said Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha’s conduct is not surprising as she is always seeking political mileage from issues pertaining to Sri Lanka. However, the minister said her utterance “genocide” is highly offensive and serious in nature, and in a way it is an infringement on the sovereignty of Sri Lanka. He said the External Affairs Ministry would seek appropriate measures in this regard. The minister said as the new central government of India headed by Prime Minister Modi is stable, Jayalalitha and the Tamil Nadu State Government have less influence on the decisions made by the Centre. “When there is a stable government in India, Sri Lanka can always be comfortable,” he said. – See more at:

  39. Ananda-USA Says:


    What makes YOUR saying that the majority of Sri Lankans are not aware nor care about 13A, in fact reflects the TRUE situation? Did you do a poll of the citizens of Sri Lanka?

    Most Sri Lankans I meet from a wide range of cross-section of Sri Lankan society, on my frequent trips to Sri Lanka, are well aware of the issue and would like to see 13A repealed.

    In any case, did you notice that I said “when”? That is, “when” he realizes the majority of Sri Lankans are clearly in favor of repealing 13A.

    He will realize “when”, “when” the majority of Sri Lankans are IN FACT clearly in favor of it, if the majority of them are not in favor of it NOW.

  40. Ananda-USA Says:


    In the Buddhist spirit of not causing pain and suffering to any sentient being, I will release you from your pledge to cut off 1/2 of a finger if MR repeals 13A.

    Please preserve intact your corporeal integrity even if MR repeals 13A to preserve intact the territorial integrity of Sri Lanka.

    You are forgiven that rash over-dramatization of your belief, my son. Go forth freely and continue to amuse us!

  41. Ananda-USA Says:


    You asked “Are you dreaming”? Well, not when I wrote that comment.

    However, I do dream OFTEN about MANY THINGS, and some of those dreams COME TRUE, like when I dreamt the dream that Sri Lanka would one day utterly crush the LTTE militarily and free itself from the Tamil Terror.

    I have EVEN MORE dreams now, like achieving the President’s Vision of Sri Lanka becoming the New Wonder of Asia within the NEXT DECADE.

    In this dream, Sri Lanka becomes an economic juggernaut like South Korea which rose from the ashes of the Korean War about a decade after Sri Lanka achieved Independence. This is my PRIMARY RECURRING dream now, and it drives me to do EVERYTHING I CAN to help make that happen.

    Another dream that I have is that within the NEXT DECADE, FEWER and FEWER Sri Lankans will leave Sri Lanka for unskilled jobs abroad, but will stay within Sri Lanka gaining the skills, knowledge and experience to build better lives for themselves, and MORE and MORE patriotic Sri Lankans now living abroad will come back to Sri Lanka to help achieve the First Dream above.

    I would rather not bore you any more with my babbling about my dreams, but most of my best ideas are FIRST CONCEIVED as dreams … and I think I would stop dreaming only on the day that I die.

    Yes, I do DREAM a LOT, my friend.

  42. Marco Says:

    Many thanks for your response.
    May i pick up on your statement – “The majority of the People of Sri Lanka, with the security and lives of themselves and their descendents at stake, are demanding that the 13th Amendment be REPEALED.”
    I assume by your response to Nanda you carried out a poll of the citizens of Sri Lanka or perhaps you fathomed the above conclusion by your frequent visits to Sri Lanka. I assume that you asked this cross section of the Sri Lankan society as to why they wish to repeal the 13th.
    I don’t doubt that the 13th Amendment is unpopular but for various reasons and so is the 18th Amendment.
    Majority of the Sri Lankans don’t have access to the internet and hence form their opinions on whats been fed by the “tethered goats” in the press. If there was a Referendum on the 13th, I believe MRGOSL will lose because the Provincial Counselors have effectively got the grass roots in the palm of their hands. Do you honestly believe the PC members will canvass for a Referendum that would make them redundant?
    What is MR going to do with these PC members?
    [It is not the survival of the political leaders that is at stake here…]
    It is indeed the survival of the political leaders with the backing of the local PC members.
    If indeed MR is a true Statesman he should bite the bullet and repeal the 13th using his 2/3 majority. Even better would be the abolishment of the Exec Presidency as he promised in 2005 with a new Constitution with proper checks and balances.

  43. Lorenzo Says:


    The point is MR will NEVER EVER SCRAP 13 amendment.

    13 amendment is the ONLY HOPE Tamil Elamists have AFTER LOSING the war. If that too is removed then what hope TN, TNA, SL Tamil racists, Tamil diaspora racists have? NOTHING!

    So they put pressure on Endia, UNHRC, US-EU to keep the junk,

    These countries in turn out pressure on MR to keep the dirt.

    This is the real reason for 13 amendment to stay. The VICIOUS CYCLE can be broken at a few stages theoretically.

    1. Get Tamils NOT to be RACISTS – absolutely impossible.

    2. Get Endia, etc. NOT to support Tamil RACISTS – impossible given their numbers in Endia and US geopolitical USE of TAMIL PAWNS.

    3. Get SL leadership to IGNORE all these junkets and SCRAP 13 amendment. POSSIBLE on paper but we need a BOLD leader to do that. MR is NOT bold enough. He FEARS for his FAMILY’S POLITICAL FORTUNES if Endia, USA, etc. are offended.

    4. So MR will NEVER EVER SCRAP 13 amendment. IF we want it done we have to PIN HOPES on someone else. GR is the ONLY Rajapaksha who has vowed to SCRAP it.

  44. Lorenzo Says:

    Again, I don’t mind 1/2 a finger IF that dreaded 13 amendment goes.

    Don’t forget some patriotic SLs gave their LIFE to STOP 13 amendment!

    JR started as a PATRIOT but ended up as the WORST TRAITOR.

  45. Ananda-USA Says:

    Reduced Tamil influence over new Indian government will aid India-Sri Lanka co-operation, especially at UNHRC

    By IHS Jane’s Intelligence Weekly
    June 05, 2014

    The new BJP government is the strongest in three decades, allowing new prime minister Narendra Modi more freedom in dictating India’s relations with Sri Lanka, which since 2009 have been dominated by India’s indecisive stance on Sri Lanka’s alleged human rights abuses.

    The new BJP government’s priority is likely to be maintaining stability, encouraging trade, and reducing Chinese influence.

    Although Modi is likely to pursue greater Tamil autonomy in Sri Lanka through bilateral pressure, he will probably abstain from Western-led human rights initiatives against the Sri Lankan government. Bouts of unrest in India’s Tamil Nadu state are likely, given Modi’s potential inaction on public moves to chide Sri Lanka over its treatment of its Tamil minority.

  46. Ananda-USA Says:

    Sri Lanka Defense Secretary likely to enter politics – report

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    June 06, Colombo: Sri Lankan President is likely to request his brother Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to enter politics, a local media report said.

    Accordingly, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa is likely to resign from the post of Defense Secretary and enter politics.

    Gotabhaya Rajapaksa may be appointed as an electoral organizer of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) for Kotte electorate in Colombo district, the report further said.

    Meanwhile, other political sources said that he would be appointed to parliament under the national list and will be given the post of Defense Minister which is currently held by the President.

    In an interview with newly issued Sunday Sinhala newspaper Deshaya, the Defense Secretary revealed that he was prepared to enter politics if the President made a request.

  47. douglas Says:

    Dear Charles: Please take a little of your time to read all the comments arising out of your article. I must thank you for giving the opportunity to all of them to air their opinion on this very critical subject.

    However, in my opinion, the immediate problem in our hands as at date is NOT “Modi Euphoria in Sri Lanka” BUT “Rajapakse Euphoria in Sri Lanka”.

    I believe you are a Buddhist and if so, please for a moment adopt “Samma Ditthi”-( Right View.) It will definitely dawn on you “when”; “how”; “why” and “where” this “Rajapakse Governance” has gone wrong. His mode of Governance has definitely LET DOWN the country and the nation. It is also my opinion that HE and NO ONE ELSE must and could change the COURSE. Can HE and WILL he do it?

  48. Dilrook Says:

    According to people in the know, the President is fully committed to the full implementation of 13A (sans police powers) including land powers as per the Supreme Court decision.

    It is futile to argue over the President’s preference on 13A as it is a given.

  49. Nanda Says:

    Well said Douglas !

    Charles will bounce back from his Ditthi (view) gradually.

    But MR is slowly showing signs of recovery !

    June 09, Colombo: Sri Lanka has vehemently rejected the appointment of a team by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the alleged human right violations committed by the both sides during the last seven years of the three decade long war.

    The Ministry of External Affairs has announced that no permission will be given to the OHCHR team appointed by the High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, the state-run radio said

  50. Nanda Says:

    I don’t think so. He has unknowingly committed by “opening the stupid mouth” like the tortoise that was flying hanging to the stick called “2009 victory” carried by the two cranes, the real heroes. He did not commit in his mind. He does not have the “preference” but sheer stupidness.

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