Posted on June 10th, 2014

By Gomin Dayasri

Jo Butler had moved far out – a yard out of the crease on Sky television replays [not mere inches]- indeed audacious after two warnings; when Sachitra Senanayake broke the stumps and appealed for a run out. Butler was warned previously by the same bowler for advancing outside the crease before the release of the ball as was his partner at the other end Chris Jordan. Both warnings went unheeded. Third time, mind you, within a few balls – tried again: duly ‘stumped’ by the bowler, as in the case of a wicket keeper, if a batsman is caught outside the crease. Freeze the picture for a moment. Lets take a close up from a wide angle.

 Both the batsmen were stepping ahead of the crease which meant a single could be registered covering a distance which was less in space than a legitimate one run: if it resulted in two runs – one run is still shorter; yet could not be ruled ‘one short’ by the umpire as it took place at the point of origin. Is that not collusive cheating” to pick extra runs? An intentional sought after advantage for the batting side in a match where every run counted. One thing is for sure…. It was not dozing” at the crease as the British media made out. Professional sportsmen stay wide – awake and do not sleepwalk at the crease. At their level, it is not affordable to cat nap. ‘Dozing’ at a critical stage of a 50 over match is not like taking a snooze in the press box after a free lunch washed down with choice wines.

 It takes two to tango. Both batsmen were over-stretching – not by inches but in yards – from their legitimate stations with a common intention of making the running distance shorter   gaining a lesser chance of being run out on a reduced 18 yard spurt. Does an unfair disadvantage result to the bowling side? It does. Therefore it is made into a dismissal in the cricketing statute: a prohibitive measure. A common intention between two consenting adults attempting to register run/s makes the committed offence graver. An offence that carries the maximum punishment in cricket of being ruled OUT: as it was in this case.

 Who erred/cheated first, erred/cheated again, erred/cheated thrice during a space of 8 balls in two overs at one end but is painted squeaky clean by the British media except for a sturdy studious few. It’s the intention that counts-the intention to err/cheat seeking an improper gain. It’s ‘dozing’ to the British press- temporary malfunctioning in the mind of the batsmen for a dubious purpose. Does it make it NOT OUT in cricketing parlor?

 A warning in not required in the law but in the spirit of the game; twice administered by Sachitra Senanayake. Yet he was booed a cheat by the Edgbaston crowd while TV showed replays of live acts of repeated cheating by the purported ‘innocent victims’ in terms of the specific laws of cricket. The saw it on the big screen while bawling!

 Edgbaston was not a full house like at Lords for the decisive 50 over game. Local crowd that constituted the overwhelming majority at the grounds were backing England to a 3-2 win. In the pubs around the talk was rugger not cricket on the bitters. There were a smattering of Sri Lankans in the cheaper stands with the Tamil diaspora conspicuously absented in numbers at all games: message was delivered ahead: don’t cheer for a rouge country! Ethnicity extends beyond cricket in UK unlike back home where any a difference is forgotten in the playing fields.

 Who is described a cheat in the cricketing almanac? The batsmen who intentionally seeks to gain an unfair advantage for his team after due notice of a sharp practice or the umpire who ruled it out strictly according to the laws of cricket or the bowler who issued two warnings to the batsmen at the crease which is not required under the laws or the captain standing unto no-nonsense or the media men who picked on Matthews and Senanayake – both buddies from two Mariyakade colleges who play their cricket tough following the style of brash cricket.

 Ironically, in this series there is no officiating umpire or match referee or substitute umpire from an Asian country: more seriously, none too in the panel that will test the ‘offender’ Senanayake for throwing who is made the fall guy by the British media for playing according to the rules! Which takes precedent… laws of cricket specifically spelt out in rule 42 or the spirit of cricket undeclared? Umpire gave his ruling. None dared to question because it was correct. Period – it should be. Not so … instead picked on Matthews and Senanayake for vilification.

 Talk of the spirit of cricket. Lets learn it from the Brits. Take what Tony Greig did in the Caribbean in 1974. This was 40 years ago during the second test in Port of Spain in the West Indies, when Alvin Kallicharran, unbeaten on 142, started to make his way to the pavilion after the last ball of the day had been bowled. The batsman took his cue that there was to be no more play after the England wicketkeeper Alan Knott had removed the bails from the stumps at the other end of the pitch. So he nonchalantly walked in the direction of the pavilion. But the umpires had not officially called proceedings to a halt. So, seizing his chance, Greig cunningly removed the remaining set of bails, appealed and Kallicharran was given out.

 Next day riots broke out in Trinidad and the continuation of the English tour was in jeopardy. The British embassy was embarrassed with the prevailing anarchy and there was no alternative but for the English team manager to request Kallicharran be permitted to continue his innings.

 The story does not end there. It is the reaction of the British media at the relevant time that is more telling as reported by the Daily Telegraph correspondent Jim White:

 Intriguingly, in the English press the reaction in the following days centred not on speculation as to whether Greig was leading sportsmanship to hell in a handcart. Instead, there was much concern that the reversal of the dismissal set a worrying precedent for the rest of the tour, when every decision could now be decided by mob rule.”

 Patriotism is alive and kicking in the UK –they stand by their team whether right or wrong? Instead lets determine who is right and who is at fault.

 When Vinoo Mankad of India did something similar to Senanyake; a new word was mockingly coined in Fleet Street called ‘Mankadism’ but no such word was devised after Tony Greig’s horrendous event- instead he was elevated as the captain of the English team. A taste of good old British Justice would call it ‘Greged’

 Talking cricket is the most appreciative gesture towards the Brits out of colonialism in South Asia. British public is patriotic when they screamed cheats at the Sri Lankans and predictabily so – don’t ask whether it was reasonable? Brits were rooting for their country. British media – they are obliged to be more balanced and objective. They are not! Ask Cameron or Clegg, confidentially.


  1. Nanda Says:

    There is excessive greed than normal humans in the two breeds, the English and the Tamil. They cannot distinguish right from wrong. This is why they get along very well with each other.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    “There is excessive greed than normal humans in the two breeds, the English and the Tamil. They cannot distinguish right from wrong. This is why they get along very well with each other.”

    Very good observation!!

    But with some CLEVER manipulation we can PIT one against the other.

    e.g. Murali
    e.g. Murali (the other Murali)

    I’m REALLY REALLY surprised why Tamils didn’t carry out any of their FREEDOM FIGHTING ATTACKS on their hosts from where they collect money and buy missiles.

    BTW there is a new post in after such a long time.

    It is the FIRST in a series of introducing Tamil separatists contesting the Canadian election. I’m sure editors find it difficult to find a GENUINE foto (without the boob job) of Rathika.

  3. douglas Says:

    I think all cricket “Pandits” have lost sight of few “Key Questions” in this tournament.

    What was the Umpire doing, when this batsman stepped out of crease? I think he was the person “dozing” off. If the bowler gave warnings, this “Big Fat Judge” of the game would have taken very serious note and given the decision very much earlier than the bowler.

    Have you all noticed, how an umpire gives a decision on a “No Ball” when the bowlder keeps one or part of the foot out of the crease in the delivery. In that decision the batsman gets an additional “free hit” and if he hits a boundary, he gets four plus one. If this “Mighty God Judge” can make observations of that type, why he did not make his decision on a batsman who “leisurely” venture out of his crease? He should have given him “OUT”.

    If he is the “Deciding Judge” in the game, why he has to ask the Captain of the Sri Lanka team whether he wants to withdraw the appeal or not? That is not his “Business” to ask such questions from the Captain. As the events unfolded at that particular moment, one would ask who is the “Umpire”? What did he expect the Sri Lankan Captain to say? Possibly, he would have thought that he being a Sri Lankan this captain would meekly “subjugate” his right( and our too) to this “Imperialist Remnants”. In that respect. I bow down in honor to those two viz. bowler and the captain and the whole team who stood by them. It does not matter whether they loose or win; we tell the world to “PLAY THE GAME”. This must be our firm stand in all other matters too.

    Another hidden factor I have noticed in these English players is the “utter disregard and arrogance” they display when playing especially with us. This incident is a “mirror image” of that “arrogance”, in that, when the batsman was warned two times, he paid scant respect and continued to stray off the crease, as if to tell the bowler “You, yako from Sri Lanka, FO”. This is how I saw it and observed.

    Well done and congratulations to Captain Angelo, Sachithra and the whole team.

  4. Lorenzo Says:


    I agree with the article and comments.

    But there is ANOTHER (unpopular) side to the same coin. I will be UNPOPULAR for saying this. But that is Lorenzo – call a spade a SPADE.

    Hypocricy is also a VALID strategy. We MUST master it without just condemning it.

    Murali was run out for congratulating Sanga. But then Mahela complained about the spirit of the game!!

    We can also be HYPOCRITES like the WEST (preferred option)
    Or we can be STRAIGHT FORWARD always.

    “Muralitharan was run out after completing a single which gave Kumar Sangakkara his century. His wicket ended the Sri Lankan second innings at 170, leaving New Zealand a 119-run target for victory, which they achieved for the loss of five wickets.

    After grounding his bat to complete the run, Murali turned back to congratulate Sangakkara. But the ball had not been ruled dead allowing Brendon McCullum, the wicketkeeper, to whip the bails off.

    The dismissal stunned the Sri Lankans, who considered it was not in keeping with the true spirit of the competition. “The whole team is disappointed,” Mahela Jayawardene said. “Legally it was run out, the ball was alive but we play in an age where we talk about the spirit of the game. Hopefully it won’t happen again. It’s not the way to play cricket.”

    But Fleming argued it was within the law. “It was pretty disappointing that it takes the gloss off what I thought was a fantastic 100 by Sangakkara, but the ball was still alive and the game doesn’t stop when a player gets 100,” Fleming said. “You can’t just wander off when the ball’s in mid-air and if we’d had an overthrow I’m sure they would have taken that.

    “To my mind the ball’s still alive and .. certainly in the cut-throat environment of this competition it’s a mistake you can’t afford to make on their behalf.””

    – cricinfo

    We certainly learnt the lesson and IMPOVED.

    It is CHILDISH for Bopara to complain about it. Suck it up Bopara. We should be careful in the TESTS. Now the England team will play by the book and WE ARE READY.

    I absolutely LOVE it when our guys play their game of HYPOCRICY and BEAT them!! Way to go boys. Cricket is their game and so is hypocricy. Lets beat them in BOTH their games.

  5. Marco Says:

    I agree that it should be the Umpire who should warn the batsman (is it necessary to warn? – why not just call out 1 short as they do now when 2s and 3s are taken) and is it really not necessary to ask the Opposition Captain if he wants the appeal to be held. It makes a mockery of the rules. Is the Captain consulted on stumpings and run outs? I don’t see any difference to “mankading”.
    However, I’m not sure if the Umpire is able to have eyes on both the bowlers over-stepping the popping crease and batsman getting a head start at the same time. I suppose from his corner of his eyes he can judge if the batsman is getting a head start whilst concentrating on the popping crease.
    I wonder, would it not be better if the third umpire who has the benefit of the TV screens to bring to the notice of the on-field umpire on the transgressions of the batman. On-field Umpires are then in a better position to take appropriate action. I don’t believe a warning is required by the opposing players apart from i suppose a friendly word to the batsman to not to take liberties on his “backing up” (which every player is taught to do).
    On closer examination of the TV replays Butler was inches out of the popping crease when Senanayake was about to take his delivery stride. Butler carried on without realising Senanayake had stopped and whipped the bails out by which time Butler was yards out his crease.
    I’m led to believe that it was Chris Adams the Asst Coach who was aware of Butler’s doziness that first took note of it at the Lords Test when Butler & Bopara turned ones into twos.
    Most if not all English newspapers (apart from Michael Vaughan & Derek Pringle) were rather scathing on Butlers transgressions after two warnings including not shaking hands with Angelo Mathews and Senanayake. The English Newspapers including comments from the English were supportive of the Sri Lankan actions regarding this episode. The best Article was from Michael Atherton in the Times.

  6. Marco Says:

    A humorous email doing the rounds (pardon me if you have already seen it) I changed it slightly to add some spice

    “Today I gotting coll from the EmCeeCee felows to informe me that the Butler has been run
    out by one of my cricketerer felows and that the Cook is very unhappy. I first told the EmCeeCee felow “Yako my cricketers are playing cricket not working in kitchens”
    EmCeeCee felow tolding me that Butler and Cook were names of their cricketers lu… I tolding the EmCeeCee to pick some felows with good names otherwise peoples get confushen ne?
    anyways i tolding those buggers a few things
    1- Games was made by them
    2- Rooles were made by them
    3-Rooles were changed olso by them
    4- We play by the rooles. It clearly says battingsman cant go wolking all over the place.. yakagey aanduwak ney?
    Next time we will have the battingsman running to the other side befor the boll is bolled also
    I told olso its hard when the peoples who you once rooled and whom you teaching this game come and beat in your backside..But you broke the low, and you were given worning.. you broke the low again and given out

    I told the EmCeeCee felows to kindly give this message to the Cook, Butler, Root, Butcher, Onions, Pringles or whoever playing for Engerlanda Stop whinging and stop acting like a child just becos you lost the series and play the bloody game.
    I told the felow tell the Cook to spice it up becos my boyz are used to the hot stuff.”

  7. RohanJay Says:

    Hey hasn’t lankaweb got better things to do than talk about cricket? There are far more important events going on in the world which lankaweb should be focusing on. Eleven guys vs Eleven Guys and look at the comments section!
    Proof of the stupidity of the human race. I too want Sri Lanka to win. They won the series and I hope they win the test series as well which they have a very good chance of winning!
    Personally Sri Lanka could have won the match without resorting to the Mankad. While its within the rules imagine if every cricket match mankad was used or an under arm was used. Cricket will turn into a farce. I was disappointed in Sri Lanka for using the Mankad. But I would like to read it in sports section not on a serious political website like Lankaweb as there are many important developments happening in the world and people shouldn’t be distracted by the bread and circuses events of sports as much as I like them. But it is only entertainment, nothing more. No bearing on real political events. People get a grip!

  8. douglas Says:

    RohanJay: As far as I am concerned, eating from the same “Bath Kade” day in an day out with same menu is not that fun and enjoyable. So don’t you think, once in a way to venture out to a different “Kade” and have a taste of a different menu. In that context “Lanka Web” provides that difference of taste with different writers on varying subjects giving us a chance to enjoy very many verities of subjects. I enjoy it and wish Lanka Web to continue with that.

    Marco: You are correct and I too think the “Leg Umpire” and the “Umpire sitting up” giving decisions on the matters referred to are the best to assist the main man. They are all paid to do a job and all must do it well with “No Nonsense”.

    Thank you. I enjoyed that e mail.

  9. Nanda Says:

    ” eating from the same “Bath Kade” day in an day out with same menu is not that fun and enjoyable”

    I don’t agree, because that was I doing for 2-3 years some 12 years ago and IT WAS VERY ENJOYABLE. It depends on the cook.

  10. Nanda Says:

    Time to time you make some illogical arguments.

    ““Muralitharan was run out after completing a single which gave Kumar Sangakkara his century. His wicket ended the Sri Lankan second innings at 170, leaving New Zealand a 119-run target for victory, which they achieved for the loss of five wickets”.

    -Here, Murali was not warned. I can’t remember this incident but it appears that Murali’s going out of the crease was innocently to congratulate Sanaga. What similarly (of hypocrisy) this incident got to do with the one in England, where this English FOOL assumed he is ruling the world and came out of the crease challenging Senannayake , checking his courage ?”

    Going back to other comment, yes, I agree the 2nd Murali can be a good hitman.

  11. Nanda Says:

    Shall we propose Senannayake for the Presidency of Sri Lanka ?

  12. douglas Says:

    Nanda: In this case the “COOK” has SPOILED the “Broth”. So there is NOTHING to enjoy. Please don’t put this Senanayake fellow into that “Broth”. Let us have him a nice life in the REALM he has chosen.

  13. aloy Says:

    Nanda, I too think a Senanayeke should be proposed for the Presdency, but not from the same bath Kade at Sirikotha. If the fellows from Kade (Ali Mankada) vote for a UN probe the Kade should be stoned and all wal aliyas should be chased out from the Kade.

  14. Nanda Says:

    This Senanayake is different to ones in the past , not a Colombian and will not go into the same broth or eat in the Ali Kade, even if they give free Bath. Thosai Kade is better than Ali Kade.
    I agree cook has spoiled the broth and he is now secretly eating from Thosai Kade. Our bugger don’t know this and think his Bath Kade is still the best.
    I am proposing him because of the scarcity of males with marbles. I don’t mind voting for even a woman with marbles, not just the male voice.

  15. Lorenzo Says:


    There is NO requirement to give a warning!

    All cricketers must know the RULES.

    Look what Mahela said. He never said anything about warnings. He only talked about the RULES and the SPIRIT of the game.

    I agree Senanayake should be nominated for presidency. Or even Suraj is OK. He had the balls to ball a no ball to an Endian so that the Endian could NOT get his LAST century!! Sanga told him to.

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    Agree with Aloy.

    Anyone who votes for the UNHRC investigation MUST be stoned to death Sharia style!

    He is a traitor and a terrorist.

    Good move by MR.

    Elections next year. UriNePee will lose the election if they vote for it pants down!!

  17. Sooriarachi Says:

    I think Butler was too arrogant to heed the warning given by the bowler, who also informed the umpire on each occasion. I watched this incident live on the internet, where Butler had moved out of crease well before the bowler even placed his foot over the wicket to commence each delivery, and by the time the bowler delivers the ball, Butler would have been a couple of yards out of crease. Apparently this has happened in the previous game too, where the English batsmen had been warned for stepping out of crease at the bowler’s end, resulting in converting singles in to twos, in a game where every run mattered. It is not in the spirit of the game to deliberately steel runs in this manner and expect to be only warned.

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