Mechanism to prevent further escalation of religious violence
Posted on June 16th, 2014

Courtesy The Daily  Mirror

In the aftermath of the flare up in Aluthgama and nearby areas, several Buddhist and Muslim religious leaders backed by politicians agreed to set up a mechanism to prevent further escalation of violence, officials said.Prime Minister D.M. Jayaratne, in his capacity as Minister of Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs, chaired a meeting at the Kalutara District Secretariat today. The meeting was attended by Economic Development Minister Basil Rajapaksa, Senior Minister A.H.M. Fowzie, Ministers MaitripalaSirisena, S.B. Dissanayake, Dallas Alahapperuma and Kumara Welgama, several district politicians, Police Chief N.K. Ilangakoon and other senior police officers.Police said Sunday’s riots at Aluthgama and Dharga Town had left two people dead and 36 injured while several houses and shops were either burnt down or damaged. The injured were admitted to Nagoda General Hospital.

They said the deceased were identified as Mohamed Zahran (38) and Mohamed Shiraz (36) of Welipitiya.

A Buddhist monk, three police officers including an inspector, a sergeant and three constables, the Aluthgama Daily Mirror and Lankadeepa correspondent SarathSiriwardene were among those injured.

Minister A.H.M. Fowzie pointed out that the situation had now been brought under control and that it was the responsibility of all concerned to join hands to maintain law and order.

SLMC Parliamentarian M.S.M. Aslam and Western Provincial Councillor M.M.M. Amraz also spoke to the media. (Kelum Bandara and Sunil Thanthriarachchi)

7 Responses to “Mechanism to prevent further escalation of religious violence”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    This is just a joke.

    To resolve the matter SACK the justice minister who is BIASED against non-Muslims.

    As long as he continues, he will be BIASED against non-Muslims and people will rise. Govt. is playing politics with it.

  2. Nanda Says:

    This is just a joke. To resolve the matter SACK the justice minister and more ministers who are BIASED against non-Muslims.

    Prime Mafia D.M. Jayaratne – Friend of drug importing Muslim Mafia. He is not the Minister of Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs.

    S.B. Dissanayake – another hooligan looking after our education !

    Ministers Maitripala Sirisena – I know personally he has Muslim Businessman friends into importing KiriPity who kill Sinhala Children.

    Don’t know about others.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Its ALWAYS the fault of Sinhalese. Tamils and Muslims are NEVER at fault!

    Looking at WORLD NEWS says the OPPOSITE!!
    If you are a Tamil racist the RICH Tamil diaspora pays you.
    If you are a Muslim racist the RICH Saudi Wahab pays you.
    If you are a Sinhala racist or moderate or even a surendee, no one pays you.

  4. Ratanapala Says:

    There is nobody to protect the rights of the Sinhalese! Angee Indagena Kana Kema!

    This is what Muslims do. While enjoying all the perks of government, a favorable Buddhist hating media and foreign money, they are slowly encroaching to take over Sri Lanka and make it another Istan! Muslims who did not have the right to own land before the British arrived in Sri Lanka are now buying into the most important prime land in Sri Lanka. They use the money they earn retailing to the majority Sinhalese. Muslims and Tamils are buying off beautified Colombo, Street by street, by displacing Sinhalese from their land. Colombo is almost gone and outer Colombo areas are going the same way. Even the wild life reserves are not safe. Recently a Muslim Minister boasted about the number of Muslims in Nuwara Eliya. Soon this town too will be their exclusive domain, another Beruwala, another Gampola – exclusively for the Muslims! and soon Kandy too!

    When Col Gadaffi came to Sri Lanka in 1976 to attend the Non Aligned Summit in Sri Lanka, he gave a radio interview. In this he called upon the Muslims of Sri Lanka to

    1. Increase their population ratio in Sri Lanka
    2. To buy land along side major trunk roads.
    3. I forget ( This must be in Radio Ceylon archives)

    Now we can see how far they have adhered to his request.

    There is nobody to protect the rights of the Sinhalese. Sinhala thugs in the pay of the minorities – Muslims and Tamils, who have entered the parliament using thuggery threaten the Sinhalese. Sinhalese cannot buy land in the Northern Province and excluded from some parts of Eastern Province. Sinhalese who are diplaced from the North are not allowed to re-settle. Silence of the Sinhala lambs is deafening.

    Elsewhere little little Muslim pockets are mushrooming. A few Muslims come to live in a particular location, then a tin-sheet mosque comes up, then the loud speakers and slowly the neighbors leave in disgust, and land gets sold to Muslims and so it goes on!

    Tamils and Muslims can settle anywhere in the land and expand their territories whereas the all the laws of the land stand against the Sinhalese. Just try and buy a piece of land in Tea Country areas. Tamils who got citizenship now own the land on which they work too. No Sinhalese can buy land there. This is Sinhala land robbed under the Waste Land Ordinance of the British – who acquired the land and sold to British planters.

    All those who got displaced by the construction of the Kotmale Hydro Reservoirs couldn’t even buy a piece of land to bury their dead. This is where the Sinhalese are! Thousands who were displaced by these constructions were given land in inhospitable and unfamiliar land in Mahaweli C areas – Girandurukotte and other where they died in hundreds due to malaria and other calamities for which they were not used to being people from higher altitudes like Kotamale.

    Another onslaught is on the way from Maldives. They are Muslims and coming in droves to settle in Sri Lanka and buying into prime land in and around Colombo and other developed areas of Sri Lanka and increase the Muslim population.

    The recent cases of alleged attacks by Buddhists are only desperate attempts by Buddhists groups who do not find anybody to protect their land and rights. Politicians come to power with their votes, they win the war with Sinhala blood, sweat and tears and Sinhalese end up sucking lemons. Sinhalese are left between the devil and deep blue sea! However it is important that Buddhist have the same patience that they showed during the 30 year Eelam War to claim their rightful place in their motherland.

    Tamils to the North and Dumb Sea to the South – Whither Sinhala? Prince Dutu Gemunu

  5. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Read the article and the comments. I got a sense that again the Sinhalese Buddhist culture is fighting a defensive war. If the comments are right then neighborhood after neighborhood, city after city is being taken over by Muslims.

    The Tamils have effectively blocked the Sinhalese from resettling in their lands in the Northern and Eastern provinces. Colombo is favoring the Muslims and Tamils over the Sinhalese, leaving the ethnic crisis to simmer till it explodes. Then a patch work repair job is done and the Tamil Diaspora to the UNHRC get more traction.

    These days Sri Lanka is only mentioned by the Western media when ethnic flare ups occur. Then only President Obama takes note to chastise Sri Lanka and moves on.

    It leaves me with this question. If this was happening in any Muslim nation it would get some coverage by the Media but would not get the attention of heads of state like President Obama. The whole scale purge of the Coptic Christians still going on in Egypt got some coverage but has now been eclipsed first by Ukraine and now by Iraq.

    Keeping in mind “two wrongs do not make a right” it must be noted that the world powers ignore far more intolerance from the Muslim world but expect far more tolerance from the non Muslim world even if it at the cost of their cultural existence. The US to Europe are now basket cases when it comes to preserving traditional culture and now their heads want the rest of the world to follow their Secular example of self inflicted cultural decay.

    In the US whole scale illegal immigration of Hispanic Catholics are allowed to enter the nation. There are already 30 million illegals in the US and thousands are now pouring in. They will change the demographics of the US within 10 to 20 years. They will become the dominant culture and by that Spanish would replace English (it is already accepted as a second language) and Protestantism will be destroyed by South and Central American Catholicism.

    The implications will be far reaching. it would change the US from a European centric nation to a “New World centric” nation. The US will emerge as the largest “Latin American nation” in the world, far surpassing Brazil. The current White/Black Protestant culture will be minorities in their own homeland. This will be in tandem to the rise of South America as a regional power with Brazil and Argentina leading them. The cultural roots of the dominant Hispanic population of the US will be only a few thousand miles to the south. They have not changed and they have no reason to change.

    All the aparatus that makes the US a world power will go to the hands of the new Hispanic population. They would range from Hollywood, NASA, to Washington D.C. They would determine the laws of this nation be it the Supreme court to the judicial system. It was a European centric US that made the US a world power. Without that the US as a Latin American nation would focus her attention mainly on the nations of the New World leaving Europe to Russia.

    The Demographic tectonic change now occuring in the US would remove her from the world stage. allow the Papacy to have a stronger voice in Washington D.C. and let other rival powers rise to fill the vacuum left by the US.

    Similar cultural changes are also happening in Europe where the European Muslims are determined to change the bastion of Christianity into an “Islamic continent”. These are the stakes which Sri Lanka being the oldest unbroken Buddhist nation in the world now faces. Die as a Buddhist nation to the alien forces of Christianity, Hinduism and Islam or scorn the world wide rebuke and fight for nation and Buddhism. The Muslims will not give in. they will expand across Sri Lanka with the same ferocity shown by the Tamil tigers in their claim for Eelam. Between the Muslims and the Hindu Tamils Buddhism in Sri Lanka will go the way Protestantism is going in the US and Christianity is dying in Europe.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    The Tamils have effectively blocked the Sinhalese from resettling in their lands in the Northern (Tamil CM) and Eastern (Muslim CM) provinces

    United Mother Lanka !!!

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Muslim racists are NOT blamed by the media!!

    This is ridiculous. They STARTED the riot. SL is not alone. Muslims are rioting AROUND THE WORLD.

    Please refer the religion of peace website.

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