Who cast the first stone in Aluthgama.
Posted on June 19th, 2014

Herold Leelawardena

Starting a debate about Aluthgama riots in parliament, opposition leader, Ranil Wickramasinghe asked how riots started and what business Buddhists monks have in Darga town. As usual, Ranil displayed that he has no background knowledge but preconceived ideas. Ranil didn’t know that Pathirajagoda temple is located in Darga town and ven. Ayagama Samitha who was attacked by some Muslim youth and then hospitalized on Poson Poya day lives there. In his reply PM read out something but not about the important things like the road to Pathirajagoda Temple from Aluthgama town lay a Muslim mosque that monks have to pass by. What had happened here is akin to what had happened in 1915 Poson Poya day.

Al Jazeera news said Riots by Sinhala Buddhist mobs targeting the Muslim population.” CNN says, 3 Muslims killed in Buddhist mob attacks in Sri Lanka.” That was typical of all reporting. None reported how and who started the riots.

This year’s Poson Poya day had been a fateful day. Ven Ayagama Samitha was on this way to a Bana  (sermon), and his vehicle had unexpectedly bottlenecked with a vehicle in which some Muslim youth were travelling. None wanted to back and clear the way for the other to pass. They got into an argument with the driver and ended in a scuffle. The monk was hospitalized and a complaint was made to the police. But the police didn’t apprehend the offenders and that sets a set of events that lead to the mayhem that followed.

When ven Samitha was checked out of the hospital on the following day, and there was a reception to receive him at Aluthgama town by BBS. After the reception Ven. Samitha was taken to his temple in a procession.

This widely circulated armature video clip covered a part of that procession for a few minutes. It appeared in CT as well. https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/video-who-started-the-riot/

To start with, we cannot see any participant carrying any stone like things in their hands or as they were marching ready for trouble. All were walking in absolute calm and quiet.

Now observe what Muslim elder with a pres-cap in the video clip doing while people were walking by calm and quiet? The said man had raised his both hands to tell or signal someone or many in an upstairs of a side building of something. The way the man was waving his hands, indicate that something is going on in that building and the man was concerned about it and therefore signalled them not to do that ‘something’.

Continue to watch the clip carefully. Few moments in to action by the pres-cap man, two other men joined him to do exactly the same thing what the pres-cap man was doing. All of them were gesturing upstairs with their hands not to do that ‘something’. After that, I guess, things must have thrown at the procession for then only people in the procession started to throw thing back at where those three men was gesturing to.  There had been no report to say those three men (apparently Muslim) were beaten.

So, the vital question is, who threw things first? Cannot it be here that the first stone was thrown that started the mayhem? Police could easily check on this information and analysis and take it as a lead to expand their investigation.



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  1. Senevirath Says:

    there is no leader with a back bone to declare that sri lanka is a Sinhala Buddhist country. long time ago poor helayas built this country and now our selfish leaders share it with unwanted crowd. muslims have killed more than 270 million non islamists in the world
    Sinhala Buddhism can stop this but not nirmala Buddhism. we need another Sinhala Buddhist DUTUGEMUNU

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Muslims have a religious habit of STONE THROWING. Stoning NON BELIEVERS and women is VERY COMMON in Islamic societies. If you check in youtube you find PLENTY of such instances.

    They started this riot and paid for it.

    Darga town should be RELOCATED to Jaffna or Batticaloa district. Which idiot built this Darga town and Yonakapura? Damn that fool.

  3. jayasiri Says:

    AGAIN some idiot blocked my wruiting. AS I was saying Tamils & Muslims being minorities cannot expect SPECIAL STATUS when they are a minority in the HOST Country. It did not happen in Western Europe or in USA, so why should it happen in Sri Lanka?.
    Our leadership is so weak, and DEMANDS COME from all types of people & somehow GOVT. gives them to keep everybody at peace. MUSLIMS should NOT move into Sinahla Buddhist areas & build MOSQUES, NOR Tamils should have pagentry & KOVILS in the heart of a BUDDHIST CITY which is Colombo.

    THIS is considered by SINHALE BUDDHISTS as a probvocation & they RESENT that. Muslims & Tamisl MUST learn to get aong with THE MAJORITY race. period. There are NO way out of this. IF THEY cannot they should leave the country of Sri Lanka.
    Tamils have learned the LESSON and left. NOW its Muslims turn. Getalong with the majority & live in peace or LEAVE SRI Lanka.

    Nobody likes to have trounle makers, DRUG pushers, in a Buddhist country. They should find some other place to emigrate & live……..The countries in west always look for something or someone just to ESCALATE small issue out of propotions. This has been their ULTERIOR motives to de-stablize a country. Tamils & Mulims fall for these traps……Always remember when you are in a country learn the NEW CUSTOMS, LANGUAGEand be part of socity NOT TO DEMAND one after another.

    Thank you all…..IT IS UNITED, ONE COUNTRY, UNDER ONE LEADER….May the Noble triple GEMS protect us……..J

  4. Nanda Says:

    “Darga town should be RELOCATED to Jaffna or Batticaloa district. Which idiot built this Darga town and Yonakapura? Damn that fool.”

    I believe Darga Town came under UNP fool’s regime. In the contrary DS Senanayaka built many Sinhala villages.

  5. Nanda Says:

    Some incidents.

    1. Two police officers were hospitalised following an acid attack while they were on duty at the Mawanella District Court premises this morning. Police said the two officers were transferred to the Kegalle Hospital from the Mawanella Hospital due to their critical condition.

    2. Damaging a Buddha statue in Kotiyakumbura

    3. Arson attack on a shop belonging to a Sinhalese at Darga town by another group of Sinhalese.

    4. The police detained four Muslim youth trying to set some tyres ablaze at Pallimunai.

    5. Stones were also thrown at two SLTB buses at Saindamarudhu in the Ampara District, damaging them.

    6. The police seized petrol bombs and knives from a Buddhist temple and a Muslim shop in Darga town.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Boycott ALL Muslim businesses until they give up ANTI BUDDHIST attacks and APOLOGIZE for the BARBARIC attack on a MONK. This is the BEST and MOST peaceful Ghandhian way of doing things. NO violence PLEASE.

    It is dangerous to go to Muslim eateries, food shops and shops selling edible stuff (cooked or uncooked) now because they POISON food served to Sinhalese.

    Most Muslim garment shops have hidden cameras in the FIT ON rooms (2 of them recently caught out).

    Muslim owned phamacies sell OUT OF EXPIRY DATE medicine to Tamils and Sinhalese with changed labels.

    These are FACTS many people know but few has the courage to tell. Once these start to hurt extremists they will stop or perish.

  7. Caesar Says:

    Dire warning to Sinhela people !

    As you are reading this the MUSLIM attacks on Hela specifically Buddhists are on incline where as per our careful and lengthy investigations it has been found that the MUSLIMS are in the secret operation and preparation to launch an all out armed attack on Buddhists who are without arms and without any help from the rulers or security forces. Incidentally this is in coincidence with 1915 MUSLIM riot against Hela Buddhists under the British rule and MUSLIMS managed to manipulate the British anger against Hela and get marshal law declared to massacre the Hela Buddhist people to whim and fancy of MUSLIMS.

    We cannot afford to face similar situation and we Hela too must prepare counter attack and it has to be all out with maximum possible force, since there is no protection could be expected from the president Rajapaksha and his govt. that now bows to MUSLIMS to our total dismay.

    A disastrous situation is very close by and therefore we very clearly inform Hela people to be away from MUSLIM Shops entirely and definitely, otherwise in which case the Hela people inside MUSLIM establishments may become Hostages as well as Victims of attacks.

    • From now on please do not even stay closer to a MUSLIM Shop!

    • Do not go in to purchase anything inside a MUSLIM Shop!

    “ MAKARAAKSHA “ only protection for Hela

  8. douglas Says:

    At least now the people abroad are talking about the “Immediate Cause” that brought out this “mayhem” in Aluthgama. I have been writing on the necessity to evaluate the “immediate prior causes” before coming into conclusions. It is happening now and encouraged to find our conviction of “Samma Ditti”. and “Samma Sankappa” that lead us to “Panna” – “WISDOM”

    The first incident in Alutgama was a “Muslim” sexually assaulting a “Sinhala Boy” that led to the burning down of a shop and “protest rally” that followed. The second was this “assault” of the Buddhist Priest and his driver by two “Muslim Youths”; that also on the Poson Poya Day.

    I read with dismay, an article published in this page tracing the history of BBS, Sihala Ravaya; Ravana Balakay etc. and attempting to connect all such organizations as “Mush Room” outfits sponsored by various political parties. Yet, having granted that as another aspect of the whole situation, he did not make any attempt to tell the reading public why and how these organizations came up since 2009. I suppose he/she too had a hidden agenda and let be like that and it is considered an entitlement – “Right”.

    One thing that must be understood and take responsibility in both these incidents is the “dismal failure” of the Law Enforcement Authorities. If our Law Enforcement Authorities do ignore the outside pressures and get down to do a “Job of Work” assigned in an “honorable manner”, most of these “ugly” incidents could be nipped in the bud. Their “DERELICTION” has caused immense damage to the society at large. They have almost reduced themselves to a band of “Nitwits”that even those in court premises are attacked with acid.

    Next comes the “Intelligence Services” of the country. I must say it is very poorly constituted compared to in some of the countries. A good eye opener in this regard is, we have to wait till the Interpol advised us of the presence of Islamic Groups that have infiltrated to the country in the guise of “Refugees”, “Madrasi Preachers”, who are engaged in various “Brain Washing” activities of the Muslims spread among the Sinhala villages. We have failed to “find out” how these groups are funded and how their spending activities are carried out. We saw how such a “Group” called a Press Conference in Colombo and handed over a “Gift” of Rs.500.00 to each journalist who were invited to cover the discussions. The conveners would have got a clue from the “Lap Top” distribution we did at the Temple Trees. What could be expected from these journalists and what are they “obliged” to do? It is anybody’s guess.

    Therefore it is no wonder, all the Politicians of all colors; Religious/Community Leaders; Academics; Law Enforcement Personnel rally to “REMIND and “APPEAL” mainly to the Sinhala Buddhists to follow the Buddha’s Teachings and “stay calm” and “meditate” on “Ahimsa” and “Tolerance”. So in this background, is it strange for UN; USA; MIDDLE EASTERN NATIONS, EU; THE ACADEMICS; to remind and preach us the same “Dharma”.

    All the categories in our society and those outside us know and have well identified the SINHALA BUDDHIST MODAYAS. Do we have to be that?

  9. Lorenzo Says:


    So who cast the first stone in Aluthgama?


    BTW it is not confined to SL. Read about ANY Muslim country and you see this is the NORM not the exception among Muslims.

    FYI NO ONE in the outside world call Sinhalese modayas. It is Tamil racists IN SL who say this!!

    Latest news – UK BANS Muslim from becoming school principals. Are all the non-Muslims around the world WRONG all the time?

  10. SA Kumar Says:

    In the contrary DS Senanayaka built many Sinhala villages.- Where ? in Saiva TE land , why not in Sinha Lanka land !!!

    have well identified the SINHALA BUDDHIST MODAYAS ! It is Tamil &your parents portugues say this

  11. Marco Says:

    The article above by Mr Herold Leelawardena is laced with conjecture.
    What is that “something”?
    He further “guesses” that stones were thrown at the people in the procession.
    None of these suppositions are evidenced in the video apart from people in the procession throwing items.

    However, i agree with the author that the Police should investigate this thoroughly – not based on this video but the initial incident between the muslim youths, the driver and Ven Ayagama Samitha that sparked off this ugly incident that again tarnishes the image of Sri Lanka which has resulted in Australia issuing a Travel advisory note and possibly the Pakistan Defence Chief postponing his visit to Sri Lanka.
    The Sri Lankan press/media should be allowed to report on the facts surrounding the initial incident and the repercussions thereafter.
    The Govt should take action against all perpetrators including people inciting hatred towards fellow Sri Lankans.

  12. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    To Jayasiri: “Tamils have learned the LESSON and left. NOW its Muslims turn. Getalong with the majority & live in peace or LEAVE SRI Lanka.” I agree. Let me post this question to you. You state “Get along with the majority and live in peace or leave Sri lanka” The definition of what is the “majority” is rapidly changing. Soon the Muslims would be in the majority. Then what?

    the problem is not getting along with a changing “status quo” but to stem the tide of Islamic, Tamil Hindu to Christian forces against Sinhalese Buddhism. it has to be stopped NOW or they will become the majority.

    As for the article, it has to be written in order to deal with the issue in Aluthgama but on the long term how is Buddhist Sri Lanka going to stop the rising population of Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Secularists all bent on defeating Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

    A long range plan to make Buddhism a state religion is a definite answer. Then by law these religions can be nipped or even eliminated out of a Buddhist Theocracy.

    We all know that 50 odd Muslim nation have made Islam a state religion and by that preserved their religion and culture. Here are 15 Christian nations who have done the same:

    Costa Rica
    El Salvador
    I got this information by typing “Nations with a predominant Christian population Wikipedia”

    So we have 50 odd Muslim nations and 15 Christian nations who have made their faith a state faith and they are economically successful nations. Most of these nations are also culturally sound. None of these nations are dragged by the UN for making either Christianity or Islam a state based faith.

  13. Nanda Says:

    Please listen for the truth.


  14. Nanda Says:

    Please watch the true story from Sinhalas. Goto you tube + link below


  15. Lorenzo Says:


    You are right BUT there is NO NEED to derogate Muslims who have the same right as us.

    There is a subtle but CLEAR difference between becoming one of them and keeping SL safe from them. Lets keep safe from them but NOT become one of them.

    Only a total FOOL would eat from a Muslim shop or restaurant now. They poison food. FOOLS who patronize Muslim shops deserve to be poisoned.

  16. Lorenzo Says:


    How is your 89,000 Tamil MAHAVEER war widow modayas and their dead MAHAVEER muttals doing? You want more?

    If you love Muslims so much why not get them to Jaffna and forget about Yarl thangachchis?

  17. Lorenzo Says:


    Thanks for sharing.

    World must know the TRUTH. Only the JIHAD side of the story gets out.

  18. SA Kumar Says:

    89,000 Tamil MAHAVEER war widow modayas ? so who ever die in liberation war is Moddayas ??

    FYI Already Muslims come backed to Jalpanam now ( tailar shop, butcher shop, etc.. in Jaffna town) also We wellcome Chinhala bakery, books shop etc…. to NP (TE) !

  19. Marco Says:

    It’s not often i agree with Malinda although i acknowledge he is a good writer and enjoy his writing style.

    How can the IGP take action when his hands are tied?
    Blaming first-stone-thrower is a joke.

    The IGP Must Resign!
    By Malinda Seneviratne

    These are days of frayed tempers, perceived grievances, real threats and real fears that can cloud and blow away reason. This is the hour or the rumor-monger. This is the hour of the extremist. This is the hour of the passionate and irresponsible.

    The word on the street is ‘Aluthgama’. Indeed it is the word on every street where matters of yesterday, today and tomorrow, matters of the nation and its destiny, matters of unrest and fear and other related matters are discussed. Aluthgama moved from the Kalutara district to Colombo and Badulla. ‘This is 83-July all over again,’ some said. Not true, but we could get there.

    There were arguments over who threw the first stone, as though it justified throw-return and more. After all it is hard to pin it down to first stone cast when there were only a handful of STF men to ‘protect the (BBS) procession’ in Dharga Town. STF personnel were clearly confused because their orders were specific. One source explained thus: ‘The Muslims keep saying that the STF sided with the mob. We didn’t. We were acting on our orders which were specific and were about protecting the procession.’

    It was not, let us repeat, not a peaceful procession. There were anti-Muslim slogans, there was whipping of hysteria, there was undisguised inciting of violence against Muslims in a Muslim majority area by people who had petrol cans and carried weapons. Literally minutes after that ‘first stone’ Muslims and Muslim-owned premises were attacked and torched in Adhikarigoda, Aluthgama and the interior of Dharga Town.

    Most of all, it is hard to pin it down on first stone when Buddhist monks torched a shopping complex in Aluthgama more than a month ago over an alleged molestation of a Buddhist child by a Muslim, the relative of the shop owner, when in fact CCTV evidence disproved the allegation. The shop was torched only several days later.

    Blaming first-stone-thrower is therefore a joke.

    There are questions which are not funny, though. If Azath Salley was arrested for ‘hate speech’, why is Rev Galagodaaththe Gnanasaara still free? Why did the Police not prevent the BBS rally despite many pleas to do so from many quarters (a planned ‘BBS’ rally in Mawanella was stopped, after all)? Why was the STF not ordered to maintain peace but instructed only to ‘protect the procession’? Why didn’t the police stop armed mobs scurrying around with clubs and violent intent (not just in Aluthgama on Sunday but elsewhere too thereafter)?

    Most importantly, why did the Inspector General of Police N.K. Ilangakoon state that a Buddhist monk had been assaulted when he had no evidence to support the claim? The Judicial Medical Officer’s report which would have either proven or refuted the said monk’s claim (as of Friday) has not been issued. Highly placed sources at the Attorney General’s Office could not confirm that the monk had indeed been assaulted.

    If there was convoluted justification of last Sunday’s violence and if justification spurred further violence the blame falls squarely on the IGP for making the following (irresponsible) statement: ‘Three Muslims in a trishaw assaulted the driver and the Buddhist monk. The Buddhist monk was in hospital receiving treatment for two days and then discharged. He was to be taken to the temple in a procession when the incident occurred.’

    The IGP offered speculation as fact. That’s incompetent and irresponsible. Yesterday the Muslim-owned ‘No Limit’ outlet in Panadura was torched. While it is not clear how it all happened, it is clear that the sequence of events prompt people to connect dots and reach conclusion, wrong though they may be. Tinkering with the truth and lying outright causes friction, throw out sparks and cause infernos that are hard to put out.

    It is wrong to blame it all on one person, but it is equally wrong not to point out those who provided fuel and matchstick, tossed in extra firewood and refused to douse it even though they had all the water necessary to do the job. We have to take issue with the IGP. He must resign forthwith.

  20. Lorenzo Says:

    Nonsense from Micro as usual.

    Who started the Elam war? Tamils. They FIRED THE FIRST SHOT in 1975 killing Duraiappah.

    Who threw the first MISSILE in the Aluthgama thing? Muslims.

    Tamils are suffering with 89,000 Mahaveer war widows. Do they get a PENSION? NO! They rely on GREASE DEVILS to earn a living doing the world’s oldest profession. EVERY Tamil family in Jaffna has at least ONE close relative dead due to war.

    This will be the SAME FATE of Muslims IF they follow Tamil LOSERS’ path.

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