Are Sri Lankan Buddhist extremists filling the Tamil LTTE void?
Posted on June 20th, 2014

Prof. Hudson McLean

Fear, shock among Sri Lankan Muslims in aftermath of Buddhist mob violence
By Iqbal Athas and Tim Hume, CNN

June 20, 2014 — Updated 0601 GMT (1401 HKT)
This is sad, bad news!
My opinon has been and still is, that real Buddhists have always been kind, tolarent, humane and non-violent.
I might place the blame on those who are responsible for the Law Enforcement in Sri Lanka, for not taking immediate action to *nip in the bud’ any reasons for such violence, whether it be Muslims, Buddhists or possible Tamil elements.
The Rajapaksa regime has undoubtably done an excellent act in containing Tamil extremism, and now the latest events allegedly started by Muslims, have to be carefully investigated. 
Muslims have had their bad days when they sided with Tamil LTTE, but overall the Muslims have maintained a peaceful co-existence with the Sinhala.
What Sri Lanka does not need is that this spark may start a fire much larger than the Tamil problem, whilst I still were to question if this was created by likes of Tamil sympathisers.
Hopefully Mahinda and brothers take immediate action to contain this tragic matter before Navi Pillai pokes her nose into it.
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9 Responses to “Are Sri Lankan Buddhist extremists filling the Tamil LTTE void?”

  1. Nanda Says:

    Before attacking Buddhist please see,

  2. Nanda Says:

    Dear professor,
    This is not the work of Buddhist extremists . This the result of a government acting in FEAR.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    We remember good OLD LTTE FART Iqbal Athas.

    No wonder he twisted the truth. Don’t trust him. The world KNOWS who the terrorists are. They see what happens in IRAQ, Syria, etc. etc. and in their own backyards.

    Are the Buddhists killing people there? NO. Muslims = the common denominator of violence in EVERY COUNTRY where there are more than 200,000 Muslims.

    It was a SAD event that should have been avoided.

    But when JIHADISTS and AL QAEDAS block the way of a Buddhist monk going to an important sermon on a religious day (Poson Day), abuse and assault him, throw chopped cow heads into the temple, throw stones at the temple, vandalize the temple, burn Sinhala shops and houses, shout filth at monks, sexually abuse children, get away with it and throw acid to unarmed police officers, etc. these things happen.

    There is THIRD PARTY evidence of JIHAD and AL QAEDA presence in SL.

  4. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Dear Professor.
    In reality, there are no Buddhist extremists in the country. If you really examine the the truth you can see very clearly the trouble in Sri Lanka was started by Jihadist group instigated by Taliban affiliated organizers.
    You wait and see. Very soon you will find the same problem in UK and in other European countries as well.
    Just follow the news
    Taliban Now In Sri Lanka: Interpol Confirms
    Interpol has warned local intelligence agencies that the Taliban is operating within Sri Lanka.
    Interpol, which is now in touch with Sri Lankan authorities on this matter, is of the belief that the international terrorist organization is using Sri Lanka as an easy transit point to Middle East and other Asian countries.
    Intelligence services also believe that some Taliban members have entered the country using forged documents.
    Taliban Now In Sri Lanka: Interpol Confirms
    They are also believed to be engaged in smuggling and other illegal activities with the cooperation of locals in Colombo and Kattankudy areas.
    Taliban is an Islamic fundamentalist military organization which was formed in Afghanistan and later spread its wings to Pakistan and the Middle East.
    Meanwhile, speaking to media last month, Terrorism Research Expert Dr. Rohan Gunaratna reiterated that overseas Islamist terror cells are operating in Lanka posing a severe threat to Sri Lanka’s national security.
    Commenting on the arrest of Lankan Islamist terror suspect Mohammed Zakir Hussain in Chennai, India, Dr. Gunaratna said Hussain’s associates were still active, jeopardizing the security of entire region that includes Sri Lanka, India and the Maldives.

  5. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    I wrote a comment in an article in the Times of India titled “Sri Lankan Muslims cut back Friday prayer after unrest”

    “”Excuse me for I am only a Buddhist”. Maybe that is what Buddhists need to say to the world. Of all the major religions of the world excluding Sikhism and Judaism, Buddhism has been on the defensive for a thousand years. India was her birthplace and Buddhism gave to the world her first Universities. With the onset of Islam the famous Buddhist University of Nalanda was not simply destroyed, it was obliterated by Mohammed Kilji. That act ended the illustrious age of Buddhism in India that reigned from 500 BC with the teachings of Buddha, rose to prominence under Emperor Ashoka in 300 BC and was snuffed out in 1197 by the Muslim invader and vandal Mohammed Kilji. a period of 1600 years of Indian Buddhism came to an abrupt end.

    In the 20th century Buddhism again was attacked by Communism (or an extreme version of Secularism). China the largest Buddhist nations succumbed to Maoist Communism. Vajrayana Buddhism in Tibet fell to the same fate. In the early the mid 20th century Buddhism was on the retreat attacked by Islam, Christianity, Communism, and Secularism from alien cultures. Sri Lanka is the oldest unbroken Buddhist nation in the world with a civilization who has the pride to state it has also an unbroken written history. Only China shares that and even then it was under Buddhism. Then Sri Lanka had to face the specter of Hindu Tamil separatism for 30 years since she got her independence. Again Buddhism was attacked and valiantly defended to defeat the Tamil Separatists and once more unite the nation.

    Now it faces the insidious expansion of Islam on the one hand and evangelical Christianity on the other. “Buddhist” Sri Lanka has faced such attacks upon her faith before to a world that thought it morally right to do so. Now the world simply ignores the expansions of these alien faiths in Buddhist land calling it “a harmonious existence of diversity”. It is not. It is the very act of tearing apart the nation, culture and religion. Muslims know this quite well and have set up barricades in their Sharia law to avoid alien faiths from entering their nations, but use the laws of the host nation of a non Muslim nation to expand and negate the dominant faith. Sri Lankan maids have been raped by Muslims in the Middle East. Their lives ruined forever. When a Sinhalese boy faces the same in Sri Lanka the inevitable backlash is received by the world as the acts of “radical Buddhists” and not that of the mindset of a nation wounded by the brutal acts of Arabs and the expansion of Islam in Sri Lanka. So maybe a Buddhist should first say “please excuse me for I am Buddhist. Any infringement on my culture is okay for I dare not take action for you see I am simply a Buddhist, You Muslims can do what you want where you want when you want and the world will condone it. Excuse me for I am only a Buddhist”

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Some TERRORISTS have set fire to a NO LIMIT store in Panathurai.


    It may be Muslim owners to get INSURANCE. Or it may be Tamil terrorists. Or it may be Sinhala terrorists.

    It is NOT acceptable.

    Instead everyone should BOYCOTT Muslim shops indefinitely until they STOP their extremism.

  7. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Please look at the truth

  8. Nanda Says:

    NO LIMT fire is due to an electrical fault. Wahabis might spread this as an ATTACK ON MUSLIMS.

  9. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    When Islam claims 10% of the population that is seen as “Harmonious”. It is not. It is a full scale invasion. Sri Lankan Muslims by and large also speak Tamil which means Tamil is gaining at the sacrifice of Sinhalese. that too is an invasion. The “harmonious” expansion of Tamil and Islam to Christianity to Secularism is doing more damage to the Sinhalese Buddhists that the active war waged against the Tamil Tigers for the last 30 years that ended in 2009 and to the DISAPPROVAL OF THE WORLD WHO THEN SHOUTED FOUL FOUL FOUL.

    Sinhalese Buddhists stand alone in the world of indifference at best and a world of blatant hate at worst. Their only place NOW has been limited by the so called Minority Tamils and Muslims to certain parts of Sri Lanka. Abroad Sinhalese are dismissed as “Indian” and therefore our problems are non existent to the world.

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