Muslim fundamentalism and lessons to learn from events in Aluthgama.
Posted on June 22nd, 2014

By  Charles.S.Perera

It has been reported that a 31 year old Muslim PhD Student Nahid Almanea died of  16 stab wounds in Colchester, Essex, UK.  She was wearing a Muslim dress-an Abaya robe and a hijab scarf at the time.  Police has warned  the public not to go to isolated places  by themselves.  It is dangerous in Essex.

The incident has sent shock waves among Muslims in Britain. “This isn’t the first attack on a Muslim student and certainly is not the last on a member of the Muslim community in the UK. We will naturally wait for all evidence to become clear.  However, If the attack turns out to be Islamophobic in nature because of her Muslim appearance, then it will correlate with the disturbing exponential increase in hate crimes against Muslims here in the UK.” Omar Ali, the president of Fosis, told the Times.

UNHCR and the West high light Sinhala Muslim attacks in Sri Lanka where as number of  attacks against Muslims in the West go unreported. There is no reason to be unconcerned about this deterioration of human relations be it in Sri Lanka or elsewhere in the world.

It is not surprising that it is the Muslims who are now under attach every where in the world.  It is not a phenomena that started with the 11 September Al Qaeda attacks in USA.  Could it be put to Muslim attempt to bring religious values into the public  with least respect to the sentiments of others.

A Muslim scarf  over the head may be of religious significance but why impose it in schools, and in public ?  Old religious customs should be adopted to evolving situations. But Muslims seem to have become more religious” in recent times than they were ever before.  At least they did not exteriorise their religion before as they do it now. Sharia Law and halal was not an issue before, it is going back to the old fashioned religious worship, without taking into consideration that Muslims live with other Communities who have their own religious beliefs and customs.

When the Sinhala happen to be the majority any  situation involving physical attacks and death  amoung the minority the focus is immediately on the majority Community as responsible. The minority Community becomes the sympathised victim, and every one jumps to accuse the majority Community, without examining the causes that led to those situations.

A  terrorist moment started by a group of Indian trained terrorist from the Tamil Community lasted thirty years without any foreign intervention to stop it, but when the majority Community did the best it could and eliminated terrorism the West rises up from nowhere to accuse the majority community for violation of human rights and war crimes.  The patriotism –the love of the country and the willingness to die for it, in the case of  the Sinhala  springs from Buddhism, where as the patriotism is secondary to those of other faiths.  Rome is the sacred city of the Catholics, the Muslims turn towards Mecca in their daily worship,  and Tamils look to India, demanding separatism.

Hence the West cannot understand why the Sinhala are so protective about Buddhism. Protecting Buddhism for the Sinhala  is protecting Sri Lanka.   In Sri Lanka Buddhism remains  a pristine sacred philosophy since its introduction 2300 years ago. There is no fear of it being contaminated from external forces like Islamism. The Islamic fundamentalism contaminates the age old Islamic faith of the Sri Lanka Muslims.

It manifests in seemingly innocent ways, first by issuing  hallal certificates, establish Sharia law, and precipitate into Wahabism, Salafism, Takfir, Muslim brother hood, Tawheed Jihadis,Taliban, Al Qaeda and Boko Haram.  These are dangerous  manifestations of Islamic fundamentalism, uncomparable in the least to Bodu Bala Sena despite its use of strong language to denounce Muslim extremism. Bodu Bala Sena speaks out to defend not only the Buddhist Sri Lanka but  also for the welfare of all Communities who want Sri Lanka free from  terrorism and anti social religious fanatism.

Therefore our Sri Lanka Muslims should protect their belief system from these fundamentalist ideas eroding into it.  The inter communal relations have got deeply affected by these new trends in Islam.  The Muslims outside the Arabic Nations had a different Muslim culture, that allowed them for centuries to live in complete peace in villages side by side with those of  Sinhala Buddhists.  Why has it taken a different turn now ?  Should the Sinhala Buddhists  be  blamed for that  or is it the new Islamic views seeping into the Muslim Society in Sri Lanka from outside ?

These views that are coming from outside are not just  Islamic religious views, but sadly they are initiated with a  secret political motive.  Therefore those who blindly defend  religious extremism  amoung the Muslims in  Sri Lanka , are indirectly inviting what happened in Afghanistan, and then in America on the infamous 11 September.

Therefore the Muslims in Sri Lanka before criticising  what they call the Buddhist Extremism’” should  look into their own back yards where the problems really lie.

Rauf Hakeem the Muslim Minister of Sri Lanka is not an innocent Muslim who loves Allah and his Muslim Community. He is  not a man with an ambition to protect  the  religious faith of the Sri Lanka Muslims,  but out there promoting someone else’s political ambition for a global Muslim Nation.

The Arab States are promoting Muslim extremism like in Myanmar in support of  the Rohingya.  We reported an article from Tunisian media in April 2013, that Qatar is funding 3,500 jihadist to travel to Myanmar (Burma) and slaughter Buddhists. Do you think this is only a reaction by muslims for the protective violence Myanmar has meeted on the Rohingya?Rohingya, by the way,  is synonym of alien Chittagonian separatists or jihadist Mujtahid. They are not some friendly little muslims who are victims of Buddhist violence. The Buddhist have described the Rohingya’s in the following terms: They are not human. They are satanic”. That is indeed an apt description. ”


The people of Sri Lanka has not forgotten the role Rauf Hakeem played during terrorism. Though he speaks of patriotism today he was willing to help the terrorist leader Prabhakaran divide Seri Lanka. He signed a MOU with Prabhakaran for a separate Muslim State in Sri Lanka if the terrorists were to form a Tamil Eelam.

That is Rauf Hakeem who says today that he is fighting for the freedom of the Muslims, and accuses the Sri Lanka government for not punishing the Sinhala Buddhist Bikkhus who he accuses as responsible for the Aluthgama Sinhala –Muslim conflict.

Rauf Hakeem is the most unreliable Muslim Minister in the Government.  When Navi Pillai visited Sri Lanka Hakeem is said to have handed over to her a report against the Government, and  today it is reported that Rauf Hakeem had met the visiting UN Assistant Secretary General for Political Affairs Oscar Fernandez-Taranco to explain to him the Aluthgama Beruwala incident without informing the government.

High level UN Officials visit Sri Lanka , but unfortunately the  UN System that was set up to free the world of  conflict situation that would lead to wars, is unable to take a balanced view of  situations arising in different countries with different Cultural backgrounds and find solutions, not to fulfil personal agendas or agendas of those countries that seek world power, but to ease communal tension and bring understanding between  parties for peaceful existence, and stop the interference of countries into the internal affairs of other countries.

Sri Lanka has a long history. Like all other nations in the world Sri Lanka also had its share of political upheavals, natural catastrophes and above all a  debilitating ruthless terrorism.  Through all that Sri Lanka was able to come out victorious, and provide the people peace and hope.

To-day for Sri Lanka, providence has given it a dynamic President who has been able to bring peace and prosperity to the country giving its people new hope. The President of Sri Lanka is a fearless warrior for the independence and peaceful existence of the country and its people without distinction.  He had traversed new paths, and brought Sri Lanka closer to other Nations, for the first time since Independence. He moves slowly but surely to give Sri Lanka a new face.  His antagonists are ready to criticise without getting anywhere near to give him credit for  his political acumen.

Those qualities have brought him the ire of the  Western forces duped by the Tamil diaspora an extension of the terrorism Sri Lanka had eliminated locally.  The West is now all out to steal that victory and the hope of  the people for a  better life, and thwart their aspiration.  They are rallying round Navi Pillai the UNCHR imputing blame and accusations to implicate the President  as a violator of human rights.

While the West is preparing to accuse Sri Lanka for violation of human rights and war crimes over the elimination of terrorism five years ago, the Islamic terrorists in other parts of the world are continuing to doom the progress of developing countries  through barbaric forms of terror. The West drawing charge sheets against Sri Lanka is blind to the peril of different Muslim extremism that raises its ugly head like  Boko Haram in Nigeria, Al-Shabab of Kenya, Islamic Extremists in Somalia, Moro Islamic in Philipines, Islamic Extremism in Indonesia.

The  Boda Bala Sena may seem an anti Muslim Organisation.  But  Budu Bala Sena raises its voice as a   warning of what would happen if we the Sri Lankans- the Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and Muslims do not pay attention to the danger of infiltration of Muslim Fundamentalism, Wahabism, Jihad etc., Sri Lanka too would  end up being in the hands of Muslim extremism which has nothing to do with the religion of the Muslims in Sri Lanka.

What happened in Aluthgama is sad but it should  open our eyes to dangers seeping into our Muslim Community, which would result in further disintegration of Communities.   It is best that the UN and the West keep away from Sri Lanka allowing Sri Lanka to sort out its problems and find solutions within in a calm atmosphere in a healthy dialogue between the parties to the conflict.

Immediately after the Aluthgama Beruwala  incident American Emabassy issued a stament, . The U.S.  Embassy condemns the violence that has spread over the weekend in Aluthgama and Beruwela. We urge the government to ensure that order is preserved and the lives of all citizens, places of worship, and property are protected.   We urge the authorities to investigate these attacks and bring those responsible to justice. We also urge all sides to refrain from violence, exercise restraint, and respect the rule of law. 

American Emabassy in Sri Lanka issuing such  orders to Sri Lanka Government, is acting irresponsibly.  A situation has to be evaluated and those responsible  identified  before the government could find  a satisfactory solution without allowing the incident to get out of hand making it difficult to  unite the Communities despite the sad events .

Therefore, it is far better that the uninformed outsiders do not interfere to make it difficult for the government to find internal solutions. That is a democratic principle which the West should respect.

7 Responses to “Muslim fundamentalism and lessons to learn from events in Aluthgama.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    GOSL should immediately seek MOSSSAD and other Israeli experts in how to BUST Islamic extremists. They helped us BUST Tamil terrorists. They will be TOO GLAD to help us bust Islamic terrorists too.

    Otherwise this is getting out of hand.

    There is NO time to waste.

  2. Senevirath Says:


    All religions have MULADHARMA


    READ THE BOOK “””vimutthi magga hevath apaagath novena maga””” u can understand this argument(( sarasavi book shop)))

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    The article makes a valiant point that Islam is on the “defensive” in many non Muslim nations. But the focus has to be kept to Sri Lanka. Muslims have been blatantly attacked in Myanmar without world wide condemnation in the same manner Sri Lanka has received recently. The same can be said of the ongoing Islamic separatist movement in Thailand where the world simply ignores the issue.

    but when it comes to Sri Lanka the UN, India, to the Islamic world is relentless in their attacks on the Sinhalese Buddhists. One point that must be made, it is customary for Sri Lankan Muslims to use Tamil as their language which then gets the support and sympathy from Tamil Nadu and India as well.

    In the articles in Times of India that cover this incident many commenters often state why is 9% (actually 10%) of the population a “threat” to the majority Sinhalese. I often reply that it was never 9%. it was much lower than that many years ago. That kind of thinking would then question any future Sinhalese Buddhist backlash to the Muslims, the Tamils or the Christians when they reach 20% or 40% when Islam becomes the predominant faith of Sri Lanka then they would question why is Sharia law not being imposed on the remaining percentage of Sri Lankan Buddhists?. that is how I answer such impertinent questions, for it is true. It has happened to so many non Muslim nations that are now majority Muslims. To name some: Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Turkey, Albania, Indonesia, Malaysia, Central Asian nations such as Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, etc.

    If it can happen to them it can surely happen to Sri Lanka and the world will be oblivious to the death of the Sinhalese Buddhist culture.

  4. Charles Says:


    Fundamentalists are those who wants to follow the Koranic laws. The Muslim fundamentalism is religious fanatism. Buddhist fundamentalism if there is some such thing it would be to lead a Monastic life and Meditate. In the Koranic law the non-believers have to be hunted and destroyed, not only the non-believer but also his all his kith and kin. This is unlike the New Testament in which the God asks that the lost sheep should be brought back into the flock.

  5. Senevirath Says:


    do we need such people or a religion to rule our country

  6. Senevirath Says:

    in 1910– J.M KENNEDY in his book
    … first deplores the quietism of the Buddhists… castigate the jews for being too soft and then accuses Christianity .. of humanitarianism…..
    and then says——
    …let us be thankful that there are many millions of moslims to show us a religion which is not afraid to acknowledge the manly virtue of war, courage strength and daring- a religion which does not seek new followers by means of cunning dialectics . but which boldly makes converts with the sword……


  7. Nanda Says:

    “Buddhist fundamentalism if there is some such thing it would be to lead a Monastic life and Meditate.”

    Well said Charles ! Thank you.
    Hope MR use the same argument.

    I believe “Buddhist Extremist” too should be Arahants, because that is the ultimate extreme Buddhism. You go there with gun to execute they will not even shake but compassion for you.

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