The Information The TNA Is Purported To Have Shared With The UN Put Into Perspective.
Posted on June 22nd, 2014

LankaWeb Weekly Editorial,

June 23rd.2014 
The only information The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) could realistically have shared with the UN would be no more than cooked up anti Government propaganda and the usual innuendo laced exaggerations about Tamil distress steeped in bias as they profess to have shared information with the UN.

It is very unlikely their so called information would have attested to the attrocities the Tamil Tigers caused the Nation and its predominantly Sinhalese majority where the TNA was at the time as they are even today a front for the LTTE.

Of course the UN confronted with the attitude and pro Tamil sympathies such as those expressed by former UN Human Rights Ambassador Navi Pillai  and others of her ilk chose unwisely to accede to her pursuit and hounding of Sri Lanka which had her stumbling around with a pre concieved bag of accusations against Sri Lanka which was pooh poohed by the Government which refused to be intimidated by her as she had nothing tangible to add to it towards credibility beyond hearsay.

 Even UN head honcho Ban Ki Moon eventually seemed to have trepidations about the blatant finger pointing at Sri Lanka as there was nothing worthwhile to substantiate it or persist in it towards any legal ramifications at International level  and rumbled about (sotto voce) how ineffective it may appear if contested at a higher level and chose to pass on the direct accusations he had so vehemently insisted upon once as real albeit now unsure and virtually withdrew his stance which once again bore testimony towards his fallibilities towards believing everything that was thrown at him although continuing to tolerate the likes of Pillai towards maintaining the protocols involving his staff where had he the nerve to stand upto the realities would have portrayed him as an astute and impartial  leader but in that he failed miserably with his willy nilly response never once berating Pillai which he probably should have done.

 So when the TNA says it shared with the UN information related to the war and post war situation in the north as though they had the means to use it as a weapon towards indicting Sri Lanka it is not only implausible but also laughter evoking as there is a lot of information the Government of Sri Lanka in all probabilities can share with the UN towards incarcerating the TNA with no falsified innuendo but facts and figures now ensconced firmly in the archives which could easily shock the world that the TNA were inded a front for the terror group and once championed its terrorist leader Prabhakaran .

 Curiously the said information which is purported to have been shared at a meeting held between a TNA delegation and UN Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs Oscar Fernandez-Taranco recently has neither a lable nor content that could be available for the world to see and remains hush hush which adds to the mystery of why the reluctance to expose their contenet just like  the rest of  the TNA  rhetoric of flimsy unsubstantiable accusations against thr GOSL which invariable turn out to be worthless or cooked up.

 Regardless of how often they aspire to met the UN officials for more “discussions” at the end of it all at the time Fernandez-Taranco has indicated to the TNA he will share the information given to him by the TNA with the UN and its affiliated organisations it may prove to be a wasted effort of a repetitive process where the TNA has neither mandate nor the jurisdiction towards presenting it to the UN as they are not entitled to the privilege being known supporters of the terrorist Tamil Tigers now defunct and the covert efforts of the TNA to recussitate them are common knowledge within Sri Lanka as well as internationally despite denials by the TNA .

 However there is every likelhood  according to verifiable sources that the issues discussed between the UN official and the TNA was the militarisation of the North after the war, political solution for Tamils and issues faced by the Northern Provincial Council, perhaps tainted and made to appear as though the Government was conducting a reign of terror related to the issues whereas realistically the Government has had little choice to persist in legitimate actions based on the attempts to re-organize LTTE activities and the links to the Northern Provincial councils with TNA electees.

 There is no question that the sharing of power as the Tamils demand is unforeseeable as the danger towards an LTTE revival is firmly hinged to it.The Government has made an admirable affort to assimilate displaced Tamils and even offered concessions to former LTTE cadre towards rehabilitation and merging into mainstream society wheren beyond that it would be foolhardy to be conciliatory to elements that harbour pro LTTE sentiment and has been proved so, visibly and action taken within the law to deal with it as recent events have proved.

 When during his Sri Lanka visit Fernandez-Taranco has also met Ministers and officials in the Government to discuss Sri Lanka’s post-war achievements, remaining challenges and areas for constructive collaboration in support of a lasting political solution for long-term socio-economic development, he would surely have observed unless blinkered and insensitive that the progress made towards all these aspirations was very real and plausible.

 The sentiments of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon who had said recently” he fully understands the challenges and complexities related to post-war processes, and therefore encourages the Government of Sri Lanka to engage constructively with the international community, to strengthen the existing domestic processes in a manner that is inclusive and respectful of human rights and to work towards lasting peace in Sri Lanka” hopefully he has endorsed what is already transpiring as a factual manifestation of the transformation of the Nation from a terrorist endangered one to one which has delivered peace and harmony to all her citizens.

This is not something the TNA wants to admit to as their agendas point to the contrary.

4 Responses to “The Information The TNA Is Purported To Have Shared With The UN Put Into Perspective.”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Now SLMC has joined TNA.

    It coincides with ISLAMIC terrorism emerging just like Tamil terrorism emerged.

    Birds of a feather flock together.

  2. douglas Says:

    This UN is a body composed of membership of COUNTRIES and all its STAFF including the Secretary General must “ACT” in accordance with its Constitution and follow the “Protocol” laid down.

    In the discharge of their duties, they can meet and discuss various issues with a view to understand, gather information etc.

    The question in my mind is: Can these “OFFICIALS” keep such information gathered for themselves and be secretive on any matters discussed? I strongly feel, all such matters brought to their attention and discussed MUST be made available to all the member countries in general and the country to which it relates in particular. That “PHILOSOPHY” must be strictly laid down and followed, as otherwise this organization will be made a “Playing Ground” for all types of unruly and unethical groups who have organized in the name of “RIGHTS” and these officials will be made “pawns in a chess board”. As we see some of the performance from the very TOP downwards this organization has already become a “playing field” of both the infiltrated ” non members” and the “officials”, and it has become a much of a BURDEN than a USEFUL TOOL in solving our problems.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    1. BOYCOTT all Muslim shops. A few of them may be run by good people but they give part of their profit to the mosque and the mosque in turn gives it to Jihad groups. We can settle this peacefully.

    2. BAN killing cows and bulls and ban beef production, transport and sale.

    3. BUST drug rings.

    These will stop the spread of violence and extremism in the country.

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Today in the news Israel for the first time took action and used deadly military force on Syria. Why? Because a Syrian rocket shell killed ONE JEWISH BOY. If the Sri Lankan police or the military were to protect the Sinhalese the way Israel protects her Jewish population there would be no need for the people to take action.

    Islam and for that matter Christianity have grown at the expense of the Sinhalese Buddhist culture. Most Sri Lankan Muslims also speak Tamil. The Tamils have not given up their desire for a separate homeland. During the 1960’s the Muslim population was barely 1% of the total population of 14 million people. Now it is 10%. In a few years it would be 15% and given enough of time and lack of action it would become the predominant religion of Sri Lanka and the world will not even blink an eye. Then the question would arise why is Sharia law not being imposed on the “minority Buddhists”

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