Five Years in to the Jihad War in Sri Lanka
Posted on June 28th, 2014

– Kumar Moses

Conventional wisdom has it that there is no smoke without a fire. It is truer in modern defence which focuses on deterrence and prevention. However, distinguishing between a series of isolated one off events and a phased manifestation of a planned terror war is very difficult. Governments always want its people, investors and other economic and political stakeholders to feel safe. They also want local and international concerned parties to see the rulers in charge of the situation. They cloud the ability to clearly identify an impending war. Ultimately a war is not fought by a government or its armed forces alone. All wars are fought by the people. People and their representatives must be constantly vigilant.

A dating controversy

Little did the general public from 1975 to 1983 June know that the Elam War had started. They carried on their affairs as normal despite sporadic killing of Tamils, Tamil politicians, Sinhala policemen, bank robberies, ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese in August 1977, weapons movements, Tamil racist politicians vowing to create a Tamil exclusive nation in the island and limited news reports. The Elam War started on July 26, 1975 with the killing of Jaffna Mayor Alfred Duraiappah. Among the suspects were the LTTE supremo and the son of a very prominent Tamil political party leader. Both were released and the rest is history.

The Elam War could not have been so devastating had the then government kept an open eye on the gathering storm, taken swift action to nip it in the bud using force as necessary and used counter insurgency (COIN) operations. However, therein is the problem. Having faced the 1971 insurrection with a nasty end, the then government was reluctant to show to the populace that there was another war. The new government of 1977 was also reluctant to let the people know that there was a problem; a huge one. Inaction and scant action led to a rapidly increasing violent spree by Tamil groups. By July 1983 the war had started. The war was exactly 8 years old on 25th July 1983. It is factually incorrect to say the war started after the July 1983 riot which itself was the response to an act of war by Tamils.

This controversy of start dates has been created by Tamil sections to deflect the responsibility of starting the war.

Who fired the first shot is the question to ask that can put the controversy to rest. The first shot was fired on July 26, 1975 that killed Jaffna Mayor Alfred Duraiappah.

It is no secret today Muslim extremists and terrorists have indicated their desire to use violence against the nation. But the important question to ask is has the Jihad War started already?

Duraiappah event in Jihad War on 24 July 2009 in Beruwala

Going by the textbook definition, the Jihad War is already 5 years old today. It started in July 2009 with the brutal killing of 2 Muslims inside a Beruwala mosque by extremist Muslims. This is the Duraiappah event in the Jihad War. It marked the most striking event that separates a mere one-off event from a well planned Islamic terror attack. It happened soon after the war victory in May 2009 that it missed most observers as the beginning of another war.

Since then Islamic violence has been on the rise and widespread. Along with the rise of violence, the ideological extremism has been rising steadily. South Eastern University has been a hotbed of Islamic extremist ideology grouping much like the Jaffna University in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Direct brainwashing by Middle Eastern funded universities, scholarships and propaganda media have seen an astronomical rise lately. Social media including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are very heavily used by all Islamic terror groups in the world and Sri Lankan Jihad groups are no exception. Beruwala FM, Kathankudy FM, New Moon FM, etc. are clandestine Jihad radio transmissions that are difficult to supress in the long run.

Militancy and ideological extremism are accompanied by the economics and politics of terror. Rise in world petroleum prices and oil trading volumes made Middle Eastern nations that promote extreme forms of Islam very rich. These riches are channelled around the world through Jihadist cells. Closely knitted are Islamic political groups. SLMC was created in the vicinities of Saddam Hussein Town and Gadhafi Town in Eastern Sri Lanka in the mid 1980s. They are standing symbols of Middle Eastern funding of Islamic extremism in the island. However, after 2009 the number of extremist Islamic political parties has multiplied. Now there are 3 of them. The new 2 Muslim parties are All Ceylon Muslim Congress (ACMC) and Muslim Tamil National alliance (MTNA). MTNA leader was arrested over alleged terror links last year.

The fifth and final ingredient for a successful terror operation is international links. Local Jihadi terrorists have already established international links with states (mostly Middle Eastern governments) and non-state actors. As the LTTE was initially financed by Indian agencies, Sri Lankan Jihad is financed by certain Middle Eastern agencies. A spate of arrests of Sri Lankan Jihadists in India, Malaysia and Pakistan proves well established terror links already in place. The arrest of Maldivian and Indonesian terrorists in Sri Lanka further demonstrates their close links.

Events in Aluthgama explained

Events in Aluthgama cannot be looked at in isolation. They are well planned milestones in the global Jihad network. Aluthgama is situated next to Beruwala in the south western coast of Sri Lanka overlooking the Arabian Sea. It was the steady march of Islamic terrorism born in Beruwala in 2009 that is now spreading to its surrounds. June 2014 event was the culmination of a long series of events Jihadists have used to evict non-Muslims out of the area. Incumbent chief monk of the Buddhist temple which was attacked by Muslims explains how Muslims used to dump chopped cow heads and legs into the temple; how they block his movements; how young monks are regularly humiliated and how he was assaulted. Repeated pleas to the police and authorities failed to address this issue which boiled over.

Three Muslim violent mobsters were gunned down by the counter terrorism STF unit which dissipated tension. However, similar acts of ‘testing the limits of tolerance’ are carried out by Muslim groups around the country.

Sri Lanka’s attraction to Muslim groups

Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population followed by Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. All countries westward from Pakistan until Israel have a Muslim majority. All northern African countries have a Muslim majority. Nations that are on the boundary of this large stretch of Islam majority countries face tension. These include Nigeria, Kenya, Israel, India, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Australia, China and the Philippines. These tensions are the result of a continuous push by Islamic communities to expand their spread.

Sri Lanka and India are in a unique location. They act as a wall stopping the contiguity of the Islamic World that starts from North Africa and ends in Pakistan. If not for this wall, it will extend to Bangladesh linking 70% of world Muslim population together.
If Burma and Thailand are also conquered along with Sri Lanka, the North Africa to Asia Islamic corridor will link up almost all Muslim majority countries and 90% of world Muslim population.
Unable to take on India, Muslim groups eye on Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand to make this bridge. Burma, Thailand and Sri Lanka must combine their efforts to face this common enemy.   

The island nation’s west coast overlooking the Arabian Sea is particularly of interest to them. This is the only avenue for clandestine weapons movements into the island. Already there is a comprehensive Al Qaeda linked Islamic pirate network active in the Arabian Sea smuggling weapons. Their land bases are directly linked to more than a hundred Islamic armed groups with a never ending supply of weapons. World powers have recognized the threat by Islamic pirate groups and patrol these waters regularly. However, Sri Lanka must keep a close watch of illegal shipping activity linking west coast Muslim communities with Middle Eastern and North African groups. Muslim population in Sri Lanka’s west coast has increased astronomically over the past few decades. This is a boon to Islamic extremist groups to operate within. Withdrawal of US and other troops from Afghanistan and its growing narcotics trade are other huge enablers of Islamic terror in the region. Operating from Sri Lanka, Islamic terror groups have a twin advantage. They can attack and expand their influence locally on one hand while on the other they can disrupt world trade passing close to the island. A Bali style terror attack targeting westerners and Indians cannot be ruled out. The possibility of using Sri Lanka as a platform to launch attacks on India and western interests is a serious threat. The tighter India gets with hardline BJP in power Islamic groups will focus their attention on the softest target in the region – Sri Lanka.

Action needed and constraints

Sri Lanka faces a few constraints to fight off Islamic terror. Local and global divisions hamper attempts to defeat terror. Unconventional COIN capabilities are needed to overcome them. Constant monitoring of telephone, email, website visitation and social media usage of Muslims should be introduced as soon as possible. Elimination of Muslim extremists swiftly without stopping at arrests can deter them and prevent them from operating from within prisons. Attractions for Muslims in Sri Lanka should be taken out of the equation. These include restrictions on mosques, a total ban on foreign Islamic preachers, restriction of extremist websites, a total ban on the use of loudspeakers for prayers, close monitoring of Islamic charities and businesses, deport all Muslim migrants and managing demographic changes for the betterment of the country. These restrictions will take the glamour out of the country as a potential Islamic den.

Threats by OIC countries have no bearing on Sri Lanka as three UNHRC resolutions show. Losing their support has no impact at all. They have played the role of the scavenger by pretending to help save Sri Lanka from the hegemonic west but in reality pushing their own racist agenda. It is no secret OIC countries are in deep calamity which sees no end in the foreseeable future.
The entire region is plagued with Islamic terror – India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Maldives, Afghanistan, Kashmir regions, Burma, Thailand, Iran, Western parts of China, Somalia, Indonesia, etc. It is insane and naïve to think Sri Lanka will remain the only exception. The truth is Sri Lanka is no exception.

21 Responses to “Five Years in to the Jihad War in Sri Lanka”

  1. hela puwath Says:

    An excellent, comprehensive look at what faces our people, and what we should do to protect ourselves. But the question is who the “we” are. The government, this government? (UNP or SLFP makes no different)

    As is clearly apparent ‘every’ politician in our country is driven by money, and money alone; look closely at their backgrounds, you will see. It is the Arab petro-dollar that runs our parliament. The yarn that the Muslim countries are our protectors is a hoax – it’s the money! The ignorance (uninformed) of the Sinhela Buddhist voter is the only necessary ingredient for the politicians’ good life.

  2. Senevirath Says:

    The danger is very clearly explained. but we have plenty of traitors in sri lanka to blame Sinhala Buddhists for fighting against muslim terrorism. we have to fight and win or be muslims

    why not we we ask help from Israel . they will be happy to to do that. then u. s. a will back Israel.
    are we going to suffer ano ther 35 years?

    the incident that a muslim salesman squeezed testicles of a small boy in no limit is correct. one of boys aunt told me about the incident the boy was from ambalangoda area

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Quoting the article: “A spate of arrests of Sri Lankan Jihadists in India, Malaysia and Pakistan proves well established terror links already in place. The arrest of Maldivian and Indonesian terrorists in Sri Lanka further demonstrates their close links”

    Just by that quote it supports my belief that a second war be it for Eelam and worse, be it for Islam would NOT BE CONTAINED WITHIN THE BORDERS OF SRI LANKA. It will spill over into India. The article states and I quote:

    “Unable to take on India, Muslim groups eye on Sri Lanka, Burma and Thailand to make this bridge. Burma, Thailand and Sri Lanka must combine their efforts to face this common enemy.”

    The Islamic extremists do not have to “take on India” but destabilize her intentionally or by the byproduct of a war in Sri Lanka. The very nature of the strategic position of Sri Lanka that has attracted the attention of nations like China, Russia to the US (even India to some degree) could also be used by the Islamic terrorists. The first quote from the article included nations such as Pakistan, India, and Malaysia. If so then the Islamic terrorists already have bases in those nations… and in Sri Lanka. A second war will include the lands of Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Indonesia to Pakistan. It will be a much broader war with much greater consequences to the entire region.

    Going by the article the war has already begun, the government in Colombo is doing the same thing that led to the full fledged “Eelam war” that lasted 30 years, mainly due to Colombo’s incompetency. If so it will happen again and this time be much worse, far more brutal and involve a greater area than Sri Lanka

    Unless the Rajapaksa Government goes “Roman” ( an American colloquial term meaning “you either surrender or face entire annihilation” ) on this movement or watch Sri Lanka denigrate into a war far worse than the Eelam war with casualties from Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Burma, Thailand to Indonesia (depending on how vast the network has already been established)

  4. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Keep in mind that the “Eelam war” did claim the life of Rajiv Gandhi, but was generally fought within the borders of Sri Lanka. If New Delhi to Colombo do not see the new menace for what it is then expect the consequences. This comment is not based on a hypothesis but on the Eelam war that just ended in 2009. It is also based on the article which in its content is frightening to state the least.

  5. Lorenzo Says:


    SL cancels on-arrival visa for Pakistanis.

    Very good.

  6. Nanda Says:

    How about for Indians ?
    They don’t give us. We give them. This is called Penala Denawa. Stop VISAS for Kallathonis too.

  7. Nanda Says:

    LTTEirs are now jubilant that they are thinking attention is going to Jihadists.

  8. SA Kumar Says:

    SL cancels on-arrival visa for Pakistanis- bye , bye dearest friend !!!

    when Modi & Lady send their 2nd IPKF batch who will protect us ? no more VP& co also.

    Iyo Amma, thalaya sunththuthada ….

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    The best way to do it is bring back a group called “LTTE” and get rid of all so called “MODA-RATE” Tamils. They are the WORST. They ESCAPE military action. Then they join TGTE and USA to disrupt SL.

    HARDCORE “LTTE” should eliminate them.

    Then the HARDCORE “LTTE” should take on JIHADS as they did before 2009.

    LTTE’s last bomb attack, suicide bomb attack was on JIHADISTS in Matara!!

    LTTE to its credit kept JIHADISTS under control.

    All this JIHAD attacks started AFTER 5/19.

  10. Leela Says:

    In my opinion, Muslim extremists had been using the law and order vacuum created by “Tamil violence against the nation” to further their interest. After the end of the war they are using the space avail by on going peace to extend their foothold.

    Kattankudy just ten minutes away from Batticaloa is a 100% Muslim village. It has the highest birth rate in Sri Lanka. At that rate 10% Muslims will be 15% at the next census in 2022. Today, except paddy fields every available space is filled with threes story homes. Muslims will no doubt encroach all the wildlife reserves next. All the town people seems to be prosperous and have even motor vehicles. No Limit owner is said to come from this village. But underneath this prosperity lies an unsettling cauldron.

    M.C.A. Hameed, president of ACTM, a traditional Muslim of a Sufi order said there were not many Wahhabi followers there until Saudi became super rich overnight in 1973. From then on charities of Saudi government started to fund Sri Lanka madrassas to teach the Wahhabi interpretation of Islam. Saudis gave scholarships to Sri Lanka Muslims to study Islam in Wahhabi schools in their kingdom. Those who studied Islam in Saudi follows the Saudi traditions. They are known as Wahhabi Thowheeds or simply Thowheed. They strongly believes that they have every right to oppose those who practice Islam in a wrong manner and correct them.

    BBS and Ven Gnanasaras point is, this ‘right’ Islam is affecting Sinhala Buddhists in every way and Muhammadans effort to turn all Muslims to ‘right’ Islam ‘is what lead to riots in Aluthgama.

    M.C.A. Hameed, president of ACTM, a traditional Muslim of a Sufi order said there were not many Wahhabi followers in Sri Lanka until Saudi became super rich overnight in 1973. From then on charities of Saudi government started to fund Sri Lanka madrassas to teach the Wahhabi interpretation of Islam. Saudis gave scholarships to Muslims to study Islam in Wahhabi schools in their kingdom. Those who studied Islam in Saudi and follow Saudi traditions were known as Wahhabi Thowheeds or simply Thowheed. They strongly believes that they have every right to oppose those who practice Islam in a wrong manner and correct them.

    Traditional Muslim clerics like Hameed say, “We do not believe in propagating Islam with a sword or a gun. That’s against Islam and we have been a peaceful community of Muslims.” They also say that they are now helpless in the wake of the Thawheed-backed Jihadi groups. He meant the preachers of Thowheed Jamath had delivered sermons on the need to preach “true Islam.” This “true Islam” is nothing but to reprogram the brains of traditional Muslims.

    This is the crux of the matter. Look at the following unprovoked derogatory remarks on Buddha by Abdul Razik, secretary to Sri Lanka Thowheed Jamath. He said Buddha had eaten human flesh and ‘triple jem’ means just three stones at a meeting in Maligawatta on 13th April 2013. Razik should have known that over 70% of this country are Buddhists and our constitution compel the government to protect and foster Buddhism. Razik chose to pick on Buddhists. Yet Razik manage to get away with a mere apology at a court of law. If such a statement was made by a Buddhist or a Christian in Pakistan, Bangladesh or etc against Muhammad, that person would have lost his head.

    So, Only apathetic people would accept Thowheed stand of Muslim-Muslim fights are their problem and not a problem of Sinhalese. Gnanasaras insists that Thowheed instigated Muslim-Muslim fights are to breed jihadists and then to turn Sri Lanka Muhammadan country.

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    The first shot was fired on July 26, 1975 – to acheive Saiva TE(NP) & ended May 2009 .

    the Jihad War is already 5 years old today. It started in July 2009 – to achieve Muslim TE (EP)& will take 33 years to end.

  12. Ratanapala Says:

    Kumar has put it very succinctly the disaster that is waiting to happen in Sri Lanka. All patriots must give wide publicity to his expose’. Current situation is not only for the government to handle. Ordinary people must know and fully understand the tragedy that is unfolding. It is not to react violently but to support and encourage the Sri Lankan government to give full force of the law irrespective of petit political considerations to nip in the bud the scourge of Islamic Terror.

    (See images of the Islamic ISIS Caliphate in Google – their vision for the Islamic world to come.)

    At the same time all patriotic Sri Lankans must be mindful of the traitorous Sri Lankans who are ever ready to gloss over the Islamic Terror. This is happening in Sri Lanka and all over the world with mainly Sinhalese with a Colombian mindset – stooges of the nearly defunct UNP. They go around denigrating their own countrymen for the lure of a few pieces of silver or jockeying for favors of forces inimical to the peaceful existence of Sri Lanka. Our Diplomatic services must be warned of this Peace Brigade for they can harm Sri Lanka much more than we realize. Beware of these Sri Lankan Peace Merchants!

    The whole world has witnessed over the past years the growth of Islamic Fundamentalism and the damage it has already inflicted on millions around the world. What is unfortunate is that the so called World Powers are playing politics with this menace.

    Soon after the 9/11 attacks on New York, the then President Bush said “Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists. However his rather innocent notion of the world was taken over by the American Industrial Complex and turned over to one that they are waging all over the world now – Using worldwide Terrorism to take over the world through regime change. This is what we are witnessing today. Sri Lanka cannot expect to get kudos for eliminating Tamil Tiger Terrorism from Sri Lanka although FBI described them as the world worst terrorists.

    Countries like Sri Lanka are caught between the Devil of Islamic Fundamentalism and the wide blue sea of American Exceptionalism. It is imperative that Terrorist Cells are thoroughly investigated and destroyed. Not doing this is tantamount to treachery. Sri Lanka must not fall in the same hole that they fell nearly 3 decades ago.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    Well done KM!

    Thank you Lankaweb.
    Thank you GR.

    This is the task of patriots and you have done it.

    You said,

    “Constant monitoring of telephone, email, website visitation and social media usage of Muslims should be introduced as soon as possible.”

    Within less than 24 hours………..

    Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa today said that he has ordered security authorities to take stern action against those who espouse racial and religious hatred using social media.

    Sri Lanka has seen a recent spike in the spread of religious hatred through social media websites such as Facebook, in the wake of recent clashes in Aluthgama and Beruwala.

    Authorities had stated that various rumors and false information being spread through text messages and certain anti-Muslim and anti-Buddhist Facebook accounts had only worsened the already unstable situation in the country.”


    I don’t know HOW exactly they are going to do it but ISPs can give the govt. a list of websites used by its customers, the pages visited and times.

  14. douglas Says:

    Kumar: Thank you. You have put the facts in correct perspective and it is undoubtedly very “illuminative “.

    I wish that all the “MODERATES” who have emerged since the defeat of Terrorism would read this article. If we do remember how the environment was created for that “1983 Black July”; it would be very useful to read a small “booklet” called “Kauda Kitiya” (Who is the Tiger) brought to life by a then powerful Minister- Late Cyril Mathew. To be very brief it brought to light how the “Strong Tamil” , English educated, community who held 90% of the “High Powered Jobs and Positions” in the country in every sphere of Public Life, manipulated and implemented plans to segregated the “majority” (Sinhala Buddhists, Moors and low caste Tamils) from their elite class. Like what we witnessed in Althgama, Beruwala; the “moderates” took up arms and that class was well “oiled” and “instigated” by the “interested parties” who were accused of being “Tigers” and set up a “Fire” taking the opportune moment of bringing the bodies of fallen soldiers to Colombo. The facts in that “Booklet” were sent “underground” and the very author had to sacrifice his job in the Government.

    Don’t we see some similarity in the incidents of Aluthgama and Beruwala. The “MODERATES” have emerged and a hue and cry is set on sail, calling the “Majority” to “show” tolerance”, “patience” “respect the RIGHTS” of everyone, “investigate and punish” the culprits etc. That “VOICE is in very much “CONFIRMATORY” with powers like US,UK,Canada, EU and other organizations who cry for Human Rights; NGOs etc. This “CRY” of MODERATES have been “deployed” from abroad too. So, we have been “LED” to forget all that was going on since the end of war in 2009, especially in Batticalo, Ampara, Mawanella, Mannar, and in small pockets elsewhere in the country and now in a big way to “Pardon” the incidents in Althgama, Beruweal, Dhargahr Town and in the vicinity. FINE AND A SPLENDID JOB” undertaken by the “MODERATES”.

    The latest, as per the news is the “WARNING” given by the Minister of Fisheries to the effect that if we continue to “CURB” these activities, the Middle Eastern Countries will cut the job opportunities for Sri Lankans and in his estimates that will be a loss of 1.5 millions and our unemployment rate will go up. Has he forgotten that we have a “AL KALIFFA” as our President? He is a person who cannot from 2009 bring in a solution to the STAGED poaching problem that has grown to be “something out of ordinary” of fishing. He cannot see the “DRUG CARTELS” clandestine activities that are going on in the Northern Coastal belt of Sri Lanka and India. Now he sees dangers of loss of Middles Eastern jobs and he has invariably to look after his interests in Beruwala. Perhaps he too would have visited the US Embassy like what some of our Legislatures did recently.

    This is going to be too exhaustive and would like to stop here by telling our Government ; Please take a lesson from 1983 (told but made to forget) facts and act very swiftly and decisively.

  15. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    The root cause of this problem is
    Breeding like hell
    gives more votes.
    More votes give more mossie xxxx ministers, deputy ministers, etc etc.
    More of this xxxx then ruin the country.
    Unless these xxxx stop this multiplying, it is going to be hell forever for us.
    Wherever mossies go, hell follows!

  16. Lorenzo Says:


    I would say to Tamils and Muslims to PLEASE learn from 1983.

    NOT the govt.

    Because the war that started with the BLACK JULY was WON not by the “VICTIM” Tamils (false allegation) of black July but by the so called “RIOTING” Sinhalese (false allegation).

    e.g. G***** L***** was the JSS boos. JSS did the 1983 riot. He was a big shot in the 1983 govt. Guess what. He is a big shot in 2009 to today govt. as well. :-)

    The victims of 1983 riot were the ULTIMATE LOSERS and victims of the war as well. Truth to be told. So it is Tamils and Muslims who should learn from the 1983 riot. As a Tamil whose family was affected, I have learnt the lesson and I will NEVER EVER support peaceful separatists and violent separatists.

    PEACEFUL separatists are FAR WORSE than rioters.

    If anything kills separatists, we should be happy because the LAW is not working against them.

    LAW banned separatism AFTER the riot in AUGUST 1983.

  17. douglas Says:

    Lorenzo: What I meant was the Government not to “ignore” or turn a blind eye to what is being “Manipulated” by the “Hidden Forces” withing and outside the country. There is nothing for Tamils & Muslims to learn from any of those; because they are the evil forces who planed and orchestrated all those calamitous activities. Those who did all that before 1983 have left the country leaving only the “ferocious dogs” to take a bite from their hand outs. Most of those left too have been eliminated in 2009. Now a “New Force” is visible and that is what the Government must be taking serious note and initiate action well in advance to prevent repeat of history.

  18. Lorenzo Says:


    But Tamils and Muslims have MORE to learn from 1983.
    They must learn it before they cry genocide 26 years later. The govt. will be triumphant.

    As a Tamil I want the Tamil community to be SAFE. If Tamils just SUCKED UP the 1983 and carried on they would not have cried genocide in 2009. This is what they did in 1958 and then the matter ended there. NO Tamil genocide cries.

    Agree the govt. must NOT miss the signs.

    Now mosque-itos want the govt. to STOP FREE rebuilding in Aluthgama by the army because they want SAUDI AL QAEDA leaders to come and see and breed HATRED!!!

    They have LOT to learn from Tamils in 1983 and 2009.

  19. RP Says:

    As a person who has lived in the Middle East for over thirty years, both in the so called moderate Muslim countries as well as in countries where hard line or an extreme form of Islam is practiced I am very familiar with the threat Islam is posing to the entire world. In his article Kumar Moses has exposed the emerging threat to Sri Lanka of Islam. But why may I ask an article of this nature will never be published in the main stream media of Sri Lanka. The Island for example will publish meaningless anti Sinhala Buddhist articles written by Izzeth Hussain on a daily basis. The Island will not publish even a rebuttal to any of his articles. Have the Islamist extremists infiltrated the fourth estate as well in Sri Lanka ?

    Those of us who read and are grateful to journals like the patriotic minded Lankaweb are a mere fraction of the news paper reading public. The message of Kumar Moses deserves a wider audience.

  20. NAK Says:

    the government should have taken the opportunity to ban the fundamentalist organizations right away instead of dragging them through court where they got very very lightly. It is our fault in part where we have failed even to ask for these Jihadist be banned,not even BBS demand this.
    I think this is where we should begin the fight back. And the other major mistake is to patronize their businesses. They should be made to feel the economic repercussions of their actions.
    Racial and religious harmony can not be achieved by just one party every has to contribute.
    Hakeem and Rishard scored heavily from the last incident, if there is any,their involvement should be exposed.

    On a different subject,I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. The BBS is making a huge effort to eliminate Halal labeling.
    recently I saw on TV that substandard ‘Atapirikara’ made by Muslims being raided by the consumer affairs authority.
    Can’t we even have strict standard and certification system for a simple thing like this and stop chief priests from selling the Ata pirikara’s they get but get them to distribute among other monks who some time don’t have change robe.

  21. douglas Says:

    NAK: I hate to express views outside the main topic; yet you raised the substandard “Atapirikara” produced by Muslims, it is thought relevant to give some information.

    This “Atapirikara”, of course mostly produced by Muslims is put on sale only ONCE. When a layman buys it and offered to the “Monks” at an alms giving, it finds its way back to the shop, irrespective that being a Muslim or Sinhala sales outlet. So in other words, it is “Recycled”.

    Another salient point to remember is the Layman who offers it to Monks at an alms giving does not know at all what is inside the “nicely” packed “Atapirikara”. So that is how it is done in Sri Lanka – the country of Theravada, Nirmala Buddha Dhamma.

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