Atrocities, torture and war crimes in Sri Lanka?
Posted on July 9th, 2014

Lockton Mawby Dover, Tasmania.

Atrocities, torture and war crimes in Sri Lanka? definitely!

Kidnappings, suicide bombs and child soldiers in Sri Lanka? definitely!
Ruthless beatings, executions and murder in Sri Lanka? definitely!
All of the above crimes, committed, for 30 years, by the brutal terrorists, ‘Liberation Tamil Tigers Eelam’ Now, they take advantage of not only our ignorance of these facts, but pathetically, hinge onto our generosity.
Recent facts, over 2,000 Tamil child soldiers successfully re-united with their distraught families, over 20,000 former terrorists, re-trained, rehabilitated and re homed with their families.
Sri Lankan government spends millions on reconciliation, forgiveness programs and rebuilding it’s war ravished country.President Mahinda Rajapaksa, guarantees that Tamils are not being tortured or persecuted and our government backs that up as well.
What a waste of our Navy’s time, when they have ‘genuine’ asylum seekers to rescue.

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  1. Sarath W Says:

    Most Tamils who got asylum in countries like Canada, Uk, USA, Australia etc. have been to Sri Lanka on holidays and returned safely to their new homes and majority of Tamils in Sri Lanka live in the south of Sri Lanka with the Sinhalese communities. So it obvious why some Tamils say their lives are at risk in Sri Lanka, it is because either they are terrorist or economic refuges.

    The brutal terrorist war in Sri Lanka was over more than five years ago and the people there and millions of tourist who visit there enjoy the peace, development and the security that came with it. I hope more Australians will visit there and see for themselves the real facts.

  2. Sooriarachi Says:

    Today the Western nations and Tamil Tigers are accusing the Sri Lankan Government and the security forces of committing crimes, which were in fact committed by the LTTE terrorists, who are now masquerading as human rights activists.
    LTTE is on record of having killed and violated the human rights of more Tamils than that committed by the Indian IPKF and rogue elements within the Sri Lankan forces, put together.

    Also, the white van talk is just rubbish, just as President Rajapakse explained, why should they use only white vans, when there are black vans, blue vans etc. to commit crimes if they wanted to. In fact there have been several cases where white vans have been used by the Tigers and private citizens.

    Disappearances? Well many Tigers escaped overseas and changed their identity falsely claiming the Sri Lankan Govt would hurt their families, if found out. These people add up to the missing count. Many Tamils were abducted by the LTTE and some murdered and some sent to the front line to fight and die. These numbers add up to the disappeared count. Even today many Tamils escape by boat to rich nations, but unfortunately disappear in the seas through drowning etc and these people add up to the disappeared count.
    So how on earth can the Government of Sri Lanka account for the disappeared people?

  3. Vis8 Says:

    Lockton, Thanks for taking the time to write this. Lanka’s “Illegal immigrants” to other countries are none other than those who used the war and the fabricated ‘discriminations’ to gain access to greener pastures of the west. It may be too late, but Canadian and British security and politicians are learning who these “innocent refugees” are, finally.
    They have already taken advantage of the generosity by Canadian politicians (who favor “campaign donations’ and votes from their favorite refugees), and have made inroads into Canada’s political system. The sole aim of R. Sitasebastian, such a Canadian PM, is to discredit and antagonize Sri Lanka, to isolate Her from Canada.

    ……….. time will show what a big mistake the western politicians are making (by cuddling these separatists for their own gain (reelection)).

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