LTTE Treated Ven. Gonapinuwala Sumanasara Thero Better Than Muslims Treated Ven. Ayagama Samitha Thero
Posted on July 13th, 2014

Dilrook Kannangara

Famous Kilinochchi Buddhist monk Ven. Gonapinuwala Sumanasara Thero lived in LTTE controlled areas until May 2009. He escaped LTTE brutality with Tamil civilians. Although LTTE committed crimes against Buddhist monks till 1995 and attacked Buddhist shrines until 1998, it didn’t attack Ven Sumanasara Thero, throw cattle heads to his temple or threaten him with violence despite restraining his movements. As with restraining movements Muslims in Aluthgama were no better than the LTTE. In addition Muslims in Aluthgama mistreated Ven. Ayagama Samitha Thero very badly as he explains in detail.

Tamil people, mostly Hindus in Kilinochchi, provided regular sustenance to the monk despite not being Buddhists. Muslims in Aluthgama should hang their heads in shame for the despicable treatment given to Ven. Ayagama Samitha Thero. To make matters worse, Muslim leaders and civil groups whitewash these uncouth Muslims. This trend foretells a grave disaster that awaits the local Muslim community which cannot correct its shortcomings.

Muslims must accept their culpability of starting the Aluthgama riot; resolve not to repeat it and integrate into the Lankan society better, not with an Ummah in the Middle East.

6 Responses to “LTTE Treated Ven. Gonapinuwala Sumanasara Thero Better Than Muslims Treated Ven. Ayagama Samitha Thero”

  1. AnuD Says:

    Muslims have attacked Sinhala houses in Aluthgama. Why no one is writing those stories ?

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Hard hitting!!

    Don’t forget Dighawapi, attacking the HISTORIC Dalada perahera in 1915, building ILLEGAL mosques in Dambulla UN heritage BUDDHIST site and Kuragala.

    And REGULAR INTIMIDATION of monks in MUTHU MAHA VIHARA in Batticaloa by mosque-itos.

    Not to mention Afghanistan, Pakistan, Maldives, Nalanda, etc. where Buddhist shrines have been replaced by mosques.

    “Muslims must accept their culpability of starting the Aluthgama riot”

    I’m yet to see this happening. Where are all the moderate Muslim gone? Am I right to say ALL moderate Muslims are DEAD in SL?

    There was a time when a Muslim donated his elephant to the Dalada Maligawa. Where are these people? Hope they are not in heavan with 72 Fathima virgins.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    Tamil people, mostly Hindus in Kilinochchi, provided regular sustenance to the monk despite not being Buddhists.-
    We respect Saathu as Saathu no matter he is Buddhists or Saivar .

    ok who shoot 3 peoples ? I am confident not STF so still gun in civilians hand ???

    Vellu ,where are you ?

  4. rohanana Says:

    This is something we shouldn’t be surprised. When you look at the leaders of the two religions it is very clear that one led by a schizophrenic criminal and followers have to follow this mad man’s directions which clearly states what to do about “Non believers”. Look at the world, every single war at the moment is by Muslims and there are no Hindus. How many humans including men and women this man has killed before he was poisoned and killed by a Jewish woman. When they say the same God saved Jesus Christ from his death bed but that God didn’t save this man from being poisoned. What does it say? Any intelligent person should be able to judge it. So we shouldn’t expect any better for Buddhist monks now, but later it will be Christian leaders and also Hindu priests from these Barbaric mob believing in a criminal.

  5. helaya Says:

    We write about these things, but the government is not taking any action against these Muslim bastards. Why not sack the justice minister? Why not SL government exposing Muslim dastardly action to international community. Something going on with government henchmen.

  6. douglas Says:

    AnnuD: I think you have missed the article written and published in this web page by Shenali Waduge, in that, the details were given. Later there was also a media statement issued by 23 Buddhist Organizations giving the details that were not known to public. Of course, the true stories came out little late.

    The attack on Ven. Samitha Thero was only to “PROVOKE” and “INSTITUTE” a MASSIVE UPROAR inside and outside the country and portray the Sinhala Buddhist as a “uncivilized, intolerant and criminal minded” community. That was very clearly demonstrated when the Foreign Diplomats and the UN and its Agencies immediately started responding with condemnations of the Sinhala Buddhists and called upon the Government to act swiftly to arrest the culprits and “Restore Law and Order”.

    Now with the TRUTH emerging slowly SILENCE is dawned.

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