ISIS – CIA and the Muslim-Non-Muslim concerns
Posted on August 1st, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

The general public had never heard of Al Qaeda or Osama bin Laden until 9/11. Thereafter, both names are honorably mentioned by every Western Government and blamed for every terrorist activity and has enabled a string of laws and regulations that keep all citizens under radar and surveillance – the excuse given is everything is being done in our best interest and of course national security. However, this has not stopped scores of other terror groups to emerge and their names quickly entered to the hall of shame terror lists of countries. The latest is another new comer ISIS and it is certainly not the ancient Egyptian goddess. If ISIS is an offshoot of Al Qaeda and Al Qaeda was a creation of the US according to Hillary Clinton, then there has to be far more to the objectives of the ISIS than we are made known. While loosely understanding the CIA connections to the Islamic radical groups it baffles us as to why there are a steady flow of Muslims ever ready to be part of these indoctrinated groups that end up killing fellow Muslims and why Muslims themselves without desiring to live in cosmopolitan societies within a global village wish to be part of the Islamic expanded Sharia law meant only for Muslims? The two ends do not tie up and is part reason for why empathy towards the Muslims are lacking. While the world does empathize with the Muslims who are victims to global geopolitics the world is not too happy about the Islamic motive of creating Islamic states which has contributed to the changes in behavior and dress of Muslims in non-Muslim majority countries.

Whistleblower Edward Snowden claims that ISIS head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a CIA asset. He also claims that the National Security Agency along with UK and Israel created the ISIS. This piece of news connects well with the claim by the founder of the Islamic Democratic Jihad Party and former Al Qaeda commander (Nabil Naeem) that all current Al Qaeda affiliates including ISIS work for the CIA in a globally created initiative called ‘hornets nest’ that draws Islamic radicals to fight in the name of Islam. That explains how ISIS is not only well armed but well trained and able to expand throughout Iraq and Syria. The modus operandi of hornet’s nest is to create a perception that Israel is under threat by Islamic extremists (who are of course trained by them) The irony is that there are plenty of Muslims ready to sign up and be guinea pigs in an exercise that always end up in Muslims killing Muslims and taking these killings beyond borders. For every border passed with Muslim extremist assistance it is a territory gained for the West for the extremists are kept busy by orders to kill anyone or anything in their way while the real blue collared terrorists loot nations and take over strategic assets. This does provide a good explanation why ISIS has been able to control the oil rich area of Mosul in Iraq without firing a single shot! Who ordered Iraqi soldiers to give up and lay down arms without a fight! People who are included into West’s shamelist of terrorists are often found having key contacts with Washington. General Ibrahim al-Douri, the mastermind of the recent ISIS military success in Iraq, on the watch list of America since 2003 and former Baath Party head and Saddam Hussein successor is just one good example we can offer of America’s hypocrisy.

The Muslim mercenaries travelling after training and arms support by the West to every nook and corner that the West and its corporate power blocs wish them to should make countries uneasy about becoming eventual victims themselves. Jordon has shown signs of panic wondering if ISIS would turn upon them. The possibilities cannot be ruled out. The Georgian rebels transported to Syria was done with the help of an NGO called Javari and facilitated by Georgia’s counter intelligence department with the approval of the US embassy. We are well aware that all these rebel movements are part of a bigger objective to create a Kurdish state from Iraq.

If ISIS is CIA linked why would US/Israel desire an Islamic Caliphate? Interestingly every area that the ISIS is declaring as Islamic happens to be where oil fields or strategic assets prevail. Also interesting is how every enemy of the US and West is also the enemy of ISIS. We need to recall how on Ramazan day scores of Shiites were brutally murdered by the ISIS and not a single Muslim organization arose in protest even those in secular nations. At this point, the Muslims are to blame. Muslims have no other alternative than to save Islam’s reputation and cultural heritage. Muslims must act to protect their interests from the harm of those who claim to speak in the name of their religion and those who seek to monopolize it. But they do not do so and complain when non-Muslims bring up issues with the justified fear that the jihadi elements in partnership with the West will descend on their nations. These have nothing to do with Islam as a faith or Muslims as a minority. When non-Muslims are making their fears known it is primarily because they do not wish to have radical/political Islam in partnership with the West take over their nations. Muslims should not be naïve and childish not to understand this very important aspect.

No non-Muslim nation would desire to have ISIS followers calling for the heads of their captives citing Allah. This video exemplifies how extracts from Islam’s history is taken to justify ISIS action and when one reads through the attached link one will find how the obligation to Allah was fulfilled in one and a half days of carnage. The recent killings of Christians and Shiites goes to show what dangerous terrain we are on.

It must also show the Christians that the very countries that are West and we presume to be pro-Christian are actually handing arms to Islamic groups and watching them murder Christians and forcing the remaining Christians out of areas that they were living in historically. Is this with a greater plan we have to wonder. The makers of Al Qaeda (US Pentagon) eventually uses the threats Al Qaeda pose as a means to place US and Western presence across nations claiming security and then bringing laws that place citizens under undue surveillance and giving them the rights to arrest citizens even on hunches. A good look at the US Patriot Act and the National Security Act would reveal how far Americans have fallen for the lies weaved to them by their own Government. ISIS has been good reason for the US to decide to continue troop presence in Iraq when the US Government promised to return their soldiers home.

The entire debate leaving aside a historic confrontation between Islam and Christianity wherein some believe an enactment of what is prophesied to happen is been prepared and leads to the clash of civilization theory, needs to also take into account some realities. Invariably innocent Muslims and Christians will become bait for this Biblical clash. Dharmic religions wish to have no part/role to play in this exercise of unnecessary and unwanted death therefore it is now opportune a time for the Dharmic faiths to protect their own territory and keep their people safe.

Fact 1 is that all of the radical Islamic groups that have emerged ever since the US decided to fund the mujahideen against the Russians have been all financially backed, trained and supported by US and Western interest groups.

Fact 2 is that given our acceptance of Fact 1 it lays to rest and questions how Muslims can line up to be part of a geopolitical campaign that eventually uses ‘ISLAM” and parts of its religious texts to declare wars on non-believers? There has been no shortage of people to join any of the Islamic groups operating across the world (whose leaders are well connected to the CIA/Pentagon and other foreign intelligence) Whether they are brainwashed or indoctrinated it is irrelevant because there are enough of Muslims ever ready to join their ranks. Any time the West wants to create mischief all they need to do is to form an Islamic group, use texts of the Koran and then a steady flow of Muslims are ready to join and now social media is being used effectively by them too.

Fact 3 is that there are hardly any Muslims organizations at the forefront in any country in particular the secular countries where democracy allows them the freedom to make their voices heard who come out and say they are against Al Qaeda, its associated groups or ISIS. They may be quick to respond by claiming they do not support it but they do not come out and demand that they stop their crimes whether it is upon fellow Muslims or non-Muslims. However, they are ever ready to come out and claim ‘victim’ status against non-Muslims. What needs to be categorically said is that though it is illegal for a Muslim to kill another Muslim all of todays conflicts are between Muslims and against Muslims by Muslims (it is a totally different matter whether they are armed, supported and trained by the West). It is because Muslims are ready to take on their own that the West has mastered the art of how to draw them into proxy wars for their benefit.

Non-Muslim majority countries and Governments do not seem to realize that in permitting even aspects of Sharia to prevail such Governments are agreeing to divide people as Muslims and non-Muslims. Governments talking about equality befor the law cannot and should not agree to such a division and that is why there is such opposition to Sharia in non-Muslim majority nations where the law of the land and the culture of the country has to be according to the heritage of the country. What eventually happens is in agreeing to Sharia the will of the Muslims (who are a minority) dominate the rights of all others.

More importantly the leaders of secular nations need to realize that there are agents of ISIS/Al Qaeda lobbies under various bogus names and camouflaged by secular objectives but their modus operandi is quite different and when young women from Western Christendom have been mesmerized by the ideology (which cannot be Islam) and cross borders to fight for the ISIS, we need to worry and we have every right to worry. ISIS has not promised or delivered anything for non-Muslims to be happy about!

It is better to start worrying and taking counter-measures than to watch the enemy arrive at one’s doorstep and take us by surprise. 

This is what non-Muslim citizens are pleading of the political leaders who appear to be very comfortable enjoying the perks and privileges that silence them not realizing that the enemy is closing in on not only them but the entire nation as well. The countries that today face Islamic extremism never expected their countries to face such an impasse. They were unprepared. Today they are battling to keep the identity of their country alive. Therefore those that claim that non-Muslims are getting unnecessarily worried need to first reason out on what grounds they can say so when mushrooming Islamic groups are springing up calling for not only jihads but an Islamic Caliphate that now includes Asia as well. This is also well in line with America’s ‘Look East’ policy therefore the people are intelligent enough to realize that the emergence of radical Islam is nothing but political Islam via Pentagon and the calls by US missions to non-Muslims to be tolerant of Islam and Muslim minorities is just a hoax and a cover up.

These are realities that the Muslims and in particular those who call themselves moderate needs to realize that non-Muslims have every right to fear and many reasons to fear. It is no one figment of imagination or made up stories that are making non-Muslims fear. There are events happening and behaviors in Muslims that non-Muslims are connecting with the radical Islam springing into shape. These are not innocent changes but have a very well programmed modus operandi though Muslims themselves may not be aware of it. However, when these things are brought to light for debate it is wrong of Muslims to pretend to be victims without sharing the concerns themselves.

On the one hand there is Islam itself that clearly demarcates Muslims from non-Muslims and establishes ground rules for how non-Muslims should behave and how Muslims should treat non-Muslims. These do not get enforced in non-Muslim majority nations but the call to attempt to make these nations into majority Muslim nations through various means is part and parcel of Islamic expansionism. Every demand and right made by Muslims is always connected to Sharia demands and Sharia law extended is an entire social system encompassing criminal and civil code. Non-Muslims question why a parallel law should be allowed to prevail if Muslims who live in secular nations wish to live in peaceful coexistence.

Next is the fact that Islamic groups are working hand in glove with the West and that clearly establishes far more dangers than we can fathom. Yet, Muslim organizations have not come out to appeal to Muslims not to join, Muslims have not come out to oppose these groups or made sure that their children are not sent to mosques, madrassas or muftis who are agents to recruit youth for these extremist groups and this silence has compelled non-Muslims to come out and make their concerns public especially when secular politicians are bribed into silence not realizing that their selfish silence will again compromise the lives of our soldiers. We do not wish to have another blood bath wherein our soldiers are compromised for no reason and because politicians have been lazy to take action.

These are serious matters for both non-Muslims and Muslims to ponder over.

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  1. Lorenzo Says:

    JIHADISTS have won over USA and EU. NATO LOST in Afghanistan and Iraq BIG TIME.

    Slowly ISIS will expand into Europe and Endia. Then all hell will break lose.

    SL has to KEEP MUSLIMS under control and enjoy the unfolding fun in Europe and Endia.

    ONLY Israel, China, Burma and SL have been successful in whacking the dirt out of JIHADISTS. We must team up and continue the good work.

  2. Christie Says:

    I feel so sad to read articles like this. Sinhalese and Moors had lived together and in fact most of the Moors are dependents from marriage to Sinhalese women. I am sure there are some sinister underlying force and it is the same that looked after the Tamil terrorists and the JVP terrorists.

  3. AnuD Says:

    Shenali is correct.

    “ “

  4. AnuD Says:

    Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the supreme leader of the Islamic State (IS), declared the creation of the Islamic Caliphate. The Caliphate, an unofficial protectorate stretching between Iraq and Syria, has all the markings of an ultra-conservative throwback to the old Umyadd Empire – and all the holy-war undertones that defined that emirate.

    But where did IS really come from? And why isn’t the Western press reporting on it?

    The official story from U.S. and European sources is that IS formed from a rag-tag bunch of jihadists in Syria. Some of those groups merged with other jihadists from Iraq, then received a blessing from al-Qaeda itself. Then known as ISIS, the militants gained momentum by co-opting Sunni movements in Iraq, Syria, and other Shia-dominated regions.

    The real story is much more complex. As the saying goes, “Follow the money.”

    From scattered reports around the world, over the last decade ISIS received funding, arms, and training via Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Yemen, Iran, Syria, and the United States. That’s a lot of players with supposedly conflicting interests.

    If we assume the best from these donor nations, then they unknowingly supported ISIS among the fevered quagmire in Syria. The confusion’s easy to understand. Syria’s anti-Assad forces are a patchwork of allegiances composed of “secular” rebels and jihadists.

    Even the United States invested in IS, directly or indirectly. A New York Times story from 2012 detailed how most of the arms and money flowing from the U.S. to Syrian rebels did, in fact, end up in the hands of jihadists such as ISIS. This was all accidental, of course, if we believe the best-case scenario.

    If we assume the worst, then these donor nations intentionally fueled ISIS for another reason.

    Why Support an Islamic Caliphate?

    The easy answer is this is a millennia-old holy war between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. A rogue militant outfit would be a great excuse for the Sunni-led Gulf States to topple some Shiite-dominated countries while keeping their hands clean. But considering the United States quietly works with both Shiite and Sunni nations, the easy answer is also the wrong answer.

    In reality, religion is simply rhetoric. It provides an ideological source of inspiration for the insanity of war. In reality, more “terrorist attacks” means justification for stronger police states. It also means more prisons. Industries can cry “scarcity” while pushing prices skyward, and banks can reallocate wealth plundered by militants through laundering schemes.
    Defense industries have a hand in this, too. For war profiteers, murder means money. The Gulf States, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey are all customers for Europe, Russia, the U.S., and China’s weapons manufacturers. Now that IS is practically its own nation, it too stands to become a serious contender for arms sales.


    Two weeks ago, ISIS fighters rolled into Mosul, a holy city that also happens to hold several major oil operations. On top of that, ISIS took control of the Bank of Mosul and its $400 million stash. That, along with the cache of U.S. armored vehicles – and potentially Saddam’s old chemical weapons stockpile – puts IS’s total wealth in the $2 billion range. That’s more wealth than the world’s 15 poorest nations. IS also controls an area five times the size of Lebanon.

    IS gets money from a variety of channels, not just from its own personal piggy-bank in Iraq. IS militants “tax” regions they control for protection money (known as jizya). They also sell their hijacked oil and natural gas to private companies and governments at a discount.

    On top of these entrepreneurial endeavors, IS also raids and sacks villages. It’s probably one of the oldest routes for war loot, but it’s effective, and sure enough IS has used it.

    As the world anxiously awaits IS’s next move, little has changed. The U.S. missed an opportunity to deliver an airstrike on the IS’s convoys as they marched through Iraq in June. Was that just a mistake of bureaucracy, or did the U.S. intentionally allow Mosul to fall? I ask because on June 26, Obama asked the U.S. Congress to send $500 million in aid to the “Syrian rebels” – again! After it already came out this U.S. “support” was going straight to the Islamists!
    As far as I can tell, the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait created ISIS. Al-Qaeda created ISIS. Segments of the Arab people, desperate for lasting stability, created ISIS. It’s a creation of an entire planet too apathetic and too stupid to do things differently.

    The Islamic State is essentially a covertly-funded mercenary force serving the aims of powerful players in the Middle East. Whether or not these players can hold the leash on their pet terrorist organization remains to be seen.

  5. AnuD Says:

    Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria’s (ISIS), which has created unrest in Iraq, is the joint creation of the intelligence agencies of three countries – Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom. ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, who recently declared himself as the caliph of Muslims, took military training from the agencies of the three countries.

    These explosive revelations were made by Edward Snowden, an ex-employee of the US National Security Agency (NSA), during an interview with Iranian news agency IRNA.

    The United States supports the ISIS offensive with an aim to protect Israel by destabilising the region, reveals Sowden.

    According to him, ISIS was brought into existence with a strategy entitled ‘the hornet’s nest’ to “create a terrorist organization capable of centralising all extremist actions across the world”.

    The agencies of the three nations had given the secret plan to create ISIS a code name ‘hornet’s nest’, which means beehive, said Snowden.

    The United States wants to protect Israel by diverting the attention of latter’s enemies to the newly-created group (ISIS). “The only solution for the protection of the Jewish state is to create an enemy near the borders of Islamic states,” the NSA leaker told the news agency.

    Quoting the records of the US Department of Defence, Snowden further reveals, “From February to December 2004, the US forces kept Al Baghdadi at Camp Bucca as a civilian intern. Later, he was released on the recommendation of a Combined Review and Release Board.”

    Confirming Snowden’s revelations, it was reported last month that Kurdish Pishmarga fighters seized Israeli equipments and foodstuff from ISIS headquarters at Kirkuk and Mosul in Iraq.

    Reports also suggest that injured ISIS insurgents in Syria are being treated at a Israeli hospital – Zif Hospital – in Safed city, an occupied territory of the country. A total of 283 militants have reportedly been treated in the hospital so far. Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu had once visited the hospital, said reports.

  6. AnuD Says:

    I think they strengthen ISIS and make them go against Iran.

  7. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Has anyone knows the whereabouts of human rights champion nai pillai?
    Her services badly needed in Gaza. Probably she is unaware of what is going
    on there. Gazans bad luck. At least we can take comfort that she will drag Benjamin
    Nethanyahu to the Hague herself.
    We all are very lucky to have people like her!

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