Posted on August 8th, 2014

Courtesy The Daily News

Sri Lanka ranks first in South Asia in the Rule of Law Index according to the World Justice Project (WJP) report. The compilation was released recently under patronage of the WJP which has among its most distinguished elders in charge, former US President Jimmy Carter, Bishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa, and former US Secretary of State Madeline Albright.

If these worthies in effect think that there is superior Rule of Law in this country by contrast to India or Pakistan, then where is the much touted Rule of Law problem that we are supposed to have on our hands?

When we hear the pundits scream incessantly about how India has an independent judiciary, and a free press, they say much freer than in Sri Lanka, we hear in effect their celebratory screams about the leaps our Northern neighbour is supposed to have made with regard to the establishment of Rule of Law, in contrast to us.

But now we find from sources that especially Indian pundits would call unimpeachable, that Sri Lanka is far ahead of the regional big powers in terms of the Rule of Law.

It is not just this — this country also ranks an amazing 48 in terms of Rule of Law in a list of 196 countries, large and small, ahead of nations such as India and a majority of the Asian states of which just three make the top twenty in the Index.

Those who whinge and complain about the so called Rule of Law deficit in this country should now lodge a collective apology with the people for being so wrong that they now have lost all credibility, or at least the little of it that they have had in the first place.

Take the head of the Bar Association Upul Jayasuriya for instance, or lawyers who offer comments to foreign journalists such as one Sunil Cooray.

The former has been speaking about a Rule of Law deficit in this country from any rooftop he can get on to, and now we in this newspaper issue a challenge to him to prove that he is not a liar who is using his office as Bar Association President to promote the untruth that Sri Lanka has a glaring Rule of Law deficit?

Jayasuriya, are you not a cheap grandstander who would distort the truth with regard to Rule of Law in this country for the simple reason that once upon a time you were a UNP candidate at a general election (who lost badly incidentally…) — a fact that proves that you are nothing but a partisan political hack, and a social climber wedded to a narrative of outright, odious falsehoods?

His fellow water carriers in the Bar Association of Sri Lanka such as one Sunil Cooray for instance, gave interviews in London last year exhorting the Commonwealth to strip Sri Lanka of our host status for CHOGM in Colombo, on the grounds that our standing in terms of Rule of Law is compromised.

As his boss does, this man lies through his teeth too, and there is an explanation owed by all these pathetic pretenders and their handmaiden journalist commentators too, about their intentional misleading of the people, which can only be with petty partisan political intent.

The less that is said about the Paikiasothy Saravanamuttus and the tripe typists such as Gardiner Harris who churn out copy for publications such as the New York Times, the better.

These people have sworn that there are accountability issues that plague Sri Lanka, added to which they say there are a host of brand new maladies in this country such as religious intolerance.

But yet, we outpace India and a vast majority of other countries in the Rule of Law.

Asking the former to apologize to Sri Lankan citizens should be futile as he is transparently promoting a partisan political project, but at least it is time then for the New York Times folks now to save face by issuing an unconditional apology to the Sri Lankan people for being the regular purveyors of fiction?


  1. Lorenzo Says:

    SL is the best in SOUTH ASIA in rule of law.

    Now what can NAYSAYERS say about it?

    Of course we should improve but we should also ADMIT the good.

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