The OHCHR investigation on Sri Lanka
Posted on August 18th, 2014

 Malin Abeyatunge

This letter was Emailed to Ms Sandra Beidas who is the coordinator for the Investigation against Sri Lanka to put on record that there is another side of the story.

The OHCHR investigation on Sri Lanka quotes the Resolution :

In its resolution A/HRC/25/1 adopted in March 2014 on Promoting reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka”, the United Nations Human Rights Council requested the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to undertake a comprehensive investigation into alleged serious violations and abuses of human rights and related crimes by both parties in Sri Lanka during the period covered by the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC), and to establish the facts and circumstances of such alleged violations and of the crimes perpetrated with a view to avoiding impunity and ensuring accountability, with assistance from relevant experts and special procedures mandate holders”.

The OHCHR Resolution passed at the last session in March was to cover

1.   Both parties (LTTE and Sri Lankan Government)

2.   Period covered by the LLRC (2002 to 2009)

But how is that outgoing Commissioner Navi Pillay has arbitrarily gone beyond the mandate and decided to extend the period to 2011? This investigation has to be treated as null & void by the unbiased international community if it goes beyond the UN mandate (Of course even otherwise) as the GoSL has categorically refused to participate as it’s illegal.


It’s a known truth that the Navi Pillay used the infamous falsified Darusman Report, Fabricated and manufactured Channel 4 docs, Tamil Net, HRW, AI, ICG etc and reports from LTTE Diaspora to manufacture her report against Sri Lanka. According to her latest statement made to the Panel saying that there is a wealth of information outside Sri Lanka that panel can obtain”, I presume she would have meant the above mentioned biased sources.However, Sri Lankan Government has categorically rejected the report and its recommendations for an international investigation on war crimes against country specific Sri Lanka, refused to participate in the investigation.

The three member panel will first investigate into the alleged war crimes against both GOSL and LTTE. Well, say hypothetically they will bring charges against GOSL but how is the panel going to bring charges against now militarily non-existent LTTE. Of course, there are still few remnants of original LTTE hard core supporters operating in USA, UK, Norway, Canada, Australia, India and France. To name a few, once Legal advisor to LTTE V.Rudrakumaran of TGTE founded in USA and now spread to other countries in cyber form, Adele Balasingham who is leading a lavish unhindered life in UK albeit LTTE was banned who was the leader of the LTTE women suicide Cadre, Father Emanuel who compared murderer Prabhakarn  to Jesus Christ operating from Germany under the banner of Global Tamil Forum, Suresh Surendiran of British Tamil Forum operating from London despite LTTE terrorist outfit continues to be banned in UK, Nediyawan from Norway who took over the reign from KP as International operation head, Canadian Tamil Congress and Australian Tamil Congress. Will the panel bring charges against the names mentioned above who were actively involved with LTTE then and now. Since the LTTE military hierarchy has now been completely wiped off, the Three Member Panel should bring charges against atrocities committed by LTTE on these remnants of LTTE mentioned above as they have blood in their hands for the atrocities committed from 1977 with the killing of Jaffna Mayor Alfred Thuraiappah.

Sri Lanka was having the terrorist conflict from 1977 but it escalated the atrocities since 1983 until 19 May 2009 when LTTE was conclusively defeated. If it’s going to be a fact finding investigation, the panel should call for a special mandate to cover the period from 1983- 2009 where the worst crimes were committed by the LTTE during this period. The following is a short list of atrocities committed by LTTE during this period for which the above mentioned LTTE remnants have blood in their hands. So panel should bring charges against these LTTE remnants. Please see the following independent links for detailed information; &

This is LTTE in true form in which UNHRC trying to white wash as saints. Some of the most gruesome atrocities by LTTE terrorist army committed between the period 1983 to 2002.

  • LTTE has killed 82 Tamil politicians / 54 Tamil Government officials / 24 Tamil intellectuals & academics.
  • The LTTE is the first terrorist organization to have pioneered the human suicide with a suicide bomb strapped to body.
  • LTTE is the only organization to have killed 2 Presidents of two countries namely Ranasinghe Premadasa of Sri Lanka in 1993 and Rajiv Gandhi  of India in 1991.
  • LTTE is the only terrorist organization to have air wings to land LTTE owned planes.
  • LTTE was one of the few terrorist organizations that openly had offices in over 54 countries doing terrorist propaganda work in the countries that LTTE were banned.
  • LTTE also had 32 front organizations operating throughout the world in the disguise of charity organizations enjoying tax concessions from these countries.
  • LTTE is also involved in human trafficking, drug trafficking, arms smuggling, money laundering, extortion, credit card skimming, bank loan absconding
  • LTTE is proscribed as a terrorist organization in 32 countries. In India since 1994, in the US since 1997, in the UK since 2001 & in the EU since 2006. Sri Lanka banned the LTTE in 1978 but lifted it in 1987 for the Indo-Lanka Peace Accord. Sri Lanka again proscribed the LTTE in 1998 after its attack on the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy. The ban was suspended for the 2002 ceasefire. Sri Lanka banned the LTTE again in January 2009.
  • Most LTTE attacks on civilians & military were carried out by LTTE posing as ordinary civilians.
  • Since March 2000 to March 2009 a total of 13538 civilians have been killed by the LTTE.
  • Since March 2000 to March 2009 a total of 5222 Security forces personnel have been killed by the LTTE. (No deaths to civilians or armed personnel from 2010-2012)
  • Over 10,000 civilians have been killed & a similar number injured. There is no estimates of the number of Tamil civilians the LTTE would have killed throughout decades that they ran almost a defacto government in the North.

The Sri Lankan forces have been allegedly charged against war crimes during the last days of the war. I do not want to reiterate the lies brought in by Darusman Report, Channel 4, George Weiss alleging into the deaths of over 70000 civilians by the forces which he disowned the figure later when he was confronted at his The Cage” the book launch in Melbourne and Sydney. Some British politicians thriving on LTTE money bring this figure to over 100000 but failed to pinpoint and show where such big number is buried. If GOSL’s intention was to kill all Tamils, how come Sri Lanka forces rescued 293000 Tamils fleeing from Prabhakaran’s Jackboot reign who held the ordinary Tamils as Cannon fodder to safeguard the lives of the LTTE hierarchy. This itself is strong enough to bring LTTE current supporters to ICJ for holding 293000 people as hostage by LTTE.

By now, panel would ought to be aware that during the last days of the war, Sri Lankan forces never used heavy artillery and weapons to safeguard the fleeing civilians. This was confirmed by the International Red Cross Society and the UN mission who were there at that time. In order to rescue this 293000 Tamil civilians, army had to sacrifice well over 7000 well trained army personnel and the UNHRC report produced by the Com. Navi Pillay call it war crimes”. If rescuing innocent civilians from the terror of LTTE terrorist army is called War Crime”” then it’s clear as a crystal that the report is trying the white wash the most brutal terrorist army in the world.

Finally, there is a list of 16 LTTE Fronts and 450 individuals under a Special Gazette Notification dated 21 March 2014 issued by the Ministry Of Defence affiliated to LTTE Terrorist army. If the panel by any chance get them as witnesses to appease the LTTE diaspora for their investigation and accept their comments, then that report should be and has to be treated as null and void. So if the panel wants to give some credibility to their report, they should never seek witness from the terrorist list of affiliated fronts and individuals issued by the Sri Lankan Government.

Please acknowledge receipt of this document.

Malin Abeyatunge



One Response to “The OHCHR investigation on Sri Lanka”

  1. Sooriarachi Says:

    The investigation is promoted by the very LTTE terrorists that committed unbelievable human rights violations and genocide of non-Tamils in regions they want for a separate state, which are now being copied by groups like the Boko Haram, ISIS etc wanting to carve out new states in Iraq/Syria etc.

    As long as these groups supporting the LTTE diaspora keep repeating the bogus figure of 40,000 killed in the last month of the conflict, which was invented by a single man named G. Weiss, who was not even an eye witness to this conflict, it only shows their utter bankruptcy for any real allegations against the Sri Lankan security forces, who in fact rescued over 300,000 Tamil refugees and gave them security and food for several months till they were able to resettle in their lands, from which the LTTE evicted them and drove around like cattle.
    The real investigation should be the LTTE diaspora and their original creators and current backers, like the Tamilnadu politicians, the Greens party and various NGOs and journalists, blindly screaming the LTTE slogans and trying to ignore the atrocities committed by the LTTE terrorists, which led to this conflict in the first place.

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