Expressing concerns
Posted on August 21st, 2014

George Rupesinghe Sydney, Australia

HE the Ambassador of the USA to Sri Lanka
The United States Embassy Colombo
Sri Lanka

Excellency I have noted, with some outrage, your recent expressions of concern in the statements on incidents such as disruption of meetings, alleged lack of press freedom etc in Sri Lanka.

Is it appropriate that Sri Lanka’s ambassador to the United States expresses the Sri Lanka government’s deep concern at what is happening in Ferguson. Missouri?

The shooting of an unarmed teenage African American by police has sparked violent protests, prompting a state of emergency and imposition of a curfew.

Sadly, this is the latest human-rights and community tragedy that has plagued the United States for centuries.

Your moral preaching about the alleged abuse of human rights and freedoms in Sri Lanka rings hollow when incidents such as this erupt from time to time in your own backyard.

Perhaps it is also appropriate for Sri Lanka to express concern about the social evils of “the right to bear arms” and the continuing toll of American lives owing to guns.

Perhaps a similar expression of concern about the pervasive and growing drug culture and its medical, and social consequences will be in order.

Perhaps you would issue a statement explaining why it is proper for US diplomats to interfere in Sri Lanka’s domestic matters when you have a lot of cleaning up to do in your own house.


George Rupesinghe

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