The creators of Islamic terror (US & Allies) can condemn Islamic Jihad – why can’t Myanmar and Ven. Wirathu?
Posted on September 30th, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

The US and Allies are open in their condemnation of Islamic militant groups and now these noble nations have taken upon themselves to vanquish the ‘enemy’. It is a totally different matter that these Islamic militants find their daddies in the very nations that are supposedly ‘going after’ them. Yet, when nations like Myanmar are raising their voice against incursions by Jihadist movements why have these nations been condemned for extremism, hate speech? Ven. Wirathu is called the ‘Face of Buddhist Terror’ and referred to as a ‘Terrorist’. How many have even listened to his arguments before judging?

 Excerpts from the following video is given for readers to judge for themselves:

The introduction to the video describes Ven. Wirathu as ‘instigating hatred against Muslims’. The speech is said to be the ‘root cause that inflamed the situation in Burma’.

  • whatever you do, do it as a nationalist”
  • If you look at anything with your eyes, see it in a nationalist point of view”
  • If you listen to anything with your ears, listen to it in a nationalist way”
  • Anything you do, do it in a nationalist way”
  • nationalism must be routine in your life, as you eat, move or do business”
  • the weaknesses of nationalism in public forced me to preach”
  • they (Muslims) are not like that”
  • whatever they(Muslims) do, they do it for their people”
  • Before the current government, at the time of military rule, they (Muslims) made friends with generals”
  • they (Muslims) are united under one idea – nationalism” is to work for their own people”
  • they (Muslims) now monopolize the construction market in Yangon”
  • do not think that they (Muslims) love the military…only for the sake of the benefit of their people they cooperated with them (military)”
  • When current government was elected several of them (Muslims) joined the party”
  • they joined the political parties not because of any interest in politics, not because they respect human rights but for the sake of their people. Their religion has abused human rights. They are seriously abusing the freedom to believe”
  • They join current government party because when the party gets elected they will get positions”
  • They can then protect their people”
  • It is their aim to join NDL Party. NDL Party is in a good position. They too will get good positions”
  • When I visited Meikhtilar, a person said the ostrich become Muslims (meaning NDL Party becoming Muslim)
  • I asked him why.. he said all the Muslims have become members of the party”
  • Not bad what he said. Think about it, they don’t have any belief in politic, yet they have involved in politics because they have nationalism” for Muslims
  • They have got positions. Their race and religion is progressing”
  • I visited Myot Hla township”
  • Local monks complained to me that they could not perform Buddhist ritual ceremony on Martyrs Day”
  • What a rude Governor of the township, I said…how come they refused to perform Buddhist rituals on the day Gen. Aung San was assassinated”.
  • the local monks told me that the property owner is a ‘Kalar’ (reference for Indian looking people and with reference to Muslims) he does not allow us to perform”
  • see now they got position. NDL cannot perform according to belief because NDL office is in ‘kalar’ property”
  • what would happen if they become head of the Party”
  • what would happen if they become a Member of Parliament…or become leader of our nation?”
  • think wisely. It is scary. The more you would think, the more you would get scared”.
  • when they do business, they do it in a nationalist sense. That is why they keep buying property and land everywhere”
  • they use the power of money to get women, to attract women”
  • They do all for their people in a nationalist sense.”
  • When military was in power, they made friends with Generals”
  • when political parties were formed, they influenced the head of the parties and when NDL became famous they influenced her (Aung San Su Ki)”
  • When she returns from US, from the airport she used ‘kalars’ (Muslims) cars. When she visited Mandalay she used the same car. She is now under their grip. They have surrounded her.”
  • Dau Su (Aung San Su Ki) was totally silent when our people were killed and slaughtered in Arakan. She can’t say anything”.
  • Min Ko Naing (88 generation student leader) could not do anything in the Arakan crisis. They have surrounded him. Beware Rangoon people.”
  • We must prioritize nationalism. It is very important”
  • 3 or 5 days ago we visited Mon state. We saw a transport company called Yar Zar Min, owned by a Kalar (Muslim)”
  • This Kalar became the President of the transport association. Then he abolished Ka Htein (annual Buddhist charity) and said it is nonsense things.”
  • See, as soon as he got the position… he abused freedom of belief and charity. Be careful”
  • We can differentiate between faith and human rights….politicians cannot differentiate between faith and human rights.. so they can neither protect religion nor the people. If this type of people keep getting positions the culture of Ka Htein (Buddhist charity) would vanish. Because he got position he abolished Ka Htein (Buddhist charity).. people would not be able to donate and earn blessings”.
  • When it happened young monks from Mawlamyine organized a Monks Network, printed stickers and asked people to support fellow Buddhist businesses, shop only in Buddhist shops and used the transportation owned by the Buddhists. They have used the slogan 786 to patronize only Muslim shops. We also say to eat at 969 restaurant, use 969 transportation, use only 969 taxis, buy only from 969 shops, sell only to 969 shops….do not let your money go to your enemy. They will marry, force you to convert to their religion and their children will become a threat to the country..they would destroy our religion. When their population increase they would do the same as to Rakhine. They would snatch away our lands from us. That is why you must be long sighted and not short sighted. If no one uses Yaz Zar Min transportation coach from Mawlawyine to Yangon will be empty. From Yangon to Mawlawyine is coach is full because our golden Burmese will use it. So they reduce the price. At first it was 6000 kyat but was reduced to 5000 kyat. Still no Burmese used the coach. Then they reduced it to 3500 kyat  – so now all are using it.”
  • If we lose now, they would form groups and by the support of Saudi Arabia oil money they would compete with our businesses. Please do not save money and go for cheaper service. Your little money would be insignificant but when you add it together our enemy would become more powerful. They would become dangerous to us. They would one day take our resources from us. If our people travelling from both sides support us fellow Buddhists in a nationalist sense and sacrifice the 1500 kyat we golden Burmese would win this fight. After that we can win more fights. We have to concentrate on one target after another.”
  • We have to protect our race”
  • Now more of our fellow Buddhist brothers are looking to reduce the price to compete with them”
  • Without mass public support we will lose Mawlamyine”

In another speech, Ven. Wirathu had this to say :

  • the riot in Rahine is not concerned with only Rakhine (Arakanese) people”
  • the Arab world is supporting behind the Bengalis…. But sadly even the Myanmar nationalities are not supporting the Rakhinese”
  • those Bengalis are being led by Waqar Uddin and he is controlled by Jalalaini. With the aid of the arab world, people like Waqar Uddin and Jalalaini have been ordering the Bengalis and systematically waging a Jihad war on Rakhine”.
  • Last May they planned jihad on 3 towns”
  • The Rohingya Solidarity Organization doped children with drugs and made them to fight”
  • The RSO disguised themselves as ladies and got into fights”.
  • Their plan was to invade the three towns on 8 August 1988”
  • They had military training and had enough weapons”. Their war was not successful. They are seeking revenge again”.
  • They have announced that Rakhine State would be their Rohingya country… this announcement means that they are planning to establish an Islamic state in Rakhine State”
  • So the riots in Rakhine is not between two ethnic groups. It is merely an invasive Jihad war…sadly the political parties and organizations are neglecting and ignoring this fact”.
  • If RSO is formed for the people – please protect the people”
  • If RSO is formed for the country – please protect the country”
  • understand the Rakhine issue is a country issue”
  • Protect the Rakhine people, protect the Rakhine state”
  • I, the revered Wirathu hereby declare openly it is high time we protected the Motherland Myanmar by protecting and supporting the Rakhine State”. Rakhine means one who maintains his own race.

How can a nation such as Myanmar defend itself…

–         When writers like Hannah Beech says ‘Buddhists go bad’ and Time Magazine carries as its front cover Ven. Wirathu christening him ‘Face of Buddhist Terror’ without placing facts before the public.

–         When ‘Rohingya’s have become a convenient excuse for international interference and the originators of the crisis are well aware that these are Bengali Muslims who had been used by colonial British during the Japanese occupation of Myanmar and given arms to wipe out entire Arakan villages (refer Historian Aye Chan and Deputy Commissioner U Oo Kyaw Khaing)

–         When Britain promised a Muslim Nation area for the assistance given the very same Bengali Muslims of the Chittagong District of East Bengal (now Bangladesh) had requested Jinnah of Pakistan to incorporate North Arakan with East Pakistan before India created Bangladesh in 1971 (thus the issue has a history and Britain is the root cause). Thus virtually all Muslims of Rakhine area trace their origins to Bengali immigration during British colonial rule and well documented from 1870s to mid 20th century.

–         When CIA and MI6 have built the foundation for the crisis first creating an exodus of Rohingyas” in 1978 and 1991 to Bangladesh to set an international crisis and build the ‘Buddhist terrorism’ theme. British colonial policy was to engulf nations with illegal immigrants to be used to ignite friction.

–         When ‘Rohingyas’ are manipulated through Islamic movements funded by Arab nations and controlled by Neo-Imperialists:

o   Rohingya Solidarity Organization (RSO)

o   Arakan Rohingya Islamic Front (ARIF)

o   Rohingya Patriotic Front (RPF)

o   Rohingya Liberation Organization (RLO)

o   Itihadul Mozahadin of Arakan (IMA)

–         When Asia Times in 2002 reported that Rohingyas were trained by Jamaat-e-Islami in Bangladesh, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s Hizb-e-Islami in Afghanistan, Hizb-ul-Mujahideen in Jammu and Kashmir, Angkatan Belia Islam sa-Malaysia – Islamic Youth Organization of Malayasia. Afghan instructors have been seen in RSO camps and over 100 RSO fighters trained in Afghanistan. Intelligence sources say Rohingya recruits were paid 30,000 Bangladeshi taka to join and 10,000 taka per month while families of recruits killed in action got 100,000 takas.

–         When ‘Rohingyas’ are very much part of an international terrorist network how can they plead innocence and Myanmar has every right to secure its boundaries from individuals and groups involved in terror, obtaining training in arms and having connections to militants. This background information kept hidden by Western media totally negates the perception built up about the innocence of Rohingyas.

–         When these Islamic groups – ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Qaeda, Rohingyas etc all claim to be ‘true Muslims’ following Quranic verses in the manner they kill without question however brutal it looks in the 21st century. These groups are all being used by the West with a handful of Muslim nations supplying the men for the objective. The OIC head arriving in Sri Lanka has condemned the Buddhists of Myanmar but not the Rohingyas that are funded by the Arab world. Muslims are scared to utter a word because they are silenced fearing criticism of Koran being blasphemous.

Bill Roggio of the Long War Journal in 2013 highlighted numerous other connections of RSO with international Islamic groups. Servants of Suffering Humanity is a donor to the Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami (HUJI) to fight in Myanmar. The group also receives funding from British Muslims who work under control of MI6. HUJI is alleged to be helped by the Islami Bank Bangladesh, a sharia bank that has diverted ‘zakat’ funds towards militant jihad.

 While we condemn Islamic groups and non-Muslims share fears of Muslim invasion with Muslim Shariah law and Shariah social and criminal systems running parallel in even multicultural secular nations what is startling is the fact that all these Islamic groups are steered by US, Britain, Israel using their allies in the Arab world led by Saudi Arabia to supply men for the Jihad and use Islams texts to wage war against non-Muslims while their neo-con backers can enter these targeted nations, keep the nation destabalized using these indoctrinated men while they take over the wealth and resources of that country and make profits not to the nations that they represent but to their own personal bank accounts.

 Its high time the public of these Western Neo-Colonial nations and the Muslims in particular realize that they are simply guinea pigs and the wiser among them should realize that the new slogans of Islam being used has nothing to do with Islam but simply to create dissent to which Muslims have become ready prey.

 Ven. Wirathu joins all non-Muslim, non-imperial nations fighting hard to preserve the ancient history, identity, cultural values and religious identity and race of their people.

 Ven. Wirathu should not be denigrated for that.

 Shenali D Waduge

7 Responses to “The creators of Islamic terror (US & Allies) can condemn Islamic Jihad – why can’t Myanmar and Ven. Wirathu?”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Obama said Islam is a DEATH CULT.
    Bush said WAR ON ISLAMISTS.
    Cameron said the problem is not Muslims but Islam.
    Ben Gurion said ISLAM IS POISON.
    Modi said Muslims (mostly in refugee camps) are PARASITES.

    How about them?

    Muslims are TOO SCARED to taken them on and pick softer targets.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Outside of Sufism and the Bahai faith the Islamic world has married state and religion. It is also a faith of 1.5 billion people that covers every part of the globe. From Eastern Europeans such as Chechnya to Africa, to the Middle East to Asia the many faces of Islam today is one of a faith with massive change happening within the framework of so much diversity.

    Yet there are some aspects Islam excels. it has proven to function well as Theocracies combining Sharia law with the teachings of Mohammed. The radical element of the universe of Islam has given birth to the global terrorist movement such as Al-Qaeda, Taliban and ISIS. The absolutism of the Wahhabi faith has also defined the goals and methods of ISIS.

    The failure of the Christian based coalition leaders is that the US responded to the killings of 2 American journalists, 1 British Aid worker and a group called the Yazidi who most Americans do not even know. The US used that as “Casus Belli” (an act or reason to justify war) to take on ISIS. When ISIS was slaughtering its way through Iraq and Syria Crucifying and even burying alive Christians including beheading others the world leaders did not respond. By that the leaders of the coalition failed in their moral ground to start this war.

    The coalition itself is a collection of unwilling partners with a vague sense of continuing an undone war in the Middle East. Our Clergy did not inspire this fight. Most even did not address the death of so many Christians. The Western leaders reason to fight ISIS lacks the moral grounds to give the coalition the fervor they need to take on a movement however radical to form an Islamic Caliphate. Because of that the coalition has a good chance of losing to ISIS on several levels. Some of those levels can be seen in the 80 odd nations of people now willing to join them.

    The 21st century world of the Western leaders cannot grasp the old sectarian issues that once defined so many conflicts. The same inherent failure to get righteously indignant over the actions of ISIS are often why the Buddhist world is condemned when the Buddhist Sanga takes on alien faiths with the emotions one has to have to deal with such threats. A major culprit is the foundation of Secularism in the Western world and the Western mind that effectively removed religion from governance. Any violent acts be it defensive as in Myanmar or offensive as in ISIS are seen only through a narrow prism.

    If the Buddhist world has to grow and fight her wars it has to be done in spite of the lack of understanding the leaders of the West are prone OR fall into the same Secularist trap of being labeled as “extremists” “radicals” and “provocateurs’ in order so the Western world can understand it. It is apparent in the case of Radical Islam it is facing two fronts, one from the Secular based leaders of the Western world and the Coalition and another from the religious based Buddhist world. Both may share a common goal but each are approaching the enemy in a completely different way.

  3. Christie Says:

    The West fear is the long term effects on energy supplies. If energy supplies comes under the control of ISIS or similar groups heavens (God & Allah) will have to help the West.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    History is not written, it is created – Former Israeli PM Ben Gurion.

    Mossssad is recruiting foreigners. Applications are accepted online in their website.

    SLs who want to be part of world’s BEST should join. This way we can HIGHLIGHT the JIHAD threat we are facing very well. SLs and Endians have a UNIQUE capability. They have close contacts with and access to ARABIC countries which is EXTREMELY VALUABLE for M.

    And the war against jihad barbarians is only going to get more intense.

    A friend in need is a friend indeed!

  5. AnuD Says:

    See who is writing these articles or which are these publications. Those are mostly christians and muslim journalists except for Rajitha Senarathne like politicians who would sell anything to stay in power.

    The so called democratic west would not allow people of other religions or minorities to criticize their culture, religion etc., It is only Sinhale. Yet these minorities who want to be the majority complain and ask anarchy and indiscipline because politicians allow anything if they can stay in power.

  6. Ananda-USA Says:

    Facing fears over extremism, Austria unveils new law on Islam

    By Shadia Nasralla
    October 2, 2014

    VIENNA (Reuters) – Austria called on Thursday for standardized German-language translations of the Koran and moved to prohibit foreign funding of Muslim organizations on its soil in a draft law aimed in part at tackling Islamic extremism.

    The bill will overhaul a 1912 law governing the status of Austrian Muslims, prompting concern from a major local Islamic body, which saw it mirroring widespread mistrust of Muslims.

    The initiative comes at a time of robust support for the far-right in Austria and also alarm over reports of Muslims from the small, neutral country joining Islamist militant forces fighting in the Middle East.

    “The clear message should be that there is no contradiction between being a faithful Muslim and a proud Austrian,” said Foreign Affairs and Integration Minister Sebastian Kurz, a member of the conservative People’s Party.

    “If you don’t have orderly legal regulation … this can always bring dangers (of extremism). In this sense, if you like this is maybe a part of prevention,” he told reporters.

    He added that Sharia, or Islamic law, had “no place here”.

    Roughly half a million Muslims live in Austria, representing about 6 percent of the total population, which is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic.

    The Christian and Muslim communities have co-existed for years and relations have been relatively unproblematic by comparison with friction seen in other European nations.

    For example, unlike France, Austria has not moved to ban Muslim women from wearing full-face veils in public.

    However, tensions have grown with the rise of the anti-immigration and Islam-critical Freedom Party, which is backed by roughly a quarter of Austrians according to opinion polls.

    “NOT A GIFT”

    Under the terms of the draft bill, state-recognized religious organizations will have to offer a unified German-language version of their doctrine and sources of faith, including for the Muslim holy book, the Koran.

    At present, there are only two officially recognized Islamic organizations in Austria.

    The legislation would also forbid Islamic teachers employed by any foreign states from working in Austria and stop outside funding for any Islamic organizations.

    “Among the Muslim base, the law is not seen as a gift for the Eid holiday,” said Carla Amina Baghajati, spokeswoman of the Islamic Community of Faith in Austria (IGGIO), referring to Eid-al-Adha which Muslims will celebrate in the coming days.

    “(The bill) mirrors in its overtone the spirit of the times we currently perceive, which is marked by blanket suspicion and mistrust against Muslims,” she said, adding that she was optimistic the legislation might still be amended.

    Specifically, the IGGIO was worried about the law appearing to bundle together various Sunni, Shi’ite and Alawite sects and also about the ramifications of trying to agree on a unified German-language version of the Koran.

    The Arabic version of the Koran is generally thought of as the word of Allah in Islam, with any translation including an element of interpretation.

    “If a version of the Koran (in German) comes along as the codified, ultimate (version), then this would contradict the self-conception of Islam,” Baghajati said.

    Foreign minister Kurz told Austrian radio last month that numerous translations of the Koran had generated countless interpretations and said it was in the interests of local Muslims to eliminate possible misunderstandings.

    The Austrian government warned in August that Islamist militancy was on the rise and officials have said around 140 people have left Austria to fight with the likes of the Islamic State, which has grabbed control of swathes of Iraq and Syria.

    Last month, Austria said it would ban militant Islamist groups’ symbols and strip citizenship from people who travel abroad to fight with jihadists.

    On Thursday Kurz dismissed suggestions that a unified translation would pose a problem.

    “Am I skeptical when I hear this is difficult or not easily done? Fundamentally no,” said Kurz, adding that it had previously been possible to create unified teaching material for Islamic religious studies at schools across Austria.

    (Editing by Crispian Balmer)

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    Peaceful sermons are great, but is the Abu Sayaff group listening?

    Or, should we philosophically intone “What’s a head after all …. here today, gone tomorrow!”
    Philippine Islamist militants threaten to behead German on October 17

    October 2, 2014

    MANILA (Reuters) – Al-Qaeda linked Islamist militants in the Philippines said on Thursday they will kill one of two German captives on Oct. 17 unless their demands are met.

    Related Stories

    No change to Iraq policy after Philippines hostage threat: Germany AFP
    Islamic State ‘brand’ gains ground among Asian militants Reuters
    Islamist fighters advance in Syria despite U.S. strikes Reuters
    U.S. air strikes hit IS training camps, supplies in Syria Reuters
    Assad steps up bombing as West strikes militants in Syria Reuters

    Rebels from the Abu Sayyaf group captured the two Germans sailing on a yacht from the western island of Palawan island to the eastern Malaysian state of Sabah in April.

    The militants are demanding a 250 million pesos ($5.6 million) ransom and for Germany to stop supporting U.S.-led air strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria.

    “Today, we are going to tell you about the ultimatum,” a Muslim rebel who identified himself as Abu Rami, and said he was a spokesman for Abu Sayyaf, said in a telephone call to reporters based in Zamboanga City in the south.

    “After October 17, 2014, Friday, at 3 p.m., you will not see one of them alive. It will be seen by the public so that we can show that we are not playing games.”

    Philippine security officials say the Germans are being held in the jungles of Jolo, a remote southern island and hotbed of Islamist militants in the mainly Catholic country.

    The Abu Sayyaf group has a record of kidnappings, killings and bombings. The militants are know to be holding several other foreigners.

    It is not clear if the militants have contacts with Islamic State fighters in the Middle East.

    Germany has ruled out taking part in air strikes against Islamic State targets in the Middle East but it did break a post-World War Two taboo on sending weapons to active conflict zones by agreeing to arm Kurdish fighters battling the militants in Iraq.

    (Reporting by Manuel Mogato; Editing by Robert Birsel)

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