Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga is paranoiac
Posted on October 6th, 2014

By Charles S.Perera

Chandrika Kuaratunga  besides being a former President of Sri Lanka, is a person representing a respected political family, but her random statements to the press has turned her into  a disreputable member of that family.

She is extremely paranoiac and her statements on political issues in Sri Lanka are irrelevant, lacking mature political analysis.  She is driven by anger, hatred, and jealousy .  Hence she cannot think clearly and evaluate correctly the present political evolutions. She is in a way no better than the politicians of the UNP and the JVP, who keep harping on President  Mahinda Rajapakse’s third term without awaiting a legal clarification  which is a better way of  challenging the President seeking a third time.

Sri Lanka has evolved from its aristocratic and colonial past, and progress as a modern Sovereign State with a civilised culture with a Buddhist background. Politicians should   therefore re-evaluate their own mental progress before making inapt remarks about its people, social set up, and new Sri Lankan democratic political deverlopments.

The Leader of UNP Ranil Wickramasighe has left Sri Lanka to attend the UK Conservative Party Conference. That is the political allegiance UNP has and if they ever come into power Sri Lanka will be a pawn in the hands of the Western power block, developing relation with the Tamil diaspora.  Those who criticise the President Mahinda Rajapakse should make a note as to where Sri Lanka will end with a UNP Government.

Chandrika Kumaratunga will not be a suitable President to lead Sri Lanka as it is today. But before Chandrika even think again of a political resurgence in Sri Lanka she has to cure herself of her psychological impediments.

Chandrika being a woman of the world  more often in the West than in Sri Lanka should  know by now that there are new labour values. Though in the West there is still a Class distinction, no employment is considered low or disrespectful.

But she makes derogatory remarks of our Soldiers who after eliminating the terrorists have turned to build their motherland to fit itself into the progress it is making into modernity.  Not only does she make derogatory remarks , but also makes out that our  heroic soldiers are a sort of a secret service.

In an interview to the Aththa” newspaper Chandrika has expressed fears  that a military rule would be established in Sri Lanka.  The reason for her  assumption is that “… Today even the roads are being swept by the military.  Even the drains in front of my house are being cleaned by them. My greatest fear is whether they will commit a massive destruction by discarding their brooms for weapons at a crucial time when then public attempts to bring about a change.”

With her paranoia raising its head she creates a frightful mental image of  menace coming from Soldiers cleaning drains around her house, ..They keep a close eye on the happenings in our houses. Telephones and e mails are being monitored…  CID and State Intelligence Service personnel have been deployed at major hotels to keep tabs on who comes and goes, …Even if a friend visits my home, intelligence officers question them the following day. Not only me. Everyone who is thought to be a person disagreeing with those in power are faced with this situation. All these things visible today are signs of a military rule,”

What a small minded statement assuming her imagination to be a reflection of reality.  Chandrika today is an insignificant politician of yesterday. The government has nothing to fear from her.  But behind her imagination is the possibility of her being selected by the Opposition parties to be their common Presidential Candidate. 

Significantly in this respect she says, This is not a time to build fences based on party differences. All those who love the country should set aside their differences and join hands to salvage the country from the dark trench it has fallen into,”

On the 5 Ocober,2014  CeylonToday reported,

Kumaratunga had told Wickremesinghe that the time was opportune to scrap the executive presidential system and it was wise to move towards finding a common candidate acceptable to all political parties.
….. Wickremesinghe, on meeting the former President, had expressed his desire to contest the next presidential election and sought her support for his candidature.
Dismissing Wickremesinghe’s request, Kumaratunga had instructed the UNP leader to concentrate on the move to field a common candidate. After that, candidate wins and scraps the executive system, she pointed out, it would pave the way for Wickremesinghe to come to Parliament as Executive Prime Minister…….”
She had added that , This is not a time to build fences based on party differences. All those who love the country should set aside their differences and join hands to salvage the country from the dark trench it has fallen into,”

This is how Chandrika very cunningly manipulates opposition politicians putting herself in the place of a possible common candidate for the Presidential elections.

But that is besides the point,  when Chandrika spoke of of our valliant soldiers who have become peacetime Buddhist Soldiers building the countryside and healing the wounds, she certainly oversteps the bounds of decency of a former President.  These Soldiers were the sons and daughters of those Sinhala Buddhist countrymen who once voted her to be their President.  Therefore, what ever the government these Soldiers are serving they are still her people in service to rebuild  the  motherland, which is theirs as well as hers.

Sri Lanka is the only country in the world that has  re-employed its valiant soldiers who defeated terrorism to re build this country.  They have given up the guns, to take over  the brooms, mamoties, spades, and ploughs becoming a peace time Army .  They are our heroes now making dirty shanty towns of Colombo , Galle or Kandy beautiful cities, exchanging their military fatigues to civilian workers clothes.   How grateful we should be to them, never demeaning the work they do now, cleaning drains, building latrines, or planting flowers and becoming both external and internal decorators.  The value of their services are inestimable.

Chandrika should not be frightened of them, she should if  she is wise , generous , still with political ambitiouns should speak kindly to the Soldiers who clean her drains, and invite them to have a cup of tea with her. That should have been the reaction of a normal  former President to her people keeping her environment clean.


 In the meantime, the NCP Chief Minister C.V.Wigneshwaran, who also has no respect to the Soldiers who have made it possible for him to become a Chief Minister after his retirement as a judge, had said that he does not see the reason why he should cooperate with the Ministry of Defence  when funds allocated for  development of the North comes from donor countries, which should be directed to the NCP.

But Wigneswaran  seems to be learning the reality of working with a blood thirsty group of  TNA MPs who are hell bent in dividing Sri Lanka, walking over the authority of  CM.

The Asian Tribune reported on the 3 October ,2014 that, Asian Tribune learnt that Chief Minister Vigneswaran in the course of his emotional response has told that he was not happy to identify himself with the former Tamil armed group members and, that is why he used to be associated with the Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchchi.

This statement of the Chief Minister brought in sharp criticism, condemnation, admonition and one MP participant recalled that when Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchchi proposed Vigneswaran as common candidate in the Northern Provincial Council election, Vigneswaran insisted that he should have the consensus of all the constituent parties of the TNA for him to be a common candidate.

Another participant reminded that during the election campaign Vigneswaran was heard glorifying the V. Prabhakaran, Leader of the LTTE as a great Tamil hero and how come now he says that he was not prepared to associate himself with the former leaders of Tamil armed group. The double-tongue of Vigneswaran was exposed at the meeting and chastised, it was said.”

The situation is worth watching.

36 Responses to “Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga is paranoiac”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    All these power greedy traitors will be on one platform.

    CBK is after the SLFP LEADERSHIP.

    She wants Run-nil to become president so that SLFP will lose. Then she will make the move. MR is the only NON-BANDARANAIKE SLFP leader to hold the position for so long.

    Nearing the election, the govt. should resurrect OLD UNP slogans against her. Particularly by Ravi K.

  2. douglas Says:

    Dear Charles: Your article is indeed a ‘A GOOD STRATEGY” to diffuse the on going frustrations building against the MR Government and to divert the attention away from that “External Affairs” Ministry “Bangles”. I congratulate and appreciate your concerted attempt at that. The selection of the “Three” (1) Chandrika (2) NPC Chief Minister and (3) The Valiant Members of the Armed Forces.

    Did you not know (1) and (2) above have already been “WRITTEN OFF” as “Bad Debts” and there is nothing much to talk of them. The people who are living in this country need not be “Reminded” of these “Vagabonds” and I know for sure that they are not “heroes” anymore to the people.

    But, YES the men and women mentioned in (3) above would always and for ever and ever not only be remembered but will be honoured for bringing us that much wanted and desired PEACE. No question about it. But sorry to say some who gave the “Political Leadership” are losing their “HONOUR” and “CREDIBILITY” day in an day out, not for any things else other their “OWN BEHAVIOR and DOINGS”. They have INVITED that “condemnation” from the public.

    So please try and use your energy to CORRECT and REVERSE that situation. I know you can contribute immensely towards that course. It’s worth the while.

  3. Nanda Says:

    You are advising a future diplomat under Sajin.

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Sorry, I do not understand this. If Ruin-il wants to abolish the “Executive” Presidency, why does he want to be “Executive ” Prime Minister, instead of just ‘ Prime minister ‘ ??? Deception Eh ? KATTAYA.

  5. Ratanapala Says:

    However corrupt or misdirected Rajapakses remains the only viable leadership for Sri Lanka at the current moment. People must not allow the Presidential vote to be misdirected and to throw Sri Lanka into another Syria. We need strong leadership over and above democracy and human rights. These are only ideals not found or realised anywhere in the rest of the world. They are only tools used by western nations to fool and demonise other nations.

    The present system must make way to a meritocracy much like one we find in the People’s Republic of China where only capable and experienced people find positions in the leadership. We need a patriotic nation that will stand for One Indivisible Sri Lanka.

    Choura Ragina is barking, hoping that people have forgotten her treachery. Not a hope in hell!

  6. Samanthi Says:

    Well said, Ratanapala. I totally agree with you!

    Major military debacles took place during the Bandit Queen’s second term.

    The reason: After winning for a second term, she knew for sure she couldn’t go for a third term under the constitution at that time. Therefore, there was no need to go before general public to ask for their votes. So, instead of winning the war, she took all necessary steps to defeat the Sri Lankan army.

    Why: For her and her doctor daughter to live and roam about in London without much problem from Tamil diaspora. In the words of her own uncle, then deputy Defence Minister Anurudhdha Rathwatte “When Chandrika goes to London, Tamil people come around her and ask her to stop the war. So, she has to do something to please the diaspora.”

    How: 1. Placed the SL army at a disadvantageous position by appointing weak personnel to the top positions.
    Instead of very capable Janaka Perera, she appointed Balagalla, an alcoholic as the army commander.
    Instead of retired armed forces personnel, she appointed former E.C. Chandhanandha de Silva as the Secretary Defence. As per Iqbal Athas, Chandhanandha could not even break an ariconut (puwak) let alone fighting a war. Later, she appointed retired IGP Cyril Herath, a gentleman but a peace lover as the Secretary Defence. When in-fighting brought out between Velu and Karuna Amman, instead of exploiting it to the maximum benefit of the army, Herath said “hope they will not kill each other”. When Karuna Amman sought help from Defence Ministry to fight Velu, he ignored it. So, K.A. had to flee East to save his life. Later, K.A. said he was shocked to learn Ministry of Defences refusal to help him.

    2. Weakening the capacity of Ratwatte in meeting the challenges of the war, she gave him two additional portfolios of CPC and CEB during her second term knowing very well that he can’t then work full time for the military efforts.

    3. Appointed Wasantha Raja, a well-known LTTE supporter and one of her friends from London to head the SL Rupavahini and to pass sensitive info to tigers.
    4. Used Awamangala to organise Sudhu Nelum to discourage Sinhala youth from joining the army.

    Result: Hundreds and hundreds of valiant soldiers lost their lives and billions worth of military hardware lost in major debacles such as Jayasikuru and at the attack on Mulativu base.

    She needs to drink more and more whiskey these days to forget her sins!

  7. Lorenzo Says:


    Correction in what you said. It should be Pigbal Athas. There was another loser Taraki. “LTTE” killed him.

  8. Ananda-USA Says:


    Agree with you that CBK was an unmitigated disaster for Sri Lanka.

    When as the newly elected Prime Minister she sallied forth to confront the LTTE with her uncle Anuruddha Ratwatte leading the Armed Forces, I was ecstatic. I thought that she had inherited the GUTS of her mother and that FINALLY we had a leader who was willing to confront and defeat the LTTE.

    I went to SL, met with her ministers, and offered financial support to the Ranu Viru Seva Authority on the condition that the war is waged to its very end to utterly defeat the LTTE. I gave my support by personally adoptingg many war orphans and offering to organize much support for the war effort from other. However, as we all kniw, the military effort under her was an unmitigated disaster.

    As soon as CBK lost her eye in the suicide bombing, she got scared to the core of her being, and lost all heart to wage the war with the will and determination required to win it. Thereafter, she was a useless lump of flesh, and became the premier peacenik in the nation, abdicating her duty to defend and protect her motherland at the risk of her life.

    She went all out to appease the LTTE and the Tamil Diaspora, to such an extent that she undermined Sri Lanka’s legal standing in waging a just war against terrorists to protect her citizens. She acknowledged non-existent discrimination against Tamil people in Sri Lanka, just as the LTTE was tearing the nation and its people to pieces. She wailed “Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa” piling onto the heads of our people victimized by terrorism and exonerating the culprits, thereby breathing life into the war crimes charges that bedevils Sri Lanka to this day. That was an unpardonable act by a Head of State of a nation at war, whose very existence was being threatened.

    The only good thing I recall that CBK did was when as President she dissolved and dismissed the UNP-led government to when it was on the verge of inking a peace agreement that would have permanently partitioned Sri Lanka, and given the LTTE its de-facto independent State of Eelam. At least she had the good sense to do that … but I know not how she summoned the will.

    Other than that, CBK’s leadership was an unmitigated disaster for Sri Lanka. I fervently hope and pray that this CRAVEN LADY comes to recognize her limitations, and stays permanently out of Sri Lanka’s politics. Let her continue to be the darling gadfly of the “Human Rights” scene where she continues to be a puppet of Sri Lanka’s enemies. Never has a person been given such a valuable opportunity to be a truly great leader, and fallen so-far from grace in the eyes of her people.

  9. douglas Says:

    “However corrupt or misdirected Rajapaksa remains the only viable leadership of Sri Lanka at the current moment”- Ratnapala. It is amusing, but tend to agree provided this “CHANGE” takes place.

    Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa must immediately go into “Retreat” and meditate on: ” Who I am and what I am for”. He must very seriously engage in contemplating on “Sakkayaditthis” – The Mother of Egoism. Next he must heavily engage in transcending on “Vicikicicha” – The cloak for idleness and VICE. It also applies to uncertainty whether things are wholesome or not. to be practised or not, of high or low value. Having got enlightened on these basic traits, he must return to the task of Governance, with a “Determined” mind not to go back on these principles and firmly decide to follow the “Eight Fold Path” that Buddha has prescribed.

    If this happens we are sure to have a “BRAND NEW MR. MAHINDA RAJAPAKSA” on whom the task of Governing the country could be entrusted with utmost “Trust and Confidence”. This is what I prompted my friend Charles to do instead of writing and wasting time on “Dead Wood”. But one thing, it is nobody else who could do this other than Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa himself and not even his mother or father could help him in that direction.

    Gauthama Buddha said: It is very rare to be born a Human Being, but it is millions times rare and difficult to be a “Human Person”. Mr. Rajapaksa, please become a “Human Person” and you will be our “HERO”. If you don’t want to be that, then you will be “written off” as “Dead Wood”. But we want you to be a “Human Person” with the above achievements and realization. I criticize you, because you are at the moment not that “Human Person” and I want you to be that SOON. I know you can be that. Good Luck.

  10. Samanthi Says:

    Ananda is correct; she was dead feared about tigers. The day after Tamil Selvam was killed by an airforce attack, she had been planning to come back from London to Colombo. However, she cancelled her planned trip fearing for her life. She has said to one of her confidantes that the tigers will take revenge of the killing of Tamil Selvam by assassinating an equally important person from the South.

    She not only organized Sudhu Nelum but also the infamous package, Thawalama and PTOM to appease the tigers. She ones said Ballo burath namuth Thawalama peratama yay! referring to Sinhala patriots strong opposition against betraying the nation. She was also planning to offer Velu to govern the North and East for ten years under PTOM but could not do it because of the stiff resistance from maha sanga and other Sinhala leaders like Gunadasa Amarasekera, Nalin De Silva, Wimal W etc.

    Whenever, tigers blased a bomb and killed several hundred innocent people in Colombo or suburbs, she came before the TV and blamed it to the maha sanga for not allowing her to offer what Velu was asking for!

    One of the most traitorous acts she did to Sinhala Buddhists is removing the security contingent given to Dhimbulagala Aranya Senadhipathi Kithalagama Sri Sielalanka Nayaka thero. Within five days of removing the army post, the tigers assasinated the great bikku in cold blood. The reason for her removal of the army contingent is because the leading monk was critical of her conducts such as drinking too much whiskey and coming late to cabinet meetings and also crucial security council meetings etc.

  11. Nanda Says:

    Shall I say Saadhu ! Saadhu ! Saadhu !

  12. Dilrook Says:

    The problem with the ruling clan is it neglected the Sinhala poor that toiled to make them kings. To clarify, this is the only fault of the ruling clan. And this is the only correction it needs to make.

    This manifests in various forms – corruption and wastage of their funds, their environment, their nation and their expectations. Wasting billions on 13A is yet another disappointment. 13A failed to bring peace. It was merely a failed experiment and there is no need to cling to it.

    Wasting 90% of borrowed money on the Tamil-only north and the east is also seen as corruption by most because they have to pay it back along with interest without having any corresponding benefit.

    “Suba Anagathayak” had no impact in the north. It only managed to fool the south. If anyone tries to liken the ruling clan’s ailments to human rights violations, manipulation of the Opposition, not implementation of LLRC in full, not giving a political solution, nepotism and the like, he or she is wrong. Most Sri Lankans have no regard for these as there are more important burning issues to address.

    Unless the ruling clan addresses the concerns of the majority, it will have to face war crimes charges following an election defeat. On the other hand, even if the ruling clan totally neglects the concerns of the Tamil minority, there is no political impact.

    As for Chandrika, she has no moral right to come back to politics, particularly on the charges of corruption, abuse of power, nepotism and good governance. She was no better.

    There is an interesting legal connundrum of the presidential election under both scenarios – Mahinda winning and losing. If he wins a third term with his current parliament in tact, more or less, he is likely to push for a new constitution. He can use his two thirds to get it passed. He can use his ability to give or deny nominations as a tool to put pressure on MPs to support it. Similar to what JR threatened to do with the 13A.

    If Mahinda loses, his party will bring a motion to parliament to abolish executive presidency to deny Ranil his lifelong dream of becoming president. Although some ruling party MPs may not support it, it can be passed with the help of JVP and TNA. If UNP opposes it then, it will be extremely unpopular and will lose the general election that follows.

    To avoid the possibility of dissolution by the new president, UPFA might start the process well before the election and in the event of winning the election, let it die a natural death by voting against it.

  13. Nanda Says:

    There is another way out for “ruling clan “. That is to develop the country fast and try to stay in power forever, like LKY clan of Singapore. But there is a hitch. LKY is a very intelligent man.

    Our buggers,

    1. Love the brainless thugs and
    2. Live with brainless thugs and
    3. Spend the lives of like brainless pigs getting fat. ( Pictures are proof)

    They CAN only develop gradual chaos. Lawlessness, corruption, harming the innocent cannot go on forever, even if their God forgives them in the end. Country will invariably fall to a new LOW. People will chose other ways.

    Only thing they can do is bribe the hell out of that. For that they need more and more money to be stolen from the nation.

  14. douglas Says:

    Nanada: Let us wait and see how the change takes place to say “Sadu; Sadu; Sadu”. At the moment our President is well and truly encircled by the “Sura Doothikas – THANHA, RATI,RANGA. He has to try hard and get out of this Bondage, and sooner the better for him and the country.

    Now all of us have identified the “cancer” and let us begin treating it. The patient must “RESPOND” by himself with DETERMINATION to get cured. Can he and will he RESPOND?

  15. Nanda Says:

    I believe Mara himself ( not the 3 daugters) has gone into his brain. There is no escape.

  16. stanley perera Says:

    This woman CBK is liar and a thug. In her vocabulary there is no decent language. The woman only knows the language in the pavement. What a thrada woman she is. A great insult to SWRD and Mrs.B. In her 11 years she only robbed the people off. That 11 years was not enough for her to end the Executive presidency. It is only that Taylor of the women’s underwear will support this bandit woman. I challenge her to contest the presidential election again. As long as the supreme court ruling on the waters edge land deal, I doubt the woman will ever think of contesting any bloody election in SL. Badegana and that womaniser under the lamp post Sarath are the only friends she has.

  17. Ananda-USA Says:

    Let me direct a few questions to the critics of the GOSL led by MR, vociferously criticizing and slinging volumes of mud at the present government of Sri Lanka.

    In which period of Sri Lanka, have we had a corruption-free government that was not criticized by its political opponents? When?

    In which part of the world are governments completely free-of corruption? UK, US, Norway and India perhaps? Don’t make me laugh, for I can quote Chapter and Verse to the contrary. Watergate in the US, and Tamilgate in Norway comes to mind.

    In world history, were there any governments that were not accused of corruption, and worse, by the opposition?

    Abraham Lincoln’s US Govt during the US Civil War that restored the integrity of the nation and freed the slaves was viewed as a tyrannical govt in its day by many and Lincoln demonized as the devil incarnate, Churchill’s UK Govt during World War II that saved Britain from the Nazis, but was kicked out in a landslide immediately afterwards, Theodore Roosevelt’s US Govt that freed the US economy from monopoly control was demonized by business as a dictatorship and accused of violating the Constitution, Jayalalitha in Tamil Nadu now sits in prison for enriching herself in office while the Gandhi’s were accused of nepotism and extra-official governance by Sonia Gandhi, the Senayake-Kothalawala UNP govts that ushered independence to Sri Lanka was ousted disastrously by the SLFP championing the common man’s aspirations, Barack Obama’s present US government that extended healthcare to all Americans is accused of bungling US foreign policy, and presiding over corruption in the Internal Revenue Service. Need I go on to list more …?

    Which of these governments has not been demonized and roundly accused of corruption and assorted crimes by the political opposition? The answer is clear: NONE!

    The difference that exists between those instances in world history and the current situation in Sri Lanka, is that there are powerful foreign forces today funding and orchestrating the destabilization of popularly elected governments in various parts of the world, INCLUDING SRI LANKA, who hire full time propagandists to achieve their ends, using the internet, the world wide web, and smartphone based social media tools widely available today.

    We saw these strategies at work in the Arab Spring revolutions, in Sudan, Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine, that working through presumably “concerned internet democrats” undermined and displaced established governments, pitted various segments peoples in those countries against each other, created social chaos where there was none, and are now WAILING WORLDWIDE like innocent bystanders about the anarchy they themselves seeded and planted in those nations turning them into conflict-ridden anarchies.

    Today, millions of their citizens have died as a result, and have been reduced to poverty, homelessness and refugee status. Not too long ago, before the MR’s UPFA govt took matters in hand, Sri Lanka was in the SAME SOUP, with complete lawlessness, bombs going off killing people at will, and foreign governments and NGOs demonizing the GOSL and advocating the disintegration of our Motherland into communal fiefdoms. We have to understand, that TOLERANCE of these self-serving voices advocating “human rights” and “democracy” for terrorists and anti-national forces, was primarily responsible for our failure to solve the problems of Sri Lanka. Divesting ourselves of that slavish brainwashed mindset was central to our deliverance from the grip of anarchy. Never again should we as a people fall into that trap.

    The same process that created that chaos is now being attempted to undermine Sri Lanka, with political activists in the pay of foreign paymasters frequenting the social media in the guise of “genuine citizens” voicing “genuine complaints” against the Govt of Sri Lanka.

    In the recent past, major newspapers, NGOs and individuals have been bought like cattle and paraded about voicing a litany of complaints, and creating conflict where there were none before. New organizations, NGOs and brand new commenters are springing magically, and after establishing their “bona fides” as “true patriots” for a few months, get to work assiduously to deliver on their anti-national assignments with their paymasters.

    As the Presidential Elections in Sri Lanka grow closer, expect these anti-national voices carefully voicing their disagreements now, to become QUITE FRANTIC in delivering shotgun blasts against the MR-led GOSL.

    I strongly urge those who visit LankaWeb, and read the posts and the comments that appear here, to be aware that a phalanx of political agents in the pay of foreign paymasters, local politicians in Sri Lanka, and members of the Eelamist Tamil Diaspora, are now at work attempting to capture the debate at LankaWeb, overwhelming the established posture of LankaWeb as a patriotic website committed to fostering Sri Lanka’s independence, sovereignty, and its rapid development to become the New Wonder of Asia in the near future.

  18. Lorenzo Says:

    I agree with the last paragraph of what Ananda says.

    They KNOW they cannot make their beloved LTTE Run-nil win WITHOUT Sinhala votes. So they try to fool Sinhala voters with ASSUMED LOVE for Sinhalese.

    The BIGGEST enemies of Sinhalese are Tamils who want federalism and who believe in Tamil homelands.

    USAID is financing 100+ commentators to write anti-govt AND anti-SL junk. Americunt Corner in Jaffna is active with these people who are given FREE internet access and FREE English lessons and guidance to write these things.

    But we should make a distinction between what is ANTI-MR and ANTI-SL.

    I’m anti-MR but strong pro-SL.


    A Tamil can be a SL patriot. Even an Arab can be one.

    MR at times is NOT a patriot. Ran-nil was NEVER a patriot. CBK was never a patriot.

    There are some Sinhala organizations that support Tamil Elam.

  19. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Dear Ananda-USA
    For god’s sake stop pampering corrupt politicians. You can’t justify corruption by claiming that everyone does it. Presently Corruption is running rampant both in politics and in the state structures already crippling social well-being and economic growth in Sri Lanka. It is now more important than ever before for the future prosperity of Sri Lanka, because we are investing billions of dollars of borrowed money for development projects. If we lose even 10% of that as bribery, extortion, cronyism, nepotism, patronage, graft, and embezzlement , then extended payback period will make the investment useless and wasteful Politicians of both sides of the parliament in Sri Lanka are very reluctant to introduce new legislation because of people like you who are not willing to take it serious.

  20. Nanda Says:

    The definition of a PATRIOT is: A PERSON WHO UNCONDITIONALLY UPHOLDS THE UNITARY SINHELA BUDDHIST IDENTITY OF SRI LANKA. – great definition by a non- Sinhala great while Sinhalas are still lost in the dark.

    Let me repeat my Sinhala poem elsewhere again for the benefit of the people who can think straight , with an approximate English Translation. Surely I cannot be branded “phalanx of political agents in the pay of foreign paymasters” for showing the nakedness.

    මහ රජතුමා හෙලුවැල්ලෙන් වඩින විටේ
    මෝඩයො අගයනව එඇඳුම අපේ රටේ
    එතුමගෙ හෙලුව පෙන්නාදී මගේ තොටේ
    නොබියව බලය පෙන්නව් සිහලුන් ගෙ කටේ

    When the great king parades nude ( to the North )
    Fools cheer on the glamour of his cloth
    Show the power of your Sinhala mouth
    By pointing out to the king the naked truth

  21. Lorenzo Says:


    “You can’t justify corruption by claiming that everyone does it.”

    Agree. But what’s the use of REPLACING blue corruption with green corruption?

    The CORRUPT SYSTEM must be changed. 2 ways to change it.

    1. A military takeover. That is the ULTIMATE WAY of getting rid of corrupt politicians and SAVING billions.

    2. But #1 is not likely to happen. So what is the option? REPLACING blue corruption with green corruption or Sobhitha corruption? No. The corrupt system has to be changed from within the system.

    Not just corrupt POLITICIANS, corrupt GOVT OFFICIALS must also be punished. Some high commissioners have violated the GOVT. CODE ON CORRUPTION (code # XXX of GEC).

  22. Ananda-USA Says:


    You said “You can’t justify corruption by claiming that everyone does it.”

    Please Stop misinterpreting what I stated and twisting my words.

    Corruption was not invented in Sri Lanka, nor does not exist only in Sri Lanka. Given that corruption exists in every country, we must then ask to what extent does corruption exist and did it exist in the past as well under previous governments, is the government in power the sole cause of it, is the government responsible for all occurrences of corruption, does that government have absolute control to prevent and eradicate it, is the government heading in that direction to eradicate corruption, and finally given that corruption takes place in every society under every government, considering everything relevant, is the government a force for good benefiting the vast majority of people, or it is a force of evil that is not best interest of the vast majority of people? The answers to these questions will determine the fate of the government in the minds of most reasonable people, but they will budge one iota the mind set of those determined to topple the government at all costs for their own reasons.

    I do not condone corruption, but corruption exists in every society and affects every government in every country … that was my FIRST point.

    My SECOND point was that despite those imperfections, many of those governments in world history including those I listed in my previous comment … have overwhelmingly worked to benefit their people, and achieved great things in the best interest of their citizens. And, so it is with the MR/UPFA government of Sri Lanka.

    Another PROOF OF WHAT I SAY HERE will come in the upcoming Presidential Elections in Sri Lanka when the people of Sri Lanka will deliver their judgement in their own self interest, and MR ONCE AGAIN wins by an OVERWHELMING LANDSLIDE despite all of the Machiavellian strategies being enacted by Sri Lanka’s die-hard enemies to achieve regime change in Sri Lanka and restore the anarchy of the recent past.

  23. Dilrook Says:

    As NeelaMahaYoda pointed out, corruption and wastage on projects run with borrowed money have a double impact on the economy. In addition to the usual ills of corruption, the borrowed money and interest must be repaid. As some of it is not invested (pocketed), this portion will not earn a sufficient return to repay the loan and interest. It makes servicing debt extremely difficult and we have no way of escaping the debt trap we are in.

    In 2010 our foreign assets rose to a historical high of $10 billion but within months it collapsed. Now we are again borrowing to finance the trade deficit. It is a great fiscal and monetary policy catastrophe. Instead of awarding various concessions, the government should have retired some loans with this money. Then there is an enduring benefit of interest saving every year.

    As 90% of borrowed money went to the north and the east where tax revenue has not risen comparatively and no benefit to Sinhalese and Muslims (85% of the population), there is not enough returns for the nation to repay the loans and interests. Corruption in mismanaging borrowed funds will worsen the situation. War cannot be blamed as fiscal management during the war was much better contrary to anti-war activists back then.

    On a longer term, there is another associated problem called the middle income trap. The nation cannot remain in the middle income range for long as it runs the risk of economic stagnation and collapse. For it to move forward, money wasted in debt servicing and corruption must drastically reduce.

    The real danger of this economic gloom is the powerful and rich LTTE Diaspora will be able to easily manipulate Sri Lanka with their money power.

  24. Nanda Says:

    I know some fellow engineers told me they chose to go to rural places to earn money ( corruption).

    Some people have a problem understanding simple logic how money is spent, how a company is run and how to earn a buck honestly because they think it is a birth right to get the salary.
    No matter what you have done in the past Paapa Kamma is Paapa Kamma.

    Sri Lanka is still below $10000 bracket in the Middle Lower Income trap. Rajapaksas did not do any magic to ” bring our country from 3rd world to middle income country” – within inverted commas is a wrong statement by a regular writer in Lanka web. We haven’t even moved to upper middle income bracket and possibly never will for another 5 years under the current wastage of eating the shit out of public hard earned funds and money sent back from poor mothers working for Jihadists. These buggers will have to pay back in the Roruwa hell.

  25. douglas Says:

    Ananda: You “questions”: If corruption is everywhere in the world, why blame ony Sri Lanka Government? Hope I understood the questions correctly.

    My answer is : It can and is happening in the world, BUT that should not be an EXCUSE for Sri Lanka Government to follow same. The question before us is ” Why can’t be above board? We can, what is needed is the “WILL” to do it. The first step is :- “ZERO TOLERANCE and NO NONSENSE” Management. That is how Lie Kuvan Yeu of Singapore DID it. Top give an example from there: Somewhere in the 1980s his Minister of Transport and Works was under heavy criticism for some corruption through the media. As the thing was getting escalated, the Prime Minister summoned him for a meeting in the morning hours. This Minister checked into a well known hotel and committed suicide, because he knew what was in stock for him. That is what is called “Zero Tolerance and No Nonsense Management”.

    See what is happening in Sri Lanka in contrast to what happened in Singapore. The “Monitoring Minister of External Affairs” goes to USA and engages the services of “Public Relations” agencies on agreement committing the Government to “Millions” of tax payers money and give the official address of a private premises in Colombo as the “Official Address”. What does that convey to you.? Can that be overlooked citing such activities happening in other parts of the world? The most “ALARMING” and “SUSCEPTIBLE” in this transaction is” There is NO ONE in Sri Lanka to FILE a Case against this MP in courts and bring him to book as done in India to Ms. Jayalalitha by Mr. Subramaniam Swamy? All those who “TALK” big on Human Rights, Anti Corruption. Good Governance, Transparency; Accoountability talk BS. Where are they? That is the “Miracle of Asia”- Sri Lanka.

    There is way to do it. Please refer to my comment on the article “Changing of the Political Culture of Sri Lanka -Advice for voters and voted, by Sonali Waduge published in this web page. That is the FIRST STEP to be taken by the “VOTED” . Will any of them dare do it? If not we must elect some people who could and will do it.

  26. douglas Says:

    Further to my comment…… My father reminded a case in point from Sri Lanka. This is a case where an Election Petition was filed against an elected MP, one Mr. A.P.Jayasuriya way back in the 1950s. He was found “guilty” of violating election malpractice of distributing “free rice”- mind you only “two measures” to voters and was “unseated”. How do you compare this with that of distributing Rs. 2500/- in cash to voters as “Drought Relief” during the Provincial Election in Uva? (Note: I am looking into the details of this case and probably give more details later). Where is that LAW today?

  27. Ananda-USA Says:


    You did NOT understand correctly what I said.

    I did NOT say “corruption is everywhere in the world, so don’t blame only the Sri Lanka Government.”

    But, I DID say

    1. Corruption exists in every government everywhere in the world; wherever humans exercise political power, corruption emerges as a fact of life,
    2. yet, many of those FLAWED governments (I listed some of them), on balance, have OVERWHELMINGLY benefited the people of their nations,
    3. MR’s UPFA GOSL is one such government, that on balance, has OVERWHLEMINGLY benefited, and is CONTINUING to benefit, the people of Sri Lanka, and therefore,
    4. we should not undermine such a government because of those flaws, and THROWOUT the BABY with the BATHWATER, because the ALTERNATIVES are far worse!

  28. Ananda-USA Says:


    You mentioned Lee Kwan Yew who, under presssure by the Tamils of Singapore, recently criticized Sri Lanka for denying the “democratic rights” of Tamils.

    Lee Kwan Yew is the last person on earth entitled to criticize others on “democratic rights”. The way he transformed Singapore into an economic success was NOT by fostering “democratic rights”, but by forcing people to conform to his dictatorial policies, in a way that would never be tolerated in Sri Lanka without a massive uproar.

    He did not allow ethnic diversity to transform into ethnic tolerance by itself in a laissez faire manner, but enforced ethnic integration with crushing force on Singaporeans by quashing all dissent with overwhelming force. He enforced social and civil discipline on the people of Singapore through Draconian laws, in every aspect of their lives, in education, in work prohibiting trade unions, in housing, etc etc. Even tourists had to comply …. hippies with long hair were denied entry to Singapore, and whipped before being deported, and the penalty for possessing and bringing drugs into Singapore was death.

    Nevertheless, on the balance, Lee Kwan Yew’s policies where OVERWHELMINGLY beneficial to the people of Singapore and transformed Singapore into the envy of the world. Singapore was very sick when it separated from Malaya, and required radical surgery to survive, and Lee Kwan Yew was the surgeon who saved it.

    That is the point I was also trying to make earlier with respect to MR and the UPFA Govt of Sri Lanka: serious national illness requires radical surgery, otherwise the patient will die. Should we demonize Lee Kwan Yew for his denial of “full democratic rights” to his people and not allowing them to continue as a disorganized rabble forever condemned to poverty, or should we honor him for his accomplishment in dragging Singapore by its collar into modernity as a thriving and decent place for people to live?

    MR’s UPFA Govt of Sri Lanka first defeated a 30-year long terrorist rampage, reunified the nation and restored Sri Lanka’s crown to its hallowed head. Now MR’s UPFA GOSL is dragging Sri Lanka by the scruff of its skinny neck into the modern age before the next move of our enemies closes that window of opportunity. The sense of urgency is palpable.

    Meanwhile, many congenital idiots and assorted anti-national elements in our country, in their incurable greed for wealth and power, and their jealousy of those who are finally doing the right things for the country, are blowing up every molehill into a mountain, are collaborating with Sri Lanka’s enemies, and are doing everything they can to undermine the effort by the patriotic forces of Sri Lanka to raise our nation to an unassailable, impregnable position in the future.

    These anti-national scum should instead be asking for whom the bell tolls, for it tolls for them, because the people of Sri Lanka will not allow anyone to cheat them of their glorious destiny.

  29. douglas Says:


  30. douglas Says:

    Nanda: Thank you. You very well said in para 5 of the above comment what I really meant and wanted MR to do after winning the war against the LTTE bastards.”……………..should we honor him for his accomplishments in dragging Singaporeans by its collar into modernity as a thriving and decent place for people to live”.

    I expected this very thing from MR, because he had the “Authority” and the “Power” and the “Mandate” from the people to do it; but unfortunately during the last five years he brought this country and the nation down the hill and still he continues to drag it into a “deep hole”. That is my concern and criticism are all about. Still I would “HONOR” him, if he makes up his mind to mend his ways and give that leadership that this country needs so badly.

  31. Marco Says:

    Ananda, Douglas,

    I note with interest your comments.

    In the early 1970’s Sri Lankan politicians were relatively corruption free and i’m sure most readers would agree. I say that because one of my uncles (not blood related) was the Private Secretary to then Prime Minister Dudley Senanayake and he would have second thoughts of accepting a bottle of foreign Whisky for Christmas or accepting an invitation to spend a long weekend with his family in Nuwara Eliya during April free of charge courtesy of Lever Brothers holiday home. I recall he had anxiety attacks regarding these freebies and often wanted to pay for dinner at Grosvenor Hotel or bring fresh veg from the Market/ pola.

    Over the years the levels of corruption and bribe taking from our elected representatives have increased.
    It has now ( past 10 years) increased to unprecedented to levels never seen in Sri Lanka that they have introduced “category” levels. I have no wish to explain what these levels are.
    The levels of corruption has reached such levels that it is now considered the norm. Never have i witnessed such blatant and open corruption/bribe taking since I moved back to SL in 2004

    It’s laughable when you try and compare corruption to other countries especially the developed ones.
    I’m only concerned about my country.
    Ananda- It’s actually you who make me laugh when you try and compare Sri Lanka and to the levels of corruption it has reached compared even to the likes of India i may add.
    I’m sure you would have read that some if not all the 20 odd Ministers India have declared their assets and interests.Not that i take them seriously, and equally you may have read that the Chief Minister of Tamil nadu has been locked up on financial irregularities.
    Ananda- Would you like to know the net worth of our 110 Ministers and Deputy Ministers and that does not include our “Monitors”

    Ananda- You further state that LKY was dictatorial, yes i agree but he was also a Statesman acting in the best interest of the country above all.
    You made me smile when you stated that- “by forcing people to conform to his dictatorial policies, in a way that would never be tolerated in Sri Lanka without a massive uproar.”
    Really? We saw a Presidential Advisor shot dead in broad daylight by a fellow Govt Parliamentarian, We saw a Chief Justice drawn through the coals, Civil Servant tieing himself to a tree, We saw the Army shoot people asking for clean drinking water, We saw a Diplomat being punched by a Govt henchman, the list is endless.

    If you want to stick your head deeper in the sand, be my guest!

    Don’t get me wrong, MR has done exceptionally well in getting rid of the LTTE menace, and all credit to him and the armed forces, thereafter he has acted not as a Statesman.

  32. Lorenzo Says:

    If MR is a STATESMAN, he should serve the demands of his VOTERS not the international community or the UNHRC.

    IF MR does what Endia, EU, USA, UNHRC demands, he becomes a COLONIAL AGENT.

  33. Nanda Says:

    Agree with Marco ( as above).

    Nice words or even nice buildings cannot construct cities.

    Ananda says,
    “Now MR’s UPFA GOSL is dragging Sri Lanka by the scruff of its skinny neck into the modern age before the next move of our enemies closes that window of opportunity.”
    – I have no words to describe unfairness of this statement.

    Is doing this by,

    1. Denying clever rural youth the opportunity to enter a top college in Colombo ?
    2. Kicking out good Ministers who fight corruption and to reduce burden on families and replacing them with his won type ?
    3. Forcing Sinhala students to pass with a higher mark than Tamil students in scholarship exams ?
    4. Putting tyres around Colombo roads to let his and his friends’ sons to go crazy in Lamborghinis ?
    5. Giving the law Ministry to a Jihadist who is hell bent to add more and more of his type into Low College ?
    6. Never allowing “skinny necked” bus traveller to travel to work in a decent public transport ?
    7. Taking no action on the Prime minister whose office called customs to release a container full of drugs ?
    8. Allowing daylight murderers and druggies to drag our citizens into his type of modernization ?

    How can this bugger be compared to LKY ? LKY never allowed any sort of lawlessness this bugger promotes daily basis.
    Can this bugger even talk sensibly about the economy and the modernization properly without help ?

  34. Indrajith Says:

    Stanley, who is Badegana?

    By the way, I don’t know how far this is true, but S.B. publicly announced that Bandaranayake, her father is a descendant from Perumal’s of South India. He said he has evidence to prove that fact. As far as I know, she never denied SB’s claim. People say that’s the reason why she is in favour of Velu’s race over Sinhalese. I can remember that there was criticism against her for going to South India with her actor husband and slept in the beds of Uma, Pathmanaba and other terrorist leaders in early 80’s.

  35. Ratanapala Says:

    The Catholic Church has checkmated Rajapakse. He is now courting the very forces that plotted to prevent his election to presidency in 2005. In the process he is neglecting the forces that brought him to power and helped him to win the war. They are the ordinary Sinhala Buddhists whose parents followed Anagarika Dharmapala and they who followed Soma Hamuduruwo – the pupil of Ven Madihe Pannaseeha Mahanayaka Thero.

    I wonder where his gratitude is? We are yet to see any progress in the so called “border villages”, who bore the brunt of the war for over 30 years. “Yapanayata Kiri – Mayim Gammanawalata Kekiri”

    As for Bandarnaikes – they are decended from a South Indian by the name of Nilakantha Perumal – he was the Pusari at the Nawagamuwa Devale. His progeny gained wealth by pimping to the British – providing women to the whites. That is how they became rich and that is their history.

    Foolish Sinhalese got fooled by Banda name not knowing that it is ‘naike’ and not nayaka.

  36. Indrajith Says:

    Thank you, Ratanapala for elaborating this further. Yes, his name has been correctly spelleded in a separate article in Lankaweb by Chanaka B.

    For the reading pleasure of Lankaweb readers, an item copied from the gossip column of SundayObserver today reads as follows:

    Ra-Blue in UK powwow with Big Lady:
    Ra-Blue’s sudden visit to the UK has now been revealed. Following an SOS from the Retired Big Lady, Ra-Blue rushed to London to have a one on one meeting with her. The Big Lady had said that Ra-Blue could even lose his party leadership if he loses the next Prez poll. She said that Ra-Blue could remain as Op leader if he makes her the You-En-Pee’s common candidate.

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