Minister Basil Rajapaksa to mete out Justice to Dr Chris Nonis
Posted on October 16th, 2014

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Minister Basil Rajapaksa to mete out Justice to Dr Chris NonisAt a meeting of the Ministers of the government,Minister of Economic Development Basil Rajapaksa has raised an issue on the saga of former High Commissioner to the United Kingdom Dr Chris Nonis with the Member of parliament Sajin de Vass Gunawardena. He had promised to have a impartial inquiry to the incident.He had emphasized that he had known well that the the former High Commissioner had worked in his position to bring laurels to our country in all International relations and discharged his duties to precision excelling in his duties and he had earned a good name for himself.

In this context the Minister has insisted to have a broad impartial inquiry into the incident.

4 Responses to “Minister Basil Rajapaksa to mete out Justice to Dr Chris Nonis”

  1. Vis8 Says:

    Hats off to Basil. There has to be some disciplined action initiated by the Govt. itself, on this matter. It is time to thank Chris Nonis for his efforts to highlight the Tamil diasporas’ ulterior motives……….

  2. Nimal Says:

    Come on Basil You are the one who could do justice here.Once I had lunch with you and (CM) Mr S.E.What you said I admire you for that.You said at Kundasale that you could not trust a person who doesn’t d………….I will sincerely have a toast to it.
    We would like to meet you in London in private,of cause!
    there are few hangers on who frequent many events,very sneaky,jealous and what ever anyone do will find fault that is ridiculous and utterly stupid.
    I have lot to lose mixing up with them.Anyone does anything good for the country in the HC,there will be something stupid written in the local SL papers.They have no right to speak for our country as they hardly do anything like us,investing colossal sums,our hard earned in SL,just to give jobs to our people.
    These guys just come there at a function and they follow up with some wild allegations.
    KS did a splendid job,when at a function when wine was served they were critical of the HC.We are in England and we can pursued an outdated practice and when we invite VIP to a function must treat them the way things are done in UK.
    At present the minor staff I notice are inappropriate to the job.A function in last Dec we had to stand against the wall while the siblings of the minor staff and their friends occupied and reserved the seats for them selves.
    The usual trouble makers were enjoying our embarrassment and we,include a Sudda politicians walked out before the meeting.
    Dr Nonis is a decent background he should not be humiliated like this.If a relative or friend of MR does this to embarrass him and the govt, rod should not be spared and should be kicked out.Who need enemies when you have people like him?
    I have been North recently and you have done a splendid job and I have documented that will go to the very politicians that our critical of the gosl and take the side of the conniving diaspora.
    I hope you read this or bring this to your attention.

  3. Nimal Says:

    Sorry for the grammatical mistakes as I am working under pressure with little sleep.

  4. Sooriarachi Says:

    I do hope an impartial investigation be conducted immediately and firm action taken against Vas Gunewardena if he is found guilty. Ability to physically assault anyone is not a quality a diplomat could afford to have.
    I am happy that Vas Gunewardena was not allowed to meet the pope and had to stay outside as a consequence of his alleged behaviour.
    MR needed thugs to support the Government when the LTTE was terrorising the nation and the UNP was flirting with the LTTE, in order to counter both the LTTE thugs and opposition thugs. Today, with LTTE defeated, MR does not need these thugs as they would only sully his and the nations reputation and even discourage decent and competent Sri Lankans from volunteering to serve the nation.

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