SAVE ANOTHER 25%, possibly on the Electricity Bill, by installing  Rheostats (Dimmer Switches).
Posted on October 16th, 2014

Susantha Wijesinghe.

I firmly believe that, by installing  at least 5 Five Dimmer switches by every householder, they could further reduce the Electricity Bill to a great extent. Dimmer switches will reduce the wattage when turned down low, in an area that is not likely in use by the residents but still wants the area lit up. A 60 watt bulb can be turned down to say 20 watts, and likewise, even a 100 watt bulb can be turned down to say 25 watts, thus saving immensely on the current consumption, which means less payment every month.

Companies manufacturing Electrical Components can manufacture these Dimmer Switches with the Rheostat incorporated, or the three stage control, High, Medium, Low.

I suggest that the Minister of Power and Energy, Honourable Mrs Pavithra Wanniaratchchi, call for tenders for the supply of  the aforesaid Rheostat Dimmer Switchers, and give them to possibly all householders in Sri Lanka, highlighting the benefits that could be accrued by installing at least 5 Dimmer Switches, per house. The cost of the Switches can be conveniently billed onto the Electricity Bill in 6 monthly instalments. This would also help the National Grid.

I have seen an article by Dr. Hector Perera of UK, on how to reduce the electric stove consumption by atleast 60%. I will request Dr. Perera to write to Sri Lankan papers on ” how to “, to create awareness.

I would greatly appreciate all Sri Lankan Papers to copy this, to spread the awareness to all concerned, possibly in all three languages.

Could anyone in Sri Lanka please, personally bring this to the notice of the Honourable Minister for Power and Energy. Thanks.



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  1. Nimal Says:

    Connect wind turbines and solar panels to a grid connected inverter,as I do to fave almost 50%.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Government has done an excellent job of building a world class Highway system. Now follow it with doing away with the electric lines. the maintenance of these 19th century modes of electric transfer should be now buried in water proof pipes as done in so many modern nations. Not only the electric lines but the fiber optic lines needed for this age. It would significantly cut the cost of maintenance and repair. It would ensure the steady flow of electricity needed to attract foreign investment.

    Instead of massive solar fields. The government has the capacity to do this in stages. First make all central and provincial government buildings partly of completely dependent on Solar and thermal energy by installing these panels on them and the required batteries. Secondly include major business with a grant or loan which has a low interest rate. that can be matched by money from these big businesses such as the hotel industry to follow suit.

    Finally invest in towns and homes where tax cuts can be given to those willing to invest in this energy. This way the nation can wean itself off of foreign energy to some level while utilizing this alternative energy and not wasting any land to do it.

    Regarding the oil industry Sri Lanka is perfectly situated to develop refineries to refine crude oil from the Middle East for the markets of the Asia Pacific region. Refining crude is one of the most lucrative money making aspects of this industry.

  3. Nanda Says:

    LED bulbs are better.

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