Promoting Ranil  – ‘Cutting off the nose to spite the face’
Posted on October 18th, 2014


 Abolish Presidency’ cry at this time of the country is nothing but a slogan introduced as a part of a well planned tactic by those who seek a ‘regime change’ by any means.

 It is not surprising that those who were on the ‘Anti- war Front’ and all those who fought against MR in both the Presidential elections (2005 & 2009) are making use of  Abolish Presidency” slogan for their frustration. What is surprising is to hear the same slogan coming from some of those who were with the President since 2005 providing every support to win the war and voted in favour of the 18th Amendment to the Constitution.  The very same rejoiced groups, in appreciation of the stand taken by the country’s Executive Presidency when eliminating the terrorism, even went to the extent to say that the country needs a dictatorship to solve crucial issues.

 Within the coming months the propaganda machinery of the ‘regime change’ will make use of every possible avenues available within the electronic and printed media to their maximum benefit.  There will be uncountable associations, political parties and so-called civil and religious societies which we never heard before joining the ‘Abolishing Presidency’ campaign of the opposition.  According to such a media report, already appears to have commenced, the UNP leader has promised to abolish the Executive Presidency when one leader of a so-called Janasetha Peramuna met him recently. According to another similar report, 18 political parties are supporting Ven Maduluwe Sobitha’s ‘Abolish Presidency’ campaign. 

 Executive Presidency, LTTE Terror and Social Ills.

 Give up Eelam, We will give up Presidency” the news item headline appeared in the media is an eye opener to those who cry for the abolishing of Presidency quite lavishly like a ‘mantra’ for curing all the ills one could have in this country.  “Some people are asking a separate state and divide the country. Even the Tamil National Alliance is supporting that concept. Some sections of the Tamil Diaspora are also trying to divide the country. If those parties stop demanding Eealm in Sri Lanka I will consider removing the Executive Presidency,” President Mahinda Rajapaksa  (MR) said addressing a public gathering in Kilinochchi few days ago. As the President pointed out few months ago, in a press briefing, abolishing the executive presidency like changing pillows for a headache will not bring solutions to the problems in the country.

 Although some have forgotten the situation that prevailed in the country prior to 2009, if not the position of the Executive Presidency under MR, the country either would have been divided or would have been another blood bath by now.

 When MR became the President in 2005 he did not enjoy a good majority in the Parliament. All those who were interested in keeping the country in turmoil, including the so-called foreign diplomats representing of the West worked overtime to make use of the status of the marginal majority MR had in the parliament to destabilise the country.  MR was able to take crucial decisions and to keep all the issues under control including the foreign and local pressure because of the powers he had as the country’s Executive President. 

  If the Executive Presidency is the cause of corruptions and other ills claimed to have existing in a country, our neighbouring countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh who do not have such a system must be super heavens, free of corruption. The corruption level of those countries is sky-high and the standard of living of the majority is far below from our country. If non-Executive Presidency is the solution for the country’s prosperity, the basic question is why we kept on changing the governments at every general election since 1952 until 1977, like changing pillows for a headache.

 Is Ranil an alternative to MR?

 The leader of the UNP, being the common candidate of those who are after ‘regime change’, will make any promises and come into agreement with any one, as advised by his masters in the West, to give another try to grab power after making a world record of sticking into the leadership for 20 years of a political party despite continuous electoral defeats.

 There were reports recently that the UNP leader had already met some leading members of the dispersed Tamils in the UK, US and Europe who had planned to create a separate state of Eelam.

The same leader once entered into a secret understanding with the murderous LTTE prior to the election in 2002, apparently for mere frustration, due to his continuous failure to grab power since 1994. Having come to power as the non-executive PM, he went into fulfil his secret understanding by signing the so-called one-sided ceasefire with the terrorist outfit thereby dragging the entire nation to the doorstep of Tigers’ den,  leaving little or no room to escape but to give-in to killer Tiger’s every demand, one by one, quite lavishly.

Ranil strengthened the hands of the terrorists by allowing to destroy the Long Ranger’s HQ in Athurugiriya, demarcating so-called LTTE controlled areas, allowing the cunning Norwegians to provide the high-tech communication equipment to the LTTE and virtually providing every facility to please the terrorist outfit during his short tenure of office and is now vowed, shamelessly, to implement the 13A in full, if he is elected President. The LTTE’s systematic wipe-out of the state security intelligence and army informants while building up their war capabilities, by leaps and bounds, was apparent under his rule and if elected, no doubt, will be the greatest ever victory for those who were dreaming for a ‘regime change’ and the establishment of Eelam. Ranil had to hide in Europe in May 2009 when the LTTE terrorists were eliminated from our soil by our security forces under the command of MR and had to find alternate routes to come home from the airport to avoid the general public, probably, feeling shame.

Is it ‘Pivituru Hetak’ or ‘Viyasana Hetak’ (Clean Tomorrow or Disastrous  Tomorrow) ?

 No individual or a government is expected to be perfect. There are shortcomings with the current regime and those need to be addressed by keeping the self-interests aside. 

 If Ven Rathna Thera of ‘Pivituru Hetak’ believes his new choice of friends like Ranil Wickramasinghe is going to save the declared objectives of his party, he is greatly mistaken. If the constitution is to be amended, abolishing 13Amendment should be given the priority. The current regime will not give into  separatists as long as patriotic forces are with the regime.  Destructive criticism and joining with well known traitors to achieve “Pivithuru Hetak’  (Clean Tomorrow) threatening to defeat the current regime leads us  nowhere but to ‘Viyasana Hetak’ (Disastrous  Tomorrow)

 By knowingly or unknowingly,  what those who are frustrated with the shortcoming of the current regime are doing resembles ‘cutting off the nose to spite the face’   (‘Moona Ekka Tharahata Nahaya kapaganeema’) an expression we used to describe a needlessly  self-destructive  over-reaction to a problem

14 Responses to “Promoting Ranil  – ‘Cutting off the nose to spite the face’”

  1. jay-ran Says:

    “‘cutting off the nose to spite the face’ (‘Moona Ekka Tharahata Nahaya kapaganeema’)”
    Above expression is exactly TRUE 1000%!
    RW the fool should look at WHAT HAPPENED TO JJ,CM ININDIA?
    She was all out to destabilize SL by supporting LTTE.After 18 yrs of hearing the case SHE WAS JAILED.According to Buddhism,this is DHITTA DHAMMA VEDANEE KARMA!
    But, SRI LANKA IS BEING LOOKED AFTER BY THE GOD,LORD VISHNU, so the perpetrators will be punished INDUE COURSE OF TIME!!!

  2. Nanda Says:

    A goat ( srilanka) in 1989 was forced to eat some spoiled stuff in a pot (13A muttiya). His head got stuck.
    Various Mahadena Muttas (MM) came and went.
    The latest one saved the goat by making 2 holes, one near the mouth and nose, one near the eye.
    HE can survive now but cannot see properly and cannot eat properly.
    The latest MM can easily remove the Muttiya but he is not doing so, because he wants to make use of the goat without letting him free.
    Meanwhile some new buggers are demanding MM’s underwear (Amudaya) should be changed rather than the Muttiya should be broken. They say Amudaya is giving too much power to MM.
    There is another candidate MM who has no Amudaya.
    They should chase away this MM and appoint him and see whether what will happen to their 2nd mouths.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    RW is NO replacement for MR.

    WHATEVER the problems MR has, he is STILL WAY BETTER than RW.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    Quick! grab the opportunity dished out by EUROPEAN COURT OF JUSTICE!

    ECJ lifted the LTTE ban. Now it is plausible LTTE will regroup.

    REVIVE a group called “LTTE” and send them wiping out all Tamil politicians who COMPROMISED on TE and agreed to PCs, reconciliation, etc. Blame it on LTTE and ECJ.

    Think strategically. Turn THREATS into OPPORTUNITIES.

  5. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  6. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    When Indira Gandhi faced internal dissent she saw that as a danger to India. From 25 June 1975 to 21 March 1977 she enacted the ‘Emergency Act” Using the extraordinary powers bestowed upon her position she eliminated any opposition or any threat to India. Even though she paid a price for it by losing the next election, she made up when she came back to power.

    Upon returning to power she crushed mercilessly, the Khalistan movement. She sent the Indian army to slaughter their way into the Golden Temple, the most holiest site of the Sikh faith. All concepts of human rights were summarily put aside in the name of Indian unity. That genocidal act saved India from the birth of Khalistan. It was done when the world heralded India in a litany of voices claiming her to be the “world’s largest functioning Democracy”.

  7. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Aberrant leadership of Ranil Shriyan Wickramasinghe in UNP that was once patriotic and national but is now reduced to a servile and vocal outfit beholden to foreign powers and agencies that are hellbent on destablizing Sri Lanka. Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe’s manifesto is always paving the way for mortgaging Sri Lanka to international community, World Bank, IMF and the multinational corporations.

    Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe has lost several elections. Under Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe’s ‘leadership’ the UNP has lost several of high-profile MPs, hundreds of other elected officials, and millions of voters.

    Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe ordered and witnessed the execution of hundreds of innocent young men from Kelaniya area including prominent human rights lawyer Wijedasa Liyanarachchi who died as a result in September 1988, in his illegal torture centre maintained by the police Counter Subversive Unit (CSU) headed by Douglas Peiris who was directly responsible for the torture at the Batalanda Housing Scheme, during the height of the People’s Liberation Front (JVP) insurrection between 1988 and 1990 which was confirmed by the Presidential Commission of Inquiry which comprised retired judges. Since Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe committed these horrendous crimes in Batalanda, Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe had to abandon not only his electorate of Biyagama, but also the Gampaha District. Since these murders Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe is an MP without an electorate – thanks to his uncle Junius Richard Jeyawardene’s constitution. Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe recruited a convicted killer and hardcore criminal Gonawala Sunil as his secretary. Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe’s secretary Gonawala Sunil went around killing and intimidating people Ranil Wickremesinghe wanted to be silenced. When Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe was the education minister, officials at the education ministry used to call Gonawala Sunil as Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe’s husband. Gonawala Sunil is one of the earliest criminal gang leaders in Sri Lankan underworld. Gonawala Sunil had major connections with the UNP government at that time. Gonawala Sunil was convicted of the murder, and was serving in prison when he was famously released on a presidential pardon given by President Junius Richard Jayewardene just before the 1982 presidential election. Gonawala Sunil was involved in the massacare of 53 prisoners at Welikada Prison in 1983 and gang raping a 14 year old girl in 1982.

    Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe’s corruption in “LH Plantations” has been highlighted with excruciating details by his very close friend Mangala Pinsiri Samaraweera. Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe’s very close family members own several media outlets which promote Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe and help to prolong Ranil Shriyan Wickremesinghe’s political survival. LIke “Balu Makka” Ranil and his Faggots have destroyed the UNP for the past 16 years. As long as RW is the leader MR will win easily.

  8. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    Since Independence, both the එක්සත් ජාතික පක්ෂය and the ශ්රීt ලංකා නිදහස් පක්ෂය have embraced family bandy-ism. Following the Senanayake–Bandaranaike family rule, ජුනියස් රිචඩ් ජයවර්ධන campaigned from 1974 to rid the country of that menace, which, ජුනියස් රිචඩ් ජයවර්ධන claimed was the root cause of many problems in the country. In that backdrop he stopped the Senanayakes from entering politics. However, he brought in Ranil Shriyan Wickremasinghe, his nephew into politics in an unnoticed manner as only the affluent class knew the relationship of ජුනියස් රිචඩ් ජයවර්ධන to රනිල් වික්රiමසිංහ ‘s mother Nalini through the Wijewardenas .

    When J.R. Jayewardene was elected in 1977, the first things he did was to appoint his young kinsman Ranil Wickremasinghe, a neophyte lawyer who had not even come close to distinguishing himself in any field and had hardly spoken a word in Court (if at all) as Deputy Minister of the important portfolio of Foreign Affairs knowing that with its minister, the ineffective Hameed being abroad most of the time, that kinsman could act and function as the de facto Foreign Minister. There can be little doubt that but for his kinship to JRJ, Wickremasinghe would never have even entered Parliament in 1977.

    That same Wickremasinghe succeeded to the leadership of UNP thanks to the LTTE and will not give it up despite his world record in serial losses. Despite his pledge to rid the country’s political scene from family bandy-ism, JRJ continued with that process. It was crystal clear that JRJ only wanted the Senanayakes out of the UNP over differences he had with Dudley Senanayake towards the tail end of Dudley’s political career.

    Looking back at the history of the UNP with regard to family bandy-ism, Wickremasinghe today is following in the footsteps of his uncle JRJ to uphold the tradition of family bandy-ism. Politically Ranil is a contrast to his wily uncle who was a shrewd politician. He does not want to appoint a permanent deputy leader. Instead, he is grooming his nephew, Dinendra Ruwan Wijewardene to take over the mantle from him. Though JRJ introduced Ranil into politics, he (JRJ) never had leadership dreams for Ranil in the party.

    JRJ knew that Ranil was never a leadership product. And, Ranil assumed the UNP leadership over the tragic deaths of President Ranasinghe Premadasa and Gamini Dissanayake. Thus, tragedy set into the oldest political party in the country and it has suffered 30 election defeats under Wickremasinghe’s leadership.

    Unlike JRJ, Wickremasinghe is yet to feel the pulse of his party and the UNP voting public. His dreams to hand over the mantle to Ruwan Wijewardene will only be a distant dream. Wijewardene is too immature in politics. He is not closely known to the average UNP voter. Wickremasinghe only lives in that dreamland to deprive Sajith Premadasa from getting his due place in the party.

    Sajith Premadasa would recall how he was reprimanded by his father, Ranasinghe Premadasa, who was President in 1990, when Sajith was a student abroad. On his return to the country for a short holiday, UNP’s then Western Provincial Council Chairman, the late Duncan Fernando, attempted to lure Sajith into politics. When that move reached the ears of the then UNP General Secretary, Ranjan Wijeratne, he, (Wijeratne) immediately informed President Premadasa stating that Sajith’s early entry into politics would harm Sajith’s academic career. The President, who was furious following that complaint, immediately summoned Duncan Fernando and warned him. Sajith was reprimanded by his father never to board the political platform as long as the President was alive, as he (the President) did not believe in family bandy-ism in UNP politics. Sajith actively got involved in UNP politics only after the sudden demise of President Premadasa.
    It is a well known fact that criminals like Kalu Lucky who stoned the houses of Supreme Court Judges and Gonawala Sunil emerged during the UNP regime after 1977. Kalu Lucky had the backing of then Justice Minister, the late Dr. Nissanka Wijeratne. Gonawala Sunil was a strong supporter of Ranil Wickremasinghe who was the then Education Minister. These are just two examples of many, where criminals were baptized into politics by UNP politicians. During the 17-year UNP rule, underworld criminals like Aluthkade Pala, Keselwatte Ariyawansa, Moratu Saman, Soththi Upali, Wellawatte Sombe, Seeduwe Chintaka, Thatta Some, Maalu Nihal, Maligawatte Nizam, Tamilnadu Selva (Thotalanga),Nawala Nihal, Kochchikade Ananda Sunil, Pettah Colin, Nagalamveediye Gamini, Armour Street Sunny Aiya, Bilinwatte Chutta (Kotahena), Pugoda Chami, Kollupitiye Saranapala, Wanathe Kalu Malli (Borella) and Maligawatte Thel Bala became more powerful than Cabinet Ministers, given the privilege to use State resources at their will by Cabinet Ministers. Of all these UNP baptized criminals, Gonawala Sunil openly played a key role for Ranil Wickremasinghe when the latter was Education Minister. There were 32 underworld criminal leaders in the Colombo and Gampaha Districts during that period.
    Unlike other underworld criminals, Gonawala Sunil had the most number of rape and murder cases pending against him in Court, while he was a strong supporter of Wickremasinghe. Former Deputy Inspector General of Police (Western Province-South), Jayantha Wickremeratne, who headed the probe into an incident where Gonawala Sunil raped a 14 year old school girl, produced vital evidence in Court and Sunil was convicted of committing rape on a minor. He was given a long jail sentence but ministerial pressure forced President Jayewardene to grant him a pardon after serving only six months of the jail term. The minister demanded his release stating he wanted Sunil freed to work for Jayewardene’s presidential election in 1982. Later, that minister made a strong recommendation to the Justice Ministry to appoint Gonawala Sunil as an all island justice of the peace. Everybody knew that this newly appointed JP continued to be a strong supporter of Ranil Wickremasinghe.

    When Wickremasinghe was the Education Minister, Gonawala Sunil virtually controlled the Education Ministry. Admissions to popular schools were not an issue if one carried a letter from Gonawala Sunil to the respective principal on an Education Ministry letterhead signed by Sunil. Gonawala Sunil was also a notorious thief of State resources. He cracked into the oil pipeline from the Colombo Port to the Kolonnawa oil installation and pilfered oil worth millions until it was detected by Petroleum Corp. officials. He was also the underworld character behind the 1983 massacre of Tamil prisoners at the Welikada Prison. Eventually Gonawala Sunil became an utter embarrassment to Wickremasinghe himself and he (Sunil) was later killed in a ‘mysterious’ shootout with the police.

    DIG Wickremeratne, closely followed the activities of Sunil following the latter’s release from jail. Wickremeratne had several meetings with the police top brass as the Sunil-Ranil association was severely embarrassing President Jayewardene with the Opposition going to town as former Deputy Defence Minister, Lakshman Jayakody, in the opposition raised the issue in Parliament on a regular basis. A police team acting on information that Sunil was hiding in a house in Kelaniya rounded up the house. Sunil escaped but four of his gang members were shot dead. Sunil’s mistress Sriyani (a Middle East returnee after working there for 10 years) was taken into custody with five luxury vehicles, arms and ammunition hidden in that location. She spilled the beans on Sunil’s political connections with Wickremasinghe under interrogation and also disclosed many details of criminal acts committed by Sunil at the behest of a Cabinet Minister. Following these disclosures by Sriyani, a Cabinet Minister was severely embarrassed. The investigation file was kept under lock and key by a very senior police officer to prevent information being leaked out. The Chandrika Kumaratunga Government that succeeded the UNP 17-year administration failed to probe into or continue further investigations into the offences committed by Sunil at the behest of that Cabinet Minister. Sriyani told the police that Sunil and his gang had committed a number of murders including the murders of grasroot level rising Opposition politicians and raped women and school girls, using the Kotte residence as the meeting place and the place to commit rape. Sriyani studied in a school close to Biyagama, the electorate contested by Ranil Wickremasinghe in 1977. The then DIG – Colombo North, Daya Jayasundere, and Senior Superintendent of Police (later DIG), Willie Abeynayake, extracted vital information from gang members of Sunil and from Sriyani during early interrogations with regard to offences Sunil had committed in Biyagama and Kelaniya during the period Wickremasinghe represented the Biyagama electorate.

    Finally, DIG Wickremeratne directed a handpicked police team to raid Sunil’s house at Mission Road, Kotte. The DIG was informed of Sunil’s presence at that location by a Cabinet Minister, whose name is withheld for obvious reasons. Police cordoned off the area in the early hours of that day to arrest the suspect. It was reported that Sunil on seeing the advancing police party opened fire only to be killed by gunfire returned by the police. That was said in the official statement of the police with regard to the incident. Thus, the life of the leader of the five-member criminal gang baptized in UNP politics ended. The other members killed earlier were identified as Pugoda Gallege Rohan Chamith Perera, W. D. Chaminda Tilak, H. Don Sumith Sujeewa and K. P. ‘Hercules’ Priyadharshana.

    These heinous crimes committed with the blessings of UNP politicians during that period substantiate the claim of the birth of the breakdown in the rule of law in this country when Ranil Wickremasinghe was a powerful Cabinet Minister in the Jayewardene administration. Gonawala Sunil led gang rape of young women, murder and robbery. He was known to be a close associate of Wickremasinghe. Are Godfathers of the breakdown in the rule of law today talking like saints? Can the people trust such politicians for good governance in the future? This country has had enough and more due to ‘criminal politics’ practiced by some powerful politicians. It cannot bleed anymore!

  9. Marco Says:

    ..and the message is?
    “Can the people trust such politicians for good governance in the future? This country has had enough and more due to ‘criminal politics’ practiced by some powerful politicians. It cannot bleed anymore!”
    I skimp through all of it (yawn) except for the last sentence.

  10. Ananda-USA Says:

    Lorenzo said,

    “REVIVE a group called “LTTE” and send them wiping out all Tamil politicians who COMPROMISED on TE and agreed to PCs, reconciliation, etc. Blame it on LTTE and ECJ.”

    Interesting idea, worthy of Stalin himself, but an ABSOLUTE FOLLY for us Sri Lankans! EXTREME & ILLEGAL to boot!

    That END simply cannot justify this MEANS!

  11. Nanda Says:

    ““REVIVE a group called “LTTE” and send them wiping out all Tamil politicians who COMPROMISED on TE and agreed to PCs, reconciliation, etc. Blame it on LTTE and ECJ.”

    – Ananda is shivering already. He might retire now LTTE ban is lifted in EU.

  12. jay-ran Says:

    ‘Cutting off the nose to spite the face’”


  13. Lorenzo Says:


    We CREATED EPDP, PRRA, YELLOW CATS, TMVP, etc. These are lets say “rebel” groups. (Some of them even used child soldiers!) But the END was to get rid of WORSE terrorists and bring peace to SL. Nothing can be wrong in that.

    The end does justify the means.

    They did MASSIVE service to SL. Mind you, WITHOUT the war crimes charge because NON STATE ACTORS are NOT responsible for war crimes! Fight terror with terror. That is the ONLY language they understand.

  14. Nanda Says:

    King, depending on what he believe, can employ any method to protect the land and people. This is the Dhamma of the USA we hear again and again. But a just, diligent, intelligent king is able to rule without any violence whatsoever ( in an ideal case). This is very very rare. Even Ashoka or Dutugemunu ruled peacefully after killing all. They di did not indulge in luxury after winning the war.
    But even an modern intelligent and wise person coming through a western style democratic system, who has been born into Buddhism and followed it could have easily managed to build a just, honest and strong nation within few years. To do that self discipline is the very first quality you need. He become fearless as he is blameless. Such people will not be subjected to “character assassination ” because it is impossible to do such things. Once the enemy sees lack of this quality he knows he has a chance. Such a leader can lead a country for a long time.

    Another way of ruling (type 2) is your way, be an absolute terror to mean enemies. To do this you don’t need a wise leader, you need a strong and intelligent one. He too can rule for a fairly long time but not as long as the wise one.

    We , in Sri Lanka, if we continue to call it a Buddhist country should aspire for a type 1 leader. However, we have lost all the advantages of May 2009 and even a type 1 will have a very hard beginning and may have to become type 2 for a short period.

    MR is not the type 1 , he is not the type 2 either. He is a slave to his astrological predictions. He associates and promote with fools. He has no discipline, his associates are murderers and druggies and Jihadists.

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