Terrorists win legal battle: How significant is the lifting of the EU ban on LTTE
Posted on October 20th, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

The terrorists win the day. Petitions show the way. Legal snags are future dangers. Our men have failed to show the links. The 16th October 2014 judgment of the ECJ has annulled the restrictive measures imposed by the EU in 2006 against the LTTE. Before we make reference to the annulment exactly what were these restrictive measures and how far did the EU adhere to them. We are well aware that LTTE continued to be funded by the same organizations that are using the funds to project itself as the human face of terror with Prabakaran now dead. Nevertheless, what the verdict does show is the poor performance by Sri Lanka’s External Affairs Ministry for not taking action when LTTE hired lawyers in 2011 when it was supposed to be dead and defeated and not raising objections when the case was taken up by the court in February 2014. Immediately after 2009, LTTE did not even have foster parents. Now with the verdict LTTE has suddenly found a host of surrogate mothers celebrating the court verdict. EU nations have much to answer for in allowing a legal snag likely to reverse much that has been gained unless that was the objective all along!


 In May 2006, the 700 member EU Parliament from 25 Member states made an unanimous resolution to freeze LTTE assets in all EU member states. They also declared a travel ban in 2005. In fact the LTTE delegation of 2006 arriving in Geneva for peace talks was careful not to travel to any EU member state except Norway which is not a EU member and neither is Switzerland.

 NorwaY with 3 Scandinavian countries who were members of the EU used the excuse that LTTE was engaged with GOSL to stave off banning LTTE as terrorists!

 The motion on 17 May 2006.


  • Geoffrey Van Orden, Charles Tannock, Thomas Mann, Philip Bradbourn and Bernd Posselt, on behalf of the PPE-DE Group
  • Pasqualina Napoletano, Robert Evans, Neena Gill, Emilio Menéndez del Valle and Elena Valenciano Martínez-Orozco, on behalf of the PSE Group
  • Elizabeth Lynne, Sajjad Karim and Marios Matsakis, on behalf of the ALDE Group
  • Jean Lambert, Raül Romeva i Rueda, Gérard Onesta and Frithjof Schmidt, on behalf of the Verts/ALE Group
  • Eoin Ryan, on behalf of the UEN Group

 18th May 2006 Members of the European Parliament brought a resolution on the situation in Sri Lanka. The outcome of that Resolution was

  • EU declares that LTTE is not the sole representative of the Tamil people
  • EU calls for the immediate halt to LTTE illegal fund raising
  • EU called on the LTTE to allow political pluralism and alternate democratic voices”
  • EU called member states to do everything in their capacity in order to stop all illegal attempts by the LTTE to uphold a system of forced taxation among sections of the Tamil community living in the European Union”.
  • EU condemned LTTE’s unilateral refusal to participate in talks and called upon LTTE to resume peace negotiations.
  • EU condemned the LTTE’s renewed campaign of attacks.
  • EU called on the LTTE to prepare to decommission its weapons and reach a final settlement
  • EU deplored the gross violations of the CFA (in particular the LTTE sea attack on May 11, 2006 on the Sri Lankan Navy putting SLMM also in grave danger)
  • EU called for the immediate halting of recruitment of children as soldiers by the LTTE

 The LTTE was termed a terrorist organization on 30 May 2006. The 25 EU member states froze LTTE financial assets, stopped provision of funds directly/indirectly to the LTTE and enforced a travel ban.


 Can petitions by terrorist sympathizers engaging astute legal counsel penetrate loopholes in international law? Yes, this is what exactly happened in 2011 when the 2006 EU ban on the LTTE was argued through a petition by LTTE sympathizers.

 The petition even argued that LTTE cannot be considered a terrorist organization.

LTTE’s lawyer was Victor Koppe.



His argument was that, given Sri Lanka’s conflict is defined as an armed conflict, acts of war are not chargeable as criminal or terrorist acts (criminal law cannot be applied to armed conflict). How can LTTE explain why it attacked non-military targets which is a violation of armed conflict?


 On 16th October 2014 the European Court of Justice instructed the EU to quash restrictive measures imposed in 2006 against the LTTE w.e.f January 2015.

The ECJ kept LTTE assets ‘temporarily’ frozen.

The EU has been given 2 months to come out with new restrictive measures about the LTTE. It means Sri Lankan officials now need to wake up from slumber and provide the EU member states the evidence, statistics and intelligence to ensure that there are no further legal loopholes LTTE lawyers can penetrate.

 Despite LTTE being banned by EU and UK, LTTE was operating offices openly. So, how far have the imposed restrictive measures of 2006 was actually enforced and applied especially given that LTTE fronts declare they have no association with the LTTE?

 The LTTE did not win any of its key arguments lodged in 2011. LTTE remains classified as a terrorist group. However, the ECJ has made annulments on fundamental procedural grounds.

Therefore, work is now cut out to ensure that even under Common Position 2001/931 (para 226) LTTE remains classified as a terrorist organization.

 The court rejected LTTE’s claims and the court reiterated that

  1. In international law, notions of armed conflict and terrorist are compatible
  2. Regulation 2580/2001 is applicable to terrorist acts committed within the context of armed conflicts (para 81)
  3. LTTE cannot invoke armed conflict between itself and the GOSL to exclude itself from the application of Common Position 2001/931 for any terrorist acts
  4. LTTE cannot object to third party position other than UN Security Council

 Nevertheless, with Sri Lanka being a concerned party did we have representation to make objections? If there was none, obviously the Court looking at the arguments would have to accept the LTTE lawyers argument which is why the Court declared ‘The LTTE states, correctly, that the list of facts placed at the top of the grounds for the contested regulations does not constitute a competent authority” (Para 103).

 The lack of counter arguments may have also been why the Court found fault with the EU for depending on India’s position on the LTTE.

 The court rightly is not a body to be carrying out verifications or investigations. It interprets the arguments placed before them. Nevertheless, it is a total error on Sri Lanka’s representatives for not having studied the bans of nations and the clauses which could have been strengthened given that Sri Lanka has decided to declare bans on LTTE fronts. The legal luminaries and pundits in the Sri Lankan external affairs ministry must foot the blame.

 The court says that its decision to remove the restrictive measures on the LTTE were based on :

  • At least every six months a review should have been done by competent national authorities and the lack of such the Court claims that the EU has based their decisions on information derived from the press and internet. {This is an area that Sri Lanka could have easily helped to provide EU member nations with statistical data and intelligence of LTTE’s crimes and links to over-seas LTTE fronts}
  • There was reference to the Permanent People’s Tribunal on Sri Lanka which claims that the UK and US were complicit in genocide of Sri Lankan Tamils.

 If a Court that bases its argument on what is placed before them and if Sri Lanka has not given sufficient evidence to show that LTTE killed Tamils too obviously the Court would end up having no other choice but to accept the LTTE version of genocide. It is a tragic eventuality but it is also realistic and should immediately wake up Sri Lanka’s leaders to demand from the External Affairs what the officials have been upto. There is a case now on in Sri Lanka citing Penal Code section 120 against the TNA for using ‘genocide’ term and these examples all need to be taken into consideration.


  • Immediately put together statistics, evidence, information and intelligence to prepare case to argue against the ECJ decision and engage EU nations to draw up proper anti-LTTE communication legally sufficient enough to hold in any international court of law
  • Examples of how LTTE has despite numerous ceasefires and peace talks indulged in violence and terror needs to be highlighted with examples and witness statements as well as raw footage of these incidents including police reports
  • Examples of Global Tamil Forum and Nediyavan Faction bringing together all scattered LTTE hardcore cadres as well as the Gopi incident needs to showcase how LTTE cadres have been posing as civilians and travelling freely under forged passports attempting to revive the LTTE. Their links to the proscribed LTTE fronts need to now be brought into the open officially through every diplomatic channel.
  • Engage the EU nations on the consequences of lifting the ban on the LTTE. Need for MEA to highlight that LTTE could not have carried out an armed struggle if not for the funds raised by LTTE organizations abroad to purchase arms, to lobby foreign governments, to raise funds, to carry out false propaganda etc. examples of each of these should be provided by the MEA to all EU member nations.
  • EU member states need to be asked and shown through statements how alleged LTTE fronts claimed they had no ties to LTTE but following the ECJ ruling these fronts are now celebrating.
  • EU member states need to be shown the monetary transactions sent via these alleged LTTE fronts and asked exactly what type of development took place with these funds in North of Sri Lanka prior to May 2009 or even after. The development that the Tamils of the North enjoys today is NOT from Tamil Diaspora funds but from loans and grants taken by the GOSL.
  • If the Eezham Tamils in Switzerland, the Swiss Council of Eelam Tamils (SCET) claim that Eezham Tamils should not be confused with LTTE why have they engaged legal firms to remove the proscription by foreign governments against the LTTE – Sri Lanka needs to continuously demand answers?
  • Nediyavan banned by the GOSL under UNSC 1373 established the International Council of Eelam Tamils (ICET) (www.iceelamtamils.info) of which Swiss Council of Eelam Tamils was one. ICET co-chair is Ranjan Sri Ranjan (former president of Canadian Tamil Congress), Krisna Saravanamuttu is the spokesperson of ICET. She is also spokesman for the NCCT (national council for Canadian Tamils). Lathan Suntharalingam was a key initiator of the petition in 2011. Rajeev Streetharan was the main initiator; he is the son of top LTTE leader in the US, Muthuthamby Sreetharan, the cofounder of Tamilnet
  • LTTE’s lawyer – Koppe’s argument is that the LTTE is an organisation fighting for the fundamental rights of the Tamils, which is acceptable to the charter of the UN and the international treaties – this argument needs to be challenged with proof of the scores of Tamil leaders LTTE has assassinated.
  • MEA needs to ask who are the LTTE figures that are representing the LTTE and hiring lawyers if the argument is that the LTTE is defeated. If it was defeated there is no requirement for any legal removal unless there are LTTE elements unable to function because of the international legal snags. These are crucial arguments that Sri Lanka’s MEA should have been lobbying.
  • Sri Lanka’s lawyers and Foreign Ministry officials and envoys need to also graphically show the connections of the proscribed LTTE fronts, their heads and the arrests as well as the grounds on which they have been accused to argue when the appeal is taken up.


  • Why did the MEA and envoys stop trying to push EU drawing them to the links of LTTE fronts with the LTTE? Why have our efforts all been lukewarm without the needed punch?
  • Why did Sri Lanka’s MEA and its representatives in Geneva as well as all envoys to the EU states not have a strategy to continue to keep the EU informed and provide them all information on who constituted ‘LTTE’ so that the EU could not ignore the members of the current proscribed groups and their leaders who are now proscribed under UNSC 1373.

 It is unfortunate that for lack of preparation, lack of keeping tab on the manoeuvrings of the LTTE Tamil Diaspora, failure to keep the diplomatic community and foreign governments informed and updated as well as urge them to renew and revaluate operational bans as well as attempt to push for further bans, the MEA stands guilty.

 As for the foreign governments in question it would also be interesting to know why envoys and officials of a sovereign and democratically elected government do not stand a chance against representatives of the LTTE Tamil Diaspora – is it because they look better than our officials….we are really curious to know why foreign governments and officials prefer siding LTTE Tamil Diaspora against a sovereign nation.

Given the inference to internet/website sources, it gives a good advantage to Sri Lanka against the tirade of lies concocted through reports, documentaries, books, panels funded by pro-LTTE entities which have been even quoted by the UNHRC and likely to play a major role in the forth coming panel report.  

 Shenali D Waduge

15 Responses to “Terrorists win legal battle: How significant is the lifting of the EU ban on LTTE”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:

    Lifting of the EU Ban on the LTTE is more “Arab Spring”-like Machiavellian Neocolonialist strategy designed to create anarchy and regime change in Sri Lanka to benefit the Western Powers. It has NOTHING to do with “Human Rights” and “Democracy”.

    The UTTER FAILURE of their REGIME CHANGE activities throughout the world that has sown terrorism and death in large parts of the world.

    This is NOW OBVIOUS to most people in the world, but it fails to deter them in their sustained campaign to destroy developing nations by pitting the peoples of those nations against each other.

    As the rise of the Islamic State amply demonstrates, in the end they will FAIL UTTERLY and will sow the seeds of their own destruction.

    Lifting of sanctions will help LTTE to revive in Sri Lanka – Tamil leader

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 19, Colombo: The decision by the General Court of European Union to lift the sanctions the EU imposed in 2006 against the LTTE, the Tamil Tiger terrorist group, will help to revive the vanquished outfit in Sri Lanka’s Tamil-dominated Northern Province, a senior Tamil political leader has said.

    V Anandasangaree, President of the Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) has warned that the group will now openly campaign for a separate state.

    “Pro-LTTE groups both within the island and overseas have received a shot in the arm, and will now openly propagate the LTTE’s cause of separatism and terrorism,” the Tamil leader has told the Express News Service of India.

    He said the major Tamil political party in the North, Tamil National Alliance (TNA), which was once considered as a proxy party of the LTTE, will now “up its ante reflecting the LTTE’s demands.”

    Dr Rohan Gunaratna, who heads the International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, said the European Court did not conduct a substantive assessment of classification of the LTTE as a terrorist group.

  2. Nanda Says:

    Sri Lanka is contesting the ban.

    But at the same time multi-prong action is required. Not the time for Elections now.

    1. Postpone all elections and declare emergency

    2. Sack HakHim. This bugger is the justice minister to put Jihadist in our justice system. Two Jihadist drug dealers have been arrested in India. Why not in Sri Lanka ?

    3. EU’s action justifies tough screening of Tamils everywhere including of TNA ( LTTE political wing). These buggers shall be arrested regularly and questioned. Do not allow them to travel abroad. Use them to re-impose the ban.

    4. Now they have Yarl Devi to transports bombs. Government must quickly set up a security posts in various stations. Cost shall be born by people travelling beyond Medawachchiya.

    5. TNA’s salary and expenses shall be born by the people of the North, who elected them. So will be the eelaam council, it shall be self sufficient. As a part of 13 plus, this can be implemented.

  3. Nanda Says:

    ““REVIVE a group called “LTTE” and send them wiping out all Tamil politicians who COMPROMISED on TE and agreed to PCs, reconciliation, etc. Blame it on LTTE and ECJ.” – Lorenzo

    – Ananda is shivering already. He might retire now because LTTE ban is lifted in EU.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    There are 4 LAYERS of defence.

    1.Damage control (after a terror attack we send ambulances, put up check points, etc.). We are VERY GOOD at this. Not effective.

    2.Fight off. Keep the army alert and fight off bad guys when they fight. Not very effective. VERY expensive.

    3.Prevention. Prevent terrorists from attacking by early detection, etc. Somewhat effective but VERY VERY expensive. People are INCONVENIENCED A LOT. People feel disgruntled. Will have to be abandoned soon. Needs CONSTANT prevention. Massive HR issues and FR cases.

    4.Deterrence. ATTACK before they could attack and put a PREMIUM on our blood over theirs. VERY effective and very cheap. NO ONE is inconvenienced. People don’t feel a thing. Revive “LTTE” and send them after peaceful separatists. Let them kill each other and blame each other. Can bust the NPC and ultimately declare 13 amendment useless and scrap it. No HR issues apart from a few screams and baseless allegations.

    e.g. IF LTTE did NOT kill Amirthalingam, Uma Maheswaran, Mahattaya, Thiruchelvam, Paduman, Ashroff, Ashroff, Ashroff (deliberate repetition), Rajiv, Maheswaran, Raviraj, Srinivasan, etc. there won’t be a SL today.

    e.g. IF LTTE did NOT block voters in Jaffna and Vanni in 2005, there won’t be a SL today. CFA Run-nil would have given 1/3 of it to LTTE and another 1/3 to hackhim and the other 1/3 to Lorenzo de Almeida.

    Grab this opportunity. SHOW to the EU that because of their short-sighted action LTTE has regrouped and killed all Tamil leaders. They will ban it again.

    Now TN politicians are canvassing New Delhi to lift the LTTE ban. State elections are coming. So Endia might lift the ban. SHOW them that because of EU’s short-sighted action LTTE has regrouped and killed all Tamil leaders. Endia will keep the ban.

    There is NO other way.

  5. Nanda Says:

    “Grab this opportunity. SHOW to the EU that because of their short-sighted action LTTE has regrouped and killed all Tamil leaders. They will ban it again.”

    To do this our president has installed his wife’s relative who has not passed O/L but who is very strong man capable of kicking nerds .
    Our president has installed more than 35 relatives in diplomatic services.

    Shall we watch how they destroy Sri Lanka and recite Jayaweva ?

  6. Ananda-USA Says:


    You said “– Ananda is shivering already. He might retire now because LTTE ban is lifted in EU.”

    What is your factual basis for making this snide comment? You are simply a nutcase making wild accusations!

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    MR is alleging exactly what I had said in a previous comment at LankaWeb: This is a REGIME CHANGE strtegy by the EU taken in concert with the Eelamist Diaspora and treacherous Opposition Sri Lankan Politicians and NGOs.

    However, I have NO DOUBT that all these TREASONOUS ACTIVITIES that undermine the security and welfare of ordinary Sri Lankans will REBOUND against these enemies of Sri Lanka.

    The Results of the Upcoming Presidential Elections, which will result in Another Landslide Victory for MR, will be prove that beyond a shadow of doubt. I hope and pray that Sri Lankans will REMEMBER & SEVERELY PUNISH these TRAITORS who are undermining their Motherland!
    Sri Lankan President links EU decisions to opposition ‘conspiracies’

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 20, Colombo: Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has charged that the recent decisions taken by the European Union are a result of the attempts by the opposition parties to oust him.

    He accused that certain politicians are working with the pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora to oust him at the much anticipated presidential election.

    Addressing a function of the health sector workers at Temple Trees Saturday, the President said that a “certain political party leader” had met the representatives of the European Union recently and within two weeks after the meeting the European Union has relaxed the ban on the LTTE.

    “They are working with foreign forces to oust me. They have gone and met them in Europe. They have promised action to fulfil pro-LTTE diaspora demands,” PTI quoted the President as saying.

    It has been alleged that the Opposition United National Party (UNP) leader Ranil Wickremasinghe during his recent tour to London earlier this month had met with the representatives of the pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora to get them to push the major Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance, to support him at an upcoming presidential election.

    “European Union has lifted the ban on the LTTE. It happened within two weeks of certain opposition leaders having talks with the pro-LTTE diaspora, “the President said.

    The European Court, on 16th October, on procedural grounds, annulled the European Council measures maintaining Sri Lanka’s defunct Tamil Tiger terrorist group, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on the European list of terrorist organizations but allowed measures to keep their assets frozen.

    In addition the EU is also proposed to suspend the purchase of fish products from Sri Lanka, the President noted. He said the EU’s real intention is obvious by these actions.

    The European Commission Tuesday (October 14) proposed to ban imports of fisheries products from Sri Lanka, the second biggest exporter to the bloc, due to Sri Lanka’s failure to demonstrate that it sufficiently addressed illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

    “On one hand they lift the ban on the LTTE while threatening to stop our fish exports. The notice had come during the same week,” the President had said.

    Several government ministers have also echoed President’s allegations.

    Participating in a program at the national radio SLBC the Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Dr. Rajitha Senaratne speaking of the EU’s proposed ban on Sri Lanka’s fishery products said that if the opposition leader goes to foreign countries and creates problems and impediments to these activities that he is a great treacherous activity by him for the country.

    Minister Wimal Weerawansa told media yesterday that the EU court gave the order to lift the LTTE ban soon after Wickremasinghe came back to Sri Lanka after his visit to Europe.

    However, the opposition leader is yet to respond to the President’s allegations.

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    Narendra Modi’s BJP grows in electoral strength, while the Indian Proxies of the Western Neocolonialist Powers wail in frustration as India’s Nationalist Agenda advances under Modi!

    India’s BJP set to rule Maharashtra and Haryana

    October 19, 2014

    India’s BJP is set to form governments in Maharashtra and Haryana, after the party won the elections in both states.

    Last week’s elections were PM Narendra Modi’s first major test of popularity five months after he led his BJP to a landslide general election win.

    The BJP won a majority in Haryana and took most seats in Maharashtra, home to India’s financial capital of Mumbai.

    In September, the BJP suffered a setback in a string of by-elections.

    However, unlike September, Mr Modi campaigned personally this time, seeking votes for his party in the two states.

    The BJP won 122 of the 288 seats in Maharashtra, stopping 23 seats of a majority.

    The regional right-wing Shiv Sena party, a former BJP ally, came second there with 63 seats.

    Reports say the BJP is likely to form the government with support from either the Shiv Sena or the regional Nationalist Congress Party (NCP), which won 41 seats.

    The BJP won 47 of the 90 seats in Haryana, putting the party in a position to rule the northern state for the first time.

    Both states were previously ruled by the Congress party, which lost the general elections in May.

    “The results have proved that, like a tsunami, the Modi-wave is demolishing all opposition,” BJP leader Amit Shah told reporters on Sunday after the results were announced.

    Congress leader Rahul Gandhi congratulated the BJP, saying that the “people had voted for change, after 15 years of our government in Maharashtra and 10 years in Haryana”.

    Correspondents say the results proved that Mr Modi – who spoke at nearly 40 meetings in the two states ahead of the elections – remains popular with the voters.

  9. Nanda Says:


    I never make wild accusation on anyone but it is the way you write comments. My comments always have a basis.

    “Ananda is shivering already. He might retire now because LTTE ban is lifted in EU.”- reference is not for you, why should you shiver ? It is for AnandaSag. Remember Amrithalingam and many TULF leaders were killed by LTTE. He retired but came back after 2009 may.

  10. Nanda Says:

    “Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has charged that the recent decisions taken by the European Union are a result of the attempts by the opposition parties to oust him.

    He accused that certain politicians are working with the pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora to oust him at the much anticipated presidential election.”

    – This is utter nonsense. Just to gain a political gain on his own stupidity of not having a strong diplomats.
    He should not put the responsibility on public. He himself is answerable to public.

  11. anura seneviratna Says:

    “As for the foreign governments in question it would also be interesting to know why envoys and officials of a sovereign and democratically elected government do not stand a chance against representatives of the LTTE Tamil Diaspora – is it because they look better than our officials….we are really curious to know why foreign governments and officials prefer siding LTTE Tamil Diaspora against a sovereign nation.”

    Simply because of the Non declaration of Sri Lanka as the Sinhela National Country where all settler communities too are Sinhela National Citizens, while Tamil Nadu is the Tamil National Country and ONLY where the Tamil National Liberation struggle can take place.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:


    I thought you were referring to me .. in which case my comment would have been valid. You really should more exactly specify who you are talking about; there was no reference to Ananda Sangaree in your comment. Usually, I am the Ananda at the butt end of your criticisms.

    OK. Sorry, I made a mistake, and I apologize to you … in this instance.

  13. SA Kumar Says:

    Non declaration of Sri Lanka as the Sinhela National Country – Fully agreed.
    Also We should change….

    NP as Saiva Thamil Eelam
    EP as Muslim Thamil Eelam
    CP as State Thamil Eelam (Malayaham)

    You Mod…. never learn .

    live & let live until Eelam war V !

  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    The BASL Fox wants to mind the EU-Ban Henhouse!

    The BASL that has acquired a reputation as an anti-national organization that undermines the popularly elected GOSL at every turn, now wants to “help” the GOSL to restore the EU Ban on the LTTE!

    Has this “kotiya” changed its stripes, or is it jockeying for leverage to undermine Sri Lanka’s national security AGAIN from a crucial position?

    Even if the GOSL accepts BASL’s offer of cooperation in this matter, it must NEVER give BASL members a leadership opportunity to undermine the national agenda. Keep them under close OBSERVATION & CONTROL, until … years from now … they have PROVEN themselves by their CONTRIBUTIONS to Sri Lanka’s DEFENCE & SECURITY to be members of a PATRIOTIC NATIONAL ORGANIZATION.

    At present, the BASL is merely one of the many anti-national NGOs operating in Sri Lanka; it operates under the guise of a standards setting institution of the legal profession.

    BASL ready to help govt.

    October 21, 2014

    The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) said yesterday it was ready to help if the Government takes up the legal battle in the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to reintroduce the proscription on the LTTE.

    While condemning the Foreign Ministry’s failure to maintain the LTTE in the European Union’s proscribed list, the BASL said in this hour of need it was prepared to share the knowledge of its eminent members to defend the country.

    “I note with shock and anger that the proscription of the LTTE as a terrorist organisation in the European Union has been temporarily reversed,” BASL President Upul Jayasuriya said.

    “The External Affairs Ministry has failed in its duty to maintain the LTTE organisation in the proscribed list. With the Foreign Service in a shambles and all its powers usurped, it is not surprising that those who have been tasked with the responsibility of defending Sri Lanka overseas have failed miserably,” he said in a statement. “However in this hour of need we find it is the duty of the BASL with the wealth of knowledge of some of its eminent members to offer its assistance and pledge our support to the nation to discharge our duty and to have the proscription reintroduced and support our application before the European Court of Justice.” (Susitha R. Fernando)

  15. Christie Says:

    “As for the foreign governments in question it would also be interesting to know why envoys and officials of a sovereign and democratically elected government do not stand a chance against representatives of the LTTE Tamil Diaspora – is it because they look better than our officials….we are really curious to know why foreign governments and officials prefer siding LTTE Tamil Diaspora against a sovereign nation”.
    Look around, listen, analyse what you see and think without bias.
    India, Indians, Indian colonial parasites are one of the most powerful outfit today in the world.
    Is anyone talks about Kashmir and Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The non -Indians in Ceylon will be museum pieces for the Indian tourists like the Bo people.

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