Why Executive Presidency Must Continue Until Tamil Separatism is Confirmed Dead
Posted on October 20th, 2014

Dilrook Kannangara

The renewed demand and promise to abolish executive presidency (EP) is a red herring. It is a distraction to push a sinister agenda inimical to the nation. Those who promise to do it will never do it for various excuses. Behind the demand is the LTTE hiding in foreign capitals trying hard to make a comeback to lead the orphaned TNA, ITAK, TULF, ACTC, TGTE, GTF, BTF and the like. They genuinely want to abolish it. EP is anathema for their plans whereas ordinary Sri Lankans can live with it. The President quite correctly stated EP will go only after Tamil separatism goes. It stands to reason why EP must stay on to battle Tamil separatism.

 Seeds of EP Sown by Tamil Separatism

The first manifestation of EP came from then senior minister JR Jayawardena (JR) in 1969. Unable to get an outright majority in parliament, UNP entered into a coalition with ITAK and ACTC via the infamous D-C Pact in 1965. During the first four years tremendous amount of development work was done by the UNP in the north. However, instead of winning the hearts and minds of Sinhalese, Tamils in the north chose to be more racist and made insatiable demands threatening the continuation of the most amicable coalition with Tamils in history. JR saw the need to reign in these racist and separatist elements through EP which he envisioned in 1969. As a result of the UNP appeasing Tamils it suffered a very heavy defeat in 1970 giving the winning SLFP led government the opportunity to change the constitution.

 1970s manifested multiple attempts to divide the country. In 1976 Tamil parties passed the Vadukoddai Resolution calling for Tamil youths to fight for Tamil Elam. Tamil separatism was taken out of hiding and ceremonially officiated. EP was introduced in 1977 in response. The Executive President took oath on the 30th Independence Day which was protested by Tamil separatists with black flags and hartals, practices they inherited from Tamil Nadu. Therefore, it is only just that Tamil separatism ceases well before EP is abolished.

 Why Tamil Separatists Hate EP than Anything Else

For good reasons Tamil separatists hate EP than any other post. They managed to kill one out of five executive presidents, almost kill another and made several attempts on the lives of the three other presidents. No attempts were made on the life of any Sri Lankan prime minister highlighting their particular interest against EP. Tamils knew their inability to face the Sri Lankan forces head on in open war. Therefore, they followed a hide-and-seek on-off confrontation with the army until 1983. It was the executive president who declared war without any parliamentary approval and got down to action of annihilating terrorists. Had there not been an executive president, he would have had to convince the parliament to take the country to war which is very unpopular particularly for individual MPs. The executive president can snap emergency regulations immediately as required in the case of an emergency without any parliamentary approval. The parliament may extend it thereafter for a month at a time. Given the sudden nature of Tamil attacks every time they decided to call off a truce, this ability of the president was a godsend.

 EP Saved the Nation in Times of War and Peace

During the Indian invasion in July 1987, the parliament could not sit as it was attacked and MPs were threatened. However, the President continued to rule the country averting a potential catastrophe. In 2001 amidst large scale Tamil terrorist attacks, it was the executive president who steered the country to normalcy despite the parliament being prorogued following separatist attempts by TNA and SLMC MPs. 

 In 2002 Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe tried to move High Security Zones out of Jaffna posing a grave danger to national security to appease Tamil terrorists. However, the executive president rejected the move and stationed an able commander in charge of the north to prevent it from happening.

 Despite the CFA, Tamil terrorists continued its terror. In July 2006 they cut off water to over 20,000 ethnic Muslims and Sinhalese in Mahavil Oya. It required swift military action. Given the ruling coalition lacked parliamentary majority, it would have led to disaster if not for the executive president. The war that started from Mahavil Oya ended in Mulaitivu thanks to the leadership provided by the executive president.

 However, uses of EP go beyond war. Tamil terrorists managed to move the hand of India for 13A which established provincial councils. Northern and Eastern provincial councils are dominated by separatists. Only the executive president has the power to dissolve them in the event of them posing a threat to national security. This power saved the nation in 1990 when the Tamil Chief Minister of the illegally merged north-eastern provincial council, Vardaraja Perumal declared Unilateral Declaration of Independence. The president dissolved it immediately. Today it is needed even more as the Northern Provincial Council pulls towards Tamil Elam and the Eastern Provincial Council mulling separatism as an extortion tool.

 In 2010 a private militia of a former military man tried to take control of the department of elections and the Cinnamon Grand Hotel. Had it not been for EP, he could have easily mustered the support of parliament with force.

 The second JVP uprising was put down in 1989 with much ease than the first one despite the precarious situation the nation was in thanks to EP. As a result the JVP in 1994 demanded CBK to abolish it extending conditional support. The JVP demand was not driven by national interest. It was an attempt to weaken the head of the nation to achieve its sinister goals.

 Buying MPs for Money

MPs could be bought at a price which poses a grave threat to national security. Leading up to the 2007 budget, ruling party MPs were offered over a million dollars each and safe passage for them and family to a western country if they defeated the billion dollar ‘war budget’. However it failed as the executive president declared his intention to prorogue the parliament and call for fresh elections immediately which would have defeated this LTTE Diaspora attempt. Few more similar instances happened in 2010 leading to the election.

 It is a bigger threat today as LTTE reserves running to over a billion dollars can be used to buy MPs. Since 1947 over 100 MPs have crossed the floor, not for principles but for monetary benefits. Given this vulnerability, it is essential that EP stays. No executive president has ever changed the party while in office which is a source of stability in itself!

 War Crimes Extortion

Making war crimes allegations is the only extortion tool Tamils have after 2009. The executive president, theoretically, can stand firm against these allegations not yielding to any demand. Fearing this possibility, Tamil groups want the EP to go which exposes a chaotic parliament and a provincial council system that can declare UDIs and pass anti-Sri Lanka resolutions at will. Chaotic provincial councils are brought under some rule by the Governor who is appointed by the executive president. This role proved invaluable in the north and the east.

 The President’s ability to seek public opinion directly via a referendum is another feature feared by Tamil separatists. Although the parliament can be cowed as in November 1987 to pass the infamous 13A, people cannot be terrorised into submission. Had the president exercised the referendum option in 1987, 13A would not have haunted the nation.

 Sri Lanka’s potential response to war crimes investigations includes retaliatory investigations of TNA nexus to Tamil war crimes. However, only the president can appoint a commission of inquiry to look into these with sufficient power to summon witnesses and fearlessly investigate. Needless to say TNA fears this eventuality.

 Election Calculus and Sole Representative Claims

LTTE declared itself (along with its political arm TNA) as the sole representative of Tamils. Even today over 90% of Tamils in the north and the east vote for TNA (and the like); a trend that continues unbroken since 1947. However, at the presidential election, Tamils have to choose between ‘Sinhala’ parties/politicians. A presidential election, therefore, penetrates into the Tamil community shattering its shackles to Tamil only parties. As a result a certain spillage of Tamil votes goes to main political parties (UNP and SLFP) every time a General Election follows a Presidential Election. Needless to say this erodes TNA’s votes and seats. By getting rid of EP, TNA and ACTC will be able to muster all the seats from Tamil majority areas including Colombo City. This is what happens in Tamil Nadu. As India has no election comparable to presidential election, Tamils have flocked around Tamil racist parties forming a formidable power around them. AIADMK is the third largest party in Lok Sabha.

 TNA (including like parties) power peaked in 1977 as main parties failed in the north. Again in 2004 it peaked since no presidential election was held before the general election. However, their share of seats fell in 1989, 2000 and 2010 as immediate presidential elections penetrated into Tamil vote base. If not for presidential elections, non-Tamil candidates would not even bother canvassing in Tamil majority areas as it is certain they will not win a single seat in these perennial racist enclaves.

 As can be seen, it is Tamil separatists who want to abolish EP. The EP should not be abolished until after Tamil separatism is dead and it is confirmed dead.  

21 Responses to “Why Executive Presidency Must Continue Until Tamil Separatism is Confirmed Dead”

  1. Indrajith Says:

    Sri Lankan President links EU decisions to opposition ‘conspiracies’
    Mon, Oct 20, 2014, 10:43 am SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 20, Colombo: Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has charged that the recent decisions taken by the European Union are a result of the attempts by the opposition parties to oust him.

    He accused that certain politicians are working with the pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora to oust him at the much anticipated presidential election.

    Addressing a function of the health sector workers at Temple Trees Saturday, the President said that a “certain political party leader” had met the representatives of the European Union recently and within two weeks after the meeting the European Union has relaxed the ban on the LTTE.

    “They are working with foreign forces to oust me. They have gone and met them in Europe. They have promised action to fulfil pro-LTTE diaspora demands,” PTI quoted the President as saying.

    It has been alleged that the Opposition United National Party (UNP) leader Ranil Wickremasinghe during his recent tour to London earlier this month had met with the representatives of the pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora to get them to push the major Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance, to support him at an upcoming presidential election.

    “European Union has lifted the ban on the LTTE. It happened within two weeks of certain opposition leaders having talks with the pro-LTTE diaspora, “the President said.

    The European Court, on 16th October, on procedural grounds, annulled the European Council measures maintaining Sri Lanka’s defunct Tamil Tiger terrorist group, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) on the European list of terrorist organizations but allowed measures to keep their assets frozen.

    In addition the EU is also proposed to suspend the purchase of fish products from Sri Lanka, the President noted. He said the EU’s real intention is obvious by these actions.

    The European Commission Tuesday (October 14) proposed to ban imports of fisheries products from Sri Lanka, the second biggest exporter to the bloc, due to Sri Lanka’s failure to demonstrate that it sufficiently addressed illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

    “On one hand they lift the ban on the LTTE while threatening to stop our fish exports. The notice had come during the same week,” the President had said.

    Several government ministers have also echoed President’s allegations.

    Participating in a program at the national radio SLBC the Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Dr. Rajitha Senaratne speaking of the EU’s proposed ban on Sri Lanka’s fishery products said that if the opposition leader goes to foreign countries and creates problems and impediments to these activities that he is a great treacherous activity by him for the country.

    Minister Wimal Weerawansa told media yesterday that the EU court gave the order to lift the LTTE ban soon after Wickremasinghe came back to Sri Lanka after his visit to Europe.

    However, the opposition leader is yet to respond to the President’s allegations.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Now that Tamil Separatism has taken root and only defeated in the military sense, I doubt if it will ever go away. As long as the movement has powerful supporters and Sri Lanka remains a nation that is not powerful except for her few alliances, the movement can crop up at any given time

    Scotland and the rise of the National Socialist Party which since the vote has gained 65 thousand new votes means that if that party wins in 2016 Scotland breaks the union with England and becomes a separate nation. They have far less issues and a greeter standard of living than in Sri Lanka or with Sri Lankan Tamils.

    In the short term the power of Rajapakse will be able to ward off that issue. But not in the long term. Sri Lanka needs to address this ten maybe even 20 to 30 years down the road. A Buddhist theocracy would bring back the unity Sri Lanka once had. It was partly due to some concepts of Secularism that gave birth to Elam. The concept that minority rights supersede that of the majority is one of the hallmarks of Secularism. As long as Sri Lanka is governed by that she is victim to separatist issues.

  3. Senevirath Says:

    tamil separatism will never end until we settle 75% Sinhalese in the north .Atleast 90% tamils want a separate tamil area .in sri lanka.they can have a homeland in . holland or england . they who braught them here. we need areal Buddhist to be the executive president

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    AGREE with Senevirath.

    NO USE just having an executive president if he cannot do the right thing come what may.

    Modi is NOT the executive president but he got FAT TAMIL JAYA with SO MUCH power convicted to jail. MR even with executive powers CANNOT send VIGGIE to jail or hell!

    MR now has to JUSTIFY WHAT HE is going to do with the presidential system to SAVE the country than just say the system will stay until Tamils give up separatism.


  5. Marco Says:

    I read the opening paragraph to the above article.
    True to form from the author the opening paragraph was lazed with contradictions.
    Nevertheless, I skimp through the rest of the Article with more conjecture.
    If one wants to believe that the Executive Presidency with all its authoritative powers should exist because of Tamil Separatism, so be it.
    Tamil “Separatism” (TS) as you call it as existed for many moons even before the EP and may possibly exist in your definition of TS under an Executive Parliamentary System.
    Further to a comment on an another thread, i wonder who has fallen hook, line and sinker to MR pronouncement?
    Only the gullible!

  6. Nanda Says:

    Tamil Separatism was confirmed dead for many months after May 2009.
    Instead of capitalising on that the government did various distracting unnecessary action to pacify the Tamils than making efforts to keep the dead tiger dead.

    Tamil Separatism will never go away until 13A is uprooted and destroyed, regardless of the EP is alive or not.
    Therefore EP is not a sufficient condition but it is a necessary condition to kill the Tamil Separatism.
    Removal of 13A and re-establishment of the privileges deserved by the original inhabitants of the land will be the necessary AND sufficient condition.
    You cannot build a nation on big lie written into the con-institution.

  7. Dilrook Says:

    No disagreement on abrogation of 13A and assimilation of ethnicities in the north. The executive president is best positioned to do them than the parliament. Most parliamentarians have their kith and kin either in provincial councils or aspiring to get into them. As such they will not remove 13A. Even Shashindra Rajapaksa can easily make it to parliament if provincial councils weren’t there.

    The mere presence of executive presidency does not bury Tamil separatism but without it there is very few avenues to do it.

  8. Nanda Says:

    EP cannot remove 13A, which recognises a Tamil Homeland.
    Leave aside this lie, Provincial Council system is draining the economy and definitely a big hindrance to development , goodwill and moral development of people , administration and policing. It is imperative to get rid of this completely unnecessary burden without delay.
    Udaya Gammanpila , Champika Ranawaka should face a general elections and win a seats to become good ministers by virtue the traditional democractic system than this back door methods and PC rubbish. Rather than pushing for abolishing of 13A, pushing for presidential reforms ( I don’t believe they are pushing to abolish EP) reduces their credibility. One year ago they were against Palaath Sabhaa too. Now a different song. Why ?

    LTTE terrorism flourished under JRJ with his power to make Gonawila Sunil a JP for the whole island. Under normal parliamentary system with emergency imposed, JVP was destroyed.

    A better and direct question to ask is,

    Do we need MR and only MR for as EP to continue fight terrorism ?

  9. Nanda Says:

    Sorry. Do we need MR and only MR as EP to continue fight terrorism ? is the question

  10. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    SENEWIRATH !! FULLY AGREE. H.E. must do it **BEFORE ** the next Election. Settle all the Sinhalese FIRST. Then the MUSLIMS.
    HE must hand over the job of Resettling Sinhalese to BR, and Muslims to Faizer M. So long as the process starts immediately, and is continuous, MR will have his sunshine from the North.

    MR missed the bus right at the beginning. HE should have done this immediately hot hot, after 19th May. His dumb advisors have miserably failed to enlighten of this fact.

  11. Ananda-USA Says:


    ONCE the LAND is ALIENATED, citizenship becomes MEANINGLESS in a country where the citizens become RENTERS to be exploited, and foreigners become the OWNERS empowered to exploit and profit at will!

    This is the situation TODAY in Hawaii, where Christian Missionaries stealthily married into the royal family, gradually took control of the land, and finally engineered a coup-de-etat against Queen Lilieukalani’s Govt of Hawaii to capture the reins of power, and converted the sovereign people of Hawaii into RENTERS living in backwoods HOVELS to be trotted out to do HULA DANCES for the Western tourists rolling in the lap of luxury in foreign owned hotels.

    NO! This must NEVER BE ALLOWED TO HAPPEN IN Sri Lanka! The native people of Sri Lanka MUST OWN ALL OF THE LAND FOREVER and FOREVER ENJOY ALL THE BENEFITS that flow from that land ownership.

    Land ownership is the ULTIMATE DETERMINANT of a peoples Sovereignty.

    Again I say: Without exclusive LAND ownership, citizenship is MEANINGLESS!

    Let us LEARN from the fate of formerly SOVEREIGN LAND OWNERS of other nations, now become TENANTS of foreigners!

    Sri Lanka enacts ban on foreigners buying land

    By Shihar Aneez

    COLOMBO, Oct 21 (Reuters) – Sri Lanka passed legislation banning land purchases by foreigners, a move the government said would curb tax evasion but critics said could hinder its offshore investment ambitions.

    The Land Bill adopted by parliament late on Monday prohibits foreign individuals, companies and locally incorporated firms with over 50 percent foreign ownership from buying land in the South Asian island nation.

    President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who is also finance minister, had flagged the ban plan in his November 2012 budget speech.

    Deputy Finance Minister Sarath Amunugama said that since 2004 foreign individuals had been able to buy land by paying a 100 percent transfer tax, and locally incorporated firms with over 25 percent foreign ownership were also subject to the levy.

    But Amunugama said some foreigners with a minority stake in company had sidestepped the tax system by buying land in the firm’s name and then transferring remaining shares of the company into their name to end up as sole owner of the land.

    “This was used to evade tax (by buying land through companies and then transferring shares). These common malpractices associated with transfer of land to foreigners disguised under the veil of incorporation have been prevented through this act,” he told parliament.

    The new act will allow foreigners to acquire land only on a lease basis of up to 99 years with an annual 15 percent tax on the total rental paid upfront.

    “Though it is not unprecedented to restrict foreign ownership, Sri Lanka has just given a red light to foreign investors, specially at a time the country is trying to attract long term foreign investments,” said Anushka Wijesinghe, a research economist at the Institute of Policy Studies.

    The bill, however, said all strategic development projects under its Board of Investment are exempt from the new rules.

    Sri Lanka’s foreign direct investment rose 49 percent in the first nine months of 2014 from the same period a year earlier to $1.3 billion. Colombo has set a $2 billion FDI goal this year, after it failed to meet that target for two years in a row.

    (Reporting by Shihar Aneez; Editing by Mark Heinrich)

  12. Ananda-USA Says:

    The BASL Fox wants to mind the EU-Ban Henhouse!

    The BASL that has acquired a reputation as an anti-national organization that undermines the popularly elected GOSL at every turn, now wants to “help” the GOSL to restore the EU Ban on the LTTE!

    Has this “kotiya” changed its stripes, or is it jockeying for leverage to undermine Sri Lanka’s national security AGAIN from a crucial position?

    Even if the GOSL accepts BASL’s offer of cooperation in this matter, it must NEVER give BASL members a leadership opportunity to undermine the national agenda. Keep them under close OBSERVATION & CONTROL, until … years from now … they have PROVEN themselves by their CONTRIBUTIONS to Sri Lanka’s DEFENCE & SECURITY to be members of a PATRIOTIC NATIONAL ORGANIZATION.

    At present, the BASL is merely one of the many anti-national NGOs operating in Sri Lanka; it operates under the guise of a standards setting institution of the legal profession.

    BASL ready to help govt.

    October 21, 2014

    The Bar Association of Sri Lanka (BASL) said yesterday it was ready to help if the Government takes up the legal battle in the European Court of Justice (ECJ) to reintroduce the proscription on the LTTE.

    While condemning the Foreign Ministry’s failure to maintain the LTTE in the European Union’s proscribed list, the BASL said in this hour of need it was prepared to share the knowledge of its eminent members to defend the country.

    “I note with shock and anger that the proscription of the LTTE as a terrorist organisation in the European Union has been temporarily reversed,” BASL President Upul Jayasuriya said.

    “The External Affairs Ministry has failed in its duty to maintain the LTTE organisation in the proscribed list. With the Foreign Service in a shambles and all its powers usurped, it is not surprising that those who have been tasked with the responsibility of defending Sri Lanka overseas have failed miserably,” he said in a statement. “However in this hour of need we find it is the duty of the BASL with the wealth of knowledge of some of its eminent members to offer its assistance and pledge our support to the nation to discharge our duty and to have the proscription reintroduced and support our application before the European Court of Justice.” (Susitha R. Fernando)

  13. Marco Says:

    [Most parliamentarians have their kith and kin either in provincial councils or aspiring to get into them. As such they will not remove 13A. Even Shashindra Rajapaksa can easily make it to parliament if provincial councils weren’t there.]

    Yet more contradiction.

    Think we at Lankaweb have been flogging a dead horse in relation to abrogation of 13A and long it will continue.
    To this day MR has never spoken of repealing the 13th whilst he brings about a red herring of abolishing the EP if the Tamil Diaspora and TNA give an undertaking to give up Tamil Separatist demands. Political shrewdness from MR point of view to enjoy Executive wide ranging powers to yet again hood wink the majority Sinhala population whilst it would not make an iota of difference to the Tamil Diaspora who are not really relevant in electoral terms.

    I wonder if he would make a similar statement to abrogate the 13th if Tamil Diaspora or the TNA give up Tamil separatist demands. Highly unlikely!
    1) Most importantly he has been able to garner the grass root voter base via the PC at great cost to the nation.
    2)The pledges made to India. I believe if he repeals the 13th he would be frog marched all the way to Hague in double quick time.

    As a shrewd politician he has made the best of the worst. 18th Amendment was passed to effectively counter the 13th and give him further authoritative and dictatorial powers. He will continue with the 13th but not fully implement it to test the patience of India and the IC.

    It goes without saying, that MR will face war crimes charges not in Hague but in Sri Lanka at some stage or the other in years to come. In the meantime knowing this he will put in place various mechanisms/family rule to prolong the inevitable day.

  14. Ananda-USA Says:


    Actually … there is a “contradiction” in your comment too. You said

    “I wonder if he would make a similar statement to ABROGATE the 13th if Tamil Diaspora or the TNA give up Tamil separatist demands. ”

    Why would the Tamil Diaspora/TNA GIVE UP their demands if he ABROGATES the 13A? There is neither an INCENTIVE offered, or a THREAT ISSUED, to the Tamil Diaspora/TNA in that statement to make it meaningful. THey will merely REDOUBLE their efforts.

    Instead, did you really mean to say this:

    “I wonder if he would make a similar statement to ABROGATE the 13th if Tamil Diaspora or the TNA WILL NOT give up Tamil separatist demands. ” ???

    or even this:

    “I wonder if he would make a similar statement to FULLY IMPLEMENT the 13th if Tamil Diaspora or the TNA give up Tamil separatist demands. ” ???

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    FULLY AGREE with Ananda’s above 3 comments – land ownership, BASL foxes and Micro’s TWISTED logic.

    We REPEATEDLY told the govt. to DISALLOW foreigners to buy land. NO NEED. Foreign investors can LEASE which gives SL MONTHLY LEASE income!

    If foreign investors BUY land, they make a MASSIVE PROFIT on land price increase which THEY TAKE OUT OF SL!!

    When 20% of SLs don’t have land to live in, why the hell sell land to foreigners!

    But there is another group of dirt that tries to BUY SL via land – LTTE RUMP. Bust them!

    Please confiscate ALL land owned by separatist foreingers at this moment. NOW. AND chanrge a LAND TAX from all land owners who don’t pay INCOME TAX. Some LTTTE agents KEEP their SL citizenship and only get Canadian PR. TAX them.

  16. Nanda Says:

    “It goes without saying, that MR will face war crimes charges not in Hague but in Sri Lanka at some stage or the other in years to come. In the meantime knowing this he will put in place various mechanisms/family rule to prolong the inevitable day.”
    – yes, only if LTTE rules the world. That could be Macro’s dream.

    MR did not do any war crimes but he did crimes to Sinhala nation. But the Sinhalas will never persecute him for that because of their Buddhsit up bringing.
    Wait for a non- Sinhala like Ruin-ill , a new Prabhakaran , a Saudi bugger , Macro, for your dream to come true.

  17. Lorenzo Says:

    ““I note with shock and anger that the proscription of the LTTE as a terrorist organisation in the European Union has been temporarily reversed,” BASL President Upul Jayasuriya said.”

    Oh! Really!

    I note with shock, anger and disgust BASL housing LTTE terrorist sympathisers of the TNA within it!


    BASL President Upul Jayasuriya CONTESTED from the UNP ticket from Colombo district TWICE. What independence he has! The legal profession is not impartial and manipulated by the UNP.

  18. Lorenzo Says:


    Put Micro’s dream with A/L failed BASL president’s conduct and I think it is their plan. Now USA is funding them for that!

    The LEGAL PROFESSION is controlled by BASL including the judges. So it may be their dream and it is PLAUSIBLE.

    Buddhism has NO place in SL’s BASL. Look at its emblam. Greek sex goddess venus blind folded carrying a SWORD in one hand and a pair of UNEVEN scales (“hora tharaadi”) in the other.

    1. Look what they did to that innocent SEPALA! He was convicted under a law which NEVER existed at the time of the act!!

    2. Look at their DODGY judgement on 13 amendment before it was introduced! They said it DOESN’T need a referendum!

    3. Look what they did with the CFA.

    4. Look what they did to the “tsunami hora”.

    5. Distinguished judges include TNA VIGGIE and distinguished former BASL members include Chelva, Ponnaambalam, Amirthalingam, Thiruchelvam, LTTE SIVA PASUPATHY!

    So don’t trust the Aluthkade bar.

  19. Marco Says:

    Thank You Ananda for pointing out the gist of the argument or in this case the comparison in which i failed to put the point across in a more coherent way.Nevertheless think you understood where i was coming from.

  20. Marco Says:

    With regards to the 13th Amendment, if i can coin a phrase from “Wham”
    “wake me up from a Go Go”

  21. Nanda Says:


    “A/L failed BASL president’s ”
    – please do not say so. A lot of smart people fail A/L is Sri Lanka ( and especially around 1972-1982 when it was toughest in Maths stream). We should still respect them.

    But the issue is this bugger failed all 4 subjects (4F). Therefore you must replace the phrase ” A/L 4/F BASL president” to reflect the truth.
    My cousin went to the same big school and got 8F in O/L. Ruin-iLL went to the same school. This is why Low College should be closed.

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