Teenagers from the West Fighting side by side with the ISIS
Posted on October 22nd, 2014


To the Attention of Attorney General,
Mr.George Brandis (MP)

Dear Sir,

 Today the World is gradually becoming a very dangerous place to live as people have given different interpretations to the most abused words such as freedom” democracy” and tolerance” to fulfill the selfish agenda of some.

 With civilization from time to time different religions appeared in the World to introduce good virtues & morals with the hope that people may respect each other and live in harmony. However these very religions or faiths which were to make people live in harmony gradually started to hate each other on the grounds of arguing on the supremacy one religion over the other! Hence animosity arose in the society turning the once peaceful community to a violent society!

 This convergence of the man was felt all over the Globe and today the World is embroiled in bloody wars or conflicts as witnessed daily on all types of media.

 Today the 17 year old Abdulla Elmir from Bankstown Sydney who has joined the ISIS Jihadist group is not brainwashed as some says, he is well convinced that it is his task in life is to kill all hard core non-believers of Islam so that the rest will embrace Islam through fear of being killed. He is no innocent thumb sucker as his relatives or his community portrays to be.


This action is nothing new to the World as in the Papal Bull ‘Romanus Pontifex’ that was issued in 1452 by Pope Nicholas V to King Alfonso V of Portugal. Pope Nicholas V ordered King Alfonso V to declare war on all non-Christians throughout the world. Pope Nicholas V sanctioned and promoted the conquest, colonization and exploitation of non-Christian nations and their territories. This order issued by a Pope was made 40 years before the supposedly ‘historic’ voyage of Christopher Columbus.

 Christopher Columbus voyage in 1492 was thus on orders and to fulfil the orders given by the King and Queen who were in turn ordered by the Pope to ‘take possession’ of lands. There were no lands that were ‘discovered’ because the aim was to ‘take possession’ and have these possessed lands under the dominion of Christian rulers.

 This jihadist boy from Bankstown believes he too can conquer the entire World and bring under the Islamic law.

 Australia is made up of migrants of many countries in the World, most of them from late sixties have migrated as a result of conflicts in their countries as refugees.

 This international understanding to give refuge to those who have run away from their country by the first World countries was abused by some terrorist organizations to operate remotely under the pretext of refugee status. Once the world’s most brutal terrorist LTTE movement has been active in all Western countries and their main objective is to brainwash the younger generation. To hate their country of origin to the extent that they can take arms in hand to wage war just like this young Jihadist 17 year old Abdulla Elmir.

 Although LTTE was banned by the government until recently the internationally the ban was lifted, this movement was given heavy publicity and kind propaganda by all types of Media, Academics and Churches in Australia.

 This mob introduced, cyanide pill (Adele Australian nurse)to combatants, suicide belt, child soldiers, women suicide bombers etc, they have held lectures as to how Maximum damage can be done to destroy the economy of a country in trouble zone countries in the Arab region.

 So, no wonder their presence in the Western countries have influenced young minds of other communities and the locals who through frustration in life may take a cue from the experienced to go few steps further to behead the victims to satisfy their hatred!

 Recently I submitted an appeal to the Attorney General on three hard core members of the LTTE who have contravened the Constitution of Australia under the Foreign Incursions Act for which I received a response from.Mr.Cameron Gifford, the Assistant Secretary of National Security Law and Policy Division to the effect that my appeal has been forwarded to AFP.

 I humbly appeal, if one day these Islamic Jihadists are punished under the Foreign Incursion Act, the same fate should be meted against LTTE cadres those I have listed in my request to you Sir, so that we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing the justice has been fair!.

 Yours Sincerely,




4 Responses to “Teenagers from the West Fighting side by side with the ISIS”

  1. Sooriarachi Says:

    I agree with Vajeera W. that if the Jihardists are punished under the Foreign Incursions Act, as they should be, then, the same law should apply to other terrorists like the hard core LTTE cadres, guilty of similar offences.
    Today the world is in shock having seen the gruesome pictures of innocent civilians being beheaded and the West is responding accordingly. However, these gruesome acts pales into insignificance when compared to the even more gruesome acts committed by the LTTE terrorists over three decades, such as carving out the foetus from pregnant Sinhalese mothers, stomping on the heads or bashing against the wall the little Sinhalese children and many other despicable crimes, too numerous to mention, but the west failed to act miserably. Ironically, today these terrorists use this fact of being a member of the brutal LTTE as a qualification to seek protection from Western nations. Has the world gone mad to treat LTTE terrorists as genuine refugees? The worst culprit in this regard could be the Greens party, who merely repeat the propaganda of LTTE backers.

  2. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    I fully support ISIS and I am a Catholic. The reasons I support them are not even addressed in this article. If I were to give them it would be roundly condemned as being a person who is what is that word? brainwashed.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Foolish USA air dropped LETHAL weapons for Kurds. ISIS got them instead!

    USA is arming ISIS.

    Watch the video in RT.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    ISLMIC terrorist attacks civilians in Canada killing 2 including a soldier.

    Now HARPER’s den – parliament – is under attack by a terrorist!

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