Posted on October 27th, 2014

Malin Abeyatunge

 Majority of the Sri Lankan population will never forget the stance taken by the previous and the present Canadian rulers on Sri Lanka  when we faced LTTE terrorist terror over the last three decades. Canada nurtured LTTE and made a safe haven for the Tamil terrorists fleeing from Sri Lanka as refugees and asylum seekers making them the vote decider in many electorates. Canada now has the highest Sri Lankan  Tamil population outside Sri Lanka and many of them being ex-LTTE cadres and supporters of  LTTE terrorist outfit. There is currently a Sri Lanka-Canadian Tamil woman MP who continues to propagate Eelam a separate state. Canadian politicians and authorities allowed a free hand to the LTTE fronts to raise funds to oil the LTTE’s terrorist machine in Sri Lanka operating not only in the North & East but whole of Sri Lanka.  It was in 1983 that LTTE gun down 13 of our soldiers on duty which pave the way for a long drawn war between the governments and the LTTE terrorist outfit.  Canadian politicians nor the west condemned that incident in public.  Canadian politicians have now realised the gravity of a terrorist situation when two soldiers were gunned down by in two separate incidents alleged to be by Muslim fundamentalists.

 When innocent civilians, poor villages were killed and, slaughtered  by LTTE terrorists in hundreds; when public properties were destroyed by bombing including Central Bank; when LTTE  killed thousands of train & bus commuters who were using public transport with time bombs and suicide bombers; when 639 policemen who surrendered were summarily executed by LTTE; when 39 Buddhist monks who were on their way for a mediation retreat were killed and when  Buddhists’ most sacred place  Dalada Maligawa was bombed destroying the temple and killing many Buddhist devotees (only to name a handful of atrocities out of thousands committed by LTTE on Sri Lankan population) ,  Canadian ministers and Parliamentarians were dancing with the LTTE activists drinking champagne at  fund raising banquets. Not a word of condolence came from the Canadian Governments. Instead,   LTTE albeit a banned terrorist outfit in Canada, Canadian authorities allowed them to carry out their fund raising to financially help LTTE terrorist outfit thro dubious fronts unhindered. Canadian PM Stephen Harper became so arrogant during the CHOGM held in Sri Lanka , he bluntly boycotted CHOGM influenced by the LTTE terrorist outfit to safeguard the Canadian politicians survival with Tamil votes. Canada is also a co-sponsor against Sri Lanka in the UNHRC session against Sri Lanka with alleged charges of war crimes.  This is the prize Sri Lanka got for defeating LTTE terrorist outfit from the west including Canada. With just two shooting incidents during the past week, Canada has got panicked and taking all necessary precautions for future attack.

The Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, said “This week’s events are a grim reminder that Canada is not immune to the types of terrorist attacks we have seen elsewhere around the world,” in his address to the nation. “We are also reminded that attacks on our security personnel and our institutions of governance are by their very nature attacks on our country, on our values, on our society, on us Canadians as a free and democratic people who embrace human dignity for all. But let there be no misunderstanding. We will not be intimidated. Canada will never be intimidated.”

 Imagine while Sri Lanka was living under terrorist threat for 30 years and how Canada would have acted if she had faced the same situation like us. But instead, Canada has been directly and indirectly and overtly and covertly supported the LTTE activities in Canada to propagate Tamil Eelam  to continue with their brutal terrorism in Sri Lanka. In fact terrorism has come to stay in Canada and the next may be the EU countries. Sadly, still not experiencing an incident like Ottawa, EU has recently annulled the LTTE lifting the ban showing their double standard on terrorism.

 Should we CONDONE or CONDEMN the two attacks alleged to have committed by some fundamentalist Muslims?

 Let me call a spade a spade.

 CONDONE? NO because it ‘s an attack on the Canadian authority

 CONDEMN?   A BIG NO because  let it be at least a  grim reminder for the Canadian politicians and authorities for supporting LTTE the most brutal terrorist outfit in the world according to FBI  on their soil over the years and still continue to do so. A BOOMERANG!

Malin Abeyatunge


  1. stanley perera Says:

    Nalin, I agree with you whole heartedly. Harper was locked up in a closet and shitting in his pants. Bloody good lesson to Harper. Next EU and Boy Cameron. Cameron already been warned by the decapping of the innocent journalists. Does Harper get time to read this. MR deserves big appology from Harper and Cameron.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    SL govt. response should be this.

    Canada MUST FIND A POLTIICAL SOLUTION to the grievances and aspirations of its oppressed Islamic minority. Unless such a political solution is given, there is no lasting peace.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Bravo, Lorenzo … what is good for the goose should indeed be prescribed for the gander as well!

    A political solution for the “oppressed Muslims” of Canada to preserve their “inalenable human rights” under Canada’s Constitution … a separate state in Manitoba perhaps … would be an equitable solution that would gladden the hearts of Canadians dedicated to the agenda of slicing, dicing and donation pieces of other nations to unrepentant terrorists around the world hiding in Canada as fake refugees supported by its welfare system.

    May Canada become mindful of its own follies when the terrorists they nurtured in their bosom fly home to roost!

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    “May Canada become mindful of its own follies when the terrorists they nurtured in their bosom fly home to roost!”

    Its a matter of time Ananda.

    70 from Canada.
    130 from USA.
    488 from UK.
    413 from France.
    240 from Germany.

    This is NOT the first time these countries could not control their OWN citizens doing terrorism elsewhere.
    FIRST it was Tamils and SL had to ban these TAMIL terror groups in these countries!!

    At least then they should have learned the lesson.

  5. Christie Says:

    We have to look in to why Canada is supporting the Indian terrorist outfit. How many of us see these terrorist as the Indian terrorist out fit. That is the problem. We only concentrate on Tamils the Indian colonial parasites of Ceylon. If we all tell the world the truth about India, Indians and Indian colonial parasites and their actions that affects people like the Sinhalese, Fijians etc. tha

  6. Christie Says:

    continued…then the world will follow. There are millions of Indian in Canada who support Tamils. It was them with the Socialists and some churches who prompoted

  7. Ananda-USA Says:

    A MULTIPOLAR World is Emerging, despite efforts by The Neocolonial West to suppress it!

    Everything they do, like the proverbial Bull in the global China shop (no pun intended), simply accelerates that process.

    Putin accuses US of undermining global stability

    October 24, 2014

    MOSCOW (AP) — President Vladimir Putin of Russia said Friday that the world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place because of U.S. attempts to enforce its will on other countries and that his nation will not comply.

    In an emotional speech before international political experts, Putin unleashed scathing criticism of the United States for what he called its disregard of international law and unilateral use of force.

    If the United State fails to abandon its “desire of eternal domination,” then “hopes for peaceful and stable development will be illusory, and today’s upheavals will herald the collapse of global world order,” Putin said during a meeting that lasted about three hours in the Black Sea resort of Sochi.

    His voice strained with anger, Putin accused the U.S. and its allies of trying to “tailor the world exclusively to their needs” since the end of the Cold War, using economic pressure and military force and often supporting extremist groups to achieve their goals.

    He cited the wars in Iraq, Libya and Syria as examples of flawed moves that have led to chaos and left Washington and its allies “fighting against the results of their own policy.”

    “They are throwing their might to remove the risks they have created themselves, and they are paying an ever increasing price,” Putin said.

    “Unilateral diktat and attempts to enforce their own cliche on others bring opposite result: escalation of conflicts instead of their settlement, widening area of chaos in place of stable sovereign states, support for dubious elements from open neo-Nazis to Islamic radicals instead of democracy.”

    He said that Russia has been cold-shouldered by the West, despite its eagerness to cooperate.

    The U.S. and the European Union imposed tough sanctions on Russia after it annexed the Black Sea peninsula of Crimea populated mostly by Russian speakers, and allegedly armed rebels fighting for independence in eastern Ukraine.

    Putin also has maintained support for President Bashar Assad of Syria in a civil war that has helped destabilize the Middle East. The U.S. has demanded that the Syrian leader step down.

    In Washington, U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki reacted to Putin’s speech by saying the U.S. “does not seek confrontation with Russia, but we cannot and will not compromise on the principles on which security in Europe and North America rest.”

    She said there may be disagreements, “but we remain committed to upholding Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

    Psaki also told reporters that the U.S. has been able to work with Russia on a range of issues and hopes to engage with Moscow again on areas of mutual concern.

    In Ukraine, Putin said, the West has ignored Russia’s legitimate interests in its neighbor and supported the ouster of Ukraine’s former Russian-leaning president.

    He accused the West of breaking its promises, citing a February phone conversation with President Barack Obama just hours before protesters in Kiev drove Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych out of office.

    Putin denied allegations that Russia wants to split Ukraine, but he said the rebel regions should be allowed to hold local elections as they plan on Nov. 2, not in December as the Ukrainian government wants.

    He said the withdrawal of forces under the cease-fire deal should create conditions for gradually rebuilding ties between the central authorities and the rebel regions.

    The Russian leader is well known for having said that the breakup of the Soviet Union was “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe” of the 20th century.

    But Putin denied allegations that Russia wants to rebuild the Soviet empire.

    Evoking the archetypal image of the Russian bear, Putin warned that his nation will firmly stand its ground to defend its vital interests.

    “The bear is the master of the taiga (a subarctic forest). It’s not going to move to other climate zones,” he said. “But it’s not going to give up its taiga to anyone.”

    “Russia is not demanding some special, exclusive place in the world,” he said. “While respecting interests of others, we simply want our interests to be taken into account, too, and our position to be respected.”

  8. Ananda-USA Says:

    No direct combat for Iraqi Kurds in Kobani, ISIS loses ground in Iraq

    Reuters @
    By Isabel Coles and Ahmed Rasheed
    7 hours ago

    …………My Comment………………………..

    Suicide bombers, indeed!

    Use of suicide bombers is a NIHILISTIC act signifying desperation and despair, not strength and hope of victory and a better future.

    We saw this type of activity by the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Sri Lanka; it just succeeded in destroying their most committed cadre and increasing the resolve of their victims not to submit to mindless terror.

    I have no doubt that the Islamic State will destroy itself and its adherents just like the LTTE did in their murderous 30 year rampage through Sri Lanka killing 150,000 innocents. Nihilistic movements just cannot support LIFE, and will not SURVIVE in the long run.

    When the Islamic State does suffer that fate, I hope that stupid Western Governments will not offer REFUGE to these criminals posing as victims fleeing discrimination. They will only be fleeing JUST RETRIBUTION for the murder and mayhem they gleefully inflicted against innocent communities.

  9. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Regarding tragedies in the United States or Canada just blithely say “AWESOME” and move along. We are now the “Awesome” culture. Blow your nose “awesome”, sneeze “awesome”, building burns down “awesome”. that is about the length and breath of emotional expression of the “selfie” culture of the US/Canada.

  10. jay-ran Says:

    This is what’s happened in OTTAWA.
    According to Budhism, such crimes done by Canada and other Western countrties against Sri Lanka have become DHITTA DHAMMA VEDANEEYA KARMA.Sri lanka suffered for ALMOST 30 YRS with LTTE brutalities for which many countries were dead silent and further more,brought resolutions against Siri Lanka at UN supported by TAMIL BIASSED PEOPLE LIKE PILLIYA.
    Now its the reaping time for such crimes!!!

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