Caught Red-handed: UNHRC blank war crimes forms in the hands of TNA-LTTE
Posted on October 28th, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

An UN investigation on Sri Lanka has been launched. The world was told that the UN investigation would be a transparent and fair investigation. The modus operandi behind blank UNHRC war crimes given by TNA to LTTE cadres to obtain signatures does not exactly fit into the criterion of transparent or fair investigation. The arrest of a LTTE un-rehabilitated cadre by Sri Lankan State authorities has put the cat out of the bag. With just days before the submissions to the Panel concludes while a TNA member (Ananthi Sasitharan) married to a key LTTE leader requests and appeals for the extension of submissions we really must wonder whether the signatures on blank UNHRC war crimes forms is because the UN does not have a solid case against Sri Lanka and therefore the dirty alternate option is to fabricate lies. We now demand to know in the UNHRC, in the TNA and how many others are involved in this fraud of fabricating lies because the UN has a ‘witness protection’ system that enables the liars to remain anonymous? The most important question is how many such blank forms have been falsely filled and sent to the UNHRC so far on which the 3 member Panel will base their final report?

 The arrest of the TNA-connected LTTE cadre raises some valid questions.

 Threat posed by Un-rehabilitated cadres – How many more unrehabiliated LTTE cadres are still living in Sri Lanka? How many of these LTTE cadres, murderers and with mind sets indoctrinated and brainwashed to kill are still around us? How many of these LTTE cadres are now living abroad posing a threat to foreign citizens? Such cadres trained in armed warfare and guerrilla tactics are just what the doctor ordered for other terror groups searching for men to carry out their terror tactics on foreign shores. With leaderless LTTE cadres galore across US, Canada and Europe these cadres are prize catches if fallen into the wrong hands! Ottawa experienced indoctrinated terror, Barqa-clad men have frightened Australia therefore countries should now start showing far more concern about curtailing terror than the lukewarm attempts currently being made.

 UNHRC war crimes complaints forms

  • Are these for sale if so where can people purchase them? Are these available to a select handful, if so why and what criteria makes them the selected lot? When email queries were sent to the general email requesting how to make submissions we were told that there was no specific template or format the only requirement was to keep submissions to within 10 pages though the font size or font type was not given either. There is no automatic receipt mail generated for submissions sent or even acknowledgement as is generally done.  Now it emerges that the UNHRC has a war crimes form given to one side only. This is unacceptable.
  • How come these forms ended up in the hands of the TNA and who is this TNA member called ‘Sunmaster’ that the arrested LTTEr handed the forms to? Did the UNHRC post them, courier them or were they given by hand when TNA officials were visiting Geneva but why have they not been given to the Sri Lankan delegations? Who in the UNHRC had the authority to give such forms?
  • How many forms were actually given to the TNA? The apprehended LTTE cadre had on him 500 blank forms and 500 signatures.
  • Were other LTTE cadres used and how many signatures did they obtain altogether?
  • The UNHRC war crimes forms could not have been photocopied because there is a serial number to the forms. Therefore the Sri Lankan authorities must demand an official explanation from the UNHRC as to exactly how many forms have been given to the TNA.
  • The UNHRC must also explain how they were given and why and the Government of Sri Lanka must demand that every serial number form given have to be cancelled and the false war crimes accounts that is being compiled have to be declared null and void. But when UNHRC is the party going through the forms can we trust that they would cancel the forms bearing the serial numbers that had been sent to TNA in Sri Lanka to compile false cases?

 TNA start explaining

  • If the TNA claims they were not aware of Ananthi Sasitharan’s letter requesting extension of submission deadline on a Northern Provincial Council letterhead, what official action is the Chief Minister taking against Ananthi Sashitharan? The Northern Governor needs to take up this matter officially and take action thereafter.

 TNA-LTTE links

  • How many other unrehabilitated LTTE cadres does the TNA have personal contacts with and in what ways have they been utilized since May 2009?
  • On what grounds is the TNA’s Premachandran requesting the UNHRC to pressurize Sri Lankan authorities to release the arrested LTTE cadre who had been utilized by TNA for a month to obtain signatures on blank UNHRC forms?
  • The allegations of links between the LTTE and TNA need to now be formally investigated by the Sri Lankan State. There is little point in delaying for political gain. Political gains at the cost of the country is detrimental. There is sufficient evidence to launch such an investigation and it must commence now.
  • We are not fools – We are not naïve to read through the pretence of displaying beaming facing shaking hands with the Sri Lankan President while the next moment the same TNA runs crying to the UN and world leaders with tall stories they cannot match with evidence.

 What is going on? UNHRC is handing blank war crimes forms to the TNA, the TNA in turns gets its associate LTTE cadres to obtain signatures ….who thereafter fills these forms?

  • We have a serious situation. The UNHRC that issues inundated statements about transparency and accountability needs to explain how its official forms have landed up with the TNA?
  • Having explained that the TNA needs to start explaining how it is hiring LTTE cadres to obtain blank signatures
  • Thereafter what now needs to be investigated is who is filling these forms and how many such forms have been falsely filled and sent to the UNHRC.
  • What percentage of the report has been influenced as a result of these falsely filled details? The answer is extremely important to the final report to be released in March 2015.
  • This shows a concerted plan is being orchestrated against Sri Lanka. The fact that blank forms are being used to obtain signatures upon which false details are to be compiled reveals that the UNHRC does not have a solid case against Sri Lanka. ….so the best way is to cheat the system which they are very much in control of. Why is an organization established to maintain world peace engaging in dirty below the belt tactics?
  • In all probability these forms will end up the ‘star witness accounts’ and be declared ‘credible allegations’ and ‘credible evidence’ against Sri Lanka.
  • Sri Lanka now needs to expose the lies, expose the connections and show the international community, the diplomatic circle, the world public that there is cheating going on inside the halls of the UN. The world needs to know that the UNHRC is cheating and for Sri Lanka’s luck the UNHRC, the TNA and the LTTE have been caught red-handed. What a shame that the UNHRC has stooped to such low levels of conduct.


  • If the UNHRC is resorting to handing blank forms to obtain bogus accounts and we are also aware that certain high powered foreign envoys are regularly visiting the North and giving handouts and encouraging people to make their cases against Sri Lanka, all these adds up to reveal that there is some mischief taking place and taking shape.
  • We should also recall how arrested LTTE members in Malaysia were found with UNHCR identity cards which opened another can of worms which the UN has managed to subtly brush under the carpet.
  • If the TNA is working in cahoots with elements inside the UNHRC that have handed UNHRC blank war crimes forms this is something the Sri Lankan nation should not and cannot take lightly. The respective line authorities need to take up this matter at the highest levels and make all the noise possible.
  • We have every right now to wonder if the Ban Ki Mon Panel report was compiled in a similar fashion because all the witnesses remain anonymous for decades …. And the question of whether these names are bogus is a very valid question which the UN Secretary General now needs to officially respond to.

 When Sri Lanka is in the right we need not fear pointing fingers at the cheats, in fact we have every right to expose these cheats and liars. These are good lessons for the Opposition of Sri Lanka most of whom have never called LTTE as terrorists and should alert the Sri Lankan public at the dangers that continues to plague Sri Lanka inspite of defeating the ground LTTE force including the LTTE leader!

7 Responses to “Caught Red-handed: UNHRC blank war crimes forms in the hands of TNA-LTTE”

  1. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    In the light of the UNHRC investigations of human rights violations done on Sri Lankan Tamils (let us not even call them Tamil Tigers) and the DEMAND made by the Tamil Diaspora of such allegations supposedly perpetrated by Colombo and UNQUESTIONED by the UNHRC I have undertaken a similar quest in the name of justice to help an American Writer to write a book on the injustice of India.

    It will be a comprehensive book, but not so large that only the Academia will be interested. The research I have done to support the rights of minorities in India like that of the Tamil Diaspora to demand their own lands has led me to uncover that this subject has to be addressed outside of any issue pertaining to Sri Lanka, Elam or human rights violations in Sri Lanka

    the breath and scope of modern day India must be exposed. It will be a book of a few hundred pages supported by direct examples and pictures of why the concept of India MUST BE DISMANTLED. IT IS A NIGHTMARE. I am very serious. this is not some jingoistic attempt at “getting at India” mentality, though It started that way. The sheer horror of so many millions upon millions will be graphically stated and shown to the world.

    If there is any “nation” that should be dismantled it is the concept of India. What passes off as “modern India’ makes child’s play of the Jewish Holocaust, America’s days of slavery, segregation and every conceivable act of debauchery known to man. It exists in full view of the world and in this horror called India. The writer is so shocked that the writer has decided to make this an issue outside of publishing books, and I have just begun. The book should be out by the end of the year.

  2. Marco Says:

    The cynic in me tells me that you ought to get our own Christie to write a Foreword to the forthcoming book.

  3. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    I am not writing this book, An American writer is. I am doing most of the research. That writer is so shocked by what I have already given that this writer is making a personal campaign of it. I have been with many Indian commenters who are absolutely horrified by this notion. the language they use on me matches it. My explanations as varied as they are end up with this.
    If the Mahatma who was a “subject” of the British Empire can challenge that Empire and the Emperor on the validity of that Empire and demand the home rule of ‘his” India, (which ended up with the twin birth of both Pakistan and India) then the modern concept of India 70 years later can then be questioned when a few hundred thousand Indians own 2 trillion US dollars worth of reported wealth over a population so impoverished and so massive they are larger than Africa or the New world (from Argentina to Alaska). Then what the Mahatma wanted becomes equally pertinent today. the concept of India then is as vile as the British Empire if not far worse. Google “Credit Suisse wealth report” Are you among the world’s richest?” you will see a blue pie chart. The subcontinent of 1 billion 7 hundred million (India 1.3 billion, Pakistan 185 million, Bangladesh 157 million, Nepal 31 million, Sri Lanka 20 million) is less wealthy than Africa with a population of 1.013 Billion. The sheer magnitude of wretched poverty in the subcontinent demands any person of any decency that the experiment of “India’ is a complete failure. India will be adding another 200 million people in the coming years. They will be at the bottom end of the pyramid.
    To support India then is to support the extremely rich. it is as immoral as supporting the royalty of the British Empire while so many continue to suffer.

  4. Marco Says:

    Bernard- Thank you for your response.
    I note with interest that your research is following a particular path likewise i note a research team from Yale our doing a similar research on China & India Insight to “New” thinking. Whatever that means but i’m guessing that Indians and Chinese will at some stage own a large chunk of the wealth of the world whilst their compatriots wallow in poverty.

    If i can get my hands on the link i will post it here.

    You referred to Mahatma an icon. Mao Tse-Tung another icon.

    Mahatma and Mao stood and died for a cause but people use such icons to designate meanings not in the manner in which the cause they intended.

    Think about it!

  5. Ananda-USA Says:

    The UN should try ” Constructive Dialogue with Communities” in Iraq and Syria, instead of bugging Sri Lanka … that is if the UN DARES TO EVEN SEND PERSONNEL THERE!

    As a test case, the UN should try that balleyhooed “Constructive Dialogue” with the Islamic State not to BEHEAD people, not to carry out MASS EXECUTIONS of captured soldiers by the thousand in trenches, not to ETHNICALLY CLEANSE vast areas of Iraq and Syria of people, not to carry out RELIGIOUS CLEANSING of Yizdiz and Shia people, and then come back and report to the world how successful an effort it was.

    Until then, the UN and Ban Ki Moon should stick to making Announcements from New York, and not do anything else. Better still, the UN should only help sustain only people who REQUEST help, suffering from starvation, disease and deprivation from war.

    They should BUTT OUT of undermining countries like Sri Lanka that have solved their terrorism problem at great cost in lives and treasure, ALL BY THEMSELVES with no thanks to the UN, without preaching to the choir.

    More NONSENSE from a toothless stupid organization harassing patients who have already healed themselves!

    UN Counter-Terrorism Committee delegation to arrive in Sri Lanka today

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Oct 28, Colombo: A delegation of the UN Counter Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) headed by its Executive Director Jean-Paul Laborde is due to arrive in Sri Lanka today on a three-day visit.

    The official mission to Sri Lanka, which will stress the importance of a comprehensive approach to countering terrorism in accordance with the principles of the rule of law including human rights, as requested by the Security Council, will be undertaken through engagement with the Government and include a visit to Jaffna.

    During their visit, the team, on the request of the Security Council Counter Terrorism Committee (CTC) is tasked with meeting three main objectives.

    The objectives are to assess Sri Lanka’s implementation of the provisions of Security Council resolution 1373 (2001) , including the ratification and implementation of international instruments against terrorism as well as international cooperation in these matters, and to make relevant recommendations concerning steps that Sri Lanka should take in this regard; to recommend areas in which Sri Lanka would eventually benefit from receiving technical assistance; and to address measures put in place by Sri Lanka to implement Security Council resolution 1624 (2005).

    Adopted under Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter and therefore binding on all Member States, resolution 1373 (2001) addresses threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts, whereas resolution 1624 (2005) calls on States to enhance dialogue and take all necessary measures to counter incitement of terrorist acts motivated by extremism and intolerance.

    The delegation will emphasize that terrorism will be defeated not only by military and law enforcement measures or judiciary decisions, but will also require constructive dialogue with communities.

    Members of the delegation include counter-terrorism experts from CTED focusing on legislation, law enforcement, and countering violent extremism, as well as representatives of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and INTERPOL.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    “The delegation will emphasize that terrorism will be defeated not only by military and law enforcement measures or judiciary decisions, but will also require constructive dialogue with communities.”


    Then why the hell they are NOT talking to ISIS? Go talk to ISIS first and see what happens.

    Different strokes for different folks!!

    UN has FAILED to bring peace ANYWHERE in the world! What nonsense they talk here.

    No wonder these LOSERS are losing the war. Now they preach SL NOT to have peace but to DISRUPT the peace we have.

    We in SL decide what the SHAPE of peace WE WANT. Not what the UN wants. GOSL should tell UN to find a POLITICAL SOLUTION for ISIS and oppressed Muslim minorities in the UK, USA, Canada, EU, etc.

  7. Mr. Bernard Wijeyasingha Says:

    Marco: Yesterday saw a 1960’s movie of “The tale of two cities”. Before that saw documentaries of the (French) Kings Louis the fourteenth, fifteenth and Sixteenth, and the French Revolution. The poverty of France prior to that revolution is a cake walk to the poverty of India.

    I hope you got a chance to Google “Credit Suisse wealth report” Are you among the world’s richest?”. India will continue to add more than 200 wretched lives to what she has now. It is an utterly failed concept in every meaning of that word. It is morally defunct, ethically wrong and should by all standards of a modern civilization be disbanded. China is also a problem but I can only handle the problems I am most familiar with and have some roots.

    Some of that horror of India will come to the US. In one study of a college the students in this private college fully believed in “post birth abortion” a nice euphemism to kill living babies. they even told it is fine to kill children up to the age of 5 or 6 since “they are not aware”. That horror is already part of the research I am doing on traditional practices in India that have been exacerbated by the sheer breath of poverty. Some are so “demonic” in practice it goes beyond the pale of human understanding.

    Considering the liberal thinking of a culture now willing to accept extremely alternative lifestyles it will not be long when those terrible aspects of India make it to the United States. The writer pointed that out to me.

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