Posted on October 28th, 2014

Kanthar Balanathan, Australia

28th October 2014

Hon Justice CV Wigneswaran

Chief Minister,

Northern Provincial Council,

No 26, Somasundaram Avenue,

Chundukuli, Jaffna,
Sri Lanka.

Dear Chief Minister,



I am a SriLankan, and a strong Hindu with clear-cut belief in the Buddhist doctrine. I take the liberty to write to you, as a SriLankan Tamil / Australian, from a free country, which practices, honesty, justice, promote equal rights, and maintains freedom to all people, in an ideal democratic environment. Well, I can concurrently state that Australia is the best country that practices democracy in an idealistic form. I cogitate that every human who is intelligent and competent, has every right to raise his doubts on the functioning of politicians, technical, and academic persons in the interest of the community and the country of SriLanka.

Sometimes too much freedom gives a free hand to some self-centred, mindset, fanatics who suffer from megalomania and superiority complex. An example is the melodramatic superiority complex of the Tamil politicians in the North of SL, and in Tamil Nadu, and the range of gun killing in the States. An example: USA thinks that they have the right to invade any country on this planet, create havoc in any country, however, stage dramatic, philosophical and political propagation to brain wash humans. This is exactly what is happening with Tamil Diaspora, and some Federal Party (ITAK) stooges.

CM, please take some time to read this document and those in links, and, may be pass it onto Mr. Sambanthar, Sumanthiran, and other ITAK partisans. May be we could clear our mind from some mindboggling theories, which have transplanted a mindset in Tamil’s mind.

I courteously request you to do a bit of research in Jaffna, Baticaloa, Tamil Nadu, and India in general.

It is a view that most Tamils are congenitally imbecile and do not want to dissect, analyse and address issues at diverse & multidirectional perceptions. It would be highly appreciated if literates gain knowledge of problem analysis by restructuring it to see it in many different ways. I am sure you would have read on Leonardo da Vinci’s theories on problem analysis.

Some members of the Tamil community feel that Tamil Diaspora is there to support your (ITAK/FP) confounding political ideology, which I strongly disagree and demur. I can confidently state that there are significant number of Tamils feel the same way. Every Tamil should have the right to suggest a lead to a solution, wherever he or she lives.

Please understand one main theme. Politics is not limited to single group of people (elites) and that others should follow them like cattle, which has been the tessellation over centuries. Well, during my period in the late 50s at Hartley College, politics cuddled my curiosity & attentiveness. I watched the political dominance and supremacy of some Attorneys and elites. If a low caste person disagrees or proves a point better than those elites, they were man handled by force or indirectly made to vacillate. That is Jaffna man’s culture. Jaffna man thinks that politics is not for lower/middle caste people. If someone does not agree with the elites, then use force! This same pattern prevails in India today. Although we boast of democracy, the public do not practice democracy. Even in normal discussion, a low/middle cast person has no right to contribute or add a valid point. These are my observations during my seven-year period at KKS, notwithstanding among Diaspora.

I closely watched Federal Party’s political passages, trivial hostility, and skirmish for licence plate numbers on vehicles, which is the Tamil SRI” instead of the Sinhala SRI”. As a pupil, I pondered this cheap politics by the Lawyers, who were Politicians. Those politicians did not appraise the socio-politico-economic or technological importance for Tamils, or SriLanka, but only their self-centered selfishness of financial position, and political survival. Federal Party was indoctrinating the Tamil speaking people in the N&E, and the Tamil populace was on a wild goose chase. It is a belief that ITAK/FP is still trying to intimidate the people in the North to follow them impetuously and thoughtlessly.

Pre and Post-Independence Era

It is not proposed to repeat the writings of this period here. Please read the documents at:

 If we address and analyze the events at different observations, we could conclude that the snobbish superiority complex, self-importance, and egotism of the Tamil elite politicians, and their deep-rooted hard rock caste consciousness were the main driver for the downfall. They created the racial abomination within the peaceful SriLanka community.

SJVC formed the FP with no political conflict between the two communities then in 1948/49. In fact, SJVC sowed the ethnic hatred, and the chauvinistic, racist, attitude among the Tamils. This was the first step towards disintegration of unison and harmony between the two ethnic groups in Ceylon then. The partisan commotion continued with SJVC staging various acts of Satyagraha”, hartals”, inaugurating their own ITAK postal services violating the Ceylon constitution, and refusing to pay for travel.

It is a pity that you, as CM, and Sambanthar & Co are carrying those chauvinistic racial ITAK philosophy in the 21st century. It is a pity that the flimsy excuse you and Sambanthar may give is: We are not responsible, It is democracy and people want it.

Please refer to the following on GGP’s assets.


Most of PR and Arunachalam’s descendants, and the elites did Law and nothing else. No one wanted to be an engineer or have technical expertise, but Law. Do you know why? It is the only tool that could be used to embrace power. This happened in parallel with Tamil Nadu (TN). Most Brahmins became Lawyers.

Political Confusion

 Most of your council members and MPs, frequently make pejorative utterances that Sinhalese people are colonizing Tamil areas, with government acquiring Tamil lands. A country is a self-governing political entity, which share a common culture. When Tamils have taken the liberty to settle in the South or all parts of SriLanka (SL), why cannot the Sinhalese people settle in the North? SL is not a Nation-State, but a self-governing political entity, and every citizen has the right to settle anywhere in SL.

For Tamil politicians to go on making belittling statements to the media of colonisation of Tamil areas: it is inhuman, unethical and may be considered a psychological disorder or suffer from some kind of megalomania or superiority complex.

It is of the view that ITAK politician’s fear of being rejected by the people, if they do not make imprudent utterances quite frequently. CM-Is that Tamil’s third world culture?

CM, the assumption of SJV Chelvanayaka’s stupidity on the question of North & East being a nation in 1949 was categorically incorrect and most of ITAK member’s theory is downright, and unconditionally offensive and indecorous.


Colonization (or colonisation) occurs whenever any one or more species populate an area. The term, which derived from the Latincolere, “to inhabit, cultivate, frequent, practice, tend, guard, respect”, originally referred to humans. During the 19th century, bio geographers appropriated the term to describe the activities of birds, bacteria, or plant species. Human colonization is a narrower category than the related concept of colonialism. Colonization refers strictly to migration, for example, to settler colonies, trading posts, and plantations, while colonialism deals with this as well as the ruling of new territories’ existing peoples. (Ref:

  1. In this context, I wish to emphasize that SriLanka was historically a Sinhala country with Sangamitta, (King Asoka’s sibling daughter) later went to SriLanka to spread the teachings of Buddha at the request of King Davanampiya Tissa (250 BC – 210 BC) who was a contemporary of Asoka (304 BC – 232 BC).

The Jaffna Kingdom, (1215-1624 CE), also known as Kingdom of Aryachakravarti, of modern northern SriLanka was a historic monarchy that came into existence around the town of Jaffna on the Jaffna peninsula after the invasion of Magha, a rowdy, who is said to have been from Kalinga, in India. The rival Kotte Kingdom eventually overpowered the Jaffna kingdom around 1450. Magha is not Tamil, and Kalinga is definitely not Tamil. It associates with Sinhala people.

Subsequently the Javanese, Cholas, Pandyans, and the Jing bang invaded SriLanka and colonised. We can concurrently acknowledge that Tamil Language and colonisation followed by force, displacing the Sinhalese people and their religion. Dutugamunu freed his territory from the Cholas. Colonisation continued subsequently to the East and West from Kerala, and North from Cholas and Pandyans. Along with the colonisation, people from Karnataka and other places were brought for slave labour.

Therefore, in real terms the Tamils invading the Sinhalese territory initiated Colonisation.

  1. As soon as Tamils sensed declaration of independence or even before that, Tamils, began to move to the South. The elites did not think the move as colonisation as this was within one country. Tamils thought and felt that they have the right to move and settle in any part of the country. So be it, it happened, Tamils moved to every corner in SriLanka. I have seen Tamils in Kamburupitiya, Tangalle, and Deniyaya etc. Right from North to South and East to West. Yes, this was accepted because the movement and settlement was within one country.

However, when the GOSL initiated addressing the demographic pattern, to maximise productivity through exploitation of resources, Tamils started to screech & scream, ”Colonisation of Tamil areas”.

Careful study will reveal that demographic movement of people within one country, to maximise productivity to achieve economic sustainability, is not be construed as colonisation. If politicians do continue to address this as colonisation then, they have a shortfall in perception to the interpretation of the real meaning of colonisation in economic and political terms. The Tamils are only multitalented with the practice of ethnic polarisation and racial polarisation.

What is happening in SriLanka is internal movement (demographic) of citizens on a human geographical perspective to maximise productivity.


As defined by The policy of a strong nation in seeking political and economic hegemony over an independent nation or extended geographical area without necessarily reducing the subordinate nation or area to the legal status of a colony.

Prior to independence Indians colonised the economic and trade circles. As stated by Kumari Jayawardhane in her books (1-Nobodies to Somebodies 2. Ethnic and Class Conflicts in SriLanka”) points down to these people dominated the trade and commerce and the economic center and shift some or all proceeds to their own country, which is neo-colonialism. After independence, Tamils and Muslims dominated the economic, trade and commerce. The people supressed and affected are the Sinhalese.

Political Maturity of Tamils

With due respect: It is an understanding that Tamil politicians are to a certain degree immature. They seem to have a strong focus on power grab. Have your ministers thought about the prioritized needs of the people in the North? Every member’s aspiration is for power and accumulation of wealth, however they seem to fool the general public that it is Tamil’s aspiration for equal rights. CM, are you prepared to give equal rights to lower/middle caste people? Can you get onto a public forum and challenge your elites, to give up their caste culture?

Northern Provincial Council

Article 18 of the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka refers to:-

(2) Tamil shall also be an official language.

(3) English shall be the link language.

Section 154B on Governor. This section was categorically ignored by the NPC members for some time. They were calling for replacement of the Governor being an ex-military person. In fact the Governor of Australia is an ex-military commander. Mr. Sumanthiran was wise enough not to talk about it, however, you being a Justice were piling on it. Just a question CM, is it because of your ex position as justice, or inferiority/superiority complex? I have read articles of yours on Colombo Telegraph, which were not conducive to a wide-ranging, diplomatic and peaceable atmosphere to the North.

Your Council members are quite eager to fly to foreign countries to discuss NPC political matters with foreign ministers and MPs. I know some have even come and met AMAF who were once called TamMedAid, a para LTTE service organization. TNA members come and have meeting with TD. Is that a prerequisite to run your NPC?

Sivajilingham a member of the GOSL via the Urban Council, does not understand his responsibility as a SriLankan politician, but go on to utter gobbledygook boloney with lack of perception and understanding. Well, Sivajilingham should have been sent for rehabilitation.

TD in Canada, UK, USA, and Australia have no interest in the socio-economic and technological advancement of the North or East, but go on to blabber about Tamil Elam. Therefore, why would your politicians visit these countries and have meeting with the TD organizations? Is it for funding of TNA?

Has any TD organization committed to fund for the development of the North? Has anyone put up a small scale industry to help those displaced young ones? Only agenda is for the TD members to protect and preserve their land and house for them to come visit on holidays.

It is still the GOSL helping those displaced Tamil youths and elderly.


CM, Water has become an issue to the North. Draining water from Iranamadu is unearthly, because Kilinochi is a farming area and already Kilinochi wells are running dry. While I was in the North, I realized that the water level in the wells were quite low as 1½ to 2 feet in Jaffna. Kilinochi wells were dry and students were running to Jaffna for service.

Within the Tamil community we have hundreds of thousands of civil engineers. Has any engineer come forward to propose a solution of building a reservoir? The thondaimannar sluice gates was installed with some intent. It is a request that you surf the map of the vallai to Thondaimannar canal. Well, there is a solution to every problem.

When the wells run dry, then it is hoped that Tamil politicians will not put the blame on the GOSL of robbing water from the North???

Initiative, innovation and creativity is an asset to this issue.

Farming in the North is dependent on rain, and seasonal. Tamil Nadu (TN) has designed and constructed irrigation channels to be independent of seasons, but for continual farming of agrarian products. Well, TN politicians and engineers are intelligent than that of our Tamil selfish engineers. TD civil engineers are warming up city council chairs in Australia.


 We blabber about our province and boast that we are 5,000, 10,000, years old, however, all these silly talks are worthless. Our culture does not allow us to be patriotic, however, to be strong fervent, self-centered selfish people. It’s our congenital attribute.

It was expected that NPC will educate the people in the North via media to be patriotic, intellectuals, and industrious. However, NPC is zealous in fighting for power and fly to overseas countries to meet heads of states. Still the people are concealed with irrational, illusory, and fairy-tale beliefs and spend millions of Rupees on temple construction.

The local resources could be exploited and cottage industries could be promoted on a large scale. Everyone who is uneducated or has limited education wants to be a government servant. Those who are industrious, produce and market a product, have been classified as low/middle caste. E.g.; toddy, fish, meat. How could we identify Tamils as a race? I consider Tamils as the lowest congenitally imbecilic race. Fishermen and wine makers are rich in Australia. Why don’t we learn lessons from other advanced nations, rather clinging on to old theories?

Has NPC formulated a plan to generate income for the NPC? It is the production of goods and services that will elevate the Council, and attract more allocation of funds from the Center.

Rather concentrating on wasteful propagation, if the Council members, MPs and TNA could plan to further the productivity that would be a wealth for the Province.

Our graduates in economics, have only studied the Production-Possibility Curve, Economies of Scale etc., however, they do not want to apply and put into practice. Tamils think they decide the price of goods. Economies of Scale means nothing to them. Definition: Reduction in cost per unit resulting from increased production, realised through operational efficiencies.

From section 154R of the 13th amendment:

The Commission shall formulate such principles with the objective of achieving balanced regional development in the country, and shall accordingly take into account –

(a) the population of each Province;

(b) the per capita income of each Province;

(c) the need progressively, to reduce social and economic disparities; and

(d) the need, progressively, to reduce the difference between the per capita income of each Province and the highest per capita income among the Provinces.

(6) The Commission shall determine its own procedure and shall have such powers in the performance of its duties as Parliament may, by law, confer on it.

(7) The President shall cause every recommendation made by the Finance Commission under this Article to be laid before the Parliament, and shall notify Parliament as to the action taken thereon.

(8) No Court or Tribunal shall inquire into, or pronounce on, or in any manner entertain, determine or rule upon, any question relating to the adequacy of such funds, or any recommendation made, or principle formulated by the Commission.

NPC could have more seminars and promote productivity, rather having meetings to fight for more power and secession.

Well, your minister for Education could work with the Jaffna University, rather trying to boss the VC, to formulate training and seminars on economics and productivity, and may be research.

Education and Appreciation of the Training 

Students who complete degree programs, opt to go overseas. Those who continue on research do not research into the local needs. What we are trying to highlight is that most of our students/people in the North lack in flexibility, innovation, creativity, leadership, decisive, and to be methodical, organized, initiative, possess analytical skills, self-disciplined, and eagerness to learn. We tend to believe in old customary practice and follow, which plugs down to being primitive. Even a guy who has not qualified to A” level wants to go out of the country. They do not have the courage and determination to rise up to the intellectual world. Albert Einstein is a typical example that Tamils should read about. Tamil Elam and police power will not explain the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics.

Jaffna University students do not realize the accessibility for their potential growth of power in knowledge, but resort to wasteful Tamil Elam shout which is a wastage of public funds. TD should be blamed for this along with some of your members who travel and communicate with the TD. We cannot poly-trick with students and education.

People should learn to face challenging and changing situations and consider change is a constant“.   In every one’s personal attributes they should train to possess the above criteria. May be you as CM, and your Minister for Education, Cultural Affairs, Sports and Youth Affairs, could promote more on matters concerning advancement of knowledge to compete in the 21st century.


What we could see is that your ministries seem to promote opening buildings in certain areas only, and have cultural affairs to collect votes. Well, schools are required, but only where needed. A typical example is that Tellipalai has a modern base hospital just a few km from the main road. However, another hospital building was opened early this year at Kurumbacheddi, which is only a few km from the base hospital. Any nepotism or favouritism for ITAK supporters? There are no medical facilities available in the Vaddukoddai, Sithangkeni, and Araly area. Services like this are considered to be unfair and a wastage of public funds. We could observe NPC servicing based on caste only.

For god sake, do not ignore places where low/middle caste people are concentrated. Just a few km away from Jaffna, have you considered Araly North for development?

Our current President, the Statesman, HE Mahinda Rajapaksa, has, and, is committed to developing the North, totally impartially. The president does not favour one place or one area. To the President, all are equal.

Minister of Agriculture & Agrarian Services, Animal Husbandry, Irrigation and Environment, Mr. Ponnuthurai Ayngaranesan could work with the University to do research on agrarian services for further products, and not limited to potato only.

Overseas Visits


Referring to the following pages:

What benefit would you and your members get by visiting PMs and Members of foreign governments. We consider it a greediness and avidity for popularity among the illiterate Tamils in the North.

What you and others need is to visit the President in Colombo more frequently to have discussions on the growth of the country than having with Obama or Cameron. You could be Consultants to the President rather being an opponent or adversary.

It is of strong view that NPC should co-operate and work with GOSL. NPC is part and parcel of SriLanka, and you have to respect the Presidency. The President HEMR is the Head of State and the BOSS of SriLanka, and not Obama, Cameron or Mordi.

 For the atrocities, killings and destructions carried out by the Indians over centuries, and LTTE, it is fair to say that TNA leader should tender PUBLIC APOLOGY to the people of SriLanka.

Yours Sincerely

කන්තර්  බාලනාතන්

16 Responses to “OPEN LETTER TO CHIEF MINISTER-NPC Hon Justice CV Wigneswaran”

  1. Charles Says:

    Dear Balanathan. Yours is an appropriate appeal sent at the correct time to make the Tamil political leaders see reality and not not to mislead our dear compatriots the Tamils and separate them from their rightful plase amoung the Sinhala. The cultural and religious difference between us is not significant. We can rerally live in peace with each other.

  2. callistus Says:

    Where are the pachabalakaya members. Bala, thank you for your contributions to a peaceful and prosperous Sri Lanka. God bless you. Theruwan saranai.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    The real problem here is NOT the LTTE chief minister but the 13 amendment that made him a powerful character.

    This is ENOUGH PROOF 13 amendment is NOT working.

    Just SCRAP it and let the govt. DIRECTLY do all the work the PC is supposed to do. Then the govt. can win the hearts and minds of the people BETTER.

  4. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    There was caste system among the Sinhalese too, but I see that it has almost vanished. The second name was always linked with a caste. Caste system evolved mostly with the monetary status of an individual. If the individual was poor, he was treated as low caste. If the individual was rich, caste did not come into play at all.


  5. Lorenzo Says:

    Our “friend” Michael Roberts has written a piece about KP’s attempts to save VP in the last days of the war.

    It is TRUE USA tried to save the terrorists.

    BUT someone (guess who it is?) took matters into his own hands and FINISHED off the terrorists BEFORE that. For this role he lost his US green card. A great hero.

    But later he tried to IMPLICATE another person to save himself and became zero. Still, his initial heroism should be commended.

  6. stanley perera Says:

    Kanthar, you are a good ambassador to Sri Lanka, a very valuable asset, a man of substance. It is a shame that GoSL does not recognise one’s honesty and integrity. The problem with SL government is it is lack of educated politicians. A handful academics in the government are corrupt up to their eye balls. In short they are all cross over champions.

  7. Marco Says:

    Mr Kanthar Balanathan,
    I recall you wrote a very similar letter to Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam (July 2012) with quite a few “cut and paste” appearing in this very same letter to CV Wigneswaran.
    Needless to say the message is the same without the original thought process in change in circumstances.

    Useful if you ad a response to letter of July 2012 and your most recent one.

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    APPRECIATE the bold work done by KB without trying to kill him. Typical! Can you write something like this? NO!

  9. stanley perera Says:

    This write up must be circulated among the International community as well as the corrupt politicians in Sri Lanka regularly.

  10. stanley perera Says:

    Cameron fellow was shitting in his pants with his monkey harper.

  11. stanley perera Says:

    Harper fellow was in tears today. What will he do if 640 policemen were killed at point blank range.

  12. douglas Says:

    Dear Kanthar: You said: “I am a Sir Lankan and a strong Hindu with clear-cut BELIEF (emphasis by me) in the Buddhist Doctrine”. This word BELIEF is the main divider between Hinduism and Buddhism. In Buddhism there is no “Belief”. The Buddha never believed on anything. His principle was; either you “know” it or you “Do not know”. The moment your say “believe”, there is always a “void” that you have to fill and since being unable to “know” what that “blank” is, you naturally turn to “believe”. For your information Buddha used a different term and i.e. SHRADDHA and that does neither mean “Belief”nor “Faith”. It means TRUST and that gives you confidence in what you know acquired through “experiencing”. In short SHRADDA is a state of TOTAL TRUST and BELIEF is NOT TOTAL TRUST.

    Having said that and coming back to Mr. Vigneswaran; he is also a HINDU and as a matter of fact an “staunch Hindu”. As a result he is a BELIEVER. That is where things went wrong fro him. He as a result of his beliefs he became a man of lost “Opportunities”. This is what has happened and presently happening to all our politicians. If our Leaders, including Mr. Vigneswaran have developed SHARDDA – Total Trust in what you know; things would have been much, much better for us. When can we have people with SHARDDA and not BELIEFS?

  13. SA Kumar Says:


    TOTAL TRUST and BELIEF is NOT TOTAL TRUST- Thanks you new think I learn today

    Please let me know, Are Muslim People belief OR trust their religion?

    Agreed ,We Tamils Saivar belief Bhuddhist Sinhalese can tread as equal citizen of mother Lanka not to use us time to time ( eg: Our live time experience to kicked out IPKF)

  14. douglas Says:

    Dear Kumar: Thank you. Happy to note that you now know “BELIEF is NOT TOTAL TRUST”.

    To answer your question: “Are Muslim People belief OR trust their religion?. Only Buddhism teaches TOTAL TRUST and does NOT teach BELIEF. “Belief is doubt standing on its head,upside down, that’s all”.

    I leave the rest for you to KNOW.

  15. NAK Says:

    To achieve best results from your valuable writing you must make it available to people in the north and the east in Tamil.
    It is they who elect this bunch of cheats election after election. They must be liberated from this racist politics and brought back to national main stream politics.

  16. SA Kumar Says:

    Thanks douglas

    Hope & pray one day We Saiva Hela Tamilar trust Sinhala Bhuddist in mother lanka.

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