Blank forms for Tamils only from the UNHRC to file deceitful war crimes complaints against Sri Lanka
Posted on October 30th, 2014

Patriots For United Sri Lanka 

To all members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee. 

We the majority of peace loving people of Sri Lanka appeal to you to not be misled by the deceitful practices, lies and criminal activities that have been the order of the day for the pro LTTE Diaspora and some proven, trained LTTE terrorists who have taken a Human Rights Persona after breaking all international conventions against Terrorism.   Infiltration to western countries by those with terrorist connections is a serious issue around the world.

We the people of Sri Lanka are fully aware that every member country of the United Nations that voted for the Resolution 1373 brought forward by the USA on November 24, 2001 after 9/11 that was unanimously voted has an obligation to prevent terrorism and bring to justice all those who were directly involved in terrorism and or provided material support to terrorism where ever they may be located.

We want to also remind the legislators in the USA that the people of Sri Lanka remember and appreciate the support rendered by the USA to the Sri Lankan Government and Military with weapons and other support directly or indirectly to fight terrorism and eradicate the LTTE.  The LTTE on the other hand decided to use the USA for support to save a criminal leader which fortunately did not happen under the persistence of the Sri Lankan Authorities. Sri Lanka suffered for 30 years when the death and destruction of innocent civilian life due to the Tamil Tiger suicide bombs and destruction was never an issue in the world media or the Human Rights radar.

As a result, we note that there is a dichotomy in the way Sri Lanka is hounded for Human Rights Violations when worse situations in other parts of the world are ignored.  It is a common practice of terrorists to take a cowardly path hiding behind civilians as a cover and continue on a terror trail.  Civilians as cover are deliberate ways to later accuse retaliatory fire from their opposing military to accuse them of civilian casualties.  It was no different in Sri Lanka to what we see today.  The LTTE committed unconceivable atrocities against civilians of all ethnicities.  They professed to be the saviors of the Tamil people but killed more Tamils than other ethnic groups.  We are seeing the actions of ISIS today.  The finger prints are the same, only the names are different.  They operate out of the same manual.

In the special investigation it has come to light that the wife of an LTTE terrorist who was responsible for conscription of children for battle and even killing parents who resented abductions who has now turned to mainstream politics through the Tamil National Alliance(TNA) .  She is in Geneva championing Human Rights and the same deceitful practices continue between the UNHRC and TNA to distribute blank forms for signature to file false war crimes against Sri Lanka.

The US Congress is humbly reminded that the Resolution 1373 applies not only to countries of choice but to all countries including Sri Lanka.  How can terrorists be exonerated and a government be taken to task when your own resolution in the UN should be the bond that ties and protects countries that are fighting a common enemy?  Don’t be fooled by the pro LTTE Diaspora.  Taking their political donations, or even opening doors to them to make a deceitful case for ongoing abuse of political asylum and refugee immigrants, to bleed systems in developed nations and carry on fund raising under a façade of charity in the hope of financing terror in another country is dangerously close where ever they are admitted.

US Congress, please honor your own resolution 1373 and take time to study the mockery made of the United Nations and the UNHRC that has been hijacked by pro terror elements.

3 Responses to “Blank forms for Tamils only from the UNHRC to file deceitful war crimes complaints against Sri Lanka”

  1. Lorenzo Says:


    Thank you. GOSL should GO TO TOWN with resolution 1373. TAMIL

    DIASPORA FUNDED TERRORISM which SL faced for so long can be overcome with this.

    Now the emerging SAUDI FUNDED TERRORISM can also be defeated with this.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Sweden has recognized Palestine as a state. This is a DANGEROUS move which will extend to other CONTESTED territories. Sweden is doing what its neighbor – NORWAY – did in SL.

    In 1970s they helped each other in TERRORISM now the TGTE and Palestinians are working together to break up ESTABLISHED UN MEMBER countries.

    SL should stay clear of Palestine separatism. Otherwise we become TOP hypocrites.

  3. SA Kumar Says:

    SL should stay clear of Palestine separatism- Hon MR donated $1M .
    now the TGTE and Palestinians are working together -well done Hon PR Uruththirakumar TGTE !

    Let me go back to my day dream- Naalai pirakkum TE .

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