UNHRC investigation on Sri Lanka : An organized fraudulent submission process favours Tamils and not Sinhalese or Muslim victims?
Posted on November 10th, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

Sri Lanka is accused by the UNHRC head himself of sabotaging an ‘impartial’ investigation. Why…because Sri Lanka revealed the arrest of a LTTE un-rehabilitated cadre who had in his possession 25 blank forms in Tamil of which 6 had signatures? The concern Sri Lanka has every right to raise is that the arrest uncovered a systematic and organized effort to take signatures (in exchange for money) and a third party ends up writing lies and submitting these as genuine witness testimonies. The overseas witness testimonies are most likely to follow the same procedure. If not for the arrest we would not be aware that forms had been created, blank signatures obtained and third parties were filling details to be sent to the OISL investigation team. Is it not natural to next wonder how many blank forms have been distributed, how many signatures obtained and how many bogusly filled forms have actually been accepted by the OISL investigators and how much of the fraudulent entries will end up influencing the OISL final report? What happens when ONLY one group of ‘victims’ get forms and third parties are making fraudulent entries and UNHRC Head and Office show no alarm that such blank forms are being circulated for one group of ‘victims’ only except to berate those who exposed the devious plot!

Our Concerns

  1. We would like to know how many LTTE or non-LTTE members are involved in this exercise of collecting signatures on blank forms of Tamil ‘victims’ only? (anyone can agree to place their signature for a payment when another party is making entries and sending the form to OISL as a ‘victim witness testimony’)
  2. We should know who are the Third Parties involved and tasked to fill the signed forms both in Sri Lanka and overseas?
  3. We are keen to know why the OHCHR head/ UNHRC and the OISL are not alarmed and shocked that printed forms have been distributed amongst Tamils only and third parties are filling details on signed blank forms which OISL is accepting as ‘witness testimonies’ giving 20 years anonymity.
  4. The People of Sri Lanka are shocked that the OHCHR head and UNHRC without commending Sri Lanka and its intelligence authorities for unearthing a sinister plot to manipulate the investigation have resorted to berating the Government instead.
  5. Inquiries from non-Tamils to the OISL email were informed that there was no format to make submissions but that submissions had to be limited to 10 pages (font size/font type was also not mentioned nor was there any acknowledgement or automatic acknowledgement mail to confirm receipt of submissions sent)
  6. In the light of the discovery of formats for only Tamils there is a big question mark as to whether any of the Sinhalese and Muslim submissions have been entertained by the OISL thus far.


Questions for OHCHR Head / UNHRC Office / OISL Investigation team

  • Did the OHCHR/UNHRC or the OISL print or advise how to format submission forms to be distributed amongst Tamils only?
  • Did the OHCHR/UNHRC or the OISL agree to make payment for witness information/testimonies and have such payments been made?
  • Why is the OHCHR head/UNHRC or the OISL reluctant to admit or deny if they had any role (direct/indirect) in making available blank forms and compensation payment for testimonies – previous fact finding missions against other countries and leaders and COI have also had allegations of witness payment!
  • Why is the OHCHR head chiding Sri Lanka for exposing a fraud taking place in the investigation when OHCHR/UNHRC and the OISL team should be the first to be shocked!
  • Why doesn’t OHCHR/UNHRC or OISL make a statement that such fraudulent submissions will affect the testimonies of Sinhalese and Muslims who do not have such privilege or favour?
  • Sinhalese and Muslims have not resorted to making submissions in such fraudulent means therefore it is unethical for the OISL team to accept any of these submissions on the format though we may not know if other formats following the same process of blank signatures and third party entries have been adopted in Sri Lanka and overseas as well.
  • Why doesn’t OHCHR head/UNHRC or OISL engage with the GOSL to find out more details about what else the LTTE member/the TNA advisory panel member and other accomplices have been upto to tamper with the investigation?

All the fancy terminologies that the OHCHR/UNHRC claim to stand for are currently placed on the dock with the international public as jury watching to see how partially or impartially the OHCHR Head/the UNHRC office and the OISL investigators respond to a very clear fact that there are forms available to Tamils only and third parties are filling these forms and submitting to the OISL team. Making matters worse is that for signatures on blank forms a monetary compensation has been promised. Two wrongs for which the UNHRC Head or his office have yet to admit or deny. It is futile reprimanding the messenger for the GOSL had no part in printing forms, promising payment or organizing teams to fill lies.

The OHCHR Head, his office and the OISL investigators need to go after the culprits involved!

The conspicuous absence of empathy for Sinhalese and Muslims by the OHCHR head and his Office and the UNHRC in the light of the arrest and discovery certainly questions the credibility of a supposed impartial office. Let us not forget that the Sinhalese and Muslims have been the real victims of 30 years of LTTE terrorism which is why LTTE came to be internationally proscribed as a terrorist organization, lest people have forgotten that too!

It is extremely important that we unearth who are complicit in the preparation, printing and monetary inducement tactic for it holds the key to the entire credibility of the final report and recommendations therefore if the UNHRC Head refuses to take action by commencing an investigation as to how forms came to be found in the hands of a former LTTE and a TNA advisory panel member.

please refer attachment for the specimen form found on the arrested LTTE cadre with a signature on the blank form (no date and no details – a Third Party would enter lies and submit to the OISL as ‘genuine’ ‘witness testimony’ and claim witness protection and 20 years anonymity)


Details on the form (specimen form given below page 2/3)

  1. Details of incident
  2. Place
  3. Witness
  4. Full name
  5. Present address
  6. Telephone number
  7. Relationship with victim
  8. Victims full name, Date of Birth, Address
  9. Details of damages / other damages
  10. Persons responsible
  11. I ……………….request that the secrecy of the details that I forward along with my safety be assured. I certify that the above information is true and request action be taken against those responsible and I be granted redress” Yours faithfully
  12. Date (kept unsigned)
  13. Signature place (on blank form)
  14. Attached NIC,


How can there be ‘secrecy of details’ when the person is signing a blank form?

How can anyone claim that ‘information is true’ when the person signing the blank form does not know who or what information is being written?

 The gist of the issue is that there is an organized effort to collect signatures on blank forms and a third party or parties are filling lies and submitting them as true witness testimonies.  

We may never know if the same is being done for overseas submissions as well which is why the OHCHR /UNHRC must launch an internal investigation

Shenali D Waduge


5 Responses to “UNHRC investigation on Sri Lanka : An organized fraudulent submission process favours Tamils and not Sinhalese or Muslim victims?”

  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    SHENALI !! Horage ammagen pena ahanawa wage.

    OHCHR/UNHRC are themselves the culprits. So they have to investigate themselves. The Head himself started on the wrong foot with Sri Lanka, with a big reprimand. The UN has become a sewer with full of rats.

  2. Marco Says:

    Oh dear Shenali a little more research into this would not have gone a miss.
    Submissions to the UN with respects to the OISL investigations are not in the form of pre-printed forms.

    Who printed these so called “UN” submission forms with the UN logo? Where were they printed and how many copies found at each location?
    Will you be able to produce a pdf/scan version of the form please

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    REPEAL the 13th Amendment NOW! NO ONE except India wants it!

    Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran, now visiting HIS MOTHERLAND of Tamil Nadu, URGES 100,000 Sri Lankan Tamil “refugees” in India to return to Sri Lanka … to increase the number of Tamils in SL …. and STRENGTHEN his hand in his quest for EELAM!

    Old Wiggie, who benefited mightily from every opportunity Sri Lanka gave him in full measure, now feels “discriminated against” and wants MORE DEVOLVED POWERS to give him greater access to get more benefits than 13A, 13A+, or 13A++ …. OFFERS!

    Will 13A+++++ satisfy him? Not on your life!

    THEREFORE, NOTHING will satisfy this AVOWED SEPARATIST short of a completely sovereign state of EELAM carved out our Motherland of Sri Lanka.

    He wants India to get it for him, and is canvassing SUPPORT for it in HIS TRUE MOTHERLAND of Tamil Nadu in India!

    If INVITING FOREIGN COUNTRIES to DIVIDE & DISMANTLE the country of one’s own citizenship, is NOT TREASON, what is TREASON?

    Oliver Cromwell cut off King Charles’s head in jolly old England in 1649 for precisely the SAME TREASON of inviting a foreign Irish Catholic Army to invade England to restore England’s crown to him.

    Now, Old Wiggie feels the need for a TRUE CROWN of a Sovereign State of EELAM to rest on his balding head, and is inviting India to get it hor him. He is terminally unconsolable serving just as a common garden-variety Chief Minister of Sovereign Sri Lanka’s Northern Province!

    We must put this TREACHEROUS INGRATE out of his UNBEARABLE MISERY … REPEAL the 13th Amendment completely, ABOLISH the Provincial Councils, and CONVICT and EXECUTE this TRAITOR!

    ARREST him, PROSECUTE him, and CONVICT him of TREASON, and CUT OFF his head, just as King Charles did to pay for his TREASON against his country!

    We need to STOP Sri Lankan political leaders from going to other countries and COMMITTING TREASON!
    Spare the Rod and Spoil the Ministers.
    Make EXAMPLES of them to COMPEL others to CEASE & DESIST.
    Let us do it RIGHT, let us do it LEGALLY, with the FULL FORCE of the nation’s laws!

    Start at the TOP, NOW!

    Start with Old Wiggie … As a former Supreme Court Justice, he should know that CRIME MERITS PUNISHMENT better than anyone else, having meted out PUNISHMENT to scores of others!

    Return Home,Wigneswaran Tells Refugees

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 11 (ENS) CHENNAI- Sri Lanka’s Northern Province Chief Minister CV Wigneswaran on Monday made an impassioned appeal to Sri Lankan Tamil refugees in India to return to their homeland to strengthen the hands of his government.

    Accusing the Lankan establishment of changing the demography of the Tamil majority areas by settling Sinhalese outsiders, he said that return of refugees would increase the bargaining power of the Tamil community as a whole.

    At a press conference, Wigneswaran was asked for his opinion on a recent survey that said a substantial number of refugees preferred to stay back in Tamil Nadu. “The Tamil Nadu government and the Central government are taking care of one lakh of our people. Some of them may feel like they do not want to come back. But I ask them to understand that all their lands are being taken over by the (Sri Lankan) Army,” he said.

    “We also need their support back home, to ensure we have a proper devolution of powers. If all of them come back, it would also help increase our presence in the Parliament,” Wigneswaran added. He repeated a number of points he had made a day earlier, as part of a lecture arranged by the People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), and said no political solution could be reached in Sri Lanka without India’s involvement. He also stressed on the need to ban trawl fishing in the Palk Bay, as a key method of resolving the problems faced by fishermen of both sides.

    Wigneswaran clarified that while the implementation of the 13th Amendment to the Sri Lankan Constitution was a critical aim, neither it nor any of its other proposed forms (such as 13+ or the more recent 13++) would prove an actual solution. “We have been saying since 1987 that the 13th Amendment is not in the entire spirit of the India – Sri Lanka Accord. No matter whether it is plus or plus-plus, it can only be a stepping stone towards true devolution of powers,” he said.

  4. SA Kumar Says:

    Well Done CM .
    We lost 33 (1987) years to not able to implement 13A because We did not have educate people like you instead of we had 7th grade dropped out (VP).

    never mind lost is lost ,CM play card right do not forget over lasting solution
    let me go back to my day dream – Naalai pirakkum TE ( not today) ask me tomorrow I will repeat same !!!

    Viggi ya kokkka ???

    13th Amendment is India – Sri Lanka Accord- untouchable !!!

  5. Sooriarachi Says:

    The glaring hypocrisy is, up to date no Tamil leader has listed out what their grievances are, other than wanting a separate mono-ethnic Tamil region, which could eventually join Tamilnadu of India and then fight for independence, for the 100 million Tamils living around the world (though over 95% of Tamils do not care for a separate state and undergo discrimination within a caste based society).
    Sri Lanka indeed lost 33 years of peace and development because of the LTTE terrorists and their separatist diaspora living overseas and within Sri Lanka. Admittedly the Northern Tamil settlers and Sinhalese natives in villages close to the North and East suffered the most, because of these LTTE criminals who did not care two hoots for human rights of anybody and instead wanted to carve out a separate state, having unsuccessfully tried to secede Tamilnadu from India. Sri Lanka is the home for less than 5 million Tamils (early migrants + Indian Tamils brought to work on plantations), whereas India is the home for over 70 million Tamils. India believed by passing the 13th amendment drafted by them at gunpoint to JR Jayawardene, would satisfy the Tamils. This illegal amendment still might work, if the Government fails to repeal it asap.
    Today we have a man with a legal education but with no administrative or political experience trying to follow the separatist path, without focussing on development of the North.
    As we all know, Elam is the Tamil term for the Land of the Sinhalese and Tamil Elam is a non existing region within Sri Lanka (or Elam). To make matters worse now the SLMC leadership is demanding a Muslim Elam in Ampara district. How ungrateful SLMC Muslims are could be understood if one reads the statements released by Dr MCM Kaleel and other decent Muslims., who are grateful to the Sri Lankan kings who gave their ancestors protection from Colonial powers.
    As for the UNHCR, it lost its credibility since the time of Louis Arbour and then taken over by Navi Pillai who made matters worse. But for narrow political reasons the USA seems to be now backing these trouble makers.

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