Posted on November 20th, 2014

Mahinda Weerasinghe (First Published  on 20.01.2012)

UD – Norwegian Foreign office

SLMM – Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission

GOSL – Government of Sri Lanka

Tactically Norway pre-empted Sri Lanka’s ‘Lessons Learnt Commission’s (LLRC) report, in order to confuse and bamboozle her disastrous ‘peace facilitator role (2002-2009) in Sri Lanka. Titled, ‘Pawns of peace-Evaluation’, it did not mislead anyone, except perhaps a few naïve Norwegians.

Curious thing about ‘Pawns…’ is that, most Norwegians were oblivious to its very existence. It was not carried by the popular media, which is conspicuously unusual!

We remember when the terrorist friendly SLMM was at its operational best, even if a Jaffna Tamil broke wind, it was reported back in the Norsk media. Should then we assume that; this report was without any content or lacking of any gist to interest the ordinary Norwegian; hence, submitted ‘solely for Lankans’ consumption’?  In other words, why were the Norwegians kept totally in the dark, of UD’s grand achievements, executed in their name while using billions of their Kroner!

Whereas in the past, violations, killings, war crimes, discrimination of Jaffna Tamils by the Sinhalese were prominently projected by the Norsk media, now, a total information blackout was in force, as to the mission accomplished successfully by that Buddhist ‘chauvinist’ nation.  

Lankan’s forward march towards economic prosperity, devoid of bombs, killings and confrontations, since the Catholic LTTE terrorists were eradicated, was studiously expunged from the Norsk media. It was a puzzle to all and sundry? Indeed has UD come up with a new game plan?

Contrary to Norway’s media blackout, the blowback in Lanka for ‘Pawns …’ report was swift. A spate of articles analyzing, assessing, dismantling and criticizing ‘Lessons by passed’ inundated the local media.

Disregarding the odd ‘Uncle Tom’, nothing positive was pronounced about ‘Pawns …’.  UD, it seems, had opened another ‘can of worms’. Lankan media, indeed, was awash with accusations and recriminations, highlighting, their misdeeds, partiality and of their terror financing. 

Indeed, now they were posing the essential question; what was Norway’s true agenda in Lanka?  The answer was totally elusive to most of them, and the commentators were keen to get a rational response to this ‘million kroner’ question!

 Posing this question, at this historical moment was uncanny. Yet this ‘central’ riddle was like chasing a shadow, sniffing at Lankans’ bum.  I remember the then India’ s representative in Oslo (1998 to 2002), later the Sri Lankan High commissioner, and still later India’s permanent representative to the UN, Nirpum Sen, posing this basic question to me, in Oslo. My response did not impress him, for I too was clutching at slippery straws at that point of time!

 Norway summarily, disregarded such accusations. The ‘facilitators’ were conscious of the power of their mighty kroner, and knew they had the muscle, not only to bury such questions, but perhaps even bury the questioner!

 As long as such questions did not arouse suspicions in common Norwegians’ mind they were not bothered! Soon this vital question is bound to be raised by both, Lankans and Norwegians and they would be striving to find an answer. A clarification would be obliging for other poor nations to avoid repeating the agony that Lanka has been through!

Let us first touch upon a few of the vital responses to: ‘Pawns of peace-Evaluation’ in passing; the full articles can be accessed on the net:

Courtesy the Island Editorial The 13th of Nov 2011

The editorial informs among other things that ‘It only recycles and regurgitates what is already known to us about Sri Lanka’s failed peace process and obfuscates the main issues that led to the failure thereof.’

November 15, 2011, 6:20 pm 

By Nalin de Silva

Professor Nalin rises ‘However, the million Kroner question is why Norway decided to get involved in the Sri Lankan “peace process”.

But he did not attempt to find an answer to his vital query!

Ranjith Soysa 16th Nov. 2011 Lanka web

Indeed Ranjith was associated with the peace process intimately, and his closing arguments were appropriate: ‘Norway must be held responsible for the strengthening the LTTE killing machine. Before, Norway attempt to cleanse her hands and the image by merely browsing a few issues, it is the duty of the Sri Lanka Government and her people to investigate and record all facts and ignore none. The real role played by Norway should be a chapter in our history books so that the Nation will never allow herself to be pushed to a suicidal peace trap.’

This document produces ‘hands on’ evidence and is well reasoned out.


 Kumar Rupesinghe, November 19, 2011, 6:20 pm

Now this is one person if anybody, who is sitting with some answers, as he was financed by Norwegian peace industry to the hilt.  He has switched sides now and informs why he did the switching. But knowing the man, his information does not jell.

Indeed, he had come back to Colombo, changed the name of the Anti-War Front to Prayanthna and had started criticizing the LTTE.

The obvious question buzzing in my mind is: has Kumar really switched sides? Or is he a proverbial ‘Trojan horse’, strategically placed to infiltrate the winning side?

Anyhow, I am happy Kumar Rupasinghe has finally come to his senses. I met the man from 1985 to 1989 as the President of the Sri Lanka association and I was among the invitees to his ‘seminars’ in Oslo. After me, Sarth Ekanyake became the President and nothing was done to counter the propaganda war by him.

Kumar was the front figure for PRIO which stands for Peace Research Institute. PRIO was an authority regarding Sri Lankan questions and policy developments. Indeed Norway needed a Sinhalese ‘uncle tom’ as a front man to show the injustices done to the Tamils. I remember those Oslo days when LTTE boys were telling me what a fine gentlemen Kumar was.

Those were lonely years for me as I was the lone voice, nay the soul voice from Oslo. And I braced myself for the long haul fight, in the heartland of LTTE terrorist, and treaded very, very softly.


By Gomin Dayasri-Courtesy The Island on 21st of Nov. 2011

Gomin points to an inescapable fact:

The judge and the jury in the report being Norway, the fault lines are spread in other directions omitting to mention the more sensitive mistakes Norway made.

He too fails to answer the ‘million Kroner question’ too.


By Shamindra Ferdinando on 21st of Nov. 2011 Courtesy The Island 

Shaminda quotes Gotabya as In spite of foreign intelligence services confirming our own assessment regarding LTTE preparations for war, those spearheading the peace process turned a blind eye to the rapidly deteriorating situation,”

Vital information; but still does not dive deep enough.

Bandu de Silva- 21st of Nov. 2011 Lankaweb

Bandula correctly points to a vital fact but does not answer the question he has raised, He writes;  

Norway and Solheim knew very well that India did not want any outside parties to involve themselves in the Sri Lankan affair. Yet India maintained a stoic silence when the Norwegian initiative commenced and the Norwegians/Solheim correctly read what that silence meant. So understanding what Indian sensitivities were in coming to meddle in what might be called India’s back-yard problem which can have serious repercussions for India, they rushed to New Delhi not only initially explain what their role was and many more times later to explain what was taking place.

But an insightful historian will easily grasp how India’s mind set was functioning while Norway was engaged in this great game of destabilization. Indeed at that point of history the big brother was at sea without a rudder or peddles. The inescapable facts, was;

Indeed India was a democracy just like Sri Lanka.

India helped to create this terrorist monster, and released it on the innocent Lankans!

Then they came to the aid of this monster in 1987 and discovered to their horror, that the monster it has created was carnivores, utterly racist with a huge inferiority complex. They had no alternative, so did an about turn against the monster it has fashioned. That process engulfed India whole. After India’s was ejected from the Island, the Catholic Prabhakaran bragged that they had beaten the 5th largest military machine in the world

In fact, it was a humiliating juncture in the India history. First of all they had to take into account the sensitivities of Tamil Nadu. In fact, the terror package was sold to TN as a ‘freedom struggle’ and Norway was using the same policy as India. Now India had to explain to the masses in Tamils Nadu, how come they changed their stance, and found that they were up the shit creek, without peddles.

Thus India was handicapped, lost and looked idiotic and without a rational account for its misadventures in the Island. Now if Norway succeeded in helping create a Catholic Eelam, they would be the laughing stock of the world, added to which, they had an atrocious enemy sniffing up their ass.

 Added to which, in Sri Lanka’s two gratuitous Uncle Toms, Ranil and satellite has grabbed power, with arms stretched to embrace the Nobel peace award. Here again Norway was in a ‘win, win’ situation.

In short, India found itself in an untenable situation.  


Mahinda Weerasinghe; April 18, 1999 Sunday Island

My mind drifts back to April 18, 1999 Sunday Island when I published a feature article called, ‘Are you ready to be taken for another ride!’ I peddled this article to all of the Major News papers for almost 3 months before getting connected with the Sunday Island Editor Manik De Silva, who had an element of patriotism left, and got it published. Indeed by that point, my final enlightenment was still ‘a hop step and a jump away.’

The 12-year ‘peace’ effort (1997-2009) by Norway could have been checkmated if they read that report circumspectly. But at that point of history, it was like ‘pouring water on a ducks back’ as far as the Lankans were concerned. They were in such a deep slumber that, nothing could have prodded them to stir.

The above listed authors have presented true analysis, underpinning their assessment on the reported history, but they must dive a whole lot deeper in order to grasp Norway’s peculiar role in Lanka.

Without beating around the bush I would state here and now that; Norway was financing and instigating terror in the Island even before it got the Peace facilitators status in the Island. The real question one should pose is; was there a government within a government, associated with this facilitation. In fact I found that, it was a whole lot more convoluted than that, too!

Common man in Norway was totally unaware what was been achieved in their name, in far off Lanka. So it’s incorrect to accuse the whole Norwegian nation for actions taken by a handful of ‘sanctified’ warriors. No one ever raised the question as to UD’s grand design in Lanka, except Folk Rovik.  And he paid a heavy prize for his involvement.

The aim of this report is to establish; how they managed to execute such an intricate process by undermining Norway’s democratic constrains that were in place. How they did it, why they did it and with what ulterior motive it was executed is intangible to most?  In fact, if we are to attempt at a feasible answer, we have to take into account several factors.  The cultural and Psychological elements of the Norwegians, the timing, the ‘slipshod’ Norwegian editors and juxtapose these with covert actors pulling the strings from protected bureaucratic positions. Indeed the process was camouflaged in such a manner, that it was projected as a make the world at large believe situation that all of Norwegians acted in concurrence. All of this masterminded, planned and charted out by the Tamil Catholic action group.

By 1990, with the limited resources at my disposal I attempted to get what I suspected to the Lankans and Norwegians.  Indeed I was blocked at every turn. Catholic Action bankrolled by UD had made my efforts futile. They had an iron grip over the Lankan media and did not allow anything to be placed that’s coming from me. In fact, within Norway itself, most editors were working under the supervision of the powerful UD and were perhaps well ruminated.  Kumar Rupasing’s and Karuna’s information should support my finding here.

Røvik affair showed how ‘independent’ minded the Norwegian editors were! Like a bunch of hounds after a defenseless fox, they went to his throat. All printed the same story about Falk Rovik, on the same date (Friday, April 20, 2007) thus breaking the basic principles of investigative journalism.  Under normal circumstance this was almost an impossible task in Norway. Why and how they executed it, again supports my findings. For, if the substance of the lecture Rovik was to give in Sri Lanka was to leak out and get into the Norsk media, they would have to do a whole lot of spade work to bury it. UD had fed these editors with a heavy dose of nationalism and patriotism over the years and had painted Røvik as a mentally deranged terrorist and a murderer who was anti-patriotic, that they never investigated the facts.

 Now if these editors had posed the obvious question; if they were concerned that Falk being a murderer hence his information was detrimental to Norway’s interest, how in the world can they promote a mass murderer of Jaffna; who is also a killer of a Prime Minister of India?

But this must be said; these Norwegian editors’ themselves was not aware as to the ultimate of thrust of UD. In fact the Catholics were waiting with anticipation for an incident which was yet to happen. That was the 1983 incident, handed to them like a ‘magic wand’. The Jaffna Tamil Catholics has since used ‘it’, as the basis of their sum of all fears. In fact that saying holds true, if you throw a whole lot of shit, some of the shit is bound to get stuck.  

Any curious person would be keen understand how could a nation such as Norway get involved so dramatically in a country that it did not have any association with? The two are as different as chalk and cheese,”. They did not have any historical intimacy. So how did Norwegians cross that bridge to become its ‘facilitator” of peace?

 Any story as to how Norway got involved in Ceylon should start with Arne Fjotoft. He landed in Ceylon in 1967 and initiated his Cey-Nor fishing project in Jaffna. By end of 1970ies he was being named as ‘The King of Jaffna’.  I would be second guessing Arne’s real intensions and agenda initially, but the fact remains that he galvanized the whole process by the early 80ies.

By late 70ties Arne facilitated the Jaffna Tamil Catholics and LTTE members to come to Norway and introduced them to the political elite of the country. In this manner, Tamil racists infiltrated all shades politics; from the extreme left, to the far right and in-between center parties, in such a manner they managed to implant the ‘poor us, poor us’ sob story, as a theme song, reverberating in the Norwegian media.

In order to appreciate the whole scenario, we first have to grasp the Norwegian folks, psychological makeup at that point of history. In fact Catholic Jaffna Tamils has grasped their thinking totally, and exploited it to the hilt. They knew what to tell, when to tell it, and how to tell it, thus taking advantage of the ‘holier than thou’ mind set of the Norwegians.

Even by European standards Norsk folk are an enigma! Having live in their society I knew them well.

There was a fairness and equality to their society which was fed to them with their mother’s milk.  Equality and the integrity of the individual are highly valued.  This ideology of egalitarian individualism, it has been argued, expresses itself through a strong suspicion against; social climbers and rejection of formal social hierarchies. In political rhetoric, equality is a positively valued word, whether it concerns gender, class or town and country. No politician would venture to inform that they stand for inequality. The Law of Jante proclaims – in a variety of ways – that “Thou Shalt Not Think Highly of Thyself”. It expresses, in other words, an ideology of equality which depreciates the originality and the unusualness.

Conditioned by such attitudes; by the 70 ties Norwegian society was, ‘The classless society’. No one cared about, religion, caste, creed, or station in life or class.  There was absolutely no pressure to make outsiders imitate them. What mattered to your garden Varity of Norwegians was to have a good time. There’s was live and let live policy in the air. Indeed throughout those years, the power of the church was waning and simultaneously with it, the ‘Holier than thou attitude’ of theirs. They gave a fig, about what was happening in Sri Lanka or for that matter any other place on the planet.

So what are the Norwegians ‘really’ like, and in which ways are they different from other peoples?  Basically Nationalism and nationhood are cultural products, imaginatively created by nationalists which helped historically to defend themselves from external influences.

 If history be told, Norway was a country with desolate rocky cliffs arising gloomily from the dark Arctic waters – which were home to a small breed of stocky peasants and tough fishermen painfully eking out a living from their rough and hostile environment.

Foreigners are often at a loss at describing the country in simple terms, but this holds true for Norwegians as well. Since the advent of Norwegian nationalism in the 19th century, discussions concerning the Norwegian national character have been a heated subject in the public life of the country, and never fail to arouse great passions. Norway is a vast elongated stretch of land with fjords and rocky train. Looking at the landscaped in a detached manner on a sunny day, it can be quite picturesque.

 But just imagine you are residing in Norway in the medieval age. With its long gloomy winter nights, isolated mountainous terrain, with days stretching on endlessly. For any red blooded Sri Lankan this would be hardly inviting.  Now imagine a country without an electrical net, no plumbing, no roadways connecting villages and towns. Then fill it with snow and bring the temperature down to -5. In fact one has to be an acrobat and use skis to get about dressed as Eskimos. In such isolated small communes where everybody knows everybody else’s business life can be quite intimidating.

 Now imagine for a moment that you had done number ‘one’  and needed to wash your back or wash your hands or take a bath as the Sinhalese are used to; mind the water is icy cold, and it freezes to the touch, so forget about washing anything. These were real circumstances and hardships that the Norwegians had to endure and such hardships shaped their national character.

Now try to place yourself in a small Patronizing Christian village.  To get the essence of the Christian mentality that existed up to the 60ties, I will retell a story which was related to me by a Norwegian friend coming from that sort of ‘Christian belt’ which should tickle your funny bone.

There was one hotel and restaurant in the village where he came from he explained. There was a thick rope tied and suspended in the center of the restaurant, in such a way that it segregates its solicitors into two gropes. One grope was the out of town residents, and the other was for the locals. The residents of the hotel could order alcohol beverages while the locals have to contend themselves with coke or what have you of the non-alcohol. So if locals wished to have a whisky, he had to request a hotel guests over the rope to place an order. Then they look furtively around before drowning the whisky, while be stationed at the border of the rope.”  This is the type of society Bondevik comes from.  It is extremely patronizing and controlled by Christian sects. In fact that the sort of power, the Christians welded over the un-believers, for centuries. And they loved power, over others.”

Norway was a poor country until mid sixties.  I remember in the early 70S 1 Nkr was only SLR  80 cents. Today 1 Nrk is creeping up to SLR 20.

By mid 70ties Norway had struck oil.  Indeed by early 70s they were giving Sri Lankan students scholarships. No one wanted to go to Norway from Sri Lanka at the time.  No upper middle class Sinhalese from Colombo would wish to accept a scholarship at that time from such an unknown backward country. Especially as they also had a handicap of the langue,

 So these are the Norwegians; hard working, resilient, stubborn and a proud people, and did not tolerate any lies from their politicians. In fact those very qualities helped resist the fascist aggression during WWII and generated one of the harshest resistance movements to Germen occupation. Now Norwegians were of Germen Stock but prefer to be identified more with the English, a colonial power.  At that point in history the Norwegian Nobel committee did not want to offer the Nobel peace award to Gandhi ‘the man who broke British Empire’s back’, for they supported the colonial powers suppressing a continent of brown Indians. Christianity was so embedded in their blood that by law the Jews were not allowed to enter the country before the WWI. Why? Simply because Jews had murdered Jesus 2000 years back!

Sinhalese Buddhist chauvinist were so stupid by comparison I thought. They should have imitated such racist actions and they wouldn’t have been adulterated also. Instead Buddhists tolerated Muslims, Catholics Jews, cast minded Tamils or any others mother’s son and let them enter the country without let or hindrance and allowed them to interfere in their internal affairs.

Norwegians psychology, as a matter of fact, was the very opposite of Jaffna Tamils. Enter the Jaffna Tamil Catholics with their twisted tribal servile mentality to the white man, and the common Norwegian was helplessly handicapped. Norwegian square thinking and patronizing attitudes to people of darker hues was totally exploited by Jaffna Tamil Catholic owning a vile cunning mind set. For unlike Italians and Spaniard who had migrated to Norway staring the 40 ties and nicknamed ‘degos’ Jaffna Tamil never openly hobnobbed with Norwegian females, for they understood that this was a point of contention.

 Indeed in order understand how these facilitators emerged as facilitators in Lanka or to understand the situation how some unscrupulous characters ended up as top of the heap in a democratic society we have make that hidden connection to the Jaffna Tamil Catholics and link them up with Christian Holy warriors in the Stotinget.

 Here timing was of essence. By 1985 Norway was on the way to the top. They were the new rich, flushed with oil money.  In fact, Norwegian policy was correct, they were not going distribute the money down the line and make its people bunch of beggars. The Norsk folk thought they will do the world at large some good. This by distributing a certain percent of the budget for the needy.

Thus the peace industry was born; and logically all the greedy, corrupt and power hungry people, who were incapable of doing a proper days work, got on the ‘peace’ band wagon.  

By 80s Jaffna Tamils had gone into a propaganda overdrive. The ‘sob story’ which was repeated daily has become a theme song. ‘Sinhalese Buddhists chauvinists were discriminating them by not giving them their rights’ was routinely transferred through the media country wide.  They ‘as Christians’, would be wiped out in Sri Lanka and Norway should take responsibility for that. Ironically Tamils never exposed their cast, creed and mean suppressive culture, such as the ‘pecking order of the cast system’.  For, ‘they were just like Norwegians, mostly Christian’. All this was going on while our diplomats slept soundly.

The timing of Helgesen’s historical arrival on the (24th January 1999) to Colombo was impeccable, in many ways than one. The Tamils propaganda onslaught had got the sympathy of the whole Norwegian nation by the 1990s.

 The murder of Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi by LTTE terrorist was fast fading in to gray from the global and specifically Indian memory.

 Occupying the presidential chair in Sri Lanka was Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga. She was rotten to the core. Surrounded by a bunch of ‘yes men’ who were not second to her, in dumbness! Her regime was infiltrated by LTTE supporters and appeasers.

Then that once upon a time gunrunner of Jaffna, Jon Westborg was occupying the Norwegian Ambassador’s chair in Colombo.


 Interestingly, we find the biggest Quisling of all time; Ranil Wickremasinghe has taken the centre stage in Sri Lanka, as its incumbent Prime Minister.

The Catholic action controlled English news in Lanka was working hand in glove with the UD, and blocked factual information from reaching the Lankan’s ears. They never disclosed that a total propaganda war has been initiated against Lankans in Norway. Kumar Rupasinghe should bear witness to this as he was one of the propagandists.

On the other hand, Sri Lankans believe that the whole Norwegian nation were the culprit for their terrorists troubles. Nothing was further from the truth.

The real characters behind this game of smoke and mirrors did not act overtly to the world at large. The plotters wish to show the world that the whole Norwegian nation acted as a monolithic whole, vis a vis, Jaffna Tamils. Indeed they projected an illusion that there were no individuals pulling strings, but the whole of Norway acted in unison.

In fact, those who had hatched this scheme could be counted by ones fingers. Here I am specifically speaking of, Kjell Magne Bondevik , Erik Solheim,  Jon Westborg, Vidar Helgesen  and last but not least Arne Fjotoft. Under the circumstances these characters attitudes, associations, aims, motives, qualifications and political innuendo has to be dissected. I extracted the appropriate biographical parts of each individual pertaining to what’s touching us, and inspected each biography minutely and also by juxtaposing to each other, in order to check whether my model holds true. ‘Lo and behold’ a clearer picture emerged. Let us run through some of the profiles of each actor which anyone can accesses in the internet;

Kjell Magne Bondevik

Kjell Magne Bondevik comes out as the adhesive for the whole gambit. He created opportunity gave direction and got a podium for the conspirators.

From 1989 to 2005 he was strategically positioned as Prime Minister of Norway most of the time and a politician with a substantial impact.

He was a Norwegian Lutheran minister and politician (Christian Democratic Party).

 Minister of Foreign Affairs  1989–1990Minister of Church and Education 1983–1986

 He served as Prime Minister of Norway from 1997 to 2000 and from 2001 to 2005.

 The Oslo Centre for Peace and Human Rights was founded by Kjell Magne Bondevik in January 2006. The purpose of the centre is to work for world peacehuman rights and inter-religious tolerance worldwide.

From 2008 to 2009  a special committee looked into the so-called pensioner scandal and singled out six former parliament members as been suspicious: Gro Harlem BrundtlandKjell Magne Bondevik, Magnus StangelandAnders TalleraasThor-Eirik Gulbrandsen and Tore Austad. The case was sent to the President of the Storting, and was to be investigated further by the Norwegian National Authority for the Investigation and Prosecution of Economic and Environmental Crime. Obviously he managed to scuttle the legal process and slip out from under.

 If these were ordinary mortals, they would be doing time behind the bars. As it is Bondevik got off from going to jail. As for his: tolerance, ethics, and good values, now we realize what those were about, a ‘run around’ to con idiots such as Ranil. Personally I would not trust Bondevik in a dark ally.

What qualifications did Kjell Magne Bondevik process to do facilitation work in Sri Lanka? In a word, Zero!

Erik Solheim

Now Erick was a different kettle of fish. I personally met this man with Ranjith Soya and Mahindapala in his office in Oslo (2004). He was so provoked by a simple question that I posed that he burst out, ‘then you can go to war with LTTE’. What he really meant, was, ‘boy will Mr. Prabhakaran whip your butts’. Well who whipped whose butts eh, Solheim!

 He had such high regards for this mass murderer and hero worshiped him. He was intellectually so ‘backward’ he would be incapable of running a barnyard!

He informs he first was a Christian, but then lost his faith, and later has found it again.

We are now able to connect up the dots, and pin point when and where he embraced ‘Jesus’ again. That’s when he met Bondevik the Prime Minister, who at that point in history was involved in exporting good values and ethics to the world. Subsequent to a tete a tat he held with Bondevik, Solheim was back in the fold of Jesus, and at the same time the chief facilitator’s job in his pocket.

His autobiography ‘Nærmere’ is a treasure trove of information, where he outlines his criminal tendencies.

‘As a recruit to the Norwegian Air Force, he was sentenced to jail for stealing a uniform of an officer’ he quips.

He outlines his ‘relationship with Arne Fjotoft, the man who headed the Norwegian World View aid organization’, which we since have discovered was, riddled with corruption.

In fact this self biography Nærmere” of his was formulated in Arne Fjørtoft’s house in Colombo. Arne describes ‘Erik as a close friend and Erik thanks Mr. Fjotoft in the prologue’.  Here he describes ‘Fjotoft as a genius in handling people’.

Among other criminal offense Erik had participated; ‘defrauding Norwegian Government funds by falsifying the number of members in the Socialist Left Party youth organization SU’.

He is a firm supporter of PLO, a long time LTTE friend, is the norm those years. He defends his friend Terje Rød-Larsen and his wife’s Mona Juul, and avoids criticizing Rød-Larsen when he accepted a bribe (US$100.000 secret peace prize) for his work as his wife Mona Juul, did too.

This I have to inform the readers, similar to being anti Sinhalese Buddhist, most main media editors were anti Jewish. Why was this?  Norwegians explains their anti Jewishness; because the way they were treating the Palestinians! I have another explanation, which is not connected to this report, hence would not elaborate here.

One has to pity this Lilliput, lacking any intellectual mechanism to handle his duties.  He needed the expert help of the Jaffna Tamil Catholics such as Balasingham to keep this covert plot from been derailed.

Can we point to any qualifications what so ever that gives Eric an edge to carry out his intricate facilitation job? Without his Jaffna Tamil Catholic advisers, he would be one dead politician by now!

Jon Westborg

He holds a Master of Philosophy degree from the Cranfield School of Management. Before becoming a diplomat, he worked in the Lutheran World FederationSave the Children Norway, the Strømme Foundation (as secretary-general) and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation. He was former Ambassador to Sri Lanka (1996-2003) 7 years, and then Ambassador to India (2003-2007) 4 years.

 And pray what qualifications did he own concerning Sri Lankan cultures, it’s history etc., none what so ever. He supposed to be a Master of Philosophy, but in fact he was a master at passing off murderous Catholic racist terrorist as freedom fighters. This man was not qualified to work as a diplomat but he jump started as diplomat in the Island and exposes his true colors as the time progresses.


Jon Westborg

Wiretap one: Norwegian Ambassador Jon Westborg and Pulidevan from the LTTE.

In this wiretap the ambassador gives information about the communications equipment and informs him that the Norwegians will pay for the added cost. This reveals a discussion between Westborg and Pulidevan about the transmission equipment that has been “dealt with and explained and arranged with Mr. Bradman Weerakoon.”

A total of six tons of equipment was delivered to the LTTE in 2002 including V-Sat equipment used in satellite communications. The conversation also revolves around a document that has been signed by Thamilchelvan and another is requested to be mailed to the ambassador’s residence and not to the embassy. Westborg specifically instructs Pulidevan to send the fax direct to his residence at Gregory’s Road and not to the embassy.

Asked what would happen if LTTE leader Vellupillai Prabhakaran were to apply for entry to Norway, Ambassador Westborg said, “Prabhakaran’s application would certainly be considered.”

Norway works within the structure of international agreement which means Norway would co-operate with Interpol, he said. In cases where people have committed crimes which are registered with Interpol then Norway would co-operate with the police in other countries to make certain such persons were arrested, Mr. Westborg said. The Officer in Charge of INTERPOL in Sri Lanka told The Sunday Times, that LTTE leader Prabhakaran’s name was provided to INTERPOL by Sri Lanka in 1994 after the conclusion of the Rajiv Gandhi Assassination hearing in India. The names of Vellupillai Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman, were published on red notices under the registration number 142/4-94 by INTERPOL.

We know that Bondevik was a man ‘lacking in values’, and Solheim was a ‘babe in the woods’, so how should we qualify Jon Westborg. I would say, he was a pure Christian.  The type; that burnt an odd witch, and went on a holy war to kill the heathen in order to save the world.

 It has been hinted in Colombo that in his Red Barna days he was a gun runner for LTTE, and even was caught smuggling GOLD. But then in Sri Lanka like in many in the developing world if you had money you can get away with most things. 

 Mr. Prabhakaran wanted this man occupying Ambassador post in Colombo. In other words he was the mass murderer’s representative in Lanka.

But without Bondevik’s say so he would still be running guns to terrorists. Here the plot thickens.

Westborg was a rarity in the Norwegian foreign service. Indeed Bondevik had a special use for him; as a go between, him and Catholic Prabhakaran, which propelled this unqualified ‘Holier than thou’   character, to grab the Ambassadorial chair in Colombo, for Norway.

Arne Fjørtoft

Now this man was above the rest of riffraff and find him ‘as slippery as an eel’.

Arne Fjørtoft’s was one of the “Little people” of the Norwegian temperance movement initially. It is worth noting that the temperance movement had its origins in a period where alcohol consumption in Norway was at its highest.  In 1924 anti alcohol organizations merged to form a separate national federations, the Norwegian total abstinence Society Youth Association. In 1992 Godtemplar Ungsdomsforbund, NGU, merged and now calls itself ‘Juvente’.

He was active in Godtemplar Ungsdomsforbund, and the Left, and was soon elected to lead both the youth and the local party, including as a representative of the municipal council in Sauda, Norway.

Now as a rule if one is to be accepted as a Christian  in Norway, one has also to be an ‘avholds’ man, which is to say he should be anti alcohol. The reverse is not true. I cannot say what Arne’s true feelings today, vis a vis the above the two issues. We have to assume that, when he entered Sri Lanka in 1967 his puritan attitudes must have been dominating.  Here we find common ground with Bondevik, which is to say; to disperse of ‘the good values and morals’ to heathen in Lanka.

 The Worldview International Foundation, which was established in Sri Lanka from 1978 as an International NGO, headed by Mr.Arne Fjotoft, and for which has received up to 100 million Norwegian Kroner since 1978, has come under the intense scrutiny and high-level of probe by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Norwegian Government and the Norwegian Agency for International Development – NORAD, during the month of August, 2002. It is the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NORAD that have funded/made available grants to the Worldview International Foundation to the sum of 100 million Norwegian Kroner.

This as result of a report published by a team of 4 Norwegian Journalists working with the Norwegian Newspaper “NATIONEN” exposed his culpability.

Arne is sly as a fox, or else he could not have survived among the tricky Sinhalese Buddhist chauvinists.

There were reports of bribes, mismanagement, fraud and huge payments to Fjotoft. Fjotoft and Jon Westborg (later ambassador to Sri Lanka) had a decade-long friendship, also simultaneously with LTTE. In 2004, Worldview was ordered to pay back 2.5 million kroner to NORAD (Norwegian Agency for Development Co-operation), after an investigation into the misuse of aid funds. But Fjotoft was ahead of the pack and they found it extremely difficult to pin him down. But we find his good pal Bondevik pulling the chestnuts out of the fire, for him. 

These four characters have a much in common, and we are in a position now to elaborate their real values.

All 4 of them were Christians, owning good ‘Christian’ ethics They were duty bound to go fourth among the heathens and teach them how to live a good clean life. They had to start some place, and what better place than that Godless land called Sri Lanka, where the heathen are tolerantly stupid. We must cry Halleluiah, for these fine gentlemen, for discovering such an easy prey, to start initiating ‘Gods work’! But curiously ‘God’ has not given them a helping hand, for we find them still steeped in heathenism.

Be that what it may, no escaping here from some unique epitomes; Such as:

It is not what you know but who you know that counts!

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Birds of a feather flock together.

 Vidar Helgesen

I must rectify my earlier opinion concerning Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister Vidar Helgesen. He is not an accredited participant of this plot. He probably believed in the recurring theme song by the Catholic Tamils that they were being discriminated by the Sinhalese Buddhists chauvinists, and needed to be saved by the Norwegians.

Such is also case of Helgesen’s boss, Foreign Minister Jan Petersen who was a principled man. He was a totally innocent soul. Unfortunately, he was put out as a patsy. I doubt he knew what was taking place under his very nose.  He followed his boss, the Prime Minister Kjell Magne Bondevik instructions implicitly being ethical. Bondevik’s own Christian Democrats (KrF) has only 7 percent of the seats in the parliament of 165 seats.  Sadly, without realizing its consequences Jan Petersen gave legitimacy to the LTTE terrorism. There is another vital point to be considered speaking on their behalf. No Norwegian agency or commission accused these two for any misdeeds or any hanky panky.

Under the circumstances the following points are indisputable, and can be recognized as facts.

  Kjell Magne Bondevik,   Jon Westborg, Erik Solheim and Arne Fjørtoft’s were comrades in arms, knew each other well, and were covering each other’s backs, and were Christians to boot. They were in cohort with the Catholic Tamils and conspired to destroy the Sinhalese Buddhists nation.

Bondevik was the Prime Minister of Norway at that strategic period. Being the earlier Foreign Mister he knew the intricate procedures of the foreign ministry. And now as the captain of the norsk state he manipulated the foreign office for his own ends.

Though Christians they did not flout their Christian leanings in public. This was in order to camouflage their true intentions.

Jon Westborg and Arne Fjotoft knew the mass murder Prabhakaran personally. And had running contacts with him.

Now comes a more vital point which does not come under the category of facts but it will in, time to come.  The surprising thing is that no one saw this connection.

Tsunami hit Killinochi on 25th of Dec. 2004 and we find this Press Releases In January 2005 Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Janata Party President made In Chennai on January 6, 2005.

He informs that ‘The true nature of the LTTE has also been exposed in the wake of the Tsunami disaster. It’s Chief, V. Prabhakaran, has not come out of his underground bunker despite over 10,000 deaths in the Mullaitheevu area alone.’

Now, I have a lot of respect Dr. Subramanian Swamy, but he has suspended his logical thinking in this case. How can Prabhakaran survive in an underground bunker when the whole area was inundated with water?

So the real question is; was he in Mullaitheevu at all? In fact, was he in Sri Lanka when Tsunami hit Killinochi on 25th of Dec. 2004?

It seems none has done their homework post Tsunami rationally.

The Lankans were waiting for the announcement of this mass murder’s death with baited breath.

 According to some private intelligence that I am sitting with, when Tsunami hit Mullaithu, Prabhakaran was in Oslo, spending his X charismas with Westborg and other Christian conspirators.

Further ‘The Island’ had reported that, an expensive coffin “for a top LTTE leader” had been smuggled into a northern Tiger area inside a container carrying relief for tsunami survivors.

 Indeed UD needed the time to get him back to Mullaithu incognito or Christian conspirators will be exposed in Norway.  And in order to smuggle him back they needed at least 3 weeks. Accordingly they drew up a game plan. LTTE bought an expensive coffin from Colombo and acted as if they were going to bury an important LTTE member. They never told who this important person was, and it is still a secret who was that person? Everybody assumed that it was Prabhakaran.  Indeed a red herring had been conjured up by Prabhakaran to divert Lankan’s attention, and keep them suspended in limbo, so they wouldn’t trigger an investigation.

Then the media reported that ‘LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran yesterday (22nd January 2005) ended four weeks of speculation about his whereabouts by surfacing to meet a Norwegian delegation led by Foreign Minister Jan Petersen.’

Sadly Petersen was exploited as a patsy again. He must have been amazed when he met the murderer of Gandhi in Toto. Here too Bondevik has stepped out to do the great chimera on the Sinhalese and Norwegians alike, thus saving the facilitator’s bacon.

Now if we connect up the dots, we get a clear view of this smoke and mirrors. It murmurs of a plot so intricate, so farfetched, so mind boggling, that only a Catholic Jaffna Tamil could have put it together.  Erik Solheim, Kjell Magne Bondevik, Jon Westborg and Prabhakaran must have agreed by 2000 or there about, that they coordinate and cooperate their activity in order to gain a Catholic Eelam in Sri Lanka.

Certain conditions obviously should be in place in order to carry it through, such as 1.)  Bondevik should be occupying Prime Minister’s seat of Norway. 2.) Uncle tom Quisling Ranil Wickremasinghe should have grabbed the Prime Minister’s job in Sri Lanka.  By 5th December 2001 these basic conditions were in the bag.

Then in keeping to the ruse, LTTE’s announced a unilateral ceasefire on the 19th Dec. Ranil follow suit with a month-ceasefire from 24 December 2001. Accordingly, on 27th December 2001, Ranil gives a call to Kjell Magne Bondevik, and officially requests the Royal Norwegian Government (RNG) to recommence its facilitator role. Thus the great game of ‘illusion’ has been set in motion.


There were 6 rounds of talks and Lankan dolts were waiting with anticipation for a positive outcome of these, which were:

1.)   16-18 September 2002 – Sattahip, Thailand

2.)   31 October — 3 November 2002 — Rose Garden Hotel, Thailand

3.)  2-5 December 2002 — Oslo, Norway

4.)  6-9 January 2003 — Rose Garden Hotel, Thailand

5.)  7-8 February 2003 — Norwegian Embassy, Berlin

6.)  18-21 March – Hakone, Japan


On 21st April 2003, without any how do you do, LTTE announced its withdrawal from direct talks

In hindsight we can see that Prabhakaran and Kjell have been playing a game of brinkmanship with the GOSL. They must destabilize the Sri Lankan state and frustrate the locals, for reasons best known only to themselves.

 Uncle Tom Ranil implicitly trusted Kjell as he has secured to him the position of the Deputy Leader in the Christian Union.  He also had been promised to get the Nobel Peace Prize once Eelam was in the box.  I very much doubt if Kjell and Prabhakaran would trust Ranil with the real game plan.

Moving on with plan, on 22 February 2002, Ambassador Jon Westborg acting as go between Prabhakaran and Ranil signed an agreement.  Kudos for Bondevik.

By then Bondevik and co. was working intensively to get a whitewash done for LTTE and get its ‘terrorists’ identification, expunged.  This in turn would inspire EU members to extend recognition of LTTE terrorists as a ‘none terrorists’ outfit.  Everything UD was doing then had a purpose at that point. For once LTTE terrorist’s epitaph was removed, LTTE automatically gains respectability. This in turn would open up the possibility to seek a mandate from UN for invading Sri Lanka similar to what France executed in Libya.

From here on we have to make some educated guesses as to what part each of these shifty characters contributed for the success of operation ‘Eelam’.

Main functions of Bondevik

Exclusive priority was given by Kjell to put in place ‘a niche’ in the foreign ministry to deal with the peace facilitation in Lanka. He grants his pal Solheim the position of ‘The Chief peace facilitator’. Obviously all of the vital positions in the niche organization were filled by trusted Christian cronies. With the formation of SLMM these facilitators gets a mandate to destabilize the Island from within.

Bondevik laid down specific injunctions, that the Christians should keep their religious leanings covert. In such a manner he muzzled the facilitation activities and made it totally air tight even in the UD. He also got the money to finance the operation, as much as necessary, as long as the end product of ‘Catholic Eelam’ be a reality.  In fact this ‘niche’ was a ‘government within a government’ within a government. No transparency, no accountability no responsibility was ever demanded, including from the foreign office auditing. Sadly I must presume a lot of vital papers on Bundevik’s personal involvement will be missing from this ‘niche’ by now.

 To cap it all, he roped in the Norwegian media heads and told the horrible situation the Jaffna Tamils were undergoing and he considered it’s their duty to help save them. Never once did he give the impression that a holy war has been declared on Sri Lanka. The rebel LTTE struggle would eventually lead to split up of Lanka and a Catholic Eelam would emerge, but UD would insist that it had nothing what so ever to do with it.

Main functions of  Westborg

Westborg’s main job was as being in liaison with the terrorist Boss Prabhakaran. He also should use the secret founds in cash (in rupees) to bribe strategic secret operations and buying strategically placed bureaucrats.  This money may have found its way to the coffers from the covert Sri Lankan Eelamists as well as secret Norwegian founds.

Now ‘Eelam’ should have been ‘a fat accompli’ before the year 2005, for the political situation was shifting rather fast, and most Norwegians knew that Bondevik was a ‘Soapy Sam’ and un-trustable.

But the project dragged on and becoming unmanageable by 2005. Then several things unhinged and undermined the project ‘Eelam’.

Westborg as the Ambassador in Sri Lanka could not be prolonged in Lanka  now (7 years),so he  got him the ambassadorship of India next(4 years); this in order to keep him as liaison to have an a open line to Prabhakaran.

But by 2003 April Prabhakaran realized he could not get his Eelam by going to a talking ‘shop’.

Then we find nature ‘the weather God’ giving a helping hand to the Sri Lankan people. For we find:

2003 May – Country’s worst-ever floods leave more than 200 people dead and drive some 4,000 people from their homes.

2004 March – Renegade Tamil Tiger commander, known as Karuna, leads split in rebel movement and goes underground with his supporters.

Then the LTTE Chief realizes he has to go back to square one; which is the Suicide bombings, Assassinations, and intimidations of the Lankan people.  And on:

2004 July – Suicide bomb blast in Colombo – the first such incident since 2001.

2004 December – More than 30,000 people are killed when a tsunami, massive waves generated by a powerful undersea earthquake, devastate coastal communities. 1/3 of terrorist carders were swept away.

Post tsunami Bondevik’s power was ebbing fast and he lost his control of the Eelam project by 2005.

Mahinda Rajapkse was declared president on November 19, 2005 after winning the elections.

Ranil  Wickremasinghe’s  hope for victory were effectively dashed when the LTTE ordered Tamil voters, most of whom would likely have voted for him, to boycott the polls. Why? I believe Norway and LTTE expected to get the Eelam before the 2005 election, but Ranil has not done his piece. So Prabhakaran told the Tamils not to vote. Perhaps Pabakeren thought better to have a Sinhalese chauvinist as the President, which would help the conspirators make a plea in the UN for an invasion of the Island.

Indeed by 2005 we find that Bondevik has lost his position as Prime Minister and by 2007 he was fighting to keep his name clean.

Hence the closure by the (LTTE), sluice-gates of Mavil Aru on July 26, 2006 Prabhakaran thought the EU nations would come to his aids.  Perhaps they would have like to but dare not, as China and Russia was looking over their shoulders.

MavilAru was a crucial turning point in the Sri Lankan Civil War. By 2007 things look bad for the creators of Eelam and the UD coordinator, for they lost control of the fast deteriorating situation. And, Quisling Ranil could not do anything to help after 2005. But this was not Bondevik’s fault; in fact, most of the blame was as result of Sun God’s actions.

Prabhakaran’s role in the conspiracy.

 Mr. Prabhakaran did what he did best, murdering Tamil Hindus, Muslims and Sinhalese alike, and destabilizing Lanka from within. To initiate an intervention of Lanka they should create the proper conditions. All such murderous information was given prominence by the western media. BBC was doing a good job of miss-information campaign. BBC was full of Jaffna Tamils and they executed their part competently.

 In spite of what’s taking place in the battle field, Prabhakaran was sure of himself.  He never considered that Bondevik and the Christian co. will let him down. He knew the pact he had with Bondevik.  Norway had money to back him to the hilt. 

But without Bondevik in place as the Prime Minster, the plan was untenable.

 How Stupid the Suprimo was becoming is clear. His lack of education did not give him a clear vision as how things functioned in Norway. He was so full of hot air, that he thought that he was indispensable. He murdered Rajiv Gandhi which set his project back 10 years. Then Lakshman Kadirgamar was assassinated in August 2005; This killing of the popular Tamil foreign Minister made the EU see red. Indeed the attempts on the lives of Secretary of Defense, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, Army Chief General Sarath Fonseka and the Pakistani Ambassador in Colombo misfired. UD found it a daunting task to buy over these enemies of LTTE. And, Sri Lanka had three determined individuals fighting back with intelligence and tenacity.

 The Indians by now has also finally grasped the situation. For they realized that after Sri Lanka it was going to be their turn nex time around.

 In fact Supremo thought the Policy of Bondevik was also the Policy of Norway. He did not quite grasp that Bondevik’s policy was covert and hidden deep inside the Foreign Office ‘niche’.  He was still thinking in a petty Tribal manner, and living in the past (2003).  Solheim was yet in place for sure, but he was not good at abstract thinking, unlike his Catholic Pal Anton Balasingham, who by then (December 14, 2006) was residing with his Catholic father. Solheim bought the prostitutes such as Miliband, and Kochner at a huge price, but the Lankans were not impressed, they shouted along the byways they passed, ‘disband Miliban’.  Prabhakaran was so sure that they somehow would get him off the hook, so he could live to terrorize Sri Lanka another day. But Gotabaya had the right idea, letting this Catholic mass murderer off the hook is as good as fighting the war with the racist terrorists all over again.

 With China and Russian evolving as world powers and the Rajapkse brothers taken the reins of power by 2005 the conspirers came against a granite hard wall.

They had only one shot left at Eelam by 2005. This was an invasion to save the ‘poor poor Jaffna Tamils’ by making a Kosovo out of Sri Lanka. But all such efforts by UD buying up diplomats in UN failed, for by now Sri Lankans were also pass masters at this game. They have roped in China and Russia and had friendly ties. These two powers blocked every Norwegian financed move in the security council.

Today there is no one to take responsibility for the ten years of UD’s deceit. My friend the then consul General (2002 to 2005) in Norway is to tell me what he had seen with his own eyes. That was when the Jaffna Tamil Catholic priest in full cassocks lands in Oslo airport; they were met with limousine and provided with five star hospitality by the UD.

 And Muvril aru gave Gotabya and Sarath Fonseka the chance they were waiting for. They hunted the most vicious racist with a huge chip on the shoulder, the Jaffna Tamil Catholic terrorist of Lanka with a vengeance.

I feel some recommendations are in order to both nations as is the case with this sort of report.

Norwegian people should float a totally neutral commission to investigate whether this report is based on facts. The main mistake the Norwegian public made was, suspending the democratic constraints such as accountability, transparency and responsibility of this government within a government. Two simple things which these conspirators find difficult to bury can establish the veracity of what has been reported here.

  • Check the ‘niche’ ground rules which Bondevik established, and the list of the facilitators working with this facilitation process and their back ground. Ask them whether a Holy war has been declared against Sinhalese Buddhist’s nation. And how much money was pumped in for the Eelam cause.
  • Westborg should be questioned whether the mass murderer Prabhakaran was visiting Norway with him, during tsunami of December 2004.

If these two simple issues hold true, then the conspiracy automatically becomes a fact.

As for the Sri Lankans, they have to come of age. But above all they should desist from inviting idiots to help them solve their problems.

  • Their enemies are not the Norwegian or even the Tamils but it’s the Catholic Church.
  • If they discover the answers to the following questions; who assassinated Bandaranayke and who assassinated Soma Hamduruvo. Who blocked vital information from getting to them? Above all who gave the order to bring the 13 dead soldiers to Colombo without cremating them in Jaffna?
  • They should remove the Catholic agents from running the Public owned media such as Daily News and Sunday Observer and get neutral professionals to head these critical institutions, so that information will flow to the reading public including the attempts by the institutions such as the Catholic Church to intervene in country’s affairs undemocratically.

 Indeed it seems that it is wrong to put the blame on simpletons such as Bondevik and Solheim, as the real enemy is in Sri Lanka and not in far off Norway.

Mahinda Weerasinghe (20.01.2012)

 Author of: The Mission To Oslo

Note: – Note this report was Commissioned by WAPS in order to answer a simple question.

How and why Norway materialized as the peace facilitator in Lanka?

As such this report is their sole property!

As this work will be translated into Sinhala and Norwegian, the English version supersedes all versions.


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    Mr Erik ,
    When We Tamil begged you to save our Thesiya Thalaivar on May 20009 ( cunningly said save Vanni People- Do We Tamil care about other Tamil ? never & ever) what you said if any miracle happened.

    Now you need to pay for it? Now if any miracle happened you can save your name !!!

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