Sri Lanka Presidential Elections 2015: Voters’ Questions for the Candidates to Answer
Posted on November 25th, 2014

Shenali D Waduge

A very non-partisan set of questions and suggestions is being placed for voters to put a perspective on matters and generate discussion and thinking ahead of casting their vote and before campaigns start. What the people must at all times be concerned about is that 5 years after the armed forces gave us a victory after 30 years of suffering should not be lost due to the scrooge of petty politics and personal revenge agendas. The country, the future of the people, the development of the nation and the security of the nation must be the foremost on the minds of the voter when he/she goes to cast their vote.

Questions for the Common Candidate

  • Is Maithripala Sirisena contesting as Common Candidate to hand over leadership to Ranil Wickremasinghe who is scared to contest?
  • Maithriapala President ONLY for 100 days – Thereafter Ranil takes over! Has the Common Candidate thought of what his future is to be after he abolishes the Presidency and makes Ranil the Prime Minister – what is the role Maithriapala is going to give himself or be given and who will thereafter lead Sri Lanka? Maithripala the elected or Ranil W the unelected or is it a third force altogether? Will President-elect Maithriapala end up ‘discarded’? The voters need to have answers to these key questions before voting.
  • Does this mean that people will be casting their vote for Maithripala but in reality they are enabling Ranil W to come into power without election? Is this democracy?
  • Is it legally and constitutionally possible to abolish the office of the Executive Presidency by just winning a Presidential election (and in 100 days too)? Is it really fair by the voter for the person whom the people elect to hand over power to another unelected person? What is the point of an election as important as the Presidential election then if the people elect a person who transfers his power to an unelected person? We are under the impression that a 2/3 majority and a referendum by the people is needed to abolish the office of the President. If so, are these promises to abolish the executive presidency empty promises meant to fool the masses?
  • Considering the other players supporting the Common Candidate what is the assurance that Maithripala in the first 100 days and Ranil Wickremasinghe thereafter given to them for their support?
  1. LTTE Tamil Diaspora (BTF/GTF spokesman Suren Surendiran has announced that if MR looses the international community will take him to ICJ in hague just like they did Charles Taylor and Milosevic and prosecute him for war crimes – will this be carried out by either?
  2. TNA seeking Tamil Eelam selfdetermination – will Tamil Eelam be given
  3. Muslim Congress seeking Eastern self-determination – will Eastern province also be given
  4. The federalists in the common candidate camp
  5. What role is the former President architect of both common candidates seeking – what is in it for her?
  6. What is the assurance that people who have corrupt records will stop being corrupt just because they join a ‘maithri palanaya’ and how will corruption be stopped, when the moment that happens we know they will defect to the other side and we return to square one again! Is this not a cyclical malady? However, what is the assurance that those forming the Common Candidate bloc who were corrupt under MR they would be uncorrupt under MS?
  7. Who are funding the common candidate’s campaign? What do those funding the common candidate campaign want? Will these assurances be made public because the public needs to know the above before they cast their vote! What are these supporters demanding in lieu of their support and will they be given all that they seek and if they are being falsely promised with the intention of not giving in to their demands will this not lead to further chaos in the country?
  • Are these manoeuvrings and manipulations the planning of RanilW or Chandrika or both or are there other forces at play and people end up falsely giving credit to RanilW when the planning is done elsewhere by people unknown to all of us?
  • The argument on corruption is valid. People do not want a corrupt government. People want competent people and it is when competent people are appointed that a Government and nation can rise. Yet, with no common vision except the common goal of taking power and causing regime change how will these groups holding different ideologies, conflicting agendas get along without upsetting all the good that the country has achieved?
  • Trust. Though there is a saying never to trust a politician the fact is that all those who defected including the common candidate would not have come out with their sob stories if an election had not been called. They would have stayed on in their roles! The argument is if they were fed up with Rajapakse cronyism and corruption why did they all not resign and leave the Government honourably before an election announcement? Why would they need to wait for lobbying, funds, promises for taking part in a coup d’etat? Truth is trust and loyalty have gone to the dogs…and everything ends up being bought for money!
  • The consideration of Maithriapala Sirisena has been solely to take stock of the realization that Ranil Wickremasinghe entering the contest will not garner the Buddhist vote sufficient to sail through to victory. At least the opposition camp has realized the power of the Buddhist vote, which means the Buddhist voters hold the key to who wins the 2015 Presidential election. The minority bloc formed is to give further weight to that victory. The question for the Buddhist voters is how far are they aware that the power of the Buddhists will prevail through Maithripala only for 100 days, because no sooner Maithripala hands over power to Ranil the Buddhists will have no place.
  • In terms of national achievements that the majority of the nation devoid of nationality, ethnicity or religion should ask themselves is what has the common candidate camp achieved throughout their political careers which we can recall as national achievements? Thus what have Chandrika, Ranil, M. Sobitha thero, Rajitha Senaratne, Rajiva Wijesinghe, Duminda Dissanayake or even Maithripala Sirisena achieved nationally?

How far have political parties and in particular Governments thought of providing growth-oriented, employment generating, pro-poor budgets and action plans devoid of the reliance for subsidies without resorting to making the rich richer for which the rich will have no qualms about whatever party they are in – yet how many of them even go to cast their vote!

Chandrika’s downfall was as a result of her own unpopularity as was Ranils and will be President Rajapakse’s own folly if he does not realize where he has erred and what he needs to do to address and solve these faultlines permanently.

 Has the President or his team listened to the Patriots – the nationalists who have offered wise counsel without favour or political color? What have their thoughts been over the years?

  • Make changes to the 13th amendment with the 2/3 majority in hand. Adjust provisions to ensure that legally land and police powers are not vested in provincial control or alternately abolish the 13a and do away with the provincial council system replacing it with a district council system taking into consideration and removing all possible future threats.
  • Consider devolving power in a system similar to the grama rajya system India follows where basic needs of the village are decided by them and this reduces the interference of politicians too and also provides reason for not devolving power beyond the district level
  • Consider changes to the voting system to allow capable candidates to run and get elected – this removes avenues for unsuitable and unsavoury characters to enter governance.
  • Do not allow India to interfere in internal affairs of the country. Reduce all avenues of interference by India through effective diplomatic channels.
  • Maintain diplomatic discourse with all nations, keeping them regularly abreast of post-terrorism achievements in Sri Lanka as well as the threats. Transparent engagement leaves little room for subversive elements.
  • Do not compromise the national assets/resources by giving everything to foreign investors who end up taking away the profits – a historically proven fact
  • Have a ceiling on commission as is done in other countries so that investors know the commission involved and low-quality raw materials do not end up being used as a result of having to give exorbitant commissions to win the deal/tender.
  • Revive national corporations/factories etc appointing competent people as these are cash rich investments kept in the hands of locals
  • National programs to continue to acknowledge the services rendered to the nation by those protecting the national security of the country in particular the armed services, police and civil defence
  • Re-think the 18th amendment – a President should leave office historically remembered for all that he/she achieved not to leave with achievements forgotten because of falling prey to desiring limitless power. Most patriots feel that the term of the President should be limited to 2 terms.
  • Revive the key institutes like Foreign Service ensure that selection is devoid political interference and favouritism but propelling people who are tested for their nationalism over above qualifications. There is no point selecting a qualified person having ideological leanings towards functioning as ‘yes’ men to Western agendas to be appointed. Therefore selection process needs to clearly test the quantum of nationalism for Foreign Service roles.
  • Good governance at all state levels and rule of law established to ensure that at private/corporation and other levels corruption is addressed and legally punished without favour.
  • Action against all elements attempting to divide/separate the nation. Calls to take action against Tamil and Muslim separatist elements have fallen on deaf ears post-2009. Had these areas been addressed the same groups now exerting political pressure over Tamil and Muslim vote base would have been solved. Now only a member of the general public has come forward to file cases against the Tamil National Alliance when it should have been the Government to do so.
  • More attention to reduce loan taking and turn national revenues to profit making entities.
  • Get rid of all incompetent officials and replace them with good ones. We recall that the secret to ending the war was the reshuffling of military appointments giving the talented a new role. Similarly, in any selection process if the nation is explained why certain appointments are taken the nation would understand – it is the communication of why a person is being selected that is important instead of doing so behind the scenes and when they do not fulfil their roles the issue of appointments eventually will question those who appointed him/her.
  • Engaging the public sector administration to providing a service to the nation instead of making it a useless and lethargic entity burdening the tax payer.
  • There have been issues confusing the Buddhists too – the undue emphasis on multiculturalism an experiment falling apart in the West and all nations that followed it, the requirement for the President himself to go an invite the Pope when an invitation had already been made, the canonization of a person who had been part of a Church that had repressed and killed scores of Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims during colonial rule, the promise for the state to fund Muslim pilgrims when the same has not been offered to Buddhists thus questioning the Government in how far it is following the Constitutional provision via Article 9 to give foremost place to Buddhism while assuring to all religions the rights granted but that ‘it is the duty of the State to protect and foster Buddhism’. The protection of Buddhist heritage sites and denying incursions to Buddhist space or ethos and ensuring that the Buddhist history of Sri Lanka followed down from ruler to ruler prevails the same way other countries have legal provisions to maintaining the history of their countries.

As a counter measure, it is a good time for the President to form a consultative committee of patriots instead of making everyone and anyone as ‘advisors’ and ‘consultants’ to whom he can regularly seek advice from and who will, devoid of politics provide options and alternatives to pressing national issues which must be tabled at Cabinet level for discussion and deliberations.

These are plenty of thoughts for the voter and questions that the candidates should provide answers for.

Who will become Sri Lanka’s President will be decided by the 10% floating votes plus the Buddhist bloc vote that will look at under whose hands is the country safer and under whose leadership will the sacrifices made by the Armed Forces not be sacrificed.

Shenali D Waduge


44 Responses to “Sri Lanka Presidential Elections 2015: Voters’ Questions for the Candidates to Answer”

  1. Christie Says:

    Did you watch MGR @ Sirasa Satana today country tomorrow with all the appropriate music, flowers and the directors.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:


    I agree with your list except the following:

    1. The 13th Amendment IN ANY FORM is INIMICAL to the SURVIVAL of Sri Lanka as a UNITARY State; so it should be abolished without further ado. Also, it was imposed by India. Abolishing it would give notice that Sri Lanka will not ACCEPT FOREIGN DICTATS now and in the future.

    2. The 18th Amendment can be APPROPRIATELY modified in consultation with patriots; but the number of terms SHOULD NOT BE ARBITRARILY LIMITED to 2 terms.

    Such a limit would eliminate EXCEPTIONALLY ABLE Presidents from continuing to serve the Nation just as the EXCEPTIONALLY ABLE US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt did for 4 terms until his death while holding office.

    Let the President be FREE TO SEEK RE-ELECTION if he remains medically fit, and let the People decide whether to retain his services via Presidential elections. For example, it would be ASININE to EJECT President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the “greatest achiever of our time” in the words of H.L.D. Mahindapala, from office, just because he has served 2 terms, while there is MUCH LEFT TO DO to achieve the Vision of Sri Lanka becoming the New Wonder of Asia and transforming Sri Lanka into an ECONOMICALLY VIBRANT, MILITARILY IMPREGNABLE NATION beyond the grasp of its enemies.

    Furthermore, are we such UTTERLY CRAVEN and DESPICABLY UNGRATEFUL cowards to leave OUR HEROIC LEADER and his Family vulnerable to threats by Neocolonialist Powers and the Eelamist Diaspora seeking to prosecute him in the ICC because of his ENTIRELY LEGITIMATE actions on our behalf executing his BOUNDEN DUTY in the service of our Motherland.

    When we needed deliverance from terror, he ans his Family RISKED ALL FOR US; NOW it is OUR BOUNDEN DUTY to stand by them and not cast them off like a used vestment!

    If we were to abandon our hero like that, who will rise up defend the Nation in the future, knowing that his people will abandon him afterwards? Which IDIOT will come to our aid THEN? Who?

    We must long remember, that it took 30 long years of pusillanimous ineffective leaders to find a family, the Rajapaksa Family, to lead the NATION TO VICTORY, while others like Chandrika Kumaratunga Bandaranaike took fright at the FIRST REVERSE and FLED TO THE REAR demonizing the Sri Lankan nation in search of Personal Safety!

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    MR will NEVER SCRAP 13 amendment!

  4. ranjit Says:

    I ask the President when you win the third time please listen to the advises given by true patriots. We do not want any favors from any politician.We need decent governance only. Just do it Mr.President.You have the 2/3 majority so what’s the problem.If you miss this chance no one will get a chance again with 2/3 majority. So clean it up and listen to the recommendations by the high educated people of Mother Lanka.

    We will never allow outside forces or traitors within to harm you or the nation.We will give our life to protect what you freed from the clutches of LTTE murderers. Do not pity these traitors.Who ever works against the Govt and the people of Sri Lanka must be brought to justice for treason like TNA and other enemies who collaborate with dangerous elements outside the country. Let the traitors go it’s easy for you to understand them before it’s too late. The people are with you and you will win with 25 lacks majority this time better than last time and before you leave politics just get rid of Corruption, Money Laundering, Drugs etc. We need to get rid of drunkards and murderers from our streets.Better equipped the police Force with latest techniques. make it home sweet home safe to our children.

  5. Christie Says:

    “Common candidate”; have they got a bit of common sense.

  6. SenaD Says:

    Lorenzo, “MR will NEVER SCRAP 13 amendment!”

    This might be true if it is entirely left to him, because most politicians take the path of least resistance.

    I believe no one else could be persuaded to do it.

    After the PE is out of the way is the time for the patriots to make him do it.

    I am sure he knows that the PCs are not popular with the general public except for the ones directly and indirectly being profited by them, majority being controlled by his party.

    He seems to take extra care not to antagonise India. We saw how JR faced Indian aggression and capitulated. I hope this behaviour is a case of waiting for the most appropriate time (it may be my wishful thinking).

    If India intervenes just giving them a bloody nose is not enough. We must prevail over any such Indian moves. It is far better that the Indians will not attempt any such new adventure. For that several other pieces must be on to the correct positions on the “chess board”.

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    MR will NEVER SCRAP 13 amendment- also MS !
    This 3rd team (illegal) election all about MR to get 2/3 & MS to get 1/3 Sinhala votes .

    if MR lost he has to face nation (illegal election) & International court. so better MR win this time.

    benefit for Tamil
    1) Mahaveli will be in iranamadu kulam 2020
    2) 4000 ot VP & co scaped from IDP camp with out rehabilitation should be no harm society (10 years period)

    also NP (Saiva TE) & EP muslim (TE) will get more free development ( We Tamil never pay Govt Tax any way).

  8. Eusense Says:

    The time is ripe for MR to score some points.

    1. Work to abolish the 13th. Bring it to a voting. If it wins he scores. If it doesn’t he wins too. Why? the opposition has voted against abolishing. That will be an excellent talking point at election rallies.
    2. Accept the fact that corruption and thuggery has taken root in Sri Lanka. Lay out a genuine plan to wipe this out. Example. get every politician and businessman to declare their assets, submit tax filings for the last 5 years. jail terms for misappropriations and non payment of taxes. Bar politician’s illegal interfering with law enforcement, education, businesses etc.. Keep religion separated from governance. Bar all clergy involvement in politics other than representing for policy making.

    If none of the above is carried out, can anybody give me one good reason why MR should be the president again?

  9. SA Kumar Says:

    one good reason why MR should be the president again?

    He united Mother Lanka until Eelam war V.
    1) NP (Saiva TE)
    2) EP (Muslim TE)
    3) other 7 Ps (Sinhala Lanka).

    so let’s give him another chance before his final tour to Rome Hague.

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    This time I AGREE with Eusense.

    #1 is a WIN OR WIN situation for MR. Either way he wins.

    INDECISIVE opposition will be BUSTED. It will SPLIT.

    But MR lost his brains somewhere between May 2009 and September 2010. He is IN BAD COMPANY and as it happens, CANNOT get out.

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    That is OK. Let him INITIATE the process of scrapping 13 amendment. Then the ball will be in the “common opposition’s” court.

    There is a LIMIT appeasing Endia. MR has OVERDONE it and that is dangerous. Now Endia EXPECTS SL to be SO SUBSERVIENT – the VERY LOW standard set by MR.

    But just wait and see how Endia will STUMP MR. His 2 US CITIZEN brothers are not tolerated by Endia for obvious geopolitical reasons. I don’t think even CHINA is very comfortable with them too.

  12. Ananda-USA Says:


    I don’t think the 2 MR brothers are US citizens; they are Permanent Resident Green Card holders only.

  13. Ananda-USA Says:


    Agree with BOTH of your proposals.

    However, I DISAGREE with your IMPLICATION that corruption and thuggery TOOK ROOT in SL during MR’s time; it existed in SL WELL BEFORE MR came to power (eg. during JR, Premadasa and CBK administrations).

    Nevertheless, corruption and thuggery DESERVES TO BE ERADICATED NOW … under MR’s tenure as President!

  14. Lorenzo Says:


    For 14 years? (1991 to 2005)

    Anyway doesn’t make much of a difference because ONE DAY (either 2015 or 2021, etc.) they will have to go back with all the knowledge.

    To be fair by MR, thuggery COMPARATIVELY REDUCED during MR’s time.

    e.g. NO large scale post-election violence. These used to kill over 50 people previously.
    e.g. Even thuggery doesn’t end in MURDER in most cases now. In the past they ALMOST EVERYTIME did.
    e.g. MOST thugs DO end up in custody. In the past they didn’t.
    e.g. Workers are NOT assaulted for strikes. ALL previous presidents KILLED them.

    But REPORTING of incidents of thuggery increased.

  15. Ananda-USA Says:

    Even as Europeans are afflicted by Global Terrorism, they are DELISTING the LTTE from the list of TERRORIST organizations!

    Will they EVER LEARN, that what goes around ultimately comes around, as Canada is learning now? Frequent reminders from Bomb Blasts in European capitals seem to be ESSENTIAL to jog their fading memories alive!

    Meanwhile, thank God for Lord Naseby, who continues be a lone voice of wisdom and reason in the House of Lords!

    This is a WARNING to those Sri Lankans, busily engaged in UNDERMINING the War-Winning Govt of Sri Lanka, to CEASE & DESIST for they should

    “Ask Not for Whom the Bells Warning of Terrorism Tolls, it Tolls for Them!”</i?

    Lords of British parliament discuss EU court’s delisting of LTTE and Sri Lanka’s presidential elections

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Nov 25, London: The European Union court’s decision to delist Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger terrorist group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and the upcoming presidential election were among the issues discussed at Britain’s upper parliament, House of Lords on Monday.

    The discussion initiated when Lord Naseby, who is the chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Sri Lanka, asked the House of Lords what action they are taking in response to the European Court of Justice verdict on 16 October and its conclusions in respect of restrictive measures currently in place since the LTTE was proscribed by the European Union in 2006 and by the United Kingdom in 2000.

    Responding to Lord Naseby, Lord Wallace of Saltaire said they are studying the implications of the ECJ judgment and considering appropriate next steps and announce that the UK condemns the Tamil Tigers as a brutal terror organization, and it remains proscribed under UK law.

    Lord Naseby informed the House that the Tamil Tiger groups in UK are planning a rally at ExCel on Thursday (27) to celebrate the life of the slain LTTE leader V. Prabhakaran and the other Tamil Tigers, and to raise money for Eelam. He said the rally should be stopped since the LTTE is a proscribed group in UK.

    Lord Wallace responding to Lord Naseby said the UK Government is actively concerned to promote reconciliation and reconstruction within Sri Lanka among all of its different communities.

    The members of the House of Lords also discussed the upcoming presidential elections in Sri Lanka when Lord Bach asked what the prospects are for a free, fair and inclusive election in Sri Lanka given the history of such elections in the past and the blocking of the common opposition candidate’s first TV interview.

    Lord Wallace said the British Government and others are talking about the best way to ensure that there is effective monitoring of the elections. “We will of course be raising such issues with the Sri Lankan Government,” he said.

    The Lords also discussed the progress being made with the United Nations Human Rights Council inquiry into the war crime allegations and the Sri Lanka government’s cooperation with the investigation.

    Lord Wallace responded that as a sponsor of the resolution of the UNHRC, the UK is actively concerned in the issue.

    “We are not at all happy about the refusal of the Sri Lankan authorities to co-operate with the attempts to have an external inquiry, because of our concerns that the internal inquiry’s recommendations have not yet been implemented,” he said.

    When asked what action the British Government will take to ensure that the Sri Lankan Government co-operate more fully with the UN report Lord Wallace added that the UK government has actively made its position clear to the Sri Lankan Government and will continue to do so.

    Full Text of the House of Lords session can be found here

  16. Ananda-USA Says:


    I don’t know WHAT you are referring to below:


    For 14 years? (1991 to 2005)

    Anyway doesn’t make much of a difference because ONE DAY (either 2015 or 2021, etc.) they will have to go back with all the knowledge.”

  17. Lorenzo Says:


    Both GR and BR went to USA in 1991 and lived there until 2005.

    UNP-TNA-JVP-CBK HATE them so much that when the Rajapakshas lose one day, they will go back to USA as they did in 1991. Their children are still living in USA.

    That exposes them to the US law.

  18. Ananda-USA Says:



    Because the UNP-TNA-JVP-CBK hate them so such, the patriotic people of Sri Lanka must ENSURE that the Rajapaksa Family that Liberated them and their Motherland never loses!

    The enemies of the Rajapaksa Family are the enemies of the nation as a whole; those enemies will have to CHANGE and ACCEPT rule by the patriots of Lanka, not the other way around! Disce’ aut Discede’!

    Keeping Sri Lanka out of the hands of its enemies is what this ENTIRE STRUGGLE is about!

  19. Independent Says:

    USA Ananda says , quote- “The enemies of the Rajapaksa Family are the enemies of the nation as a whole” – unquote

    Does this mean “the Rajapaksa Family ” > OR = “the nation as a whole” ? This is what precisely opposition saying and reason for ex-UPFA defected member’s reason for leaving.

    We thought is the other way around. That is Rajapaksas have come to power to protect the whole nation from enemies. As leaders they scarifies their wealth and life to protect the nation. If that is the case obviously they will not have new enemies coming up against them within the nation. So far people who have left are the best. Why ?

    We don’t see they scarifies anything at all. They scarifies other people and other people’s wealth.

  20. SA Kumar Says:

    We don’t see they scarifies anything at all.- are you in kanya ?
    MR & GR scarifies their life from VP& co to protect Mother lanka , Even though I am an Eelamist ( one of day dreamer like other eelam tamils ) has to accept the truth.

    Wealth is nothing compare to life & life of All Lankan living now .

    live & let live until Eelam war V.

  21. Daya Says:

    There can be no doubt that a majority of English speaking people will vote for Maithripala, despite the common perception that he himself speaks no English! That perception is probably right, but it doesn’t matter to me. I am convinced that Maithri is a good man, but he is no simpleton. Most Sinhala speaking people also will resonate with him, but many will vote for the known guy, Mahinda R mostly out of gratitude for ending the War. How will the minorities vote? I live in the hill country, and I can tell you that come what may, most Up-country Tamils will vote for the present regime. Not much anyone can do about that! I wonder whether Maithri speaks Tamil; Mahinda does! Addressing people in Tamil may make a marginal difference only here, but the “Jaffna Tamils” may not actually get out of their houses on the 8th of January unless a real effort is made to win them over.

    I feel duty bound to forward a message from a close friend in Jaffna, who suffered much at the hands of the LTTE. There are many good people among the Tamils, and reconcilliation is desirable, but ultimately, we’ve got to be conscious of our self-interest! This much I am doing for him: here is his comment:

    “There is one school of thought that Rajapakse has bribed the voters so heavily that it may be hard to move him. As many have pointed out, the votes of minorities who have little reason to be enchanted with Rajapakse are going to count very heavily. The trains have come to Jaffna, but the people feel insulted at every turn. What does it mean when the Government celebrates the war victory with great pomp in the South and then beats up Tamils who want to observe the same event as an occasion for mourning – and many have real reason to mourn, even if others want to make a political point of mourning, which is not a criminal offence?

    Maithripala Sirisena’s side does not even seem to have woken up to the fact that there are people other than Sinhalese speakers who have the vote – all the speeches and symbolism of their campaign are in Sinhalese, the Sinhala Only mindset. If the minorities see Rajapakse and Sirisena as Tweedledum and Tweedledee, they are not going to do much to send Rajapakse packing. 

    I hope you could pass this on to quarters where it would count.”

    Whatever the Muslim politicians may say in public, a majority of Muslims will vote for Maithri; the Rajapaksas have needlessly alienated them over too long a period for that to be reversed. However, despite all this, the odds favour the Rajapaksas because there isn’t any real grinding poverty, and he has even my gratitude for eliminating the LTTE.

    How often have we seen a good first term followed by a disappointing second! We will all remember Janaka Bandara Tennakoon’s tears at Dambulla. Whatever the outcome of the elections, I hope that the new President (and I’m predicting that it will be Mahinda R) who greets the Pope on the 13th of January to usher a six year rule, is somebody gentler than we have known for the past four years.

  22. Lorenzo Says:

    “The trains have come to Jaffna, but the people feel insulted at every turn.”

    This is complete rubbish. There is NO insult. Since 1947 Tamils ALWAYS voted for TAMIL RACIST parties only. The voting choice NEVER changed (and never will) but the EXCUSES change. Same in Endia. When everyone else voted for MODI, Tamils continue to vote for TAMIL RACIST parties.

    “If the minorities see Rajapakse and Sirisena as Tweedledum and Tweedledee, they are not going to do much to send Rajapakse packing.”

    NOT TRUE. Minorities, especially Tamils are DESPERATE to get rid of MR. So they will vote for ANYONE as they voted for the army commander in 2010. They know what BOYCOTTING means!!

    But agree with the language. MS campaign has to address people in all 3 languages. You can comment in facebook MS fan pages and on his own page. Or you can phone him if in SL. He is quite good in picking up his phone than other politicians. Or tell Arjuna.

  23. Independent Says:

    Your friend’s words sounds typical Tamil ignorance forever ‘grieving” for dead monster. That is why TNA governs them and TNA’s Tamil speaker are kings.
    To be honest their votes will not be necessary for either part to win. That should be the attitude of Presidential Candidates. I believe 30-40% voters ( those who vote) for the President this time as he has done a lot for them, not for the Sinhalese.

  24. Daya Says:

    Lorenzo & Independent, although I presented my friend’s point of view, I hold no brief from him. However, I have had a telephone chat with him. I can tell you this much. He has no children, and he’s now trying, as old age approaches, to project a “Tamil voice” that is not his own. These people that I am talking about once formed the elite of Jaffna, but I am really impressed with the way he has manged to de-classe himself. He personally has no cause to mourn for the Tigers. Quite the contrary. There have just been meetings and orations to mark the 25th Anniversary of the assassination of his colleague by the LTTE. (These were quite prominent people in Jaffna society.) You will have to analyse his words carefully, I don’t think that I want to agonise over this myself. Sri Lanka is your country and mine, and that of my Tamil friend, who had to hide for more than a decade in Sinhalese areas. I hope that you do nothing, and stop saying things which will drive the various communities in this country apart.

    You seem to have a point when you say that the North voted for Fonseka, but I wonder if you are aware how low the turn out was. Easy to check with Wikipedia. It is the sort of turn out that de-legitimises us in those areas.

    Ananda-USA, you sound as though you want to force yourself on us all as the custodian of Sr Lanka and of all Sinhala-Buddhist values. I’m afraid that like your hero, Rajapaksa, you sound dictatorial and brusque – with Royal College motto etc. By so doing, you may precipitate that very break-up of our country that you so fervently are hoping to prevent. Learn to relax, man!

  25. Ananda-USA Says:


    There are much more brusque and dictatorial people than me commenting at LankaWeb, who in addition advocate paths that are now leading to the breakup of the Patriotic Alliance of Sri Lanka that rescued it from the gutter. If you love Sri Lanka, you should be worried about their agendas rather than mine, which is, as you may have discerned, to defend and protect Sri Lanka no matter what … because it has mattered to me all my life, and will remain so till the end of my days. Yes, to that end every patriot is a CUSTODIAN of Sri Lanka.

    By comparing my personality and manner to President Rajapaksa, you have done me a very great honor, thank you, kindly!

    Will such a defence precipitate and amount to trying to breakup of Sri Lanka? I think NOT. If you read what I write, I have always stood for INTEGRATION and EQUAL TREATMENT of all communities and Law-Abiding Citizens of Sri Lanka. However, I am also for punishing separatist traitors and terrorists with extreme prejudice. If you object to that … c’est la vie!

    You should give yourself some time to get to know the players at LankaWeb, before randomly firing from the hip. Rash pontification, you see, is well known to harden arteries and precipitate untimely visits from the grim reaper!

    Daya, my man, you should follow your own advice, and Learn to Relax Too; slow and steady wins the race.

  26. Lorenzo Says:


    The VOTERS REGISTER in the north was not correct in 2010. In 2010 it said registered voters as 750K for Jaffna but the 2012 census said the total population (including kids) was just 650K!

    Even my name is still there in Jaffna voters register!

    For some stupid reason people think they HAVE TO BE in the voters register to verify their existence to claim land ownership, avoid restrictions on foreigners, show Tamil voting strength, etc.

    I doubt it is correct even today.

  27. Independent Says:

    I agree with you fully. Thank you for the guidance on Tamil affairs.
    I have been reading Lankaweb for 16 years. They started allowing comments around 2009 , I guess. It has always been a great forum with valuable contributions regular writers shown on the right column. I too have contributed a few.
    One or two aggressive commentators joined few years ago to humiliate even impartial and factual comments. So, I started making comments recently just to let people know that all Sri Lankans are not like that and Lankaweb is a great unbiased but anti-extremist forum.
    So, welcome abroad and we need more people like you, who consider both sides of the story!

  28. Ananda-USA Says:

    As I had PREDICTED, HERE COMES the TNA bearing aloft its SEPARATIST DEMAND FOR FEDERALISM to the Common Opposition!

    Thinking that the SINHALA Vote will be SPLIT 50-50 as in the BAD OLD DAYS, when the Federal Party was KINGMAKER deciding which major party will rule the Nation, the TNA is ALREADY exploiting its electoral leverage to BLACKMAIL the Common Opposition into granting its SEPARATIST demands!

    We OWN Colombo and the Northern Province, they say, GIVE US FEDERALISM and we will MAKE YOU KING!

    I FERVENTLY HOPE & PRAY that the Patriots of Sri Lanka RECOGNIZE these moves for what they really are, as DAGGERS POINTED at the heart of Sri Lanka’s Integrity & Unity.

    I hope they will DEMOLISH by Leaf, Branch, Trunk and Root the TREACHEROUS “Common Opposition” move for Regime Change, that will REVERSE the Victory of May 18, 2009, and HALT the TRANSFORMATION of our Motherland into the New Wonder of Asia!

    Sri Lankan opposition candidate rejects Tamil federalism plan

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Dec 02 (AP) In an agreement with a major Buddhist political party, an opposition presidential candidate in Sri Lanka said on Tuesday that he opposes a proposal from Tamil leaders for a federal model granting greater autonomy to Provinces to solve the country’s decades-long ethnic conflict.

    Maithripala Sirisena also agreed with the National Heritage Party, led by a Buddhist monk, to preserve the constitutional prominence given to Buddhism.

    The two parties made the pact as opposition parties try to unseat President Mahinda Rajapaksa in the January 8 elections. Mr. Rajapaksa has ruled for 10 years, and is going for his third term in office.

    Leaders from the ethnic Tamil minority have proposed making Sri Lanka into a federal state that would grant significant power to Provinces.

    Mr. Sirisena also promised to resist attempts to prosecute Mr. Rajapaksa for war crimes allegedly committed in the final months of the civil war.

    The United Nations Human Rights Council is investigating the Sri Lankan government and the defeated Tamil Tiger rebels for possible war crimes but Mr. Rajapaksa’s government has refused to cooperate.

  29. Ananda-USA Says:

    Anticipating a Weakness in Sri Lanka’s Governance, Vaiko advises Modi to change course!

    As LOCAL ENEMIES undermine Sri Lanka’s Patriotic Government, FOREIGN VULTURES begin to circle overhead ready to swoop down for a MEAL!

    Come January 8, 2015, the Patriots of Lanka will make ALL of them WEEP IN FRUSTRATION and face a FAMINE!


    Apprise PM Modi on mood against Rajapakse, DMK tells BJP

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Dec 02 (PTI) Condemning the reported threats to MDMK leader Vaiko over his criticism of Narendra Modi, DMK today said BJP leaders from Tamil Nadu should apprise the Prime Minister about the mood against Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse in the state.

    “Rather than hitting out at those who criticise the Prime Minister for cosying up to Rajapakse, it would be good if Tamil Nadu BJP leaders apprised Modi about the sentiments against the Lankan President and take steps to ensure that such things do not recur,” DMK President M Karunanidhi said in a statement.

    Referring to Modi wishing Rajapakse another term in the coming polls in Sri Lanka, he said it was condemned by all the parties in Tamil Nadu as the head of the island nation was “responsible” for the alleged killings of Tamils.

    The 91-year-old leader condemned BJP National Secretary H Raja for allegedly threatening NDA ally Vaiko by saying that “Vaiko will not be able to safely return (home) if he did not measure his words (against Modi).”

    Vaiko had condemned Modi for wishing Rajapakse another term.

    PMK, another NDA partner in the state, had yesterday taken offencive to BJP state unit President Tamilisai Soundararajan counselling caution by alliance partners in criticising the Prime Minister, saying he (Modi) was not above criticism.

  30. Independent Says:

    Sri Lankan opposition candidate rejects Tamil federalism plan

    People must demand from the President too ! He has not made such commitment lately, other than commitment to India to give 13 plus ! Even if he has done so, he must do it NOW to remind people that he is in par with the opposition candidate.

  31. Ananda-USA Says:

    Hapless Maithripala Sirisena may say “No Deal” to the “FEDERAL MODEL” but he is NOT the one calling the shots; the UNPEE and the Tiger Nominated Agents of the TNA, commanding their VOTER base do.

    Also, LET US REMEMBER Maithri’palas Promise … he is Exec President for 100 days only, and arch-traitor Ranil will be “appointed” Exec Prime Minister thereafter.

    That is, if they can Engineer those Shenanigans CONTRARY TO, and ILLEGAL UNDER, the CONSTITUTION of Sri Lanka.

    But, “never mind” say the GULLIBLE, who have FAITH in this uncommon “Common Candidate’s” WEB OF LIES! What a CIRCUS!

  32. Independent Says:

    After 137 days My3 will still be one who will not allow Federalism which the President may give if he does not promise now. It he wins , he will still keep National Security in his hands. Unless the President’s supporting members vote for the Federalism, UNP alone can never do it. Need brains to understand this and to think beyond the billboards !

  33. Lorenzo Says:

    BBS is in a dilema.

    Since NO ONE cares about BBS’s support now it talks BS.

    What is your stance BBS? MR or MS?

    And what are your demands, conditions?

    If BBS supports MR UNCONDITIONALLY then people will smell a rat.

    Why BBS has gone silent suddenly. ILLEGAL mosques are built in GALLE, GAMPOLA, KANDY, ANURADHAPURA at this very moment. Why BBS has NOW given up fighting the Jarhead menace? Please BBS the Buddhist nation needs your services!

  34. Lorenzo Says:


    How far is your home from the closet town centre in Mahinda billboards?

    My house in SL is 2 Mahinda billboards away from the Wellawatte market (towards Deiwela).

    This is a massive plunder of state resources. How can patriots stay silent?

  35. Independent Says:

    You have to go towards Nugegoda at the closest billboard, and after 2 billboards length my house is reached.

  36. Independent Says:

    I think I made a mistake and your judgement was correct this time. But I always suspected this rouge Chivaradharee cannot be doing any service to Buddhism ( you can see in my comments to CWije’s writing).
    They came down to zero. How can they coexist with Wimal Weerewansa, who suspected Norwegian venture.

  37. Ananda-USA Says:

    There is a MASSIVE IN FLOW of Foreign Regime Change funds from abroad to defeat the President.

    How can the uncommon “Common Candidate” Regime Change propagandists stay silent? Pray tell me HOW? Hello … are you out there?

  38. Lorenzo Says:


    I don’t think people BUY that allegation these days.

    IF money could buy votes, MR could not have won in 2005 and 2010.

  39. Vimutti Says:

    Ananda-USA – where are you getting your information on MASSIVE I FLOW OF FOREIGN REGIME CHANGE FUNDS?

  40. Independent Says:

    Same source as George Bush got that “weapons of Mass destruction” , the news paper called “MIND”.

  41. Ananda-USA Says:


    I get that data from the same place that Lorenzo & Independent got their data on government election funds.

  42. Vimutti Says:

    Ananda-USA – I need the actual SOURCE – very important!

  43. Daya Says:

    @Ananda-USA, Thank you for the advice on HTML. I’ve stored it for experimenting with later. I have begun to realise that there are many sincere people with perceptions very different from mine. However, your rhetoric sometimes seems to suggest that it is best to euthanise guys after we’ve diagnosed them as potential dangers. In other words, we decide to play God. What is meant metaphorically sometimes gets taken literally, that is the problem.

    For fair elections to take place there must be a level playing field. We are getting reasonable coverage of the opposition campaign now – on the Internet, although some websites are still blocked. The Daily Mirror had put videos of the most important opposition speakers on. However, it becomes ever clearer that elections world-wide are going to be decided by majority types lacking the intellectual sophistication of nerds. This is a problem that goes deeper than our present electoral tussle. Technology is spinning out of the control of the majority of those doing productive work.

    This, to me, makes it desirable to have a straightforward, relatively unsophisticated but intelligent and decent guy like Maithripala in charge. I’m back on the same old hobby-horse!

  44. Independent Says:

    Dear Daya,

    If you have watched that video of the discussion with few Indian pundits ( who really don’t know much) which our friend has requested us to watch, you will come to the conclusion that you must give an extra vote to your original preferred candidate. Otherwise we will be not India’s relative but slave soon.

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