Sirisena’s “My-three-pala-naya” (CBK, Ranil, And Himself) Has No Future
Posted on November 27th, 2014

By H. L. D. Mahindapala 


The politics of Maithripala Sirisena is bizarre, to say the least. He leaves the Rajapaksa regime because he was not given the premiership and his answer to his own problem is to abolish the presidency and appoint Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Prime Minister, empowered with executive powers of the presidency.

Where does this leave Sirisena? At the end of 100 days, when he  hopes to complete his demolition job, he will be left with nothing — neither the Presidency nor the Premiership. When he finishes his job of abolishing the Presidency and handing over executive power to Wickremesinghe (within 100 days, he says!) he will be creating only a My-three-pala-naya” of Wickremesinghe, CBK and himself, the non-entity in the troika. In the current context it is difficult to find three more monumental losers than this trio.

Sirisena’s My-three-pala-naya” indicates that he is a follower and not a leader. He has neither the  vision  nor the capacity to provide a viable alternative which would and should be  a refined/reformed status quo. Who else but a naïve political puppet would fall for a plan which will cut off the branch he holds and the destroy the branch on which he proposes to stand? (Al-lapu ath-thath naha, paya gahapu ath-thath naha.) What is going  to be his place in the hierarchy of the proposed  My-three-pala-naya”?

Those with eyes to see will agree that there isn’t a greater folly than getting trapped in the doomed politics of Ranil-Chandrika combo. They plotted in 2010 to pick Sarath Fonseka – a good General fallen among fools – to pit him against Mahinda Rajapaksa. Reason: these two failures knew that they had no chance of winning against Mahinda. So they picked Fonseka who had Buddhist and nationalist credentials to contest Mahinda. Everyone knows the results.

Now this combo is back again recycling their vindictive politics to get even with Mahinda. Having made use of Fonseka they dumped him like a hot potato because he is no longer marketable as a winner. So they baited Sirisena promising money to finance his campaign, cross-overs to demoralize the government, organizational support in the electorates and the backing of a motley of odd-bods, including TNA’s Sampanthan and JHU. (TamilNet (24/11) reported that CBK had secret talks to cut a deal with Sampanthan.)

Of course, TNA and JHU are strange bed-fellows. They make the bizarre politics of My-3-pala-naya” weird and unworkable. To begin with, if JHU is preparing to go to bed with TNA in the My-three-pala-naya” then they must be having a perverse craving to get some masochistic kicks out  of sleeping with porcupines. Not wanting  to face the TNA they might want to sleep with their backs turned to the TNA. But that is where the pricks will hit them. Bringing in Sampanthan – and it will be only on secret deals with TNA – will definitely take the nation back to the failed CBK-Ranil politics again.

More importantly, the anti-national actions of Wickremesinghe and Chandrika point  to the fact that they have been the best conduits of the West. So when Sirisena aligns himself with these anti-national forces, who have sold the nation down the river, he is signaling that he will reverse the post-Nandikadal gains and go back to the time when Erik Solheim and Prabhakaran dictated terms to the beleaguered nation. In his My-three-pala-naya” he not only plans to commit hara-kiri but also push Prabhakaran’s cyanide pill down the throat of the nation.

Of course, he is due to announce the details of his plans sooner or later – all of which will be proposed, drafted and written by CBK and Ranil. He will be merely the mouth-piece selected to parrot the words fed to him by CBK and Ranil for the simple reason that he has never shown the leadership qualities of thinking on his own two feet. He is no visionary leader who can carve out a new path to the future. So far he has shown only signs of going back to the failed past.

However, his qualities can be tested on the way he propose to deal with the following issues:

  1. What will be his stand on the 13 Amendment?
  2. Will he go with Ranil and CBK plan of implementing 13+ sponsored by India and the West?
  3. Will he agree to withdraw the forces from the North to satisfy the demands of TNA in exchange for their votes?
  4. At a time when USA continues to increases its global bases – 900 and counting – will he cut down the naval bases in the north to appease TNA?
  5. Will he introduce cuts into the forces defending the territorial integrity and security of the nation?
  6. Will he give in to the land policy of TNA to keep the north and the east exclusively for the Tamils, which may even include issuing visas under a revised P-TOMS plan of Chandrika?
  7. After the Harvard University awarded him a Health Leadership Award has Michele Sisson used him as the head of the secret anti-national leadership campaign backed by the other two pro-American losers?
  8. Does his My-three-pala-naya” include throwing principles of law and order into the dustbin in order to protect his son Gamaralage Daham the next time he runs amok in a drunken rage, assaulting even  Police officers appointed by the state to maintain law order and even sons of senior police officers?
  9. Will he care to develop a new education program in geography to teach his new political partners in the UNP the difference and the distance between Medawachchiya – his political patch — and Killinochchiya?
  10. Since he claims to be the man who plans to introduce purity into the administration will he begin by investigating the $300 million given to Ravi Karunanayake by the pro-Tiger billionaire in USA, Rajaratnam now serving a jail term in USA for insider trading?
  11. Will Sirisena, under the influence of his main backers, CBK and Ranil, initiate a policy of deviating from the independent foreign policy of Mahinda Rajapaksa and go with CBK’s French connections and Ranil’s IDU dominated by anti-Sri Lankan David Cameron?
  12. What place will be left open for him in the post-election phase in which he proposes to abolish the presidency and appoint the well-known failed leader in Sri Lankan history to run the country?
  13. How does he propose to implement the promises he is giving the voters when he has already promised to hand over executive power to the biggest political flop in Sri Lankan history?
  14. How does he propose to protect  the territorial integrity when he hands over his executive powers to the man who sold the nation to Prabhakaran?
  15. Will he revive the P (pacha)-TO”N”S plans to hand over the North and the East for ten years for the Koti pups in the TNA to run the two regions with the compliments of his two main backers, CBK and Wickremesinghe?
  16. Considering the anti- national political  players behind Sirisena isn’t he the next biggest threat to the unity, national identity and territorial integrity of Sri Lanka?

These are only a few selected questions that he must answer when he goes before the nation to get the votes. Many more are bound  to be raised once he reveals the details of his manifesto. These preliminary questions reveal that not only the Gamarala under his roof but even his political associates, like CBK and Wickremesinghe, are a serious threat to the future of the nation that is now settled on a course, with all its faults, heading towards a future, with a clearly defined path to progress, national identity, national security, territorial integrity.

Sirisena’s proposed My-three-pala-naya” presents a serious threat to the future of the nation. If executive powers are handed over to Wickremesinghe there is no guarantee that he will not move  heaven and earth to reverse the gains achieved by the Security Forces. He has intransigently pursued an anti-Sri Lankan policy, kow-towing to David Cameron and the West. His ambition is  to gain a place in history by rewriting and reversing the history achieved by the self-sacrificing forces that fought Prabhakaran and  his best buddy, Wickremesinghe, to the bitter end. Wickremesinghe and his henchaiyas haven’t yet apologized to the nation for ridiculing our heroic forces and selling the nation to Prabhakaran.

Clearly, in the coming election one of the key questions that the nation will face is this : did our heroic soldiers who were ridiculed by the UNP sacrifice their lives for Wickremesinghe to undo their achievements and hand over the territory liberated by them to the enemies of the nation?

Sirisena is on record saying that he will hand  over his executive powers to Wickremesinghe. How can Sirisena then control him and prevent the nation from being hijacked and taken back to the time when Wickremesinghe handed over the north and the east on a plate to Prabhakaran.

Wickremesinghe is led by David Cameron and not by Sirisena. Wickremesinghe will have no compunction in giving Sirisena the karapincha treatment. He will drop Sirisena like the way Chandrika dropped him, when he was bending into two before Bush in the White House.

But where will the Machiavellian manipulations at the top leave the people at the bottom?


8 Responses to “Sirisena’s “My-three-pala-naya” (CBK, Ranil, And Himself) Has No Future”

  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Today he changed his goalpost and says 100-day national Govt. to bring reforms: but still with Ranil as the Prime Minister.
    Daily Mirror Report says:

    Common Opposition candidate Maithripala Sirisena today pledged to form a national government comprising all political parties represented in Parliament after he wins the presidential election.

    Mr. Sirisena who addressed a meeting at the UNP headquarters Sirikotha said this national government would be for a period of 100 days because he expected to complete the implementation of the much-needed reforms by then.

    He said his struggle was not only to abolish the executive presidency but to save all political parties.

    “Any person running for a third term as the executive president is bound to destroy all political parties,” Mr. Sirisena said and underscored the fact that even the SLFPers had lost their party because of the personal agendas of a few people and requested all political parties to place their trust in him.

    He said he will follow great leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi and the former South African President Nelson Mandela who stepped down from office after his country implemented its political reforms.

    UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe said the new government that would be installed in January would be made up of all political parties and the ministers selected from those parties.

    He said this government will implement all the essential reforms and added that they could go their separate ways and contest the general elections based on their ideological policies.

  2. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    He said he will follow great leaders such as Mahatma Gandhi and the former South African President Nelson Mandela who stepped down from office after his country implemented its political reforms.
    Wrong quote. None of them stepped down from office after their countries implemented their political reforms.

  3. Ananda-USA Says:


    You said “People were grateful to him in 2010. He got the HIGHEST EVER vote percentage at ANY general election. That is ENOUGH.”

    Yes, indeed the people were grateful to him then.

    BUT, that is NOT ENOUGH, because

    1. What they did in Wiining the War and Developing the Nation Rapidly was not a mere flash in the pan to be rewarded with support in ONE election and a “Thank you, Goodbye”, but a huge undertaking transcending ANYTHING & EVERYTHING any government has done within our lifetimes.

    2. The CONSEQUENCES and PERSONAL LIABILITIES of PROTECTING the nation the Rajapaksa Family INCURRED on our behalf, will CONTINUE through their ENTIRE LIVES because of the Eelamist Diaspora, and the Western Neocolonialists exploiting the issue for their own gain.

    So, not only the Rajapakas, but we as a NATION, have incurred a Long Term National Mortgage in exchange for Preserving the Territorial Integrity and Sovereignty of our Nation, the Lives of our People, and gaining the FREEDOM to Rapidly Develop our Economy by allying with whomever we choose (e.g. China).

    Part of paying back that Long Term National Mortgage WE INCURRED is to PROTECT and DEFEND our HEROIC LEADERS who led the Patritic Forces towards that LEGITIMATE goal, executing their SWORN DUTY to PROTECT, DEFEND and UPLIFT their NATION and their PEOPLE.

    We SHOULD NOT, we MUST NOT, indeed we CANNOT, DODGE that Ethical and Moral DUTY by chanting a litany of overblown often fabricated PRETEXTS to abandon them, and hand them over to the tender mercies of Sri Lanka’s AVOWED ENEMIES!

    We should be CONDEMNED to ETERNAL SHAME as CRAVEN COWARDS if we abandon our HEROES!

  4. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sinhalese have very short memories. Before MR people were afraid to go out fearing they would
    not return alive. Bombs were going off everywhere. Nobody was safe. Bandit queen or the Batalande RW
    couldn’t do anything. They were more than willing to divide the country. RW couldn’t kill any terrorist. But
    he had no problem killing Sinhalese youth. During MR’s time no people died like in those years.
    Bandit queen, RW and MS all upset because they can’t get on the gravy wagon. Simple as that. So they get
    together and try to get rid of MR. MR should get rid of the druggie DM who is ruining the Buddhism in the
    country and put a stop to corruption. Or at least control it. He can be the King forever!

    UnPatriotic Party’s (UNP) job has been to divide the Sinhalese and make minorities king makers. Sinhalese
    still don’t understand how much damage they have done to the country, the Sinhalese and the Buddhism.
    RW and bandit queen won’t hesitiate again for a second to divide the country!

  5. Sooriarachi Says:

    The downfall of Mr Sirisena will be mainly due to the support he is promised by some of the most unpopular and untrustworthy sources, such as Ranil, Chandrika and probably from the highly politicised Bar Council, the Tiger proxy TNA etc. I hope the JHU and other nationalist associations will not support Mr Sirisena, as that could lead to a reversal of the ongoing development projects in Sri Lanka and the hard earned peace and unity in the country.

  6. cwije Says:


    We all want best for our birth country.

    But your logic and some facts are not sound.

    If MS is weak then MR was also weak, both kissing CBK ass under her.

    If Ranil changes his 13-A thinking like his changes in exec P, then 13-A could be removed. BBS and JHU have to work on this.

    MR is a multi-ethnic, interfaith prisoner and he will not touch 13-A. He even gave back the war victory to TNA. Now TNA will get what Praba could not get for 30 years using pen

  7. Leela Says:

    I thought MR will win the Presidential race with only plus or minus 52%. That was when RanilW was the expected common candidate and before My3 emerged as the common candidate. When My3 declared himself as the common candidate, I have increased MR’s winning margin for I knew he is much lower caliber opponent to MR than RanilW. As My3 plod in to the quagmire of common policies and his programme as Executive President he is visibly facing the bait of his would be backers. And I am increasing MRs winning margin to a higher position almost daily.

  8. Naram Says:

    Spineless Ranil who had Prabha driving his coachloads and even submaries through the ceasefire now has fallen into another trap devised by Chandrika, TNA and their golfing cronies who used to abrogate many parcels of government property to themselves.

    Sadly RW has sold the interests of many lifelong UNPers like Tissa Attanayake to chase the mirage of a PM position for himself in a pact administered to him by his former foe, CBK.

    Electorate today is wise to realise that whatever may be wrong with present government which can rightly claim thousands of achievements, unrivalled in the history of Sri Lanka, the answer is not bringing back CBK and RW, using a disgruntled ineffectual cabinet member whose only claim to fame was getting Police to kneel not only him but his family members in all sorts of extra legal activities.

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