Cracks in the UNP !
Posted on December 8th, 2014


On Monday, in a surprise turn of events, Tissa Attanayake, General Secretary of the UNP resigned and joined the UPFA. This is no doubt a big blow to the UNP. A few days ago  Maithripala Sirisena General Secretary of the SLFP pledged his support to the Common Opposition and was nominated as the Presidential candidate.  Tissa´s resignation was in the air for some time. Because, at the meeting which was held at Siri Kotha to welcome Maithripala Sirisena, Tissa Attanayake making an emotional speech indirectly said that he would of course prefer to see a person from the UNP nominated as the common opposition candidate. Those who were present felt that he was not too happy with the new developments and there was speculation that he would join the govt. Now that nominations have been handed over by prospective candidates, cross overs from both sides are imminent. President  Rajapakse had said, `We got their Gen Secy and more opposition Parliamentarians are expected to cross´.

With UNP stalwart Tissa Attanayake´s resignation there appears to be cracks in the UNP. Currently there is a rumour that the UNP MP., for Anuradhapura Chandrani Bandara is next in line to cross over. Jayantha Ketagoda from Sarath Fonseka´s party defected to the UPFA on Monday. Maithripala depends on the UNP for the bulk of his votes.TNA is still on the fence. Further, compared to others in the common opposition such as Ranil, Karu J, Sajith and so on Maithripala did not appear to be a leader and is not known so much to the people despite the fact that he was the General Secy of the SLFP.

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  1. helaya Says:


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  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    Briefly, I gather from the Letter of Resignation of Tissa Attanakayake from the UNP, that he resigned resigned because:

    1. The Malik-Ravi-Mangala group gutted his position, and his ability to function, as UNP General Secretary,

    2. The Common Candidate is not a UNP Party leader committed to UNP’s political agenda and acceptable to rank-and-file party members,

    3. The 3 Conditions in the Agreement to back Maithripala Sirisena as the Common Candidate negotiated by the Malik-Ravi-Mangala group, to wit

    3.1 Upon Maithripala Sirisena being elected as Executive President, he would within 24 hours appoint Ranil Wickramasinghe as the Prime Minister and transfer the Executive Powers of the Presidency to the Prime Minister and his Cabinet of Ministers.

    3.2 Maithripala Sirisena would be accepted and named as the Common Candidate upon bringing with him 20-25 UPFA members, defecting the Common Opposition.

    3.3 Maithripala Sirisena would revise the Constitution completely, and abolish the Executve Presidency within 100 days.

    have already been violated in that Maithripala Sirisena did not bring 20-25 defectors, and, therefore, should not have been named the Common Candidate.

    4. After winning the Executive Presidency, Maitripala Sirisena and the JHU ship-jumpers INTEND to create a new political party of THEIR OWN, outside the UNP, viloating UNP expectations and creating another split within the Common Opposition, and not giving the UNP the benefit of the defectors from the SLFP!


    1. The EXTENT of the MONUMENTAL TREACHERY committed by the Maithripala Sirisena in agreeing in SECRET to GUT the Constitution of the Nation and hand over the nation to its AVOWED enemies that he had fought against as an SLFP party member for 47-years!

    Does this STUPID Common Candidate DESERVE our TRUST?

    2. The EXTENT of the INTERNECINE FACTIONAL INFIGHTING, CORROSIVE ROT & DECAY within the UNP itself. This does not begin to touch the issue of MINORITY INTERESTS with the UNP that TIME & AGAIN PREVENTS the UNP from adequately PROTECTING & DEFENDING the Nation.

    Does this FRACTURED United National Party DESERVE our TRUST?

    3. The Common Opposition is “Common” in name only, its FRACTURING into MORE opposing camps within itself, is ALREADY UNDERWAY!

    What an UNHOLY Alliance and Three-Ring-Circus of Untrustworthy Bunglers!

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    So the UNP general secretary TA is better known than the SLFP general secretary My3?

    MOST SLs know My3.

    IF My3 is serious about winning………………….

    CBK should use her father to get as many votes from GAMPAHA, GALLE and MATARA. IF bandit fails to get these pro-Bandaranayaka districts, she is useless.

    Gampaha is key. That is where MR had the HIGHEST lead in 2005 and 2010. Bandaranayaka name still sells there.

    My3 + UNP + JVP + Gonzeka + Minorities is higher than UPFA in Polonnaruwa, Colombo, Nuwara Eliya, Kandy, Badulla, Jaffna, Vanni, Trinco, Batti, Ampara districts already.

    Kurunegala is the other big district. SB Navinna has already held discussions with My3. Govt. depends on UNPers Jonston, Bogollagama and Dayasiri there. A very shaky strategy.


    Cracks in the UNP? Yes they deserve it. Executive presidency is the corner stone of the SL constitution. It was NOT UNP government that wrote it. JRJ had every ethnicity participating in production of this great constitution. Getting Tissa Athanayake was a huge gain for MR. Now he can sit back and enjoy the circus. I do not know how he played the chess game. Lorenzo, please suggest CBK to hold a political meeting at an out side park, in Gampaha. I bet there will be a stone throwing contest. Remember she was kicked out of Gampha by SLFP committee few years ago. At that time Mrs. B was alive. I do not know about Matara and Galle, but I know Gampha, she might not get 10 votes!

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    SL needs a proper Buddhist leader not a Hindu leader. he should be going to Sri Dalada Maligawa instead. This is a disgrace to Buddhist SL.

    “Tight security arrangements are made in the temple city of Tirupati ahead of the visit of Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa who will be on a two-day pilgrimage starting Tuesday.

    According to Collector Siddharth Jain, the special flight carrying Mr. Rajapaksa and his entourage will be flying into the Renigunta airport at 4.30 pm, from where he will reach Tirumala hills by road. After offering prayers late in the evening and again participating in the pre-dawn ritual on Wednesday, he will motor down the hills by 8.15 am, reach airport by 9.30 am and fly back to Colombo.”

    -The Hindu.

  7. SA Kumar Says:

    Buddhist is reborn of Visnhu (temple city of Tirupati ) .
    MR is Real Hindhu Buddist not Saiva Hindhu .

  8. Vimutti Says:

    >>>MOST SLs know My3.<<<

    Lorenzo, Maithripala is NOT known for his capacity to lead or govern the country.

    He gets 2/3rds of UNP at best, 2/3rds of JVP, 2/3rds of Fonseka party, half muslims, 1/4 upcountry, and 90% of TNA.

    Sorry, but that only adds up to 40% of the vote nationwide.

    You really are forgetting that Fonseka already tried this Maithripala coalition in 2010, and since that time MR has INCREASED his support from Muslims and Upcountry Tamils. Fonseka was a war HERO who still handed MR 58% of the vote, whereas Maithripala is a nobody who hasn't achieved anything significant that has helped the Sri Lanka people in his decades involvement in government. It therefore really is wishful thinking that Maithripala will fair any better than Fonseka, and will most likely fair much worse.

    As an aside, Maithripala came to Kandy today and almost no one attended his rally or were excited about him coming to town. At some point you need to ask yourself why aren't crowds of voters swarming over Maitihripala? they don't see him as someone who can help them, they see him as an opportunist trying to get power for Ranil and his Western sponsors.

  9. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Lorenzo and Kumar

    Traditionally in every Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka there is a section dedicated to Hindu gods It is a customary for every Sinhala Buddhist to pay a visit to these Hindu Kovils after visiting the main Buddhist section of the temple.

    This tradition has started when we had Hindu kings ruling in Sri Lanka. That has been further encouraged over the years by filling the gap that Buddhism as a religion does not provide. That is seeking a supernatural force of influence to comfort you in times of trouble or uncertainty by the enlivening god’s influences upon your life.

    That’s why Hindu Kovil at Katheragama and Thirukeshvaram are so popular among Sinhala Buddhists

    Buddhism is a philosophy and you cannot seek any spiritual comfort by enlivening Buddha’s influences upon your life. .

    Buddhism is opened to many modifications and influence in relation to the cultural identity of the nation (. Chinese Buddhism, Japanese Buddhism and Vietnamese Buddhism)

    Being a Catholic Tamil I am sure Lorenzo is not aware of this fact. So don’t try to be a fundamentalist

  10. ranjit Says:

    Mangala has made UNP Awamangala.R.I.P. These lunatics do not have any agenda except selling our country to outside contractors for millions of dollars. Did you saw who were there to pay the deposit for Sirisena Goiya? This worthless guy won’t be seen after the elections for a long time.He has to pack his baggage and go and live with Bandit Queen. Nothing else he can do. He should have taken advise from Fonseka before agreeing to be the Opposition candidate against the most popular president ever lived. Fonseka said” no one was there after the defeat” That’s true.He was a General atleast. What is this guy just a simple MEE HARAKA.

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    IF there are Hindu kovils inside Buddhist temples AND there are many more Hindu kovils in the country, why should MR go to Endia?

    Why can’t he pray at SL kovils?

    Look at the other candidate. Who is more Sri Lankan and who is more Endian?

    “The first propaganda rally of the common candidate Maithripala Sirisena after handing over nominations is being held opposite Kandy Market at present.

    A massive crowd has come to welcome the common candidate. Mr. Maithripala Sirisena engaged in religious ceremonies at the Temple of the Tooth before he attended the rally. He also visited Mahanayaka of Malwatte Chapter Venerable Thibbotuwawe Siddhartha Thero to receive his blessings.

  12. Independent Says:


    What you said is true except I don’t agree with the “philosophy” theory and the part include Lorenzo( he is not a Catholic).

    “But the following statement is completely wrong ! It proves your ignorance.
    Buddhism is a philosophy and you cannot seek any spiritual comfort by enlivening Buddha’s influences upon your life. . “

    They why do we say “Buddham Saranam Gachchaami” ?

    Going refuge to the Buddha , Dhamma, Sangha is the only qualification to be a Buddhist. It is like Baptism. After that you can develop gradually.

    Mind you , what we do in the Devale is firstly transfer merit to the Deities ( I don’t agree they are Hindu Gods entirely) knowing that they will help good people. We can’t expect them to help you win elections unjustly.

    If you say “Hindu Gods Saranam Gachchami” you are not a Buddhist. Our President is not a Buddhist. He went to Popes’ feet. He believes and work according to hindu belifs. He has become a multireligious , confuse individual. With all due respect and gratitude for all his good work, I must insist that he has completely reversed his good work and going in wrong direction.

  13. Independent Says:

    Actually Lorenzo is a Buddhist. He said this before the chief monk.

    “මඩ සෝදාගත් කළ ගොවියා රජකමටත් සුදුසුයි” යන කියමන දැන් යථාර්ථයක් වී ඇතැයි සියම් මහ නිකායේ පාර්ශ්වයේ මහානායක තිබ්බටුවාවේ ශ්‍රී සිද්ධාර්ථ සුමංගල මහනාහිමියෝ පවසති.

    “mada Sodagath Goviya rajakamatath Sudusui” Malwatu Maha Naahimi.

  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    Utter BS!

    Lorenzo is NEITHER a Buddhist nor a Catholic; I know his religion but I will not reveal it. It is for him to shout it from the roof tops … if he wants to!

    For the rest of us, whatever religion he is, it should be PERFECTLY OK … that is his business … leave it alone, I say!

    Labels do not define a man; but the QUALITY of one’s ACTIONS and the CONTENT of one’s CHARACTER do!

  15. Ananda-USA Says:

    NeelaMahaYoda is correct:

    “Traditionally in (nearly, my edit) every Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka there is a section dedicated to Hindu gods. It is a customary for every Sinhala Buddhist to pay a visit to these Hindu Kovils after visiting the main Buddhist section of the temple.”

    Being of a Vinayawardhana Buddhist mindset, I have never liked having images of Gods and in Buddhist temples.

    But, that is how it is in Sri Lanka, and millions of Sinhala Buddhists worship these gods as well.

    Some worship ONLY Sri Lanka’s guardian dieties (Hatarawaran Deviyo) while others worship the whole, or a sub set of, the Hindu pantheon.

    I hope someday, that the Buddhists of Sri Lanka will wean themselves away from God worship. That is transformation is taking place slowly, but it is not happening soon enough for me! But, that too is OK for every citizen should have the inalienable right to worship as he or she pleases, without hindrance or compulsion by others.

  16. Independent Says:

    Nevertheless undeniable truth is President went to Hindu Kovil to get blessings and My3 went to Dalada Maligawa to get blessings at the same time. Before this he went to Vatican to get blessing from Pope.

    Every Buddhist knows they don’t go to the Samn Devale, Vishnu Devale and Kataragama Devale to get blessing. They go there and do “Pin Anumodana”, reciting “ettta Vachach …” and knowing the gods with Samma Ditthi will look after good people they go there. It does not mean the go to the refuge of Hindu Gods. You don’t have to go to India to transfer merits.
    Having said that, even the man who climbed coconut tree to steal coconuts had something to say.

  17. Independent Says:

    I don’t care his religion. He is the first to say the same thing as what Malvatu Maha nayaka Himi said, as were are aware. That is why I gave him Honorary Buddhist Upasaka title.

  18. Lorenzo Says:


    Don’t take it LITERALLY. But NMY and you are correct about CATHOLICISM. I’m not part of that pedophile BRANCH.

    “mada Sodagath Goviya rajakamatath Sudusui” Malwatu Maha Naahimi.”

    Great minds think alike.

    What matters is SAMMA DITTI verses SUMMA DITTI.

    Our ancient Sinhela wisdom CANNOT be wrong.

    “mada Sodagath Goviya rajakamatath Sudusui”

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    I have acquired SAMMA DITTI in SL politics. I don’t miss the woods for the trees.

    I invite Ananda (my friend for 7 years) to ditch his SUMMA DITTI and see the reality.

    DASARAJADHARMA (=good governance) is a far call for SL today.

  20. NeelaMahaYoda Says:


    Then why do we say “Buddham Saranam Gachchaami” ?

    I am happy to answer your above question.

    This is called Ti-Sarana or threefold refuge. and threefold refuge is not seeking any supernatural force of influence to comfort you in times of trouble or uncertainty by the enlivening Buddha’s influences upon your life.

    To take refuge in this way means to take refuge in the quality of our own intentions and express our allegiance to the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha.

    The concept of refuge is central to the path of practice, in that the practice is aimed at gaining release from dangers of greed, anger, and delusion.

    The act of going for refuge marks the point where one commits oneself to taking the Dhamma, or the Buddha’s teaching, as the primary guide to one’s life. To understand why this commitment is called a “refuge,” it’s helpful to look at the history of the custom.

    In pre-Buddhist India, going for refuge meant proclaiming one’s allegiance to a patron — a powerful person or god — submitting to the patron’s directives in hopes of receiving protection from danger in return. In the early years of the Buddha’s teaching career, his new followers adopted this custom to express their allegiance to the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha, but in the Buddhist context this custom took on a new meaning.

    Buddhism is not a theistic religion — the Buddha is not a god — and so a person taking refuge in the Buddhist sense is not asking for the Buddha personally to intervene to provide protection. Still, one of the Buddha’s central teachings is that human life is fraught with dangers — from greed, anger, and delusion — and so the concept of refuge is central to the path of practice, in that the practice is aimed at gaining release from those dangers. Because the mind is the source both of the dangers and of release, there is a need for two levels of refuge: external refuges, which provide models and guidelines so that we can identify which qualities in the mind lead to danger and which to release; and internal refuges, i.e., the qualities leading to release that we develop in our own mind in imitation of our external models. The internal level is where true refuge is found.

    Although the tradition of going to refuge is an ancient practice, it is still relevant for our own practice today, for we are faced with the same internal dangers that faced people in the Buddha’s time. We still need the same protection as they. When a Buddhist takes refuge, it is essentially an act of taking refuge in the doctrine of karma: It’s an act of submission in that one is committed to living in line with the principle that actions based on skillful intentions lead to happiness, while actions based on unskillful intentions lead to suffering; it’s an act of claiming protection in that, by following the teaching, one hopes to avoid the misfortunes that bad karma engenders. To take refuge in this way ultimately means to take refuge in the quality of our own intentions, for that’s where the essence of karma lies.

  21. Lorenzo Says:


    We are getting side tracked.

    The issue is:

    MR goes to Endia to worship a HINDU Thirupathi shrine while My3 goes to SRI DALADA MALIGAWA.

    Ancient SL beliefs says the person who is blessed by the SRI DALADA MALIGAWA is MOST suited to rule to country.

    Am I wrong?

    NO SL LEADER EVER has worshipped Thirupathi before assuming power and POPE AFTER assuming power!!
    Where else will our leaders go to? Mecca?

  22. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Your information is incorrect.
    After handing over nomination MR went to Viyalankara Pirivena at Peliyagoda and MS went to Raja Maha Vihara at Kelaniya for normal religious observations.

    MS went to Kandy because he had organised his first meeting in Kandy. MR is organising his first political meeting at Anuradhapura as announced.

    Visiting Thirupathi is purely his personal choice and we have no rights to comment on his personal relationship whatever he has got with these Indian Gods.

    By the way we don’t have any Sri Lankan gods, all gods in Sri Lanka also Indian passport holders including Katheregama Devio and Sumana Saman Devio.

  23. Lorenzo Says:


    You are CORRECT but I’m corerct too.

    MR did go to Viyalankara Pirivena at Peliyagoda.

    At the same time my comment is also correct.

    “By the way we don’t have any Sri Lankan gods, all gods in Sri Lanka also Indian passport holders including Katheregama Devio and Sumana Saman Devio.”

    I disagree. I think they are purely SL gods.

    Anyway my UNLIMITED DEVOTION to GOD KATARAGAMA will not change. Sometimes I travel to SL JUST to go there.

  24. Independent Says:

    I agree with your explanation mostly on going refuge to triple gem.

    But you have got few statements wrong.

    For example “When a Buddhist takes refuge, it is essentially an act of taking refuge in the doctrine of karma: It’s an act of submission ..”, . Karma can be changed but our action, so we cannot take refugee “in the doctrine of karma”. Karma is a is not a doctrine but burden of sanskara created by unenlightened beings. Anyway we are not far apart from thinking here, so withdraw my statement of “your ignorance”. Let us come to the point.

    My3 started his campaign at Dalada Maligawa with the blessing of Chief monk.
    He did not go to Indian Kovils for refuge, nor he went to Vatican, before starting campaign.
    Same thing cannot be said for the president.

    OK, if he is staring at Anuradhapura, he went those two Holy places prior to that.

    But most important issue is My3 is a true Sinhala Buddhist he does not trust other practices and horrible superstitions and Kendaras to waste huge amount of public money by conducting selfish, unnecessary elections creating a lot of disharmony among Sinhala Buddhists..

    You trust the President. I trust My3.

    Let us keep it like that and move on. Thank you Sir.

  25. Lorenzo Says:

    Did you seasoned historians notice what I noticed?

    After EXACTLY 800 years later we have the national ruler from RAJARATA. Lets restart from where that kallathoni KALINGAM MAGHA (1215) ended the GLORIOUS Rajarata rule. De ja wu!

    It took us 800 years folks!

    For 300 years from 1215 to 1515 we were in wilderness.
    For another 440 years from 1515 to 1955 the Europeans and Euro-peons ruled us.
    For another 60 years various COLOMBO educated people ruled us.

    FINALLY we take the throne back to where it rightfully belong – RAJARATA. De ja wu!

    Are you on the RIGHT side of history or the wrong side?

  26. Lorenzo Says:

    Thank you NMY for tolerating my comments in LW.

    (When you are in someone’s house it is COMMON COURTESY you play by their rules. Fair enough. No dispute.)

  27. Independent Says:

    You are excellent Lorenzo. Let us wish 2015 historic event will come true.
    There are risks, as always. But wisdom guides us reducing risks.
    Normal human mind and brain cannot catch certain dangers.
    Some Hot News may be true. Some people sure have booked flights to their countries of residence.
    Those who have done the right thing, have nothing to worry about.

    But I am really worried. I smell some tragedy. I feel like 1989 – 1990 period. The rulers are not open to public. They do a lot of unusual things for absolutely no reason. When this happens there is always huge problems.

  28. Vimutti Says:

    >>>My3 started his campaign at Dalada Maligawa with the blessing of Chief monk.
    He did not go to Indian Kovils for refuge, nor he went to Vatican, before starting campaign.
    Same thing cannot be said for the president.<<<

    This is a Red Herring being pushed by Lorenzo – MS NEEDS more Buddhist votes to have any chance of splitting the Buddhist vote for the benefit of Ranil and his Western masters. This is why he is suddenly hanging out with monks during this election – something he has never done in his life. MS already has 90% of the TNA vote with the secret deal between Ranil and TNA on devolving more power if he is elected so he 'thinks' he doesn't need to campaign in the Tamil community or visit their temples at all.

    MR, on the other hand, ALREADY HAS the Buddhist vote, and now is seeking to 'build' on his coalition by splitting the Tamil vote by appealing DIRECTLY to Tamil voters (bypassing the TNA) by visiting their temples. This is an effort to show that despite being a Sinhalese Buddhist, MR respects the Hindu religion and is not interested in wiping out Hinduism by asserting Buddhist majority rule in Sri Lanka.

    Two diametrically opposed ELECTION strategies – one divisive (MS), and one inclusive (MR). You don't have to be a math genius to figure out which strategy is going to prevail on January 8th (hint: getting MORE voters always prevails over getting less voters)

  29. Ananda-USA Says:

    You said

    “The issue is:

    MR goes to Endia to worship a HINDU Thirupathi shrine while My3 goes to SRI DALADA MALIGAWA.

    Ancient SL beliefs says the person who is blessed by the SRI DALADA MALIGAWA is MOST suited to rule to country.

    Am I wrong?”


    Your interpretation of MR’s visiting Tirupati is WRONG; it is not the ISSUE you claim it to be, NOR is it SIGNIFICANT!

    ONCE AGAIN you are HARPING ON INSIGNIFICANT issues, trying to DIVIDE & CONQUER to favor your election client, ignoring the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM!

    MR is not the President of the BUDDHISTS ONLY; he is the President of ALL Sri Lankans, belonging to ALL of Sri Lanka’s RELIGIONS!

    He has gone to Tirupati because he wants to show to his fellow Hindu citizens that he honors their religion too.

    After all, Hinduism is the CLOSEST to his own Buddhist religion of all religions existing in Sri Lanka, sharing many fundamental concepts.

    For the same reason, he HONORS the Christian religion by inviting the Pope to visit, and HONORS moderate Muslims by inviting Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dr Mahathir Mohamad to inaugurate two residential development projects in SRi Lanka. In these ways, he builds friendly alliances for Sri Lanka and indirectly honors the religions of local communities.

    We recall, your strenuous DEMONIZATION of Narendra Modi not too long ago, and bitterly criticism of MR for going to Modi’s inauguration. But to your great credit you ADMITTED YOUR ERROR when that INITIATIVE yielded ENORMOUS DIPLOMATIC DIVIDENDS for Sri Lanka.

    Your were GRIEVOUSLY WRONG then, dear Lorenzo; you are EQUALLY WRONG NOW!

    President Mahinda Rajapaksa said, not too long ago “there are only two kinds of Sri Lankans: those who love their Motherland, and those who don’t”. He is in fact saying to them all “Look, don’t REJECT ME because I am a Sinhala Buddhist.” “I am trying to build a Sri Lanka where ALL Sri Lankans can feel at home, irrespective of their religion, and irrespective of the religion of their President.”

    He is saying “Judge me by the fairness and justice of my actions, not imagined PREJUDICES, and be as fair and just to me as I am being to you!”

    Those who try demonize the President to advance their own agendas, grounded in their own prejudices, desperately trying to minimize his achievements, his fairness and the justice he delivers to all, magnifying and misinterpreting every one of his action through COMMUNAL lenses, designed to PIT the People of Sri Lanka against EACH OTHER and AGAINST HIM, are ABSOLUTELY WRONG and WILL BE SOUNDLY DEFEATED by the Patriotic People of Sri Lanka in whose hearts the message of the President has RESONATED and been PROFOUNDLY UNDERSTOOD and APPRECIATED!


  30. Ananda-USA Says:


    You said “even the man who climbed coconut tree to steal coconuts had something to say.”

    You may have gotten the saying WRONG!

    I had heard it as “gahen watunu minihath vedek wuna”!

    For the benefit of the very young (sic), in English this means that “even the man who fell from the tree is a doctor”.

    The story behind this, which I heard as a small child, is that a coconut picker who climbs coconut trees to pick coconuts for his living fell from the tree. He was prescribed a topical lotion by a doctor. As soon as he was cured, this enterprising man bought gallons of it and started prescribing it to others for every one of their ailments, very soon gaining a reputation in the community as the “affordable” physician of choice!

  31. Independent Says:

    No. It is a different story.
    A coconut thief climbed a coconut tree and started descending soon he saw the owner coming running towards the tree.
    Then the owner asked him why he climbed the tree without permission. He said he urgently needed some grass and climbed up to find the grass.
    How can you get grass on a coconut tree the owner the asked.
    Then the man said , that is why he is coming down.

  32. Lorenzo Says:


    Last time MR won 58% and SF 40%.

    Muslims, Christians and upcountry Tamils were SOLDILY behind MR. Not this time.

    My3 needs only 32% of Buddhist votes to win.

    Out of 30% minorities, My3 has 28%.
    Buddhist votes 70% x 32% = 22.4%
    Total 50.4%

    But My3 is going to get over 40% Buddhist votes.

    Don’t think MR is going to get many Hindu votes just because he went to a kovil.

  33. Independent Says:

    I think Tamils will not vote so much for My3. for the North 30 precent may go to the president. Voting may also be less than last time.

  34. Independent Says:

    Regardless of races, 1/10 shift and game over. I am sure the president is 0.1 more unpopular now than then.

    Only thing he can do is to build up the popularity.
    Silly arguments and money distribution cannot do this.

    He MUST make some solid promised to Sinhala Buddhists. SB’s also MUST ask for more

  35. Vimutti Says:

    >>>But My3 is going to get over 40% Buddhist votes.<<<

    How is this going to happen, Lorenzo? War HERO Fonseka could not even get 40% of the Buddhist vote, so why would they give someone who is less accomplished and less well known (MS) their vote when they did not give it to Fonseka? You really think a few photo ops with monks and a "Maithri" name is going to fool a lot of Buddhists?

    And no, Muslims split their vote (50/50) in 2010, and upcountry Tamils were only a little better at 60/40 for MR. This time MR gets about the same Muslim support (justice minister DOES count a lot) and about 75% of upcountry Tamils.

    And, yes, honoring and respecting the Hindu religion will get MR some more Tamil votes, whereas MS is taking the Tamil vote for granted based on his 'secret' devolution deal with the TNA.

    It is looking like 22% Buddhist vote (mainly UNP) for MS, half Muslim vote, 25% Upcountry Tamils, and 90% TNA. Like I said before this is a 40% or lower scenario for MS, putting him well behind Fonseka in 2010.

    I am calling the race at 62% MR and 38% MS, so save this post and remind me on January 8th.

  36. Independent Says:

    I think president knows more than you that he would struggle to get 55% and in two years time, after he has completed more sneaky actions, he knows he would loose big time. That is why he called the elections now.
    JHU gone, unexpected JVP+UNP+DNA+ JHU formidable opposition should win extra 10% required from last elections.

    As I said, wait an see, he may come back with more goodies for Sinhala people, not Tamils and Muslims. Then there will be a very close fight.

  37. Vimutti Says:

    >>>That is why he called the elections now.<<<

    I know the popular story by the wishful thinking of the opposition and those who oppose the president is that he is calling the early election because of popularity slipping. This is not the case.

    The early election has more to do with showing that he DOES still have popular support ahead of the UNHRC report that comes out in March. The combination of strong popular support in a recent election and Sri Lanka's own reconciliation plan and internal war crimes investigation demonstrates to outsiders that most Sri Lankans approve of the president's post-war approach, and therefore the external meddling is properly viewed as UN-DEMOCRATIC and against the will of the Sri Lankan people.

    The recent UVA election is NOT indicative of the president's popularity slipping, it is indicative of lower voter turn-out at non-national or presidential elections, in which the machinations of incumbancy and attention to and focus on "national" issues by the voters were not fully at work.

  38. Vimutti Says:


    JHU is NOT worth a 10% swing to MS. There is a REASON JHU has ‘decreased’ its number of seats from 9 in 2005 (6% of the vote) to 3 (2% of the vote) today. Most Buddhist voters don’t believe JHU is relevant to anything they care about, and that they are more interested in making a lot of noise rather than helping the people of Sri Lanka.

  39. Lorenzo Says:


    That was because JHU DID NOT FIELD as many candidates as in 2004.

    But ALL the candidates it fielded in 2010 WON!

    ALL Tamil MPs of govt. have resigned today. CWC and EPDP are the ONLY Tamils left with govt. now.

    2 crossed over from govt. to UNP today.

  40. Vimutti Says:

    >>>But ALL the candidates it fielded in 2010 WON!<<<

    Yeah, only 3 out of 225! That doesn't add up to 10% of the vote, and is in the 1 to 2% range. JUH really is irrelevant, so I don't know why this is even a story. Any other party that is not 'Buddhist" in character that only has 1-2% of the vote is simply dismissed.

  41. Vimutti Says:

    >>>ALL Tamil MPs of govt. have resigned today. CWC and EPDP are the ONLY Tamils left with govt. now.<<<

    Now we know for sure that the Tamil Eelam votes are going to Ranil/Maithripala, and there is only ONE reason why – they promised them a separate Tamil state in Sri Lanka if they get elected.

  42. Independent Says:

    I didn’t say JHU alone 10% . Please read properly.
    Fonseka alone won 5% recently. JVP, JHU also have votes. They are better speakers and they have brilliant people unlike the President, who is surrounded by Mervyn Silva, Duminda Silva, Sajin Vass, Keheliya etc. 10% easy. Then My3 will bring another 5% at least.

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