Sri Lankan Presidential Elections  Jan 08, 2015 – Mahinda Got the Winning Horoscope
Posted on December 10th, 2014

By : Gamini Dissanayake St Catharines ON Canada

So many astrological predictions have been given so far by so many as to who will win:  from Vedic, Numerology to Chinese!

One Rajsingham Jayadevan  writing for the Colombo Telegraph on Nov 28, 2014  [reproduced last month in Sri Lanka Reporter Toronto] in a piece titled Mahinda in Dire Straits” wrote and I quote :

For those who believe in astrological predictions, the major Saturn change on 2 November 2014 for his Aeris Raasi is definitely not helpful for him.

According to general predictions- Overview: ‘Sani Bhagawan is moving from the 7th house to the 8th house. You are coming out of Kandaka Sani but entering onto the worst part of Asthama Sani. Right now things are bad, but going forward it will become worse and terrible. You may expect to have problems in each and every aspect of your life. The intensity of the problems will be extreme from Dec 2014 to July 2015. You will have good relief when Jupiter is moving onto your Poorva Punya Sthanam by July 2015.

Overall, you cannot expect any good results from Saturn, but other transiting planets can help you. Avoid doing any kind of investments for the next 3 years. Even though Jupiter is in your favourable spot for one year, you need to take my predictions to make sure you are prepared for the worst and hope for the best. Otherwise you do not need to continue reading my predictions from this point ( KT Astrologer – Network Bandwidth Monitor). Detailed predictions do not give any hope for Mahinda Rajapaksa for next two and a half years.”

Jayadevan stopped with the Overview. Not a word from the so-called ‘detailed predictions”

So I responded :  ”  Just Because Mahinda’s Natal Moon Sign/Rasi is Aries, does not mean that mere ingress of Saturn to Scorpio [8th house from Radical Moon Nov 2, 14- Jan 27,17] is going to trigger his downfall.  Vedic Astrology never permits us to predict anything going by just one indicator/factor. A competent astrologer would cast a chart [not one but at least 16 for one individual] using CORRECT Date, Time and Place of Birth. He would then examine the Running Dasas/Planetary Periods first, Applicable Power Yogas second, AshtakaVargas/Directional Strength of planets third, Solar Return/Varshapal Chart fourth and then examine the time-tested vital Double Transit of Jupiter and Saturn.

KN Rao the most distinguished living astrologer, author and guide of over 45 published works/researches at the Bharathiya Vidya Bawan in Delhi gives so much weight to this DT of Jup-Sat that he chose to produce a one-of-a-kind book on it titled Ups and Downs in Career.

I have looked at the charts [birth data were from reliable sources] of not only MR and MS but also of RW, CBK and KaruJ.

You know what Bro, MR got the winning Chart/Horoscope. Period”

 Gamini Dissanayake. Nov 29, 2014

The so-called KT Astrologer should know that on July 15, 2015 Jupiter moves to Leo which is the 12th house of  Foreign Deals, Spiritual Practices, Community Service and Losses , in Mahinda chart,  not the  house of Poorva Punya which is  the 9th house. KT  is 2 years behind.

Here’s another  from one  Dr Upasiri de Silva titled Chinese Numerology Supercedes Sri Lankan Astrology”  [Colombo Telegraph. Nov 30, 14]

Mahindra Rajapaksa has his personal astrologer, most of the time around the Temple Trees, to check for best times and days to engage in any activity. Mahinda does everything according to Astrological dates and times, but he had changed his mind this time when he selected the dates for the Presidential elections, according to a very reliable source from the Presidential House.

The Astrological dates for Nomination and Election were different to the dates Election Commissioner announced this time. It seems Mahinda is now not following the Astrological dates. Why did he select Numerical dates at this time? Chinese has so much influence on Mahinda and he is now forced to discard his Astrologer’s dates for Chinese auspicious dates as dictated by them.

The day Presidential elections was proclaimed, I had never thought about the importance of the two dates in December and January. But after reading a Chinese article on Numerology, I suddenly realised Mahinda Rajapaksa is well and truly is under the Chinese power. Number 8 (Eight) is the most important number for Chinese in their Calendar and their influence forced Mahinda Rajapaksa to throw away the Astrological dates given to him and selected December 8th and January 8th as the nomination and election dates, as he was told by the Chinese that he will be able to defeat anyone contesting him if he used those dates.

Unfortunately late PM SWRD Bandaranaike was born on 8th January, and now this day he selected is creating problems for him and his advisers.

Why did Rajapaksa discard the Astrological dates is a mystery to many. The person who provided me this information told me that Rajapaksa got very agitated when he heard January 8th is the Birth Day of late SWRD Bandaranaike.

Even if he selected any date this time he is going to lose very badly as he is hated by most in Sri Lanka. But now his trust on Chinese numerology has eroded and he is fuming about using the Chinese numerological dates for this crucial Presidential election.”

 On Birth Star Power Indicators in Jyotish or Vedic, I have explained how Jan 8 has become Parama Maithri to MR Birth Star.

May I remind Dr de Silva that Astrology used in Sri Lanka is Vedic. In Sinhala it is called Vedanga Jyotisha.

In another comment to an opinion by Ernest Macintyre on Ceylon, Sri Lanka and India: The ER Sarachchandra Encounter” [Colombo Telegraph Nov 27, 2014]  a person calling oneself a Proud Sri Lankan insulted  the writer calling him Mleche [foreign] devil and  Idiot  and wrote 40% of the Sri Lankans still think that the Sun goes around the Earth, and the Earth is not considered a planet by them. They believe in Astrology including the current President

My point is everyone should respect the opinions of others but stooping down to level personal attacks can never be acceptable, and defies basic civility

Anyways, assuming the Birth Data [Date, Time and Place of Birth] of the two main contenders are correct here is what I see from their Charts/Horoscopes

 The parameters used in this paper are the ones I mentioned above in my reply to Jayadevan:  Plus [6] Jaimini Significatiors/Karakatwa  and [7] Birth Star Power Indicators  for Jan 8

 Synthesis of  the parameters 1-5  used in this paper  is the same as examined  by me to predict the  second term victory of Obama over Romney  in 2012. The Obama paper also analyzed  the charts of the running mates Bidon and Ryan.

 For starters, the Birth Data.  Mahinda was born on Sunday Nov 18, 1945 at 0345 hours in Matara. His Lagna/Ascendant is Kanya or  28*Virgo 33’ and therefore the Navamasa/Harmonic 9th is Virgo again. Precession/Ayanamsa  used  is Lahiri/Chitrapaksha -23:05:45

 For Maitripala it was Monday September 3, 1951 @  0942 hours in Gampaha. Lagna is Thula / 11*Libra 54’ and Makara/Capricorn Navamsa . Lahiri -23:11:02


 In MR chart  four  planets Sun, Moon, Mars and Saturn sit on fortunate Pushkara Navamsa/PN at birth. Out of the  108 Navamsas [orbs of 3*20’ degrees]  in the Zodiac 24 are PN. Charts that got 3 ormore major  planets on PN usually show distinguished careers.

 Vargottama Lagna [in the same Harmonic Division in Navamsa] yields more power and vital harmony and balance  to the chart. Jupiter in Lagna [in Kendra or Trikona in any chart] for life-long fortune and protection and wisdom

 His running Vimshottari [120 year cycle] Dasa/Planetary Period  is Jupiter-Venus-Mercury  from Nov 22, 2014 thru Apr 9, 2015.

 For glory in public life you need the participation of 7th and 10th house lords in running Dasas. The 7th for people skills and diplomacy  [for short] and the 10th for career performance . Both deal with public life. Due to his harmonious Vargottama Lagna Ju-Ve-Me are his most helpful 4/7,  2/9 and 1/10 house Kendra and Trikona Lords/ Rulers

 Maha Dasa/Major Period  Lord Jupiter who also owns 4th house in this context indicates the highest status or the Throne”  at birth in Lagna, and in essence acquires the powers of the Lagna Lord for himself for powerful self projection to the outer world.

 And in transit,  Jupiter now sits in the house of abundance, labha/gain, leader of the team, and honour thru career performance, exalted in Cancer the 11th house

 Mercury the Sub-period/Antar Dasa Lord is both Lagna and 10th  house lord. And sub sub period Lord/Pratyantar Dasa lord is Venus who rules 2/9 house. 2nd for taste , finesse in speech and 9th for fortune, divine grace and higher side of the mind.  In Navamsa,  Venus and Mercury in the 6th give excellent endurance and competitive spirit

 In fact Venus and Mercury are the most fortunate and powerful Dharma 9th and Karma 10th Lords. Hence running Dasas are very supportive.

 Plus in  Jaimini System  when Atma Karaka and Amatya Karaka planets  share a running Dasa  native’s aspirations are realized.  Jupiter is Mahinda’s Atma Karaka  or the planet that fulfills the aspirations of his ‘Soul’ and Mercury is his Amatya Karaka or the position giver. Venus the Pratyantar Dasa Lord is for prowess

The day [Jan 8] belongs to Ashlesha Nakshatra ruled by Mercury his Lagna Lord until about 4:30 pm.   It is a ring of stars in the constellation of Hydra in modern astronomy and counted from his Birth Star/Janma Nakshatra Ashwini/Alpha-Arietes and Beta-Arietes, it’s  Parama Maitri or Ever Friendly or Helpful for him..


Is an   intricate web  of matrix” generated by the donation of benefic and malefic points through the interaction by the seven planets and Lagna” at birth  and is a powerful tool used for prediction.

For  significant glory in public life the Bindus or benefic points donated by the seven major planets Sun thru Saturn  to 10th 11th 12th and 1st or Lagna houses are  a valid indicator  in synthesis with the other parameters above. [We never go by just one or two indicators. And nothing is black or white in Vedic]  The total of such donation to a sign/house is called Sarva/Samudaya/Full Ashtak.

 The rule is:  the points for 11th  house [dividends /return or ROI]  should be more than for  10th house [input for career/public life ]. The 12th house of losses/trepidation should be lower than both 11th and Lagna.

 The Lagna, its ruler and planets connected to Lagna tell us  how we project ourselves to the outer world. Let me tabulate this rule now 

Chart              Sarva  10th                  11th                  12th                  Lagna


MahindaR                 29                    34                    30                    36

MaitripalaS               34                    26                    18                    29

RanilW                       36                    37                    18                    25

KaruJ                          34                    30                    24                    29

CBK                            36                    27                    28                    24

Bill Clinton                33                    34                    21                    32       

Barack Obama          31                    38                    22                    23

GeorgeW Bush         35                    38                    25                    32

HR Elizabeth II         29                    39                    28                    32


As we see from the table Mahinda’s self projection is the most powerful here

[Birth Data I got for RanilW was Mar 24, 1949 @ 0653 Hours in Colombo. Pisces/Meena Lagna and Capricorn/Makara Navamsa. For CBK Jun 29, 1945 @ 0956 Hours  in Colombo. Cancer/Kataka Lagna and Aquarius/Kumbha Navamsa and for KaruJ Sep 29, 1940 @ 0845Hours in Mirigama Libra/Thula Lagna and Taurus/Vrishaba Navamsa]



Brighu Nadi Predictor

 So far we have been discussing Parashara and Jaimini indicators.


According to Brighu Nadi teachings, for any significant thing to happen in any domain of life one needs the blessings of both Jupiter [for Divine Grace] and Saturn [Action/Karma] in Transit.


At issue is a contest for the highest position for a worldly human being.


The Brighu Formula  as succinctly put by KN Rao in his  Ups and Downs in Career” is :


  [A]  For Jupiter: In Transit Jupiter should be aspecting the Moon or the 10th house from the Moon, or the Lagna and [B] For Saturn: Should be aspecting the 10th Lord [not the House] whenever anything important is to happen”


The third requirement here is that running Dasas should relate to 7th and 10th Houses of  Public Life, which too is unfolding nicely  in his chart


This vital Double Transit is factored in only after  favourable running Maha Dasa and Antar Dasa condition is fulfilled. In Mahinda Chart those indicators have been fulfilled above average so far. [plus Atma and AmatyaKaraka connection above]


Jupiter in Transit from Cancer  [Jun 20, 14 thru Jul 15, 15]  sees the 10th  house which is Capricron from his Aries Radical Moon. And Saturn in Transit  Scorpio [Nov 3, 14 thru Jan 27, 17] has joined Mercury the 10th lord in Natal Scorpio.

Full Marks here for Mahinda again.


Also Jupiter has donated 6 out of  max 8 Bindus in his Individual or Binna Ashtaka Varga to the sign Cancer at birth. It means Realization of ambitions, gain of riches and luxuries.”  More power to Maha Dasa Lord Jupiter.


And Saturn has donated 4 out of 8 to Scorpio at birth.  This is very good too as Saturn [along with Mars] are allowed only a max of 39 bindus due to their natural malefic nature as opposed to Jupiter’s 56 for being the great natural benefic. Really,  therefore 4 by Saturn is like 6 by Jupiter. Donation of 4  Bindus by Saturn means  Rise in profession and respect from masses. 


 Varshapal/Solar Return

Progressed for the completion of his 69th birthday when the Transiting Sun returns to his Radical/Natal degree which is 2* Scorpio 07’  the Varshapal Chart has got Gemini Lagna.


For brevity let us look at two main points in the Solar Return Chart.


The Year Lord or Varshesha is Mercury and according to the classic Tajika Neelakanthi, Mercury is very powerful as the Year Lord and is expected to deliver good results like high status, victory, honour, wealth , comforts and higher knowledge


The other vital point in the Annual Chart is the Muntha which is sitting in Varshapal Lagna itself which is, as we have seen, is Gemini [From birth Muntha progresses by one rashi or sign per year and so on]  Results expected from Muntha in Lagna are: [Again from Tajika NeelaKanthi] Destruction of enemies, gain of honour and wealth, physical health, new beginnings , grace of authority”


Muntha sitting in a sign ruled by Mercury [Gemini in this case] gives widespread fame, wisdom, virtue and pleasure”


The dispositor of Muntha is Mercury and in the annual chart  sits in the 5th house Libra [counted from Gemini] Translation of Tajika Neelakanthi sloka goes like Will bring auspicious effects this year, happiness from children, gain more knowledge, respect and honour from government, spiritual advancement”


[In A Textbook of Varshapala:Vedic Technique of the Tajika or Annual Horoscopy” Dr KS Charak FRCS [UK] gives similar results]


So we see that Mahinda chart has scored from all angles.

 Maithripala Chart

Only most helpful Saturn for the Libra/Thula person sits on PN at birth.  Saturn, the Navamsa Lord sitting in 3rd house Pisces is good for endurance/prowess. In Birth Chart Saturn sits in 12th  supporting diplomacy in foreign affairs.


Moon the 10th lord is in a Raja Yoga with Saturn  but again in the house of foreign affairs/deals and philanthropy .


The Gaja-Keshari Yoga [combined power of Elephant and Lion] formed by Jupiter in Kendra to the Moon is also present for power and prestige.


According to Brighu Nadi teachings  Retrograde planets also function from the previous signs. Therefore,  Natal Jupiter  is effective from the 5th house of Mantra Siddhi [What the native says comes true] Divine Grace/Poorva Punya , success of children, investments and the rational mind and spirituality.


Mercury and Venus, the other Retro planets in the chart connect with the 10th house giving  much needed power for  success in public life.


Moon the 10th Lord in the 12th makes one change careers/colors. In  Navamsa when the 10th lord was passing the 12th house Sagittarius he jumped ship.


The 7th lord Mars sits debilitated/neecha  in the 10th house. A strong Mars here would have given him more aggressive self projection, vital for outstanding success in public life.


Donation of 5 Bindus  by Mars at birth  to the 10th  has restored some power [ to Mars].  5 Bindus here  means Pleasant behaviour and favours from employer and rulers”. 


The Retro effects of Mercury and  Venus help connect with Mars in the 10th house and this vibrancy has helped Maithri rise in public life.

Plus the 11th house of gain in Birth Chart has Lagna, 9th  11th lords [Venus, Mercury and Sun]  in a power combo [somewhat toned down by the influence of  the Nodes].


In Navamsa 7th Lord Moon is darkened by Rahu and 10th lord Venus is with 8th Lord Sun [one who disappoints unexpectedly] in the 9th House

What is missing is that running Dasa of Saturn-Sun [Maha Dasa and Antar Dasa Lords]  Jan 2 thru Feb 20, 2015  does not involve 7/10 houses or lords.

Only Mercury the Pratyantar Dasa Lord  owns the 9th house of fortune in both Charts:  Janma and Navamsa. 


Mercury as we have seen above by virtue of retrogression connects with the 10th house in Birth Chart  and sits in the 7th house at birth in the Navamsa Chart   but when pitted against the raw power of Mahinda’s   does not look strong enough.

Maithripala’s Atma and Amatya Karakas are Jupiter and Venus respectively but do not have a share in the running Dasa

The Vital Double Transit of Jupiter and Saturn is  working, but not fully as in Mahinda’s .   Jupiter is in the 10th house Cancer  from Lagna  [Jun 20, 14 thru July 15, 15] which is good.  When Jupiter goes Retro Dec 10, 14  thru Apr 8 , 15 [that is from Cancer to Gemini] he sees the 10th House   from the Radical Moon [in Virgo]  as well which is nice. 


As for the required blessing of Saturn in this formula,  that happens only after about 4:28 pm on the election day when the Moon comes to Leo. Due to Saturn’s special aspect to the 10th house from where he sits he now connects with the 10th Lord Moon by aspect  

In Transit Jupiter has donated only 3 Bindus to Cancer, [half the strength of Mahinda] but Saturn has donated 4 like in Mahinda’s.

From Maithripala’s Birth Star  UttraPhalguni [Beta-Leonis and 93-Leonis]

the day’s [Jan 8] nakshatra  counted from his Birth Star is Vadha/Torment  until about 4:30pm. Gets Friendly/Maitri after that.


Varshapal/ SolarReturn Chart

Raised for the completion of 63rd year the Varshapal Lagna sits on the cusp of Sagittarius. 

Saturn,  the Year Lord  is strongly placed indicating Victory in disputes. Gain of  family prestige, land and property” [Tajika Neela Kanthi]


For Muntha sitting in the 2nd house the text says Gain of fame, prestige and respect from relatives and society. Wealth through effort. Physical health and happiness”

For Muntha in sign owned by Saturn [in this case Capricorn] and aspected by  Jupiter from Cancer, the good results include Fulfillment of desires. Success in litigation. Gain of wealth and health”


Finally, Saturn the dispositor of Muntha sits in  Libra, the 11th house from Varshapal Lagna and indicates Gain of wealth, Progress in Career. Help from siblings and friends.  Worldly Comforts”


Although Varshapal chart cannot offer anything new  that is not promised in the Birth Chart, it helps to fine tune the events  in store for the current year


And the winner is: Percy Mahinda Rajapaksa.

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    Garmini, correct me if I am wrong: If I can remember right, some one had an article some where and he referred MR as Mervin Perceville.

  2. Wickrama Says:

    Whether Mahinda wins or not, Astrology, “based” upon completely baseless, unscientific, illogical and self-contradictory idea, that the angular positions of a handful of arbitrarily selected bodies in space, at the time of birth of a person, do affect that person, physically, mentally and emotionally for the rest of his/her life, is UTTER BULLSHIT !!

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