Sirisena sinking in corrupt deals of UNP and Chandrika
Posted on December 12th, 2014

H. L. D. Mahindapala

 Though there are several peripheral issues the main issue, whipped up by the Opposition, is to change the presidential system and revert to the parliamentary system. This is another of way of the Opposition saying: Get rid of the Rajapakses. But changing of the constitution, in itself,  is a non-issue. It  has failed  to cut much ice with the voters so far. Ultimately the election will  boil down to a contest of personalities, I think,  between President Mahinda Rajapakse and Maithripala Sirisena.

As for the election itself, it lacks the fire and passion of major issues stirring the political pot. So far it has been rather a tame event, other than, of course, the musical chairs played mainly by Chandrika Kumaratunga who is hoping to sit in a chair of  her own as the power behind the throne, if and when the opportunity arises.

 On the issue of personalities Sirisena’s election campaign so far has been focused on projecting his image on three main bases: First, as a man with a clean and incorruptible record. Second,  he claims to be a man who came from the al-lay, (channels) vel-lay (paddy fields) and pal-lay” (huts) man  — meaning a rather simple man though the  rustic image he proposes  to project is somewhat misleading because his brother Dudley has amassed a fortune of Rs. 3 billion and counting.  Third, he  is claiming the Bandaranaike legacy with Chandrika Kumaratunga sitting next to him, which seems to be his tactic  of wooing and  winning  the SLFP vote.

 Take for instance, his claim to be a clean man, which is his main political plank. If he is really averse to corruption, and if he is the clean man he claims to be, how come his campaign is handled mainly by the most corrupt political woman  of our time,  Chandrika Kumaranatunga. This is not what I say. This  is what her best friend and political supporter, Victor Ivan, Editor of the RAVAYA, said in print. What he wrote about her in his book titled Queen of Deceit is sensational.

 He says, and I quote:  President Chandrika Kumaratunga. has been the most corrupt and inefficient of all the corrupt and inefficient politicians who have come to power since Sri Lanka gained independence in 1948.” Now everyone will agree that this is a damning statement that should  have made her hide from the public for the rest of her life. Like Hamlet’s Ophelia she should have gone into a nunnery. But not Chandrika Kumaratnatuga.  The reason is also explained in a way by Victor  Ivan.. He says and I quote : To her lying was a gift from the gods, granted to her to make her life easy. She was not afraid to lie, not even in the official bio-data presented as President of Sri Lanka. ” says Ivan.

 He goes on to say: She let it be known that she had a degree in law from one university, a degree in political science and economics from a Paris University and was qualified to read for a doctorate. While she had not even passed her AL Exam she proudly proclaimed to a forum of medical associations that although she earned sufficient grades to enter Medical College, she did not make use of that opportunity because she was not interested in becoming a doctor.” – p. 67.

 Victor Ivan also quotes her late husband Vijaya Kumaranatunga  who had told him to leave her alone as Victor was pushing her to provide her certificates. She was running upstairs to escape Victor. Then Vijaya explained to Victor that she felt the need to pose as an educated person though she did not even possess the qualification to sit for Law College. (p. 68)

 As far I know, the only qualification she can claim, mainly because of her wide experience, is that of a sommelier – a trained wine taster. This too can be challenged because guzzling wine at Sorbonne does not qualify anyone to be a be an expert in fine wine.

 But what undermines and questions Sirisena’s claim to be an  honest man is once again Chandrika Kumaratunga’s unexplained fortune found in safety deposit boxes.  Victor Ivan says on p. 42 that Anuruddah Ratwatte, her uncle, told the CID investigating his millions that safety deposit boxes of Chandrika Kumaranatunga were in the Suduwella Branch of the Hatton National  Bank. To quote his again: The vault was not in the name of Chandrika Kumarantunga   but in the name of her sister Sunethra. …According to his (that is Ratwatte’s) estimate there was (hold your breath, dear readers!) —  Rs. 1.2 billion in these safes. (p.42),

 When Sirisena is dependent, primarily on corrupt Chandrika Kumaranatunga, it leads to the inescapable conclusion that birds of a feather flock together. The very close alliance  with the most corrupt and inefficient of all the corrupt and inefficient politicians who have come to power since Sri Lanka gained independence in 1948” questions the  integrity and the honesty of Sirisena  who promises to establish a clean administration. Sirisena cannot say that she  is Bandaranaike’s daughter and, therefore, she is pure. In fact, Victor Ivan deals with this aspect and says that of all the Bandaranaikes only S. W. R. D. Bandaranaike was pure.  This is a damning indictment of Chandrika Bandaranaike who is now directing even the UNP policy from her house near the Parliament, according to Tissa Attanayake.

 Besides, like a general in the army, Sirisena should shoulder total responsibility for what takes place on the main issue of corruption. As they say in law, the leader of the Opposition alliance, like  the general in the army, should accept command responsibility. Sirisena in all respects is the general leading his political army to clean up the administration. So can he do that with a the most corrupt woman leading his campaign?

 The corruption talked  about  is not somewhere way down the line. It is right next to him, sitting next to him and leading his campaign. If  he  tolerates corruption at that level – corruption taking place under  his very nose — then  he loses his claim to be a clean man. His alliance with corrupt Chandrika Kumaranatuga is sufficient  to prove that he is neck-deep in corruption even before he can take office.

 Even if one  accepts  that Sirisena is a clean man can anyone seriously believe  that he will lift a finger to clean up his stables with corrupt politicians like Chandrika Kumaranatunga directing operations in his name. She is not manipulating behind  the scenes for nothing. She will demand  her pound of flesh and Sirisena has already promised it to her. In fact he announced it to the media saying that she will be given a deserving place.” She says openly that her children do not want her to enter politics. So why is Sirisena admitting her  through the backdoor? In any case, does the most corrupt and inefficient” woman in Sri Lankan politics  deserve a place in any respectable place in public services?  It is her  failure  to serve the public with honesty and integrity that makes her the most corrupt of the  Bandaranaikes.

 She is  not the only corrupt one in his stables. Sirisena’s MOU with the UNP too makes you wonder what  his standards are in maintaining  the high values of running a clean administration. Being in politics for 37 years Sirisena ought to know  that anybody aligned to the UNP’s corrupt and anti-national deals under Ranil Wickremesinghe  can never be clean. Sirisena can’t pretend to be ignorant of UNP’s heinous corruption because it is an open secret. For instance, Tissa Attanayake, the former Secretary General of UNP, has confirmed something more than corruption in  the UNP. Rejecting  the accusation of corruption against him he says in his letter of resignation to  his leader, Wickremesinghe: Actually it is Ravi Karunanayake who has obtained money illegally from Raj Rajaratnam, a well-known LTTE supporter from America. Ravi has cases pending against him for violation of foreign exchange regulations.”

 This is a serious  issue raised by the one of the most high-ranking  UNP insiders. Tissa Attanayake should know  at  first  hand the  insider trading because he was until the other day the General Secretary of the  UNP.  Besides, when he raises the issue of Ravi Karaunayake accepting  money from an LTTE billionaire everyone knows that it has serious consequences to the nation’s future. In short, it spells doom to the nation’s peace, security and territorial integrity. So the Ravi-Rajaratnam deal is more  than corruption. This is the conduct  of traitor  who is taking money from the  enemy to sell the nation down  the river, like the way Wickremesinghe did with his deal with Prabhakaran. And Wickremesinghe, who is close to Ravi, is also a  partner in this crooked deal. Nothing of this magnitude can take place without Wickremesinghe knowing it.  

 What is more, Rajaratnam did not give money to Ravi Karunanayake because he liked  his elephantine girth. No. He gave money because he cut a deal with the UNP. What is  this deal? What is the UNP going to give Rajaratnam in return for  the money? What happened to this money? It is the leader of the UNP, Wickremesinghe, who is answerable to these questions, now that he has pledged with Sirisena to be transparent and accountable.

 Sirisena too owes  it to the nation to reveal the inside story of this deal that threatens he security of the nation. Has Sirisena asked any questions about this UNP deal with LTTE’s Rajaratnam? Will Sirisena and Wickremesinghe answer these vital questions asap? The nation has a right to know about this $300 million deal. The response  to these question will be a credible  test of the  honesty and integrity of Sirisena – the man who promises transparency.

 But will Sirisena dare ask the UNP which is supposed to deliver him  the votes he needs  to win? So how honest is honest Sirisena? It is now quite clear that both Chandrika Kumaratunga and  Wickremesinghe sitting on either side of Sirisena have more than one political skeleton hidden in their cupboards. They have to answer many questions regarding the political/personal deals.

 Despite the crooked  past of Chandrika Kumaratunga Sirisena has gone on record saying that he would give her a deserving position” in his government. How can Sirisena claim to be an honest man when one of his key decisions announced  even before the election is to give this crooked woman a place in his government? After she lost her last election she juggled and through her French connections got a job in UNICEF as some kind  of educationist in S. Asia. The public protest  against the appointment was  spontaneous  and strong that UNICEF had to dump her unceremoniously.  So if she is not fit to  hold a job in the UN how can she be fit hold a  job in any clean administration in Sri Lanka?

 Being a party man who was close Chandrika Kumaratunga  Sirisena knows  her record perhaps as good as, or even better than Victor Ivan. So if he gives her  a job – undoubtedly a top job in payment for political services rendered — what is left of Sirisena’s integrity?  He might as well take Kudu Naufer out of jail and appoint him as Minister with responsibilities to oversee drug trafficking.

 The tragedy is that Sirisena has gone too far down the road to elections with these two corrupt leaders to dump them. It is too late now. He is stuck with them and he has to live with them. He can only sweep their corrupt practices under the carpet and pretend  that the My3-pala-naya” is the cleanest  in the  world. Of  course, remember Sirisena has had enough practice of sweeping his  son’s attack on a DIG’s son at the Malu Malu beach under the carpet. There  has been no official inquires nor judgment meted out to the guilty criminals.

 So including corrupt Chandrika, Wickremesinghe, Ravi Karunanayake – all peas from the same rotten pod —  would be a piece of cake for honest Sirisena. What is unacceptable  in this charade is his claim  to occupy the high moral ground. If Sirisena is leaving Rajapakse because of corruption what’s the difference  in shacking up with Chandrika Kumaratunga, Ravi Karunanayake  and Wickremesinghe? They are not offering Sirisena a  pure  white paradise of Christs, Buddhas and Mohammeds, are they?

 So the nation is back to square one as far as corruption goes. Sirisena is stuck in the mud. He can’t change the constitution within  the time specified by him. He can’t chuck out his corrupt  partners. He has already promised a prominent place to the most corrupt woman in his Cabinet. He has already reneged on handing over his Executive Powers” to an Executive Prime Minister” within 24 hours.

 He is also back peddling as fast as he can. Now  he says he will retain the presidency with some critical  powers. He now  says that he will retain the Defence Forces under his  grip. He has already made arrangements to keep Chandrika next to him which will be a safety valve. She  will be a counter weight to Wickremesinghe.

 All this will be fine by Sirisena. But where – where, O, where? – will all this leave Wickremesinghe? When he was Prime Minister under Chandrika Kumaratunga when she was president his bone of contention with her was to grab the defence forces and keep it under his wing. Now that Sirisena has decided to keep the forces under his wing, after promising  to hand over all executive  powers to the prime minister, Wickremesinghe is back to where  he began with no real powers to be in command of all the mighty forces.

 Poor fellow! At the end of the day he is always  left with holding  the wrong end of the stick!

 Sirisena and Chandrika Bandaranaike have already mapped  out their share of power leaving Wickremesinghe to hold My3” all by himself.

 C’est la vie, Ranil!

29 Responses to “Sirisena sinking in corrupt deals of UNP and Chandrika”

  1. Ananda-USA Says:


    Yes, I do have a deadly defect … I write too much sense! I should be jumping up and down like our resident war-games expert Lorenzo yelling “The Emperor is Corrupt” and presenting copious LISTS of INSIGNIFICANT molehill issues that he desperately wants to blow up into veritable mountains, in his Regime-Change war-game strategy!

    Corruption in Sri Lanka was NOT INVENTED by MR; he inherited a society and a political system that was oiled by corruption. In every government Sri Lanka had, there was corruption, with Ministerial portfolios as licenses to grow rich at the expense of the public. That was so during Ranil’s, Premadasa’s, CBK’s, JR’s, and even Sirimavo’s governments.

    However, while there was corruption in those governments, there was ALSO LITTLE ECONOMIC PROGRESS, in the country, and NO PROGRESS on preserving the territorial integrity of the nation and security for the people to live safely. These governments tried to be “good Buddhists” abandoning their PRIME DUTY to protect and preserve the lives of the people. Also, the SIZE of the ECONOMY stagnated, the economic pie was not getting bigger to serve the rapidly increasing educated population with increasing aspirations and expectations. There was NO VISION for defending nation or for growing the pie.

    ALL THAT changed dramatically with the rise of the current UPFA government.

    The war to eradicate separatist terror was fought with the will and determination required to win it, and the economic war to drag our Motherland into the Modern Age was, was injected with a new Vision. Judicious Economic and Investment Risks required to give our people the tools to help themselves, were taken. This involved expanding the banking system to make investment money available to businesses, and borrowing the necessary investment funds to create the necessary capital intensive infrastructure, and establishing alliances with other nations that are willing to invest in Sri Lanka without interfering in and destabilizing the recovering post war society.

    All of this expanded involvement in the economy by the GOSL meant that large sums of borrowed money, a thousand fold greater than deployed hitherto by previous governments, was being spent visibly for massive infrastructure undertakings, making that a target of the jealous anti-government forces. Some money was certainly leaking out through corruption, but no more as a percentage than in previous governments; but the amounts are large because the budget is very large, and it is a source of envy by those out of power.

    These insanely jealous groups, out of power, now given an object lesson of how the country can be developed rapidly, without access to the government till, and steamrolled into impotence by the SUCCESS that is being wrought before their very eyes, searched for ways and means of getting back on the gravy train.

    They saw how regimes were changed in the Arab Spring by propaganda alone, they saw the friction developing with the Regime-Changing Western Powers as a result of the Sri Lanka – China Alliance, they see as a useful tool the Tamil Diaspora with their fabricated War Crimes allegations. They then decided to ADOPT the same strategy for REGIME CHANGE change, and to ally themselves with Sri Lanka’s foreign enemies for that purpose. It is not without reason that the puppets, without any intrinsic merit of their own, received invitations to MIT and Harvard and elsewhere for onsite coaching on Regime Change strategy, and were pandered to by the Regime Change artistes as they had pandered to Ahmed Chalabi of Iraq!

    Ergo, we have a massive wave of foreign-funded propagandists online, flooding the social media, Facebook, Twitter, web blogs, text messaging, newspapers, all funded, aided and abetted by the Regime Change artists who brought down the governments of Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Sudan, Ukraine, engineered a rebellion in Syria, and are pursuing the strategies in Russia and China as well.

    Propagation of Human Rights and Democrazy is their PRETEXT, but preservation of Western Hegemony at all costs, whatever the cost in lives and human destruction they sow, is the OBJECTIVE with local people and anti-national forces greedy for pomp and power in their countries, soon to be destroyed, as their puppets and weapon choice to do their bidding.

    And so it is that we find ourselves today in Sri Lanka, poised on the threshold of foreign inspired Electoral Coup-de-Etat in collusion with local collaborators to OVERTURN the PATRIOTIC NATIONAL GOVERNMENT of the country that stands in their way.

    The projected path to their goal is through winning a Presidential Election and using the Executive Power of the Presidency to Gut the National Constitution ILLEGALLY, to Change the Leadership of the Parliament ILLEGALLY, to Enact a de-facto partition of the Nation to the defeated separatists, and to SERVE their FOREIGN PAYMASTERS by ENSLAVING our Sovereign Motherland to a foreign yoke.

    That ENSLAVEMENT to a foreign yoke, and not the pre-textual elimination of corruption, and uplifting of democracy and human rights, is in a NUTSHELL, what is afoot and at stake in this Presidential Election.

    PATRIOTS! RISE UP in your millions to UTTERLY DEFEAT & DEMOLISH this FOREIGN CONSPIRACY to ENSLAVE our Motherland by RE-ELECTING on January 8, 2015 our heroic war-winning President Mahinda Rajapaksa, to the Executive Presidency!

    Let us CONTINUE our MARCH as ONE Nation of ONE People sharing ONE Destiny, unfettered and free, under his PATRIOTIC Leadership, to build Mother Lanka into the New Wonder of Asia!

  2. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Corrupt deals of Sirisena brothers were exposed by JVP long before he decided to contest for Presidential election;

    Read This news articles

    1.Dudley Sirisena denies minister brother helped him

    2.Minister Sirisena’s brother’s rice mill encroaches on ‘Parakrama Samudra’

    3 MaRa eavesdrops on Maithri – Berty discussion: Minister Maithri’s brother the timber thief remanded

    4.Brother of Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) General Secretary, Maithripala Sirisena, Priyantha Sirisena, surrendered to the Polonnaruwa Police last morning in connection with the assault of a wildlife officer at Manampitiya

    5 Minister’s brother, accomplice in remand for their wild ways

    4 Watering Corruption

  3. Vimutti Says:

    >>>If Sirisena is leaving Rajapakse because of corruption what’s the difference in shacking up with Chandrika Kumaratunga, Ravi Karunanayake and Wickremesinghe? They are not offering Sirisena a pure white paradise of Christs, Buddhas and Mohammeds, are they?<<<

    Well said!

  4. ranjit Says:

    Politicians are corrupt all over the world not only in Sri Lanka and also not only in Rajpaksa’s Govt or Rajapksa but every Govt which was in power since Independence. People blames Rajapaksa’s simply without any proof to tarnish his name purely for revenge. They cannot stick this guy because he do not bow down to this western stooges demands and he is not a puppet of any foreign Govt.

    Every citizen knows who is Chandrika and Ranil, Both were cowards who is hiding behind white imperialists. They were both paid by them and the LTTE diaspora. Ranil don’t have guts to face the mighty lion of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapksa for a face to face battle.He knows that it will be the 30th defeat for him so he brought up a rattle snake to face the mighty. On 9th everyone in this country can see the results and by 10 January this rattle snake and his ugly evil gang will be hiding under the panty of Choura Rajina in Colombo 7 or they all have to booked tickets to go back to their Masters in England or USA. No need arguments it will one horse race. All corrupt enemies of Motherland will wiped out after January 8th and the current President Mahinda Rajapksa will rule the country beyond 2024. We will have a great country under him for us and all our children to live happily ever-after.

  5. Sirih Says:

    You can add London, Chelsea apartment that she got from the gas deal as well.

  6. Lorenzo Says:

    Middle Path gentlemen. Middle path. Have some balance.

    These corruption allegations are NOTHING compared to these!

    Guess who owns these million dollar mansions? Chandrika? Her daughter? Her son?

    5581 Homecoming, Mira Loma, CA 91752
    15067 Preston Dr, Fontana, CA 92336
    222 Dexter St, Covina, CA 91723
    1341 Wickham Ct, San Dimas, CA 91773
    303 S Cataract Ave, San Dimas, CA 91773

    Please do your own search and make up your own mind.

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    “A complaint has been lodged in the Colombo crimes department against the common opposition candidate Maithripala Sirisena.

    It is learnt that a super luxury vehicle imported under a government permit had been sold by him for rupees million 14.4 and had taken it back forcibly for a sum of rupees 20.4 million.


    How much do think is the cost of a ASTON MARTIN or a LAMBO?

    Over 100 million rupees!!

    So and so can buy over 5 of My3’s super luxury cars with his one Lambo!!

  8. Vimutti Says:

    >>>Lorenzo Says:
    December 11th, 2014 at 11:41 pm<<<

    You are totally missing the point, Lorenzo!

    Maithripala is telling us to vote for him because he is a “poor farmer” and “common man” just like most Sri Lankans, when the reality is ONE of his vehicles (40,000,000 Rs.) costs more than most of our HOMES in Sri Lanka! His ONE vehicle is also FIVE TIMES MORE expensive than the average new car bought in AMERICA, even though Sri Lanka is much, much poorer than America with average yearly incomes of only $2,700USD compared to $39,000USD for Americans.

    Maithripala wants to live a life of EXTREME EXCESS like a VERY WEALTHY AMERICAN (not a common American) yet wants us to believe he is a common Sri Lankan abiding by Buddhist values of simplicity and meagerness. Who is he trying to fool? Himself?

  9. Vimutti Says:

    >>>Lorenzo Says:
    December 11th, 2014 at 11:37 pm<<<

    Lorenzo MISLEADS again on behalf of his Western masters!

    5581 Homecoming, Mira Loma, CA 91752 is an APARTMENT, not a house, in an undesirable location by a noisy freeway.

    15067 Preston Dr, Fontana, CA 92336 is an AVERAGE home in California with 4 bedrooms and 2,000 s.f. and a price BELOW the average home price in California $477,600USD. It is also located in an undesirable location near a noisy freeway.

    222 Dexter St, Covina, CA 91723 is an 800 s.f. small APARTMENT, not a house!

    1341 Wickham Ct, San Dimas, CA 91773 is a 3bdr APARTMENT/Condo that is only 1,600 s.f., and also sold last year for less than the average home price in the LA area.

    303 S Cataract Ave, San Dimas, CA 91773 is a small 1,500 3bdr house that sold for $100,000 below the average price of homes in the LA area.

    These are NOT 'mansions', Lorenzo – not even close! I knew you were lying by just looking at the zip codes and town names, as the zip codes and towns in LA where wealthy people live are in Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, Malibu, etc., not West Covina, San Dimas, and Fontana.

    Again, who are you trying to fool?

  10. Lorenzo Says:

    NO people for someone’s Anuradhapura rally.

    People have been brought from elsewhere in buses and giving away lunch packets.


    Aiyo Sirisena!

    Its time to go! When you have to go, you gotta go.

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    Its all about CHOICE.

    So which one is LEAST corrupt?

    Lamborghini owner or Toyota owner?

    Remember they have NOT worked in their life. ONLY politics!

    Not true about those properties. They are very valuable today. After all that “excuses” why didn’t you tell anything about their OWNERS?

    Why own houses in USA?

  12. Vimutti Says:

    Sorry, Lorenzo, but a contest for president of Sri Lanka is NOT a moral purity contest, it is a contest of who has the VISION and proven CAPACITY to lead the country and improve the human condition in Sri Lanka.

    If it were simply a moral purity contest, I am sure there is some monk in the forest we can find that is more pure than all of us, but do you seriously believe this monk has the VISION and CAPACITY to lead Sri Lanka?

    Maithripala has not accomplished ONE thing in his three decades of government service that would give the voter the impression that he has the vision and capacity to lead the nation. He has simply rose through party ranks through attrition, not based on any unique ability to govern the country.

    I know you don’t like G.L. Peiris, but he hit on something that I think ALL Sri Lankans should focus on in this election in his recent interview with the Daily Mirror. He said Maithripala has promised people in his coalition diametrically opposed outcomes that would be impossible to pursue as president. For example, you can’t promise TNA devolution of powers, demilitarization, and an eventual separate Tamil state and then promise JHU that you will not divide the country. The reason why Gammanpila left the JHU and returned to the government is because he knows when it comes down to it MS is going to choose TNA demands over JHU if he ever got elected.

    Here is G.L. Peiris’ interview with the Daily Mirror: “”

  13. Vimutti Says:

    >>>Lorenzo Says:
    December 12th, 2014 at 12:38 am –
    Why own houses in USA?<<<

    I don't know if you have been following the real estate market in the US but prices crashed in 2009, the first time in many decades, and this bottoming out has persisted for many years with only modest increases in prices nationwide. As an investor, it is therefore time to buy, as prices will not remain at the bottom for too much longer. Buying at the bottom and selling at the top is what ALL investors try to do, and I don't see why Sri Lankan investors should be prevented from investing anywhere in the world, including in America. Citizens of every other country invest in real estate in America, so why is it a problem for Sri Lankans to invest there?


    Vimutti is right, these properties are low-end properties. And this is not what we want to know, we want to know who has so far turned the country around. Now that MR has done much to have the country in the direction to go into 22nd century and beyond, any “bull-shit” artist can say he/she can do better…. MR is the one to do it beyond and better no doubt abut it!!

  15. Lorenzo Says:


    Low end properties?

    Why worry? WHO is the owner?

    From your conduct I think the owner is someone you want to protect!!

    The US CONSPIRACY was hatched inside these houses in USA.

  16. Vimutti Says:


    I don’t care who the owner of some low-end investment properties is – I just wanted to debunk this MANSION nonsense you were spewing to make it look like someone was living the high life in the US rather than a very average life as the home values and neighborhoods would suggest.

    You never responded to my post above (Vimutti Says: December 12th, 2014 at 12:58 am) concerning the fact that choosing a president of Sri Lanka is not based on moral purity but VISION and proven CAPACITY to lead the country and uplift the human condition in Sri Lanka. If you ‘really’ believe moral purity is the threshold test, then only you, MS, and a handful of JHU monks believe this and the rest of the country is going to totally embarrass your candidate on January 8th.

  17. Lorenzo Says:

    They are not low end property. They are mansions. In addition there are 6 other properties. Even if they are low end properties, 10 such properties run into millions of dollars.

    People should KNOW these things.

  18. Vimutti Says:


    You never responded to my post above (Vimutti Says: December 12th, 2014 at 12:58 am) concerning the fact that choosing a president of Sri Lanka is not based on moral purity but VISION and proven CAPACITY to lead the country and uplift the human condition in Sri Lanka. If you ‘really’ believe moral purity is the threshold test, then only you, MS, and a handful of JHU monks believe this and the rest of the country is going to totally embarrass your candidate on January 8th.

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    VISION – what vision? SL has NO vision unlike other countries!

    PROVEN CAPACITY – of CFA and LTTE leaders flocking around him, night races, casinos, tobacco company becoming the largest corporate?

    (I agree MR was the BEST before 2010.)

    The war was won by the army and GR. The war was lost in 2013 to TNA because the army has been turned into a political institution once again.

  20. Vimutti Says:

    >>>The war was lost in 2013 to TNA because the army has been turned into a political institution once again.<<<

    NEWSFLASH: The Army is ALWAYS a political institution that operates at the behest of the president of the country. This is true in EVERY developed country, not just in Sri Lanka.

    Like GLP says; "You don't just change governments like changing your pants, in which you are tired of one pair of pants so you try on another." The new pants may actually have a gaping hole in the backside through which you get screwed over and over again until you submit to whomever is screwing you.

    If the current government is delivering for the people, then you CONTINUE with the government.

  21. SenaD Says:


    You were absolutely right when you said: “choosing a president of Sri Lanka is not based on moral purity but VISION and proven CAPACITY to lead the country and uplift the human condition in Sri Lanka.”

    This is the main if not the only criterion that must be used in deciding who should be given the opportunity to lead the country.

    One must be allowed only 2 times only does not stand to reason because the other system allows any number of times; what matters is that the person gets a mandate from the people.

    The presidential system is superior to the Westminster system because the president is elected by at least 50% + 1 of the votes cast even if the 2nd and 3rd preferences had to be taken into account; therefore what MS has proposed is a backward step.

    With the Westminster system the PM may have a majority of MPs in parliament, but we have seen how the so called MPs jump from one side to the other making a mockery of parliamentary majority.

    MS already demonstrated that he is clueless in statecraft when he said he would give the executive powers to RW.

    On the other hand, it must be because MS knows his limitation when it comes to statecraft and knows that he could not lead the country, just as RW knew his limitation about popular support in the country and did not want to challenge the president.

    The question is: should the president with his track record or MS with his limitations be given the mandate to lead the country keeping in mind that if MS were to win somebody else would be actually leading the country.

    I believe the president must get the opportunity and I hope he will get it so that he could continue with the development programme that is already under way to bring prosperity to all parts of the country.

  22. Ananda-USA Says:

    House of Lords on Thursday discussed plans to encourage more bilateral trade between the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka, one of UK’s most important bilateral trading partners.

    ……The transformation to a most important trading partner happened in last 5-years of post war development!

    the strong Sri Lankan economy and business base ….citing Sri Lanka’s ease of doing business and infrastructure development among others.

    ……The “infrastructure development” happened in the last 5 years!

    “The future potential for Sri Lanka is huge …

    …..This new view emerged in the last 5-years recognizing Sri Lanka’s own Vision to become the New Wonder of Asia!

    “With a Free Trade Agreement with China to be signed shortly adding to the existing FTAs with Pakistan, India, South Asia and Asia Pacific, Sri Lanka could act as a regional hub to over 3 billion potential customers.”

    ….These trade agreements were established …. in the last 5-years!

    Sri Lanka is actually the highest rated country in South Asia in the World Bank’s ease of doing business index but there are opportunities to improve the position still further.

    …. highest rated country in South Asia for doing business … happened in the last 5-years!

    WHAT have the PREVIOUS governments of Sri Lanka, and two of their leaders CBK and Ranil W now criticizing and undermining the present UPFA government, DONE to grow Sri Lanka’s ECONOMY when THEY HELD POWER?


    RE-ELECT President Mahinda Rajapaksa to the Executive Presidency so Sri Lanka can CONTINUE its MARCH FORWARD to become the New Wonder of Asia!

    Jayawewa, Sri Lanka! Jayawewa, Mahinda Rajapaksa Mathithumani!

    UK parliament discusses enhancing bilateral trade with Sri Lanka

    ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Dec 12, London: Britain’s upper parliament, House of Lords on Thursday discussed plans to encourage more bilateral trade between the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka, one of UK’s most important bilateral trading partners.

    Introducing the subject, Lord Mohamed Sheikh said UK is one of the top five investors in Sri Lanka and its number one EU trading partner and noted that the balance of trade has risen significantly in favor of Si Lanka in recent years.

    “In the longer term, we must look to address this imbalance,” Sheikh said asking the UK government to clarify what action is being taken to achieve this.

    “Aside from our historical ties and the strong Sri Lankan economy and business base, there are many other reasons for us to promote and further bilateral trade,” the House of Lords member said citing Sri Lanka’s ease of doing business and infrastructure development among others.

    However, he said, further modernization is needed and the opportunities for British businesses are vast.

    “The future potential for Sri Lanka is huge, but it will be reached only through continued and expanded bilateral trade with countries such as ours,” Sheikh said.

    Speaking at the short debate, Lord Naseby, a long-time supporter of Sri Lanka said “With a Free Trade Agreement with China to be signed shortly adding to the existing FTAs with Pakistan, India, South Asia and Asia Pacific, Sri Lanka could act as a regional hub to over 3 billion potential customers.”

    The Minister of State, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills & Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Lord Livingston said Sri Lanka is actually the highest rated country in South Asia in the World Bank’s ease of doing business index but there are opportunities to improve the position still further.

    “We are encouraging the Government of Sri Lanka to take steps to make it easier for British companies to do business there and to reduce the barriers to foreign investment. We believe that Sri Lanka and Britain can also build further trade relationships through the Commonwealth by utilizing the expertise and drive found in organizations such as the new Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council, which I am delighted to say is being partially funded by this Government,” Livingston said.

    The UK Government will also look to hold more trade missions to Sri Lanka so that companies can understand the scale of the opportunities, as they are indeed immense not only within the country itself, but also as a regional hub, he said.

    Livingston told the House that the UK Government wants to build an even stronger bilateral trade relationship with Sri Lanka in exports, in imports and in investment while continuing to urge Sri Lanka to make progress on the important matters of human rights and reconciliation.

    “In that way, and together with trade, Sri Lanka can secure long-lasting peace and prosperity for all the people of that country,” the House of Lords member said.

  23. Marco Says:

    I’m so pleased that Mahindapala is given wide coverage in this forum and more importantly wide coverage via the Daily News a few days ago.
    It is important that Sri Lankan voters are able to read such articles.

  24. Raj Says:

    Kotiya lorenzo is all over in facebook. He is a kotiya in disguise.

  25. Independent Says:

    Mr. Rajasingham,
    I am a Kotiya too ? I want to know your definition of Kotiya.

  26. Independent Says:

    Why is this kind of coverage important ? In what way ?

  27. Ananda-USA Says:

    The National Ship-Jumpers Tournament CONTINUES APACE in Sri Lanka!

    The Common Opposition INITIATED IT; the Mahinda Rajapaksa UPFA Government will FINISH IT!

    Unta Allapu Atthath Naha, Payagahapu Atthath Naha! Lapati Moda Lamai Ney! Aney Paw, Neda?

  28. Ananda-USA Says:

    Yo Independent!

    Has Lorenzo abandoned LankaWeb?

    Looks like our residdent war-games expert has abandoned his post … got too hot for him, eh?

    What will his sponsors say?? “Off with his funding”, perhaps? Aiyoooo … pau aney!

  29. Ananda-USA Says:

    “Why is this kind of coverage important ? In what way ?” … asked Independent!

    You are implying Mahindapala’s coverage is unimportant, while the comments by you and Lorenzo are “important” !

    Is this by fact or by definition? Pray tell us why!

    Go and make some LISTS OF COMPLAINTS when all else fails following in the footsteps of your maximum leader Lorenzo, the war-games expert now gone AWOL to Facebook! Got too hot in the LankaWeb kitchen, perhaps?

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