Sirisena seems to be working on instructions from a foreign power
Posted on December 19th, 2014


Sirisena seems to be working on instructions from a foreign powe and that power is the United States who is more interested in using Sri Lanka as part of its effort to contain (oppress) China than developing the Sri Lanka economy and lifting people out of poverty.

Ranil now says if Maithripala is elected he is going to roll back the 1.5 BILLION dollar Chinese funded Colombo Port City development, the largest development of its kind in the world. He is not interested in economic development of Sri Lanka or lifting people out of poverty with the thousands of jobs this project would create, he is ONLY interested in satisfying his US China Containment masters at the US Embassy in Colombo, which provides cover for US CIA personnel operating in Sri Lanka.

The US CIA is concerned that China will use Sri Lanka ports to secure safe passage in China trade routes with Chinese military fleet, but this is not a legitimate concern of Sri Lanka (or anyone other country for that matter) as ALL countries have a right to secure their trade with other nations as trade is the lifeblood of their economy. What the US is REALLY suggesting is that they should have some sort of ’empire rights’ in violation of well-established international law to militarily interfere with China trade routes, and this desired interference is more difficult for the US to do if China is able to port its naval and submarine vessels in Sri Lanka. Why in the world would Sri Lanka want to accommodate illegal US military aggression by making it easier for them to interfere with the lawful trade between nations?

This is why Ranil’s pro-US background has to be a serious cause for concern. When Ranil was Prime Minister from 2001-2004 he allowed Sri Lanka airports to be used in the US CIA illegal torture and rendition of terror suspects. Ranil just doesn’t have any moral grounding, and will do anything the US wants him to do even if it harms the people of Sri Lanka and other countries. NO COUNTRY has the right to interfere with the lawful trade between nations, and therefore US regime-change (supporting Ranil/Maithripala opposition) meddling in Sri Lanka to try to make it easier for them to “contain (oppress)” China is offensive to anyone who truly believes in good governance and the rule of law.

The US CIA really thinks they are smarter than most Sri Lanka voters by deflecting attention away from their efforts and desire to contain China in Sri Lanka by planting phony issues like ‘abolish the executive presidency’, corruption, and good governance – issues US Ambassador Sison was harping on during her entire two-year tenure in Sri Lanka . On January 8th they are going to find out that they are not smarter, as most Sri Lankans want the higher paying jobs created by the billions of dollars in Chinese investments in Sri Lanka’s economic development, and don’t give a rat’s behind about US China containment at all.

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  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:


    It is very clear in his manifesto. If he wins he will stop all the development projects already undertaken by the present government. Sirisena is a former Marxist and he is following more of JHU line. He is trying to develop the country without a capital. He does not understand even United State is borrowing money from China and the Debt in England will take another 50 years to clear.

    If he wins he will pull the country back 20 years .

    Here is the relevant section

    02. A development economy

    —–As a consequence small, medium and large scale projects launched recently in our country with the aim of achieving miracles have brought the country to a serious economic catastrophe. What the people see as dividends of development is only the result of one tenth of the money obtained as loans enmeshing the country in a debt trap. That means the development in the country should have been ten times what actually happened. Even the meagre development that resulted has been not in projects which are capable of repaying the debts. That was because development priorities have been formulated not on the requirements of the country but on the needs of few persons.

    Sri Lanka is a country with excessive state debt and a dangerous proportion between loan repayment and state revenue. While appreciating the policy of not selling state property I will prevent the appropriation by foreign states or companies of strategic locations that endanger the economic security of Sri Lanka. I would prepare the Sri Lankan economy to revent international assaults by diversification of investment, non-reliance by re-investment completely on investments from a single country and re-investment.

    I will re-assess all mega projects undertaken recently. I will punish those responsible for technical offences in such projects irrespective of the status of the offenders. A special programme will be formulated to investigate big and small development activities that are undertaken throughout the country, procurements and transactions of institutions and fraudulent investment of Employees Provident Fund funds…….

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    If My3 wins FREE INTERNET for everyone getting a connection.

    Fantastic! I was in South Korea and internet is free. That is one reason for its KNOWLEDGE ECONOMY and VERY HIGH INNOVATION.

    It will open up many new KNOWLEDGE BASED economies.

    This promise should be popularized as much as they can. It will win the youth and young at heart.

  3. Vimutti Says:

    Lorenzo Says:
    December 19th, 2014 at 2:34 am

    Someone should ask Maithripala a simple question: Mr. Sirisena – how MUCH will it cost Sri Lanka to provide an Internet connection to for ‘everyone’ in Sri Lanka, and what are you going to do about the 90% of Sri Lankans that don’t even have a computer in their home to use this Internet connection?

    It looks like this is Maithripala’s new campaign strategy (he changes strategy every few days) of promising what he thinks voters want even though he has no clue concerning how he would deliver on such promises, how much the promises cost or where he would get the money; and even assuming he has that all figured out, he simply doesn’t have the managerial capacity to deliver what he promises.

    Maithripala promised he would reduce dengue fever as health minister, but dengue fever has gone up. And in the process, Maithripala killed over a thousand Sri Lankans with bad saline he got from a Thailand contractor that was recommended by the same World Health Organization representative that recommended Maithripala for the Harvard health award. This Thai contractor was the ONLY bidder, which is very strange given how widely available saline is around the world.

  4. Independent Says:

    Reading his policies his so called “Foreign Power” cannot be USA


    1. He is declaring war on Chemicals and industry controlled by USA’s powerful people
    2. He is declaring war on Power and Energy Mafia , again controlled by the same people.

    therefore, may be that “Foreign Power” is Russia or China.

  5. helaya Says:

    It seems like Lorenzo jumped the ship. Vimutti, I am worried that MR camp does not highlight these issues like how foreign powers trying to do in Sri Lanka. Somehow we have to convey this to MR camp.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    Basil disappears : has warned if Tissa appointed health minister , he cannot halt those deserting government
    Vimutti now you understand why future MS’s Govt will have BR.

    We-Tamils 100% will go to polling station on 09th Jan 2015 .

  7. Samanthi Says:

    Remember, in 2005 Presidential election, Ranil promised to give gold bracelets to Sri Lankan youths and Denim trousers to rural farmers.

  8. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


    First, can you remember My3 going to Singapore, then some LTTE Tiger Tamils, including Sambandung They met somewhere and had discussions. This was disclosed in the Media.

    Sirisena want to introduce the Singapore Economy to Sri Lanka. This is a Red Herring across the trail to divert the danger and Horrors of the main issue. It is like Lorenzo talking about internet connections, when what people want is Food on their table, Clothing, and Shelter, amongst Peace and Stability in the Country, not internet as a priority.

    TV news related article reflects, that Sirisena wants to hand over the entire Administration of Sri Lankan Interests INCLUDING THE WHOE INFRASTUCTURE OF SRI LANKA to a SINGAPOREAN COMPANY,….TAMERESK >>>
    If you Google TAMERESK you will see that it is a massive conglomerate of widely diversified COMPANIES, with Singaporeans on the Board, with I believe ONE OR TWO TAMILS, amongst others. YOU MUST GOOGLE TO SEE WHAT I SEE. They can run the administration of any country for money, FOR TRILLIONS.

    Sirisena Ranil and Chandrika are a threesome that cannot run Sri Lanka, with Good Governance, because they have already proved they have failed, and they have proved that they are corrupt. SO they are having this secret agenda To sell the Country LOCK, STOCK, AND BARREL, TO TAMERESK who will run Sri Lanka.





  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Free internet is a very good thing. It is happening in some countries.

    It gives new employment opportunities especially to the youth. That is more important than toll roads which very few use.

  10. Independent Says:

    It is not Tamersek it is Tamesek a Malay word for old Singapore.You don’t even know anything but create stories out of nothing.

    It is a public listed company , originally owned by Singapore government and Lee Kuan Yew’s relatives said to have shares those days and were directors. Now, I don’t know but it appears like some Goldman Sachs people have become directors recently, it means connected same group governing USA than LTTE. There were some controversial dealings with regard to loss of CPF(central provident fund) money invested overseas some 14-17 years ago in various parts of the world. But even then it was a public listed company. As it is a Fifth Schedule entity1 , Singapore government has a lot ofcontrol over it.

    Singapore is not a LTTE strong hold , it will never be, it will always favour it’s Chinese majority in every way. There are a lot of safeguards to ensure this. This is the way our country too should ensure power is with the Sinhala majority.

    Malaysia is a LTTE stronghold simply because they are supported by “super rich” Malaysian Tamils of Sri Lankan origin. However, like Singapore ( which is controlled by Chinese race) Malaysia too is well controlled by its majority ( only just) Malay race, well and truly.

    It is good to learn how to control the minorities using Singapore methods.

  11. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    INDEPENDENT, The ‘r’ is a typo. You are a mentally sick man always trying to fight with commenters.

  12. Independent Says:

    Please let me know what is wrong in my arguments rather than calling me “mentally sick”. All of us are mentally sick until we become enlightened, because our perceptions are controlled by greed hatred and delusion. In this case it may be my perception that I prefer My3 which makes you angry.
    I am not angry and I truly have compassion for you at this moment. Don’t ask me how.

  13. Marco Says:

    With all due respects when I read your comment I too felt it was a far fetched story especially the words “hand over the entire Administration of Sri Lankan Interests ”
    Would you be able to provide source of this information?

    Equally the source of the information relating to:

    Confirmed by the Judiciary you say?

    I don’t deny there is many debates in higher circles discussing the scenarios of President Rajapakse not relinquishing the Executive Presidency in the event that he loses the elections on the 8th January.

    Thats another topic to be discussed at a later date.

    But source of your information would be helpful to ascertain the credibility of the same.

    ps: questioning your comment does not necessarily mean “fighting” or being “sick”

  14. SA Kumar Says:

    You are a mentally sick man always trying to fight with commenters- I can not believe I thought We-Tamils are hiper (sudu thanni) people.

  15. Independent Says:

    I wrote the comment “It is good to learn how to control the minorities using Singapore methods “, before reading the news that the President had said “the country does not need a management of the Singaporean strategy”.

    Singaporean model is well tested. I don’t have to support it. Some critics of My3 supported it . Interesting to see whether they now resort to be critical of Singapore.

    For the benefit of those who are not aware, let me give number of facts about Singapore.

    1. Even though appears to be run as private companies, Singapore Bus Service (SBS), Railway (SMRT), Ports Authority (PSA), Airports, Public Work (PWD), Electricity, Water, Gas supply (PUB), Housing Development Board (HDB) Singapore Airlines are truly government controlled.

    2. Central Provident Fund (CPF) is cash rich as 30-40% of people’s salaries ( percentage varies depending on economy) go there. Unlike Superannuation funds of western countries, this again is one of the biggest government institution and it is run like a bank. If you are a foreigner but a Permanent Resident(PR) , you still have to contribute 30% to this fund but you can withdraw the money if you want to leave the country , just in 1 day. There is a very good scheme that people can by HDB flats using future CPF contributions with a extremely low interest rate. Once married, a couple can apply for a flat of their own.

    3. Everyone has a proper ID card with race written on it even for PR. (If you are a Sri Lankan your race might be written as INDIAN in the nineties and I educated them and changed this after a lot of effort. The idea is to keep the statistics alive, all the statistics of races will then be known. Foreigners too have ID cards with Nationality written.
    Singapore always keep the “Racial Balance” ( as per LKY’s idea)by controlling immigration. They give PR to Indians, Chinese according to the way country performs, how the key positions of companies are taken up etc. They make sure every electorate is controlled by Chinese majority vote by allocating HDB flats to ensure racial balance.

    4. Road Tax per car is $ 750 for a 1.6 c/c car yearly, but owning an average basic car will cost around $10000 per year. Big and luxury cars are very expensive. Yearly roadworthy checks ( they really test them no escape by bribing) may cost around $150-180. There are on road costs in addition to this ( Electronic Road Pricing ERP) , as you travel, depending on where you go at what time.

    5. Lowest pay per person $1800 ( people like cleaners).

    6. Singapore minsters are extremely highly paid.

    7. All projects are properly tendered using local and international contractors. If you can believe me, some international contractors complete huge projects ( costing $200 million to $ 1 billion) sometime at a loss to keep in the market. No bribes possible, if you are caught trying to bribe , you go to jail. The company I worked ( local company) for lost $25 million on a Light Rail Project ( LRT – government) and nearly went bust. If you trust me at least one Airport Terminal costing over $500 million was completed at a loss by a Japanese contractor.

    8. Highway construction costs are less than 1/2 that of western countries.

    9. Government will make sure all projects yield profits, calculated long term. ( see 4.)

    List is too long but the irony is our president says our country does not need a management of the Singaporean style.

    Dear moderator please be kind enough to tell these facts to our dear readers. You may alter it if you wish .Thank you.

  16. Independent Says:

    Singapore government never support terrorist like LTTE, nor they release drug dealers, they hang them.

  17. Vimutti Says:

    >>>but it appears like some Goldman Sachs people have become directors recently<<<

    Bingo! Very wealthy and politically connected American Jews (aka – Goldman Sachs) – the same people who have totally corrupted the American government.

    Singapore is Asian on the surface but has deep financial ties to the United States.

    This is from Wikipedia on Singapore-United States Relations:

    "Singapore and the United States have been close allies for a very long time, and relations between the 2 countries have traditionally been solidly strong and amicable, with the two nations enjoying extensive military, economic, cultural and commercial relations.

    According to the U.S. Global Leadership Report, 77% of Singaporeans approved of U.S. leadership under the Obama Administration in 2010, and while this approval rating decreased slightly down to 75% in 2011, it nonetheless remained the highest rating of the U.S. for any surveyed country in the Asia-Pacific region."

    So just like Ranil and Maithripala are a front for US control of Sri Lanka, certain Singapore financial entities can be used in the same way. The United States ALWAYS tries to hide its efforts to control other countries, as this is contrary to the very notion of democracy they claim to support.

  18. Christie Says:

    Change USA to India and CIA to Third Eye. India is surrounded by enemies and China is one of them. There are no Yank’s in India but there are plenty oh Indians in the US.

  19. Vimutti Says:

    Christie Says:
    December 20th, 2014 at 4:56 am

    China is not threat to India or any country in the world. When have you ever heard in the modern era of China ever invading ANY country?

    The US is trying to fool India into thinking China is some sort of threat to them so they can get India to do China Containment on behalf of the United States. Although there are some British-oriented Indians in their government that are falling for this crap, it is unclear whether Modi is buying it, as he knows China’s non-colonist history and that they are the number one trading partner of India.

    India does not have enough power to initiate regime change in Sri Lanka, even if they wanted to. And it is not clear what they would gain from such regime change, as you cannot magically convert 70% Sinhalese Buddhists into Hindu Tamils. Any government that tries to devolve police power to the North and East will not last more than a few months, and such an errant move would be all that it takes to unite Buddhists permanently. I think even the Army would rebel if a new government starting devolving police power.

  20. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    INDEPENDENT ! Nobody questioned about your arguments. I only pointed the typo error, for which you go to the extent of saying”” YOU EVEN DONT KNOW ANYTHING< BUT CREATE STORIES OUT OF NOTHING " which is totally uncalled for. Your Comprehension is very weak. There is no anger involved. The best of writers to this forum make typo errors.

    MARCO !!There was no questioning of my comment. My typo error related to an uncalled for sick rhetoric. Just for a typo error 'r', you are also going at a tangent. Lack of basic comprehension. So much for a typo error.

  21. Marco Says:

    Calm yourself. Don’t believe there was anger but annoyance in your response.
    I understood what and who you meant with the typo.
    I was not going out in a tangent- please reread my comment.
    All i was trying to ascertain is, if it was from a credible source.

    You have subsequently informed that it was KTR from Asian Tribune!!!

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